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Bubble Shooter Inc. , brings Bubble Shooter with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Bubble Shooter apps has been update to version 1.02 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • A basic game with simple rules..
  • Turn your sound up for at least the first game..
  • Bubbles: stress buster..
  • Overall great time waster and fun..
  • Fun quick game..

Overall Satisfactionc85
Lovely game my sun was engiong.
Its a amazing game till kill timw.
I recommend this game to everyone who likes this category.
Lovely wonderful game.
Loved playing with colous.
It's my favourite game thanks malunga family.
Amazing time pass.
Fun & Engagingc89
" Very addictive " "Time killer" love this game.
Other than that awesome game.
Start shooting and have loads of fun learning to bank shots.
Easy way to burn up time and have mindless fun.
Mind numbing and addictive.
Good clean fun.
Replay Valuec86
Although it is still challenging enough to keep my interest.
I wish it had more levels because I beat the game.
Easy way to burn up time and have mindless fun.
A little too easy.
Ease of Usec83
I love how easy to play and the different levels.
I enjoyed playing a simple game while passing the time.
It looks easy and simple.
Simple time waster.
A little too easy.
Ads not Intrusivec32
Updates & Supportc69
Nice version of the standard shooter game.
Nice version of bubble shoot.

Good & gr8 time pass game for every 1. found in 11 reviews
Great Stress Reliever. found in 3 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game keeps you on your toes. found in 3 reviews
Fun game to play at your own pace. found in 2 reviews
Great way to pass time away while waiting for a bus. found in 34 reviews
Great game good way to kill time while waiting for car repairs. found in 19 reviews
Love the simplicity of this app. found in 1 reviews
Buble Original classical game very very nice game. found in 18 reviews
love this game very fun and stress relieving. found in 4 reviews
Very good version of a classic bubble shooter game. found in 261 reviews
Mind numbing and addictive. found in 4 reviews
Great time filler that is loads of fun. found in 5 reviews
Interesting game must download. found in 8 reviews
Overall not a bad game. found in 3 reviews
The ads block top row of bubbles. found in 4 reviews
just a little boring compared to other bubble shoot games. found in 2 reviews
Can't change bubble colors. found in 3 reviews
FIX Last Update. found in 1 reviews
One you start you can't stop popping. found in 2 reviews
Too many sexy lingerie adverts. found in 1 reviews
Needs 2nd difficulty level. found in 2 reviews
Flashing with the new update is horrible. found in 1 reviews
Can't get enough play time. found in 1 reviews
but too many adverts to make it completely enjoyable. found in 3 reviews
Lots of fun cant put down. found in 2 reviews
Hudle2 good fun no apparent bugs. found in 1 reviews
Add levels and it would be 5 star. found in 1 reviews
Great job screwing up the update. found in 1 reviews
Needs more levels but good for kids to play. found in 7 reviews
played and uninstalled this game in 2 min. found in 1 reviews
Pay to remove ads and screen crops bottom. found in 4 reviews
fun but gets annoying to finish lol. found in 4 reviews
Very poor color difference between yellow and green. found in 2 reviews
Not worth it anymore. found in 1 reviews
No color blind mode. found in 3 reviews
Can't bounce bubbles. found in 3 reviews
Cannot aim top row. found in 4 reviews
Not good for some devices. found in 1 reviews
It gets a little boring. found in 2 reviews
but the game takes forever to open. found in 3 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Bubble Shooter for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Bubble Shooter app version 1.02 has been updated on 2014-11-01. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Do you remember the classic Bubble Shooter game? For all opinions, The most addictive Bubble Shooter game that people play.Everybody knows and enjoys this Bubble Shooter game, and now first time for your Android deviceSince ...

Fix the stupid BS bubble generation algorithm Its absolutely abhorrent It will spawn a color that I can t shoot anywhere near like 10 times in a row just burning through shots This is my ONLY problem with the game Instead of making the levels actually hard the devs got lazy and just added that in as a fix all Do your job or don t bother releasing the game             Robert Yuhasz
Horrible app Clear the screen and sometimes it s an hour before the next will open Had to uninstall and reinstall and was on level 1850 but it started over at level 1 since it cant log me in No response to help inquiry either Not even bothering not worth the frustration Find a different game that actually works     Jenni M
This is something that I use to play ten years ago as excel games A very simple and sober of a kind makes you love this game and had been missing it a lot Thanks to the bubble shooter team to bring me back to those nostalgic moments taking me back on the drive through the memory lane                     Rajit Rajendran
Never been subjected to so many ads There s one or two between every game level too many for a rather ordinary shooter game I my trash it and find something else         Kathryn Nuttall
I do enjoy your game However when it doesn t offer you a move for several moves in a row which causes you to lose the round so not kool at all Thank you             Patricia Fields
Deleted my previous 5 Star Rating This version is plagued with so much advertising is hard to play and the prizes are so skimpy they don t pair the challenge Plus changed my phone and couldn t recover my game     Lee Villanueva
Have used basic game for ages loved it but it has moved on advanced and i can t get it back Tried reinstalling it but it won t return to original I use it as a meditation not competitively I miss it     anna dalton
It s fun but a lot of times you have trouble shooting your ball It don t want to work Plus when you re switching colors sometimes it will just shoot on its own very frustrating                 Phyllis hoyt Hoyt
Past a certain level this game becomes less fun and more chore as the order of colors given to you becomes profoundly insulting to the point where you can only progress by using real currency to pay for in game powerups     Thomas Unruh
I just started playing tonight but I already think this is going to be a good game It s simple yet it keeps you from being bored I like it even with the ads it s a good game                     Mary Renninger
Like the difficulty Still crashes though Ok at the beginning but in the advanced games it crashes                 Be Fenn
My favorite since about 2002 I like the Arcade style best the regular one has bundles of chained bubbles that have to be hit twice not a quick enough payoff for me                     Katie Wenthur
A good game it doesn t freeze like the other bubble game I was playing                     Peter Jolley
Forced to watch Ads As you progress levels are made deliberately impossible to complete so you are forced to watch ads to be able to complete unless you spend money This i assume is to guarantee income for the developers which in principle i have no issue with except that one isn t given a fighting chance For this reason I am uninstalling the game             Paul Strong
I love this app it help to timulate your mind and it s a great way to pass the time away Only 1 big problem when you re make winning moves the control is taken out of your hands causing you to have to make more moves than neccessary Loosing doesn t bother me if I loose fair and square I ll be using the perfect aimer and the move is taken from me and and moved all the way across the other side of the board         Louise Marsh
This game keeps you playing and going back to it Each level is different and challenging which keeps u intetested                 Bronda
Excellent Why has it stopped after me reaching 3650 It s now nearly a week how ling does it take to move forward Now it has stopped at 3680 how long days or hrs will it take to move forward                     Glen D'silva
Not that many adds and it s a simple game that slowly brings new challenges while sticking to the original objective Great for playing on lunch break                     SeriouslyFabulous
Enjoyed the game for a while It can be a little glitchy sometimes though Problem is that I purchased the no ads option on a previous phone and now I can t restore the purchase Bigger problem I ve sent two emails through the app to developers and had no response Radio Silence So you know don t give these guys any cash You ll lose your purchase later and they ll not do a thing to help you         daniel tapia
I wish there was an easier way to start over other than deleting the app and downloading again Once you get over the first couple thousand levels it takes forever for new ones to become available and even longer to just scroll back to the beginning every time you open the app Although I have been playing this game on the same tablet for 4 years so I m over the 3500 level mark                     Julie Burns
Very simple concept yet that is what makes it soooo challenging and VERY ADDICTIVE Download if you re up to the challenge                     Sheri Wagner
Cant imagine y if my phone froze in the middle of the game and i reboot That u wud start me back at the beginning of the game whenni was already on level 969 Stupid Frustrated DELETE     bo wevil
I like very much this game but after level 3410 that game was stopped then how can play after level 3410 please give me some suggestion                     Rp Rp
Fun easy to understand and sometimes you need to think ahead ad you run out of bubbles                     JacquiandPeter Hazelton
Challenging I m trying to learn to play pool this helps me with angles                     Lenora Mueller
It does what it says It s a game to pass time Unfortunately it gets boring real quick due to the lack of progression no matter what they come up with it s very easy to complete all levels because of the ease in acquiring bombs and fireballs during a game You should only be able to get them as a reward for beating levels or through purchases And the ads way too many ads Do you really need so many ads to keep the game free             Ana Maria Lema Russell
I have been playing this game for years and initially gave it a positive review But this latest update takes the cake You took away the daily free coins 30 if you watched the video and now you have replaced it with a single bomb or flame big deal And please don t keep repeating it s a free game and you can play the same level as many times as you want b s Who wants to keep playing the same level Bottom line is that you re messing with a good thing I m uninstalling         George Kalos
cheats once you rate the app so dont rate it or you ll never win again Came back just to change my rating because of this used to get through levels in a couple tries after rating haven t passed a level over 50 tries the ads to get extra shots also dont work once you rate it just don t rate the game I m deleting due to this         Cindy Brown
Addictive Great game very challenging Would have given 5 stars but the advanced levels are frustrating as they are near impossible to get through I played the same level so many times without success that I almost uninstalled the app But here I am still playing                 Teresa Miller
Very addictive I was playing a different version but this one is easier Only issue which has a big impact is rhe arm you shoot the bubbles with it moves too much its not solid I have lined it up released and then it moves or the bubbles hit somewhere you haven t pointed at I hope this is sorted soon                 Twanny 73
Fun but not enough I don t spend money on games so can t advance very far The difficulty progresses quickly and levels become unbeatable unless the player invests I am progressing however I have played and passed through level 150 but keep having to restart at level 117 Why                 Andrean Reyes
ok so i love this game but when i reached level 2581 it introduced a new type of double coloured bubble that changes colour according to the colour in the centre of the bubble and the colours change with each shot you take now this is cool and all but as someone with trypophobia it makes me very anxious is there a way to tweak the levels such that its not so creepy to look at edit also the number of ads you have is ridiculous i get you need ad revenue but an ad after every level is a lot         karungi patricia
Dont install now its very hard i am o 1310 level and now they redused ball s so its impossible to clear even one level without fail so this game is loosing his popularity from the users now they expect to purchase game So i am waiting for next upgrade and if they are not going back to reverse the update then i am going to uninstall this game Thanks for your usless support feedback Ask your upgrade testing team to play the game and check than how much levels they are able to resolv     Mahesh Jadhav
This morning at coffee time I tried this game for the first time Actually my first experience with ANY game Great fun                 George Nowers
Level 13 on the bubble quest I have played that level a good 15 times How is it you design a level you cant win unless you use real money to by bombs and stuff You go through 30 bubble and watch 6 video adds to get 3 extra bubbles per video you watch which equal out to 18 more free bubbles and not get a single color you need     william murray
Game is ok to play but on every 10th level I am supposed to get a reward but as soon as te level is won my reward is gone     Marlize Richards
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