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PIXOWL INC. , the publisher behind many Android games (Doodle Grub - Edition Spéciale ,Wonder Park Magic Rides ,The Addams Family - Mystery Mansion ,The Sandbox Evolution - Craft a 2D Pixel Universe! ,Doodle Grub ,Snoopy`s Town Tale - City Building Simulator), brings The Sandbox with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Sandbox games has been update to version 1.450 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's an awesome game I mean extremely awesome and cool..
  • Really fun and unique game..
  • Could we get a PC version beta..
  • It is an amazing game and everyone should download it..
  • And make it easier to make money..


Like mine craft and that element creating game combined. found in 8 reviews
Very cool chemistry-based puzzles with lots of room for creativity. found in 6 reviews
Best game eva apart from minecraft :. found in 8 reviews
This is a very fun and creative game very imaginatively. found in 34 reviews
Its a wonderful game with endless possibilities and many. found in 6 reviews
Great for creative people and non-creative people because they can learn. found in 8 reviews
Play god and recreate every aspect of our planet. found in 6 reviews
Never played a sandbox game better than this one. found in 48 reviews
but they need to add the updates for humans soon. found in 6 reviews
This game is such a good time passer. found in 5 reviews
I love this game its adictive and great for all ages. found in 6 reviews
It says no internet connection when im connected to the wifi. found in 57 reviews
cause the game crashes way more than it should. found in 149 reviews
Basically I make mud and sand then the game freezes. found in 22 reviews
the game resets and forces me to do the tutorial again. found in 70 reviews
The game keeps restarting me and gets rid of all my data. found in 22 reviews
And when they show up they pretty much always crash the game. found in 13 reviews
but then I found out the game crashes every five minutes. found in 34 reviews
you don't need to buy anything with real money. found in 74 reviews
but then it kept giving me errors every time I played. found in 34 reviews
It sais that the package file is invalid. found in 99 reviews
I cant load a save it just keeps crashing please fix. found in 14 reviews
Then everytime i play this game its suddenly force close by itself. found in 34 reviews
and it just suddenly reset everything after crashing. found in 33 reviews
I cant play campaigns and my memory and progress keeps restarting. found in 39 reviews
The game keeps saying it stops working and fix this and I will rate 5. found in 24 reviews
The only problem with this game is that it randomly crashes. found in 8 reviews
My game keeps crashing when i try to plant multiple seeds. found in 77 reviews
Game crashes every time a human interacts with acid. found in 25 reviews
I keep having to force close it every time I try to play. found in 17 reviews
When I open the game it's a black screen. found in 36 reviews
Every time I touch one of new elements game crashes. found in 44 reviews
I cant play for longer than 15mins without it crashing. found in 39 reviews
The game crashes randomly with no warning whatsoever. found in 149 reviews
This game keeps crashing and deleting all my projects. found in 77 reviews
Guys dont download this game cause its will restart all ur progress. found in 34 reviews
When I'm on create mode every time I load a level. found in 38 reviews
i cant even download it it keeps saying package file is invalid FIX IT. found in 83 reviews
Wont let me download on Samsung Galaxy s3 says eror. found in 90 reviews
Game resets every single time I play it. found in 70 reviews
This is why I will be unlikely to play this game anymore. found in 81 reviews
Whenever I open the game it never ends up starting. found in 36 reviews
Package file invalid appears when I install after downloading. found in 99 reviews
it's impossible to play Free Mode with this error. found in 46 reviews
I don't have internet connection when I clearly do. found in 57 reviews
Thankfully didn't waste real money on anything but a few campaigns. found in 74 reviews

The The Sandbox is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.450 has been released on 2014-01-13. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

The Sandbox is finally available on Google Play Trust us you haven t seen anything like this yet Imagine creating your own universe (complete with amazing Pixel Art), composing your own music, and much, ...

I love the game and all but I can t control any of my avatars as there wasn t any control buttons There was only a Jump Button so I couldn t complete the series Also the game seems VERY broken idk maybe its just my model or my version but it is really broken in a sense that it keeps crashing my phone it glitches it erases the part I wasn t even touching and it deleted the items I ve bought and wasted my mana I played this game since I was in Primary school and this is VERY disappointing         Aliah Ah
200 elements to craft pixel worlds Play God u0026 Create Worlds with Life or Destroy everything within a tap of your finger PRESS REVIEWS The Sandbox is a fantastically inventive mobile game that encourages players to create entire worlds and works of art GAME PRESENTATION Imagine crafting your own world complete with amazing Pixel Art playing with Humans Ninjas Robots or Zombies composing your own music and much more The universe is yours to create or destroy and the                     edrian_ gamer
This sucks The game is so much fun but you can t play it it shuts down every minute and half of the experiments don t work it s just a black screen Fix the bugs if you ever want anyone to play this     Kristopher Sage
I have downloaded this game a few years ago and it was really fun I even bought all the campaigns and all that jazz but my favourite was the big mutant monsters similar to Godzilla any way the tablet it was on broke and recently I decided like the old time to download it again only to find half the things were removed no monster no natural disasters nothing bad decision removing         Glen Fairbrother
purchases not restored contacted support and got NO help if you buy anything off this app be prepared to one day lose it and get no help to retrieve those even with receipts of my purchases waste of money fuming     Rachel Osborne
Can you please fix the frequent crashing It s a good game but i would be happier with it if it didn t crash every minute     Wheatleylabs 010
The game crashes almost every 3 minutes no matter what Could be in Create or it could be in Play It can even crash on the menu screen     La Villa Slp
in my opinion it s a great game to create and make but sometimes it logs me out for some reason but also i really liked this game it s great to calm yourself down                 lil Mocha Y
Terrible I was playing with my friend and we were trying to see each others creation but every time I try to search my friends creation it says im not connected to WiFi even though I am connected Also every 2 minutes it crashes Would not recommend this app     Spider Boy Gaming
there is a massive paywall if you want to do anything in this game why can t the game just cost like 10 bucks initially     Goodoc
It would definitely be a 5 star if it didn t randomly crash And restart but other than that it s a good game                 Dean Forsyth
WARNING THIS GAME COULD POTENTIALLY BY DATA MINING AND OR CRYTO CURRENCY MINING Look at the google app permissions Prevent tablet from sleeping Run at start up Control Vibration Full Network access and others are things this game should not need Thing like this can be a PUP Potenially Unwanted Program Please stay safe you guys     Petunia Rebloom
Good game and i like the 8 Bit style but it crashes alot and hasnt been updated in a while             Kemble Rigsby
this is an absolutely wonderful game but the constant crashing can really get on my nerves im not sure this is relevant to the games bugs and glitches but i cannot access the online gallery ive tried using internet data but it still doesnt work             hello there
i still love the game but 1 needs to be updated 2 crashes every time you buy 3 or 4 elements 3 every time i load an older map i have made it just deletes the elements I bought after i made that map 4 needs more elements and 5 it really needs a larger map scale and smaller pixels             YA_B01 H3CK70R
It is an alright game but most of the levels don t give clear instructions so I can t figure out what I m even doing             AbbyCrazeeGirl ACG
Really nice game but it seems I can t draw anything while zoomed in is it possible or am I having issues                 Santiago Nutter
well i love this game exept how in the campains it says use this or use that and dosent give you the elements to beat it i wanted to play user created 1 and lasers but some of the levels were needing items that i couldnt afford also if you could unlock the paid campains like arnold 2 or brainiac 2 i would love it i understand you need to make money but still give people who dont want to spend money on games a chance                 Warwick Thomas
This game used to be very fun but now I log on and everything crashes Playing a campaign Crash Just playing Crash             SGT Taco
fun game but it s always pushing you to buy stuff and it keeps closing             Another Episode Of Belle Being Confused
when I was younger I I would always get into a car accident while playing this game which was two times first time it was just a small scratch on your car second time are car hit a trailer we spin around I now have whiplash I was in the back seat not driving I know it s not the kids fault but I feel like it s slightly curse on my part so even though I m writing this review many years in the future about 4 5 after the second accident I still remember it being a fun game                     Warrschu Mauve
well first off game keeps crashing when I grab a rocket for the Arnold campaign i cant control the avatar and ninja character             hopoksgaming
Too many in app purchases to be fun So many basic things require either in game or real currency to access that it s not worth playing     John Gaynor
I think the sandbox evolution is better better graphics I still like it but the sandbox evolution is still better         Athina Arion
Paid for the full set of campaigns and can t play the Ninja one as there is no on screen thumb stick Emailed devs a week ago and had no reply Broken game and non existent customer service Don t waste your hard earned money     Ryan Kennedy
Unplayable crashes often ads keep flipping screen I tried to email to say what the issue is they are unwilling to fix so I am unwilling to play Don t waste your time or money here     abso Lutelynot
this game is good beause it has superheros and a lot of other stuff too good job makeing the game                     Angie Murphy
I deleted this app and prob never will download again because everytime i buy a new element and close app and come back i lose verything accept for my beginning elements and thats a waste of the sphere things you use to buy them     7ISthebest Kid
i loved this game when i was a bit younger still do but it crashes every time i use the rocket launcher in the android m mission                 the youtube plague
I really like this game but after awhile it started crashing whenever a reaction occured Like burning or elements changing There are also a lot of ads which make it freeze up It s had this crashing problem ever since I got it and I can t believe they still haven t fixed It quite literally makes the game unplayable             Dancing Pickle Productions
Worse than bad I had all of my elements to disappear out of thin air and keeps on crashing from simple things like on the teaching lesson of Arnold in the activity when u take the rockets I crash 1 star     I'm Here To Comment So Yea
It keeps kicking me from the app Love the game itself it just keeps shoving stupid ads in my face and kicking me from the game for no reason             Octivia Johnson
No text in menu in Russian Doesn t load online worlds     Vadim Z
It was good but it keeps crashing and it got rid of all the elements I bought             Diego Rodriguez
an enjoyable game except I payed the 5 to unlock all campaigns which it did but still occasionally get ads the game crashes ALOT Like every 3 minutes and it keeps locking the elements I ve unlocked repeatedly so I payed 3 to unlock all the miscellaneous elements I m curious to see how long they stay unlocked this could be a great time killer if bugs were fixed as is it s just super frustrating and not worth the money please fix     Buzz D
Tutorial is u skippable and terribly slow Please make your game more streamlined     Jack Hamp
I redownlouded this game like yesterday and it s almost as good as it was when I first played it years ago expect that it has a bad lag problem now I don t know if it s always been that way where I havnt played in a while but it is kinda annoying cause sometimes it will kick me out of the game so you should try and fix that other it s still a good game X3                 shoto todoroki
It always crashes on my phone pls fix this and I get scared because I thought my phone broke so fix this my phone is samsung A8     thesomethingodd animation
Wont run properly It keeps kicking me out the game because it stops running              Wont run properly
It took all my elements cmon fix it for five stars rally thats unfair           Good game but it took all my elements fix it replay
It wont let me play it always crashes as soon as I get onto the game     Crashes
It is an awesome game but is crashes way to often           IT CRASHES EVERY 5 MINUTES
Its great but I cant update it why there is no arnoldI dont have anything i only have the colors the other elements are still not in my game why is this Help me           Its great but
But it crashes every now and then because this game hoggs up so much memory but other than that ITS A WORLD OF ENDLESS POSSIBILITYS                 Wuv it
Dont know how to erase This is a good game but I dont know no but dont know how to erase              Dont know how to erase
Fix this mothor fukin game it soo fun but u need to fix the game           Fix
The game keeps crashing Plus I lost a lot of elements I bought but I sure was charged mana for my purchases I had all the sensors gems and the fireworks and now most of them are gone Will rate 5 when issues are fixed           Lots of fun but
LOVE IT but i dont know how to upload worlds to the gallery help me pls                
I cant open the game everytime I try to open it the screen freezes and then get back to the main desk     Crash every time
Love the game but would like to be able to play it for more than 5 min without it crashing           Keeps crashing
The game itself is good and takes a lot of work and i can see you people tried butit crashes to much fix this and you will receive youre five stars           Good
Its a really good game my only problem is that it crashes alot and i lose the world i was working on              Crashes
It crashes all the time this app is the worst thing ever It should die its fun and amazing but the reason it should die is because it crashes every 5 seconds I open the app It is terrible and I would rate this app 0 stars if I could     Terrible
It crashes a lot A LOT Still a good game Its kind of hard to get mana though        Liked it but
Its a great game I love it but it keeps closing Can you fix it please           It Keeps Closing
I was playing AND I GOT SO MUCH GEMS DAT I COULD GET EVERYTHING                 Best game ever
Shame about it crashing everytime I go on fix it and I will five star     Good game
Fun but crashes about ever 5 minutes and its really annoying they really need to fix it        Constantly crashes
Wont work I want to play this game but when you make broken how can I Keeps shutting off in the first level Fix it     Wont work
You dont die in the game because you make the world you think in your head                 Best minecraft 2D versine
It wont crash any more well at that first level so I got to play it                 Finally you guys fixed it
This game has Immense potential The only issue is the numerous crashesYou guys just gotta work on that all of my friendsplus me keep getting the app crashed I REALLY enjoy it and want 2 play it continuous Please Worth every penny the inapp purchases                 Amazed
Its fun to play but what makes it irritating is that it CRASHES everytime I open the app Ill love to rate it 5 if the you guys fix the problem as soon as possible           Consant crashing
The reason I chose 4 is because there are multiple crashesso I dont get the chance to build my full world              I would give 5
I really like this game super fun but force closes all the time                 May ud83dude0a
After a while why I purchase items with in game cash it shuts down or freezes dont get me wrong the game is great I just want this problem to he fixed in order for the full experience to be gained           It shuts down
Its fun but it keeps crashing Plz fix and ill rate 5 star           CRASHES
I bought all of the gems with mana and now its making me buy them again along with other elements including nuke and tsunami and some human elements like miner 5 stars if fixed        All my gems are gone
I love it exept it keeps taking me out of the game please try to fix it                 Its all right but keeps crashing
Goes to buy mana and it says stuff about parental control although there isnt any parental control on I cant purchase anything now           IAPs Acting up
Went through some comments saying youve fixed the crash at start bug doesnt work in my case Still crashing     Not hating
months of hard work were lost thanks to the crashes Now i have to start at 0 again        Keeps Crashing
I tried to get rid of some thing and it DIDNT WORK I will rate 5 stars if you fix it           Why
How do I light a volcano and also its u00a32 for a new level thats to much          
I went on the game today and when i went into my invertory all the things that i had bought already where saying that i had to re buy them when i had already bought them i shouldnt have to buy the same thing twice so please fix this problem so that i can get all my equitment back please           To the sandbox creaters
I hate this game because it freezes all the time and its all annoying and stuff can you guys please fix this and I will wait 5 stars     Freezes all the time

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