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Electronic Arts Nederland BV , the publisher behind many Android apps (Bejeweled® 2 ,The Sims™ 3 ,BOGGLE FREE ,Plants vs. Zombies ,POGO Games ,Dead Space™), brings The Simpsons™: Tapped Out with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Simpsons™: Tapped Out apps has been update to version 4.6.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I love this wee game..
  • Keep updating it with more features and mini games..
  • One of the best free game on the market..
  • It's like a Simpsons version of Sim City..
  • Loved it because you get to build your own theme park..

Overall Satisfactionc76
Amazing game i play daily and enjoy it alot.
Was an amazing game before I downloaded updates and crashed.
One of the best games I've ever played on any concole.
and hey what's not to love about the simpsons.
Luv it need more levels and buildings and characters.
needs more levels and a much better install roll out.
One of the best free game on the market.
in my opinion is not a free game.
Download load this game it is awesome probably the best game I have ever played.
It is the worst game I have ever played.
This game is the best game ive ever played iny life LOVE IT.
This is the 2nd best game in the world because first is crossy road.
worst game in the world.
Fun & Engagingc83
Very addictive and love building up my Springfield.
Was a great game and very addictive but now keeps crashing.
It's an awesome awesome game and the picture is excellent.
could have been an awesome game but it keeps crashing.
Big thumbs up totally addicted to this game well worth it.
So addicted to this game need to sort the problem out ea.
Luv it need more levels and buildings and characters.
needs more levels and a much better install roll out.
Ace really fun game and funny plz add me mikefell280988 and nataliefee.
The Simpsons is great I play it all the time its so addictive.
Found this game a bit boring and it keeps crashing.
Add me as a friend alilou852304 play everyday.
I used to play everyday now the app won't even open.
This is a good addictive game as I play every day.
: ive lost everything ive worked up.
Family Friendlyc47
I played the family guy game first then gave this a try.
U should add family guy characters in nystery boxes.
Value for Moneyc56
The only game I've ever even considered spending real money on.
But a bit much depending on very expensive real money boosts.
I can't believe people actually put real money into this crap.
I prefer not to spend real money on donuts for premium purchases.
Haven't felt like I have to spend real money yet.
EA are moneygrabbers do not spend real money and this game.
Ridiculously addictive and you can play without spending a cent.
Great game that get very fun even without spending money.
Addictive but slow progress without spending real cash.
Replay Valuec85
Luv it need more levels and buildings and characters.
Need more levels and unlocks to make it even better.
needs more levels and a much better install roll out.
" IGN Entertainment say " Stunning graphics and hours of fun ".
I love this game its hours & hours of fun lol.
Updated regularly with new levels and features.
Need some new levels now.
Social Aspectsc82
Super fun social game that is perfect for killing time.
This is almost an anti-social social game.
Before I installed this app I had a great social life.
Consider your social life before downloading it.
Production Valuesc87
The graphics are great and im loving the new updates.
The detail and graphics are great.
Amazing game keeps updating with loads of characters buildings seasons.
Cant update hense cant play the game please fix.
It's reallly nice the game keep doing the nice job.
updated on level 26 and game reset from beginning.
if there wasnt alot of connecting to server problems.
Security & Privacyc44
After one week i can play into my Origin account.
Updates & Supportc48
Very good and fast customer service.
Very very helpful customer service.
Not letting me download new update.

" IGN Entertainment say " Stunning graphics and hours of fun ". found in 30 reviews
Need neighbors get adding mpaisey25 Best game ever x. found in 11 reviews
Ridiculously addictive and you can play without spending a cent. found in 11 reviews
Love d clear graphics and it's real smooth and entertaining game. found in 20 reviews
Brillant game me give you 5 stars after I downlowded it. found in 9 reviews
EA are the best and I love the Simpson's TV show. found in 30 reviews
funny game with great references and as casual as can be. found in 39 reviews
VERY good quality game none other like it. found in 14 reviews
Love this game am totally hooked add me jadey3500. found in 13 reviews
Doh good time killer updates take forever though. found in 27 reviews
Lots of glitches saying it has stopped working or unable to connect to server. found in 148 reviews
Regularly can't play because it says it can't connect to the server. found in 250 reviews
Given the long loading times it can make it frustrating. found in 19 reviews
Please sort this out so I'm not waiting again. found in 304 reviews
Really good game but I can't add friends. found in 66 reviews
Good but takes ages to load and dosnt work majority of times. found in 43 reviews
keeps kicking me of everytime i play please fix please its doing. found in 53 reviews
Brilliant game doesn't even take long to load. found in 54 reviews
Since the easter update the game keeps on force closing. found in 161 reviews
Since this latest update the game won't open at all. found in 103 reviews
Crashed upon entering the game please fix it. found in 82 reviews
Good game but cant connect to servers please fix. found in 110 reviews
good game but can't play because the update won't install. found in 30 reviews
Can't play anymore then a minute without it reloading or crashing. found in 79 reviews
Was a 5 star but since last update the game crashes all the time. found in 37 reviews
Sometimes I can't open the game / Krustyland / Other Springfields. found in 105 reviews
the game crashes again and again and that irritating. found in 177 reviews
Unable to update so unable to play please fix this. found in 55 reviews
After the last update the game crashes every couple of minutes. found in 149 reviews
Also it doesn't work sometimes and takes ages to load. found in 60 reviews
I used to love this game before it started to crash all the time. found in 112 reviews
Still doesn't work on Samsung galaxy 5 phone. found in 270 reviews
Then tonight i log in and have gone back to level 24. found in 478 reviews
Halloween update crashed and now I cannot access my Springfield. found in 127 reviews
Galaxy s4 -Always with the 'network error' check connection. found in 128 reviews
can't wait to get rid of the Tapped Out Christmas update. found in 111 reviews
Can't get onto the game without updating so stuck. found in 140 reviews
It keep on say can't connect to the server bad very ultra bad. found in 250 reviews
I can't believe people actually put real money into this crap. found in 283 reviews
Im constantly having problems with family guy game with no avail. found in 186 reviews
Game keeps crashing almost every time since last update. found in 256 reviews
Every time I open the game it spends ages updating. found in 105 reviews
the game crashes during the initial loading phase. found in 177 reviews
Cant connect to the server sort it out please. found in 110 reviews
Since the newest easter update my game crashes alot. found in 161 reviews
Please sort out availability for Samsung S4 mini. found in 304 reviews
It just says no internet connection and I can't log in. found in 128 reviews
Since the recent update all I get is unable to connect to server. found in 148 reviews
Also I can't sign into the Origin account. found in 161 reviews

The The Simpsons™: Tapped Out is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new The Simpsons™: Tapped Out app version 4.6.2 has been updated on 2014-01-14. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

THIS GAME IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN Homer accidently caused a meltdown that wiped out Springfield. D OH Now, it s up to you to rebuild it From the writers of The Simpsons, tap into a city ...

One of the best fun games out there You can play free if you re willing to grind it out instead of paying cash to buy donuts to speed it up This game is a winner so why only 2 stars Forget about help from the developers there is no in game help and they couldn t care less What is worst is the connection it continuously crashes throughout the game and I m p d off Seriously EA get it sorted and stop the game crashing         Laurence Ashbridge
I ve been playing this game for many years and had no problems with it until the last update back in August 2019 now all I get is unfortunately tapped out has stopped I ve tried uninstalling it clearing date restarting my device and nothing Is anyone working to fix this issue s that i know a lot of people are having or am i just wasting my time think it ll be fixed soon     Tony Friend
I ve been playing this game for a year now and I can t ever get enough of it It does crash a few times but normally it s fine No need to have an EA account you can just play anonymously so don t waste your time trying to sign in continuosly if it keeps locking you out of your account Perhaps whenever there s an event the creators should give us a few more days to complete the quests Sometimes I lose the sound for the game but that doesn t really affect my playing skills This is great                     George Murphy
The reason it s so bad is because it s constantly logging me out and I have to wait for the game to reload and even in that session it will say Im not connected to an Internet even though I know fully well my connection is good and even when I switch to mobile data what has 3 2 gigs left it will still log me out     KJFDEATH 1234567890
Thanks EA i have been playin the simpsons since it came out im on level 125 and lovin it but it keeps crashing after the last update last month i couldnt compete in the game everytime i tryed to send someone to do a task it kept kicking me out please fix as i play all the time a lot of people are complaning but nobody answers so fix or answer our querys thanks                     Annette Smith
The fact that this game needs a permanently active stable connection is a bit of a problem The slightest hiccup in connection and it drops out Im level 50 and thought to play again while waiting on my pc but its impossible with so many drop outs     Phoenix
This app is BROKEN Nearly EVERY time I ve tried getting into the game an error message has popped up saying network error or whatever And when I finally manage to get into the game the AUDIO doesn t work That s embarrassing New update to fix this issue please         Dominic Fantham
My brother has been playing for quite a while and I never had intrest But I was bored and decided to download it and this is actually very fun so far A little annoying when I get kicked back to the loading screen randomly sometimes but it might be because my phone is old                     DragonDG212 YT
PLEASE FIX I have played this game for years my springfield was HUGE Need the game back in my life missing it now Its been over three weeks now PLEASE do an update that fixes it 16 9 19 still game problems not sorted out still can t play Very close to uninstalling NOT HAPPY 23 09 19 still game not working why cant you just fix it ea keep game cause im hoping you can sort it out or is it really the end of a game ive played for years WHY     Macey Bond
I do enjoy a good game and spend lots of time and money on it and this game is great but there seems to be a problem with server and not allowing me to make an account Will continue to play it but if the problem continues then I would have to delete it                     Laszlo
when I have a character to do a task the icon on the right hand corner will not allow me to bring the screen direct to that job I have to go looking all around my town to find it Is it possible to fix this                 A Google user
This game would be great if your property income built up until the next time you log on makes the game ridiculously time consuming RIDICULOUSLY And won t let me sign in UPDATE HAS MAD GAME WORSE     Jacob Haley
Can not load game since last update Keep getting the same message Unfortunatly Tapped Out has stopped there is still people playing it and i cannot why it s not fair     Sheila Medhurst
Really good game addictive but doesn t have to take your whole life time just make your characters work for the day and that s it Really good game and nice references                     Maximilien Scholer
Been playing on and off for years at the highest level now its a good game Need to have something added so you can empty storage And more land to place evthing                     Hannah Reeves
Love this game but i gave it 4 stars because you either have to pay or wait and that s really annoying and lame but oh well                 Tara Adamovic
I love this game but it keeps dropping out so i have to log in again It does it every 5mins         allie white
Good game but needs to stop players spending real money to either get coins or gems to buy buildings or characters 0                     Julie Bestington
Ended all too soon I think I d installed this game a while ago Before 2019 s E3 I remember because there was the timed event that I earned a bunch of stuff from Anyway it eventually came to that I created an EA account to access it from multiple devices When I eventually did that a few months later I accidently logged out and it won t let me back onto my account It claims that my password has an invalid character I m furious that it s over but perhaps I was getting addicted             David Clist
I love this game it s so addictive and you can Build what you want and place them were you want And you can play with your Friends and if you have Internet connection then you can play it but if you are out with no Internet connection Then you can t play but its completely Free to Download on your Phone and Tablet and you can get money in this game to by Buildings so I would Download it if you want to have fun but remember the more you buy the more money you will earn DOWNLOAD IT IT FOR FREE                     Kyle Roach
Really enjoy this game but it doesn t work properly extra event prizes don t add on If I can make 35 helmits in 4 hours but only need 20 the other materials are nowhere to be seen reading you have removed krustyland as a separate map That is stupid Have had to spend all my cash on land because of the bloody krusty entrance is huge Can t use krusty shuttle but still have to pay 50 000 for it isn t fair Your creating bugs yourselves Decreased to 1 star Soon be deleted yet again Sort it     Paddy's Perspective
Love the use of unlimited characters still playable 4 a lifetime not temporarily Much easier 2 gain exclusives now thank u very much                     B21 Seymour
If your a fan of the Simpsons this is the game for you it has all the characters all the buildings and decorations you can think of I love it                     Tom Lawley
I have been playing simpsons tappedout for years now and have built a massive springfield with an airport zoo and an amazing crustyland with nearly every character up to date I had close to one hundred million dollars and over one thousand doughnuts after the last update I am unable to open up the game a pop up saying simpsons tappedout has stopped working appears its been about two weeks now and still no game im really disappointed as this was one game I loved playing     Joe R
The connection keeps falling out for no reason at all and now I have to wait 10 more minutes for it to update I just got the game and had to wait for it to load Now I have to wait for it to load again Definitely not worth my time     Ngawiki Rotana
Constant server issues too many updates but a decent game once you get passed them             SonofthePhantom
I have been playing this game for years and love it no complaints as a suggestion I would love to see night day cycles maybe as an option or setting and be able to set the day night cycle according to your phones local time Or even manually set it yourself It would be great to see how my Springfield looks at night with all the lights etc                     Logan Morris
I absolutely love this game but it is not letting me connect to my EA account I wish there was a way to get the claw machine back but over all I love this game                     Wentzel Snyman
I like this game but i only have 1 issue Everything takes so long because every character or thing i do thats for something little i have to wait for 3hrs and it gets annoying that i have to wait that long is it possible that you can reduce some of the times                 Max steer
I have been playing the game since 2012 and I still love it Its so fun to play with all the events that give you fun task and more characters for you to unlock My town is so huge I wish I could just take a picture of my whole town to see how big is actually is but a lot of space is needed in order to do thjs Anyone who is huge fan of the Simpsons I strongly recommend playing this game                     Thundering14 53
This game is a great time killer I would highly recommend it if you re a Simpsons fan It has all the characters to collect and interact with There is an option to spend real cash but its not really necessary so give it a try you have nothing to lose                     Richard Smith
Keeps saying re connect every few minutes making it hard to play Also keeps logging me out Very frustrating as i loved this game     Sarah Kennedy
Even though I enjoy playing the game it crashes as soon as I send a character on a task EA need to resolve this issue because more people are complaining about not being able to complete the events I ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and the same thing happens Update The game is back to normal and I m able to complete the rest of the event without interruption                     Hayley Wilkinson
Really good game but just wish we could have more than a month without an update as they get really annoying and please make it easier add friends in game as it s so complicated and doesnt even work but on the whole it s a great game though                 Goldcut 3
This game constantly disconnects and has to be restarted This happens every time I play and during the first couple of minutes of playing The forums are full of people complaining about this too and this has been happening for a long time     mat holbrook

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