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Archos S.A. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Archos System Monitor (TI) ,Archos System Update ,Archos Video (AW) ,Archos Video (TI) ,Archos Video (MTK) ,Archos Video Player Free), brings Archos Video Player Free with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Archos Video Player Free apps has been update to version 7.5.35 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Picture quality is great and audio is synced..
  • When streaming video from local network via samba..
  • This works great as a portable media center app..

Overall Satisfactionc84
This is hands down the best video player for Android.
One of the best players and media managers for Android.
Picture quality is great and audio is synced.
The player with the best usability i have found.
Cool best.
Better than vlc.
Lovely layout.
Fun & Engagingc85
Like own video play c/w equaleze sound n 2d.
Totaly awesome app.
Plays everything I've thrown at it flawlessly.
it plays everything no problem.
Has played everything I've thrown at it via my dlna mediaserver.
Production Valuesc95
interface and ability to find most stuff.
Nice interface and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc59
I'm buying the add free version because this app deserves it.
Slick enough to buy the ad free version.

support so I can directly stream movies from my NAS drive to TV. found in 2 reviews
Ill update in a few weeks of playing around on it. found in 2 reviews
You have to start at the beginning every time. found in 1 reviews
One of the best players and media managers for Android. found in 14 reviews
Best player in android market. found in 1 reviews
Excellent movie player with nice features. found in 4 reviews
For those that watch movies and Tv shows this is perfect for you. found in 5 reviews
This is hands down the best video player for Android. found in 35 reviews
It's a great video player for someone who has a lot of movies. found in 1 reviews
iso files from my local area network. found in 1 reviews
This is the best video player on google play. found in 2 reviews
if u can get audio codec. found in 2 reviews
Please fix tablet in landscape or FireTV. found in 1 reviews
Everything was fine except no fast forward. found in 7 reviews
Disappointing: low fps. found in 1 reviews
Nice but laggy and ads. found in 1 reviews
It takes too longer to load the videos. found in 2 reviews
cannot set default to no subtitles. found in 1 reviews
It's good but it couldn't play ac3. found in 2 reviews
Would be nice if it did music & music videos. found in 5 reviews
More categories needed for library. found in 1 reviews
Bravia Engine doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
money for nothing. found in 1 reviews
Playback issue on memopad hd7. found in 1 reviews
but runs all the time. found in 1 reviews
Lots of sizzle but not enough substance. found in 1 reviews
Doesn't play most common formats like some other players do. found in 2 reviews
Missing Chapter Support. found in 1 reviews
Fast forward and reverse wont work. found in 1 reviews
Can't index local video. found in 1 reviews
Annoying commercial made impossible to watch video. found in 2 reviews
Hd video quality is not good like km player. found in 8 reviews
5 min to load 8min video. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't play ac3 videos - useless. found in 3 reviews

The Archos Video Player Free is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 7.5.35 has been released on 2014-01-20. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0.3 and up

There is also an ad-free version of this application: makes Video Player app available for all Android tablets and phones (requires Android 4.0 or later)The critically acclaimed Archos video player app offers an uncompromised ...

Amazing If you have a movie collection this video player is absolutely the one to use All the movies are displayed with the correct movie poster plot descriptions and cast info You can organize movies by way of name movie length genre year and imdb rating Movies can be searched for using voice commands Archos is available to download on Android TV and works perfectly on there                     Matthew Hamer
Doesn t even start on Pie 9 or above They completely abandoned this app Including the paid version Bummer Really disappointed in Archos for letting us down As of now there really isn t any other apps for local scraping management and playback with Android TV support I ll miss this app     Justin Hatfield
There is a serious bug in this and the paid version where for an unknown reason it fails to load specific videos from a UPnP server Its file info display fails with the message Did not manage to access This does not happen with all files but it certainly happens with a significant number of them There is no pattern to the failure There is no way to predict when it will fail to load a video Nothing in the video name the file permissions or any use of special characters in the file name It seems that random mp4 files fail to load It is unlikely that anyone has access to all of the videos that they are streaming from any UPnP server The same files fail to load whether you are using a Windows based Linux based or Android based UPnP server Until this bug is fixed I would not recommend use of this app on any devices Worse I purchased the paid version and saw the same bug then attempted to contact Archos SA for technical support Their website offers 2 numbers both of which go to places having nothing to do with Archos or support The people at the tech support number are particularly rude Use this app if you are fine with not seeing some videos     Robert Brown III
it would be better if it work I don t know where is the problem it can t play the movies it only play normal videos and I didn t download it for that hope you fix it and if it got fixed there are problems in playing the video every thing is very old like there is no gestures like smsng video player you should also make the background gray or black for amoled displays but if it play movies like it should it would be so so good cus I really like this movie cover and this movie description         Ahmed Abd el hamed
I ve been using this app on my Nvidia Shield TV Nvidia just upgraded the software u0026 now this app is not working Won t fully scan or show videos on my hard drive like it did before Was great before as it was awesome to see all my videos by year u0026 genre Hoping an update is coming to fix this     Nick Self
Excellent video player one of the best I ve used One of the very few which has a facility to boost sound in case the download sound is of poor quality Very good and thoroughly recommended                     Keith Lynn
Really like this app but it did not work on my new TV box so I started searching for another player and found Nova Player which is based on this one and I m glad to say is getting updates and seam to be working fine on android 9                     Nick Price
low quality video app that lacks crucial features if this were my only complaint i d have given it 2 to 3 stars However it installed a program designed to enable pop ups and ads that constantly pop up several times per minute making it a nightmare to use the phone at all Malwarebytes fixed this issue fyi i highly recommend avoiding this app or anything else released by it s developers     Jay Bird
Best video app butt It would be great to have touchscreen capabilities like Left screen up down u003d brightness right screen up down u003d volume one touch u003d play pause drag l r u003d rw ff Also when using a keyboard for play pause the bottom bar turns grey and stays grey even when everything disappears I have to touch the screeen again to get it to turn black again Please fix this Thanks for a great app                 Dave Knapp
Love this app but needs more codec support That s the only thing that holds this app back from greatness Please Update the app s codecs                 Adrian
The RESUME button doesn t appear in the TV version Every time videos are opening from the start Please rectify the error Thanks                 netaji kandaswamy
Best media player for Android TV Kodi should be this easy For NAS stored media is a blessing                     Yoel Cruz
Need an update After upgrading a software of Nvidia Shield TV don t work Can t add files to library play from bookmark It was a great app please repair it     Aiverr
Crashes every time I cast to TV It was happening on my Note 8 then I switched to the S10 and it s still doing the same thing I can watch videos over the phone fine that s why the 2 stars but once I cast to my Vizio crashes withing 5 seconds         J DiceArt
All video formats on my S9 plus are half a second OUT OF SYNC with audio video when all other major video players are absolutely perfect This is info that you may look into this issue as it s clearly not my phone when Archos is the only player to falter Kindest         Stephanie
after the Nvidia shield update the player it s not working 100 No cover for films No description impossible to scan usb files please fix it         Donoban Vasquez
everything is great if you could add the option to select media files from a specific folder instead of searching both the storages it would be really great Also it ignores nomedia file                 Arbaz Kagzi
I really love this player in my old phone but unable to use the application in redmi note 7 pro It just force stops upon opening for the first time itself Please fix this issue for redmi note 7 pro and then I ll give 5 stars     Vinod D Pai
Great Move over Plex no really it s pretty much plex for free                     Beaudean Brown
i love this player very much because in this player sound options are superb I tried many video player apps but in this app sound increasing options audio boost and night mode are working very much good                     suresh kumar
I am using Redmi Note 6 pro No video files can be found Even after rescanning nothing happens Previous versions also had same problem Most of the video files are missing     Akil LV
Why is it crashing on my device while other video players work     MeLRoY MaSCaReNHaS
Good but could be better The non scraped videos stored on my NAS are difficult to edit I cannot find descriptions for episodes of The Twilight Zone tv series therefore I cannot add to my library Stephen King s Salem s Lot shows A Return to Salem s Lot and can t be changed A manual override to enter your own artwork and description would be useful             David Torrance
best media app on my android box plays everything and excellent controls                     Ed Moore
App keep closing doesn t work I really like this app please kindly fix this issue as soon as possible     Human ist
I have not yet found a video player that will play all files but this one plays the most and is a really nice player In fact I like it so much I m going to buy the paid version                     mark church
was my favorite means of watching locally stored movies until it randomly stopped supporting DTS 5 1 bought it and it still didn t work unfortunately the best designed app and easiest to use out of literally everything available for Android TV not a single other application is nearly as refined but I think I ll stick to the unstable Samsung TV app I d rather use nothing at all at this point         Kaleb Walton
Exceptional I get stutters when playing back VP9 mkv videos on my Note 9 even on MX player with both accelerations enabled But this decodes the file buttery smooth Off to test HDR content                     Gabe
Best alternative video player on android tv with online subtitles Recommended                     DLB
I can finally play fullscreen video on my 16 10 tablet Great                     Jeremias Drumond
Great app using it all the time but sometimes it s buggy and needs a restart in Apps Also new bug in the app is that you can t setup rescan indexing storage for movies you have the option but it always says None I tried yo setup once per day but it says none please check it and fix it                 Marina Zednicek
So I set up a NAS in my house for all my backup movie files and was using kodi to play them but it kept on buffering freezing on me so I went searching for other options and found this media player I can honestly say this was the closest ive found to plug n play I literally logged in to my network and poof everything was there thumbnails and movie descriptions included so far no buffing and crashing as Tom Howard would say it just works lol                     DS joker
I use kodi on my other devices so I just needed kodi with a clean portrait android interface No interest in torrent scraping apps because all my media is on a samba share This is perfect If the premium version lets you resize the tiles smaller I ll buy it if I don t already to avoid ads                     A Google user
Only one downgrade no 16 9 aspect ratio or stretch display mode                     Saiful Islam
does not show gallery only one 3gp video is found and with wrong description     Roman Zagorsky
DO NOT BOTHER TO INSTALL IF YOU HAVE ANDROID 9 it will not work since development has ceased Instead try Nova Video player I am not affiliated to either just someone who wasted time trying to get this app to run and wished somebody had told me what I ve just said After much searching Nova Player seems to be very similar and just works     steve hawkes
Video playback is good But it s not playing all the songs in a folder automatically For every song finishes it comes with pop up and manually we have to play next song in the folder which getting irritated         Balaji varadarasu
Lacks auto rescan of library for new files feature Every time i have to manually do it from the settings This is a very basic feature which is present in every player out there in the store             Sidhartha Nayak

Archos Video Player Free Media & Video Video PlayerArchos Video Player Free Media & Video Video PlayerArchos Video Player Free Media & Video Video PlayerArchos Video Player Free Media & Video Video Player

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