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ArcSoft, Inc , the publisher behind many Android apps (Perfect365 ,Link+ ,Whip - best social photo album ,ArcSoft LeCam), brings Perfect365 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Perfect365 apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It even be better with more color choices..
  • Great app to filter those social media pic post..
  • Seriously it's just mind blowing app..
  • Celebrity style photo shop best out of the 10 I tried..
  • So help full and make my photos beautiful..

Overall Satisfactionc76
The best photo editing app I've found by far for female faces :.
everytime i use to edit my picture its says that.
Super love this application so fab.
But otherwise it will really make you look amazing.
Best pic editor for girls i have ever seen.
should come as default pic editor in all phones.
i really really love this apps.
Oh my lord it's totally amazing.
Fun & Engagingc85
its fun to play around on different hair styles and makeup.
Fun to mess around with ans removes dark circles.
I am having a lot of fun with this app.
Me and the kids have hours of fun making each other beautiful.
Omg this app ia amazing it really makes you look AWESOME.
I have soo much fun editing my pics with it.
Love this soo fun and entertaining.
Awesome thanks.
i loledve how it changes everything.
Changes everything you can imagine.
Thank you for making this fun and useful application.
its fun and useful to the ladies.
I absolutely love how it makes everything look so natural.
Best app ever it makes everything look AMAZING.
Value for Moneyc97
Excellent for achieving beautiful and glowing pictures without spending lots of.
Makes me look good without spending time on my makeup.
Repeat Valuec100
Me and the kids have hours of fun making each other beautiful.
Working well in providing hours of fun on lg intuition.
Production Valuesc97
Amazing effects.
Its absolutely stunning.
Absolutely Stunning.
Keep adding more cool effects and easy face detection.
Cool effects.
Ease of Usec72
it is easy to used Just installed this.
Pretty amazing simple app.
Simple app.
If you want a real basic simple app.
This app is fairly easy -to-use.
Ads not Intrusivec10
Updates & Supportc49
I have tried this app of tab version.

Besttt app everrr wowwww amazingggg and wonderful. found in 5 reviews
This perfect365 makes me more beautiful and cute. found in 59 reviews
This application works like magic on my photos. found in 6 reviews
its fun to play around on different hair styles and makeup. found in 118 reviews
Falling inlove with this app. found in 3 reviews
This is the best photoshop app I've ever used. found in 12 reviews
It is so much fun to use and really enhances pics. found in 4 reviews
I love ths app it is so awesum. found in 5 reviews
This app is amazing it makes my pictures look so much better. found in 12 reviews
should come as default pic editor in all phones. found in 10 reviews
Ilove this app it's a lot of fun. found in 6 reviews
Its a great apps for touch ups and improvements. found in 17 reviews
This is d best pic editing app Af ever seen. found in 4 reviews
Great new edit 365 verry nice. found in 16 reviews
Looooove this app works beautifully. found in 4 reviews
Me and the kids have hours of fun making each other beautiful. found in 7 reviews
Awesome photo app that allows you to give yourself perfect makeovers. found in 28 reviews
Thank you for making this fun and useful application. found in 4 reviews
Two tumbs up nice application for andriod cp. found in 5 reviews
the best editing tools for human pics. found in 9 reviews
And doesn't save the picture in mobile gallery. found in 14 reviews
Will have to uninstall if it doesn't work soon. found in 33 reviews
face scanner doesn't line up points that well. found in 4 reviews
Awesome app but the push notifications are blowing up my phone. found in 18 reviews
How is that I cant adjust the manually the key points. found in 6 reviews
Cant move the image points of the face. found in 17 reviews
This app still doesn't work on my Galaxy S3. found in 5 reviews
But it only said "No face detected ". found in 15 reviews
I'm having trouble adjusting the key points on faces. found in 177 reviews
The hair looks fake and deepen smile is scary. found in 19 reviews
Why i cant edit the picture from my galery. found in 11 reviews
Sometimes when i open the app it says "an error has occurred. found in 38 reviews
Cant download pictures from the gallery. found in 15 reviews
This thing stoped working so much. found in 4 reviews
Keeps showing error messages n crashes. found in 5 reviews
the app don't let me upload pics from my Gallery. found in 13 reviews
I really wish it would detect more than one face in a picture. found in 28 reviews
Good prog but can't detect faces unless it's so close shot. found in 14 reviews
Now it keep telling me there's an error & needs to restart. found in 11 reviews
Please allow to change editing from one face to another. found in 28 reviews
No Eyebrow or Hair Options for Cancer Patients. found in 24 reviews
Keeps saying error has occured and restarts itself. found in 28 reviews
it said that an error occurred and the app will restart. found in 20 reviews
It doesn't pick up the key points properly. found in 177 reviews
It says sorry error has occurred this app is going to restart. found in 38 reviews
Tried it for a few minutes & it looks fake. found in 19 reviews
Then I touch the picture it says failed to load files. found in 20 reviews
please fix it 'cuz i really want to use this app. found in 32 reviews
Tried to uninstall and install but the problem persist. found in 33 reviews
Thiis keeps closing when I try to upload the picture. found in 25 reviews
why cant it elect the one face you want to edit. found in 28 reviews
you can't even move it on your SD card. found in 20 reviews
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - App Constantly Crashes. found in 54 reviews
hate this new update no face detection. found in 24 reviews
Everything I have tried it failed to upload. found in 25 reviews
Whenever I load a picture to edit it keeps saying error. found in 25 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Perfect365 for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Perfect365 app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-7. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

One-tap makes you look great Apply a natural touch-up or a sizzling makeover with amazing results. Perfect365 is a one-of-a-kind portrait app that allows anyone to easily select trendy makeover styles or fine-tune every facial ...

I love using this app it s easy to use no need messing with putting points in place There are so many looks it has something for everyone                     Sandra Stevens
Why do you need audio permissions for a visual app That s strange to me What are you listening to What are you trying to hear I already get ads on google for things I ve only thought about This is too much lol Pass         gorgiss one
The android version of this app changes your picture quality Therefore the images are not sharp and clear The apple version of this app is much better     Shefali Shah
This is a great App but you have to watch long videos Ads every time you have to use it and they become more intrusive Recently you can t save the edited photo because the app seem to have some problems             Fjorela Pasho
make sure you click the beauty squad option if you want to be able to edit the intensity of your makeup if you just click on the brands they re all too intense                     Amy Clark
C mon guys don t you think you re getting too cocky Making us pay now for LOW resolution pictures Forget that Everyone I recommend downloading Meitu It s a good app and way more natural looking         Female Girl
This App used to be good but with all the updates its no longer my favorite bring back the natural look             Mitzi Kay
Why do you need permission for audio now The permissions and privacy invasion have gotten out of control It use to be a good app     Wendy
i like how it looks so real just wish you could change the fashion easier                 Charles Burrage
Quality while saving the photo is very low         Ramya Naveen
Used to be great but quality went way down     Jen Nicole
Excellent recommend it completely has everything you would want                     BlissFullJewelry El Paso
Why do you need our location to run the apps There is no other option to run this app without accepting this term     Red Hot
so far i really like it its real easy and most part looks real i love having the one touch i choose it u apply it easy and fast dont change it                     Jackie Ward
Superb App Excellent Tools Very easy to use                     Khurram Ajaz
I first installed app bc there weren t ADS u0026 it s why I chose 2 use Each update becomes more u0026 more intrusive Ads cover makeup tools freeze app Let user choose on UPDATE Connect 2 social app Yes No If no I m no social app user Don t load Use msg box Yes No I don t read inbox msgs u0026 there s NO DELETE button I use features for old photos from old camera u0026 if face isn t seen I manually circle but now error msg You don t have access permission to use feature WTH You ve ruined APP         Beachy Keen
Most you nique app to date Everyday woman to Professional Make up Artist You can learn from all types of women My favorite thing is being able to try on the looks and shop for them Would Recommend a comment section for the photos being able to interact with people helps                     Chrissy Fowler
Great make up app I ve used a lot in the past trying to find one to offer multiple looks and I finally found it                     Lynn Foster
has alot to work with and alot of ideas so learning these looks in everyday life is achiveable and u can do it without the camera                     Jennifer Tenchiera
used to be so great since the updates it doesnt work for me have to use kin so i earn some and then it doesnt let me use it to download my edited photo in high resolution keeps saying error uninstalling     Leila
I like that the app is very good at detecting my face position The makeup instantly goes where it s supposed to Cute hairstyles as well I wish there were more options                 Melissa P
best make up app EVER lots of fun                     Brooke Aungst
This app is top notch Fair adverts for the premium features which you ll actually want btw this is the best digital makeup android app I ve been able to find                     Andy Frost
Ever since the update it won t let me use it unless I give permission to my location and to record no reason you need either of those     Sara Holewinski
love it it s very easy to use                     Rachel Saiz
Unrealistic looking results It s an okay app but not one I would reach for when I want to edit my photos     Sanna V
Alot of fun Great tools An very easy to use No problems Thanks                     Karen Anderson
the best app for trying new makeup i wish there was better hair options                     Noe S Lugo
You cant adjust the make up settings and something always looks off     Amanda Rogers
I love this app so easy to use                     Kathy Guyto
wont open past initial screen     amanda johnson
DO NOT DOWNLOAD WHY do you need to know my location to work This WAS a good app You HAD the option of watching a video to save your edits in HD But you folks got greedy I don t give a rats ass about surveys and some fake point system There is now NO WAY to save in HD unless Inpay and I refuse to do so ALL the ads store themselves on my phone The ads are bright flash and scrolling That s a migraine waiting to happen But of course you don t care May as well talk to a wall     Gramma Rocks1
I enjoyed this app a lot However i found out that it runs in the background even when the phone is not on and it drained my phone power quite a few times It doesn t seem like I could do a force stop of the app I can t imagine what it is doing while i am not actively using it hope not uploading all my photos without my permission Sadly due to these reasons I uninstalled it             Lena Bear
Too much space taking app             Jameela Shabbir
Really Good app                     Nadege Petit-Jean
Exciting and useful                     Lando Teh
The app is good in general but I have few things for improvement 1 When I open picture in gallery I can t share it to this app it doesn t shows in sharing options So many editing apps has this why not perfect365 2 When I open the app and select photo from album to edit the app automatically applies make up on it which is quite horrifying sometimes It is better not to have that auto make up on because later I have to remove that filter Hope you guys can improve these two things                 Yekaterina K
I like the idea of this app but it seems like it needs a LOT of polishing visually and navigationally I had noticed that the lashes I bought said I could try them on virtually downloaded the app and could not for the life of me figure out how to find them Could only try on entire looks and looked weird in all of them could just be my face tho I was expecting to be able to try on single products to see how they would look and liked that idea Guess that s why I was disappointed         Kristin Kiefer
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