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Credit Karma, Inc. , brings Credit Karma Mobile with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Credit Karma Mobile apps has been update to version 1.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Get email alerts with anything that hits my credit report..
  • It allows you to stay informed at anytime and anywhere..
  • Helps you save money by getting you credit score higher..
  • This is app will help you keep track of your finances..
  • Very helpful and definitely keeps track of everything on your credit..

Overall Satisfactionc91
Love being able to check my credit AND score for FREE anytime I want too.
Thanks Credit Karma - I've recommended your service numerous times.
Love being able to keep track of everything that goes on my credit.
it's has allowed me to be more aware of my credit decisions.
It needs to be more accurate.
Would like for it to update more often than it does.
I recommend everyone having this app and reviewing your information regularly.
Thanks CK.
Love the site wish it would show all 3.
Fun & Engagingc100
Credit karma is awesome and the app seems very useful.
It's more than I expected for such an awesome service.
Love it check it all the time.
Credit Karma keeps me informed of my credit situation.
Tons of useful information and laid out for easy understanding.
Keeps me up to date on my credit score and increases on my balances.
It helps me stay on top of my credit and keeps me ahead.
Very helpful and definitely keeps track of everything on your credit.
Great to know real time info that's accurate and up to date.
Also has helpful tips for people who are building their credit.
Everything you need to know about your credit at your fingertips and it's free.
Repeat Valuec95
Also very helpful hints on how to improve your credit score.
also offers helpful hints on how to improve my score.
Social Aspectsc91
Recommended to anyone with a social security number.
Production Valuesc35
Ease of Usec91
The easy and FREE way to check your credit score.
I am amazed how easy and accurate this is.
very informational and ready easy to navigate and understand.
A lot of functionality for a simple app.
I love how easy it is to use and theres a lot of info.
Offers helpful tips and makes it easy to keep track of your credit.
Convenient free credit tracker.
Security & Privacyc98
Easy access to my credit score allows me the ability to monitor my report.
No where near close to my credit score.
is very helpful to keep your account balances on good shaped.
It also seems like a very secure application.
Recommended to anyone with a social security number.
Totally accurate only really slow at update bank account information.
my account information has already be registered into there database.
Updates & Supportc26
Credit Karma also has a very good customer service team.
All I get is there's an error contact customer service.
I personally liked the old version better.

Its a great financial tool a must have app for this generation. found in 28 reviews
Great credit score tracking for free love it. found in 264 reviews
Take control of your own financial future with this app. found in 30 reviews
Been trying to rebuild my credit to buy my first home. found in 121 reviews
All the information that you need is right at your fingertips. found in 10 reviews
Thanks Credit Karma - I've recommended your service numerous times. found in 170 reviews
Helps monitor my credit is pretty accurate with my personal finances. found in 15 reviews
That was recommended through card hub and credit carma. found in 27 reviews
It definately has helped me track and improve my score. found in 73 reviews
Great tool for monitoring your credit score and offers ways to improve. found in 126 reviews
Keeps me aware and informed of my financial situation. found in 20 reviews
Credit Karma keeps me informed of my credit situation. found in 81 reviews
Great app very informative keeps me on point. found in 14 reviews
Tons of useful information and laid out for easy understanding. found in 51 reviews
It also seems like a very secure application. found in 13 reviews
This app has helped me raise my credit score and rcv great credit card offers. found in 41 reviews
Great credit report app especially for being free. found in 122 reviews
It definitely stays up to date with notifications and emails. found in 15 reviews
Keeps me motivated to increase my credit score and has many useful tools. found in 35 reviews
great way to keep tabs on your credit and all things being posted to it. found in 97 reviews
I just wish there was a little more detail regarding the accounts. found in 7 reviews
Don't like the new update it was better to understand before. found in 12 reviews
Helpful but not entirely beneficial for a mortgage. found in 8 reviews
if only all 3 reports were available it would be 5. found in 13 reviews
PLEASE OLD INTERFACE. found in 5 reviews
but I don't like the Vantage Score system. found in 22 reviews
It needs to update more accurate details on credit report. found in 22 reviews
The open accounts need to be shown. found in 22 reviews
I love it but new update sucks. found in 30 reviews
Would be better if they showed all three scores. found in 7 reviews
Doesnt update like its supposed to. found in 8 reviews
but I wish there was tablet support. found in 5 reviews
wish there was a direct link to dispute accounts though. found in 26 reviews
I don't like the update. found in 6 reviews
but it's not totally accurate. found in 7 reviews
Apps should be purpose built not a glorified Web browser. found in 7 reviews
I just wish it would update more frequently. found in 8 reviews
the new update is terrible. found in 6 reviews
the new version sucks. found in 9 reviews
Kinda sucks since the update to the new scoring system. found in 9 reviews
Vantage score is such a joke. found in 22 reviews
New scoring system horrible for practical use. found in 9 reviews
opens a web browser to get information. found in 7 reviews
Doesn't give your accurate score. found in 20 reviews
Needs tablet support. found in 5 reviews
All I get is there's an error contact customer service. found in 13 reviews
Update sucks and cause my score to drop dramatically. found in 30 reviews
It wasn't perfect but jeez this new version SUCKS. found in 9 reviews
Don't like the new update. found in 12 reviews
It keeps saying they cant verify my account this app sucks. found in 13 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Credit Karma Mobile for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Credit Karma Mobile app version 1.2.3 has been updated on 2014-11-04. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

Get your truly free credit score and free on-the-go credit monitoring with Credit Karma Mobile.Become a member for free in-app and get your free credit score in just two minutes.Credit Karma Mobile is the first ...

Exactly like the site but easier to use with a tap and keep tabs on your finances and what s going on with your accounts Their services are expanding too so there are more ads offers to keep their lights on but they aren t automatically shoved down your throat at least not yet I use this for watching my score monitoring my credit doing my yearly taxes checking rates for insurance and playing with numbers while I dream of more money in my future                     Robert Masse
Love this app After installing this app I was able to see things on my credit that I didnt know were there Things that were not mine and were reported by mistake on my report The app is easy to navigate and offers alot of knowledge reguarding your credit and how to dispute items is one of my favs So far I have had 2 things removed that were not mine and I m in process of removing another that was paid but not reported Thank you credit karma for giving us these awesome tools                     kale kc
Someone like myself it s good to have frequent updates as to how my credit repair process is coming a long This app has been a HUGE help in my journey to improve my credit rating Real time score Real time reasons why the score is as such Real tips to improve your score What more can you ask for I strongly recommend this app                     Andrew Brazoban
Use to be pretty helpful But the scores are not accurate and the offers are not always genuine Update and response to developer I m aware of the way my score is calculated and i like my bank do not consider the vantage3 0 model to be an accurate representation of my overall score I have decreased my rating by yet another star for linking me to your faq     Murray Kennedy
I am so glad that I found this app This might be hard to believe but I have increased my credit score by almost 200 points in 6 weeks I can t believe it myself They recommend a credit card Capital One that I should apply for so I did I was approved within a minute With a credit score in the low 400s I couldn t believe it I couldn t be happier with this app It has opened my eyes to what you can do about your credit score and given me hope                     Gary Stover Jr
Average app It works has a few quirks The only problem is CK as a whole is it doesn t give you a FICO score which is what well over 90 of lenders use It helps with seeing basic info about debts but will not help you in terms of knowing your actual credit score I ve seen FICO and CK differentiate by over 100 points both directions That can mean thousands of dollars over the course of a loan             Dan Hallerman
Absolutely love Credit Karma Heard about it on a TV commercial years ago Took me a couple years to actually download it I have no complaints This app is perfect One recommemdation give more loan options through the app Credit Karma helped me locate and pay off a debt I get monthly updates to let me know my credit health My score has gone up about 20 points since I started using Credit Karma about 2 years ago Best app for personal finances yet                     Mama Bear
Love the app I have managed to improve my credit successfully dispute FRAUDULENT accounts I d have remained COMPLETELY unaware of their existence had I not used this app I ve never been more stoked about an app like this but it s tools articles u0026 resources have ALL improved my credit rating and ACTUAL DEBT I m turn bettering my life Who knew Credit Karma is a GREAT resource for ANYONE to have I love it and won t be without it again Thanks for all the help                     Victoria Rose
This app does not give enough detail as to why credit repirt scores changed It tells you about how to fix credit by buying into larger financial institutions and steers you toward their paying advertisers This app is not about regular people Its about making profits frim advertisers If they were for us they would include and talk about the FCRA so you would have the information to up your cedit score without going further in debt Big businesses survive from our lack of knowledge I             Cathy McCray
Excellent credit tracking CK definitely keeps you in the loop regarding the health of your credit And the monitoring is free Every since I started using the CK app I have been more conscious and mindful regarding my credit It s truly an app that everyone should have All I can say is Wow A must have app to download Thanks CK                     SONYA SWANEGAN
Great app for checking your credit score with soft inquires Easy to use give you ideas on how to fix your credit and build it too Even has a driver s record check now Many helpful features like a question group so you can ask people who went through the same thing your going through questions                     Johnny Bravo
Not too bad of an app I would score it 5 stars if it actually reported an accurate credit score that was closer to my FICO score It is nice to have most of my credit information in one place to see account status and any new or incorrect information that might show up But do not rely on this app for your score The score this app shows is going to be 40 50 points higher than your true FICO score and creditors are checking your FICO score                 Keith Shockey
Really Great App We have been using this app for a really long time and we love it We have lowered our card balances to almost nil Our cards get used occasionally in a shuffle so all of them are being used but they all get the balance paid off each month It s really great to see our credit scores going up up up Try it out and see for yourself you will never regret it                     Wayne Schlessman
Great way to keep up on your credit health I am able to keep tabs on my score credit usage and any problems that may arise I was able to get links to freeze my credit so hackers cannot open new credit of any kind without unlocking the needed info myself I have nearly total control It s a safety measure that EVERYONE should use                     joey marciniak
Having the credit karma app was one of the best decisions I ve made This app has met my expectations and is good at retrieving credit scores at anytime It keeps you updated while keeping you on track and help you take control of your finances that you would otherwise have trouble maintaining                     lyn thomas
Thanks to Credit Karma I was able to find and fix things in my credit that I thought I didn t have anymore Therefore this app could be probably the best resource for you to check your credit and in making sure it is in a good condition Especially for those whom just decided to built their credit                     Chris Carrillo
Great app and service Introduces one to the world of credit and how to manage it It s a learning tool as one figures out that credit scores are handled differently by creditors and financial institutions It s not perfect but it s great if one knows next to nothing about credit as it can seem very intimidating and downright disheartening at first                     Metallic Archaea
It is fast and easy to use Gives real time info and very relevant It had helped me stay on top of my financial situation They notify me immediately to any changes or updates to my credit profile I m trying to prequalify for a home loan and this app has been an amazing help to get the best bang for my buck It also alerted me to a couple mistakes in my file that I was able to get fixed                     Krystal kye
Watching how my credit has fluctuated has taught me a lot about how credit works I have aquired 5 credit cards in the process and raised my credit 100 points And climbing I honestly dont know what the catch is not sure how much of my personal information I have compromised as what i imagine is my payment for this free service But so far my life has improved because I ve been able to see my credit and figure out ways to improve it                     Eric Orozco
Very helpful app It has helped me increase my credit score by simply following the advice its given me Its helped me find out other marks on my score I didnt even know I had It also helpful with other places to get loans check other places for insurance for auto and home It s an app really trying to get you the best rates on home and car loans while also teaching you how to improve the proper ways to constantly improve your credit score                     Schyler Jensen
Makes maintaining your credit score more proactive being able to access transunion and Equifax s at a moment s notice so you never miss anything that could negatively effect your credit without notice Having credit monitoring and identity monitoring let s you feel more secured with you info aswell I highly recommend using credit karma                 Z Beck
Credit understandable for all If the app itself is difficult to understand its easy enough to use the virtual helpers chat system to navigate or ask questions most people have about credit building There are options to deal with lapsed bills project credit score changes based on reducing debts apply for loans or credit cards with ease of which are based on likelihood of approval Makes it all easy and easy is good                     Traci Roberts
It is fine but you can t opt out of things For example say you don t own a car and don t want one If your favorite credit cards no longer exists on their system you cannot describe it to them The problem with that is that they keep offering and suggesting credit cards that are significantly worse than what I have It also gets confused between mortgage payment and property tax New mortgages only show mortgage but your current includes property tax if your mortgage company collects it                 Yoni Fogel
This app is crucial to budgeting You have an active pulse on your credit score immediate notification if anything effects your score positively or negatively you can contest credit hits from this app you can look at trusted refinance options and credit cards 10 10 don t know how I lived without this app for ten years                     Jake Valencia
It s practical and effective It gives me alerts on credit checks changing balances and of course score changes I learned from an official credit check that it s a few points off which is expected but only a few so that s reassuring I don t use nearly all of the tips and features it has but I do love being able to see the exact accounts open their types and the balances                     Elizabeth Waymire
I have been using Credit Karma for 5 years now I love the app It is easy to access and I have not experienced any issues with it I like that I receive email reminders to check my credit details Also a few years ago when I disputed several of my collections Credit Karma made it very simple and gave me easy step by step instructions to complete each dispute Credit Karma is constantly updating my details and I have noticed that as soon as anything changes Credit Karma has it listed                     Crystal Parker
I love this app Talking about staying on track of what matters the most Credit Karma is the best tool to track the progress of your credit score Money equates to time and if you want to stay organize with your finances I recommend Credit Karma to you Its fast convenient and very reliable Joe J M Mesa Guam Legislature and Business Owner                     Jose J.M. Mesa
Credit karma is always way behind on displaying correct information for my account I have been using Experian and Equifax and find it to be much more accurate although Equifax is also off quite a bit They are closer to my actual credit score tgen Transunion I think if Transunion is always so far off and behind their competitors maybe time to find another business since they cannot report accurately     Vegas Jay
This app is really helpful if you want to get more in touch with your credit score CK is not always totally accurate but it s pretty darn close and sometimes underestimates how good your position is which is preferable to me It has been immediate in alerting me to changes and helps me address issues quickly                     Alexis Greenwood
I m able to see what about my credit lines is causing my score to increase or decrease It also alerted me when a student loan gained interest which allowed me to pay that plus principle to get my score even higher 10 10 would recommend to people that are relatively new to credit scores and credit card usage                     Nasaje Gray
It has been so helpful in keeping me informed on my credit I pay attention more to how much I use my credit cards I get to see how my credit is affected by my spending habits It also shows me things I can do to help me better my credit score This app has truly helped me                     Tony Segar
I have used the CK app for a few months now and I have been able to get my scores up significantly The app is easy to use and clearly defines directions you can take Also the credit options are reasonable just read the fine print so you understand what you are getting                     Donna Ford
Not sure what changed but with the new login format it keeps saying invalid login but that would not be true because I ll go to my internet browser on my mobile and it logs in just fine App is broken have been confirmed by Member Support that their app does not work on certain devices so don t bother downloading if you have a tablet or large resolution phone which an S10 is classified under     L L
This is good because i had no clue where to begin about my debts or even remembered i had past due debts and credit karma has all the information to contact the collections you need to pay Bonus it gives you a chance to build your credit up through credit card companies whom are willing to approve you Also you will know your credit score                     Sylvia Accime
Well one of the best things that I enjoy about the app is that every Saturday it shows you your new scores and if they go up or down and why With just equifax its only 1 3 months they update your score and you pay almost 30 00 for there service I m very happy with credit karma Thanks                     Lorena Kelley
I reluctantly downloaded the credit karma app at the suggestion of my girlfriend Once I actually opened the app and viewed all of its resources is extremely easy to see that my credit situation was not as bad as I had thought It was easy to see my debt prioritize payments and make progress Very informative on how to better my credit ratings and how to best utilize what credit I DO have Very happy and VERY pleased with my CK app                     SPUNKMONKEYx2
Been using creditkarma since 2013 when i was trying to build up my credit I suggest everyone download this app to get a base knowledge of how to bring your credit up and see where you stand Since then I have chosen one credit card to apply for and 1 personal loan that was suggested by creditkarma based off my credit score Very useful and its free Don t sleep on it                     arnulfo aguilar
Seamless experience Using an s10 without any issues Well other than the fact that I forgot my password which going through the forgotten password feature solved easily I don t know why people give 1 star reviews for user errors instead of trying to find out the problem Eyes on you L L whomever you may be Shame on you human                     Chris Boutte
I really like the app for what I need it for Its accurate and updates every week About the update 8 days ago I like how nice it looks but I really wish it still had the green yellow and red or custom colors for the score instead of all blue                 Jerika Barron
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