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Orangenose Studio , the publisher behind many Android apps (Hardest Game Ever 2 ,Knife vs Fruit: Just Shoot It! - Apps on ,A to B - Don’t Touch Anything ,Owl Can`t Sleep! ,Tricky Test 2™: Genius Brain? - Apps on ,Panda Must Jump Twice), brings Hardest Game Ever 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hardest Game Ever 2 apps has been update to version 15.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • great to play with friends to see their reaction..
  • I recommend this game to any fast paced..
  • its a really competitive game..
  • you have to have good hand to eye coordination..
  • Awesome game and recommended to anyone without anger issues..

Overall Satisfactionc73
Amazing game on level 20 a nd haven't used any cheats.
Its making my brain/IQ smarter thanks for this game.
Paid for this game and now I cannot open it galaxy s5.
Download it now and enjoy one of the best games it there.
I luv dis game very much Vry impressed Wid it.
I like this game and my favorite game a this hamwe.
One of my favorite games until update.
I beat my boyfriend in it I have to love it.
What a wonderful game all of the people download it please.
Fun & Engagingc86
Awesome game and recommended to anyone without anger issues.
It was a pretty awesome game but it won't open now.
This game is very addictive and i really love it.
What an awesome games super fun to play while chilling.
Really fun game for people who are challenge d in life.
Really fun game if they fix everything that's wrong with it.
Very very addictive simple yet addictive games.
I hate it it said " simple yet addictive " ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Tons of fun with zany Japanese style gameshow challenges.
Soo fun I love the extreme pack.
Replay Valuec85
Very challenging $1 arcade mode is worth it.
Add more levels and easier to unlock new ones.
The game is bad it needs more levels.
It's addicting and challenging definitely worth the download.
Gets boring pretty fast.
Brain teaser and as the same time patience tester.
Production Valuesc49
They get in the way of game play.
I like this game play it.
Ease of Usec68
Very very addictive simple yet addictive games.
I hate it it said " simple yet addictive " ARE YOU KIDDING ME.
Who would know simple games like this can be so addictive.
A simple game that requires both alertness and speed.
Easy mode is pretty challenging.
This game keeps you trying to obtain the highest score ever.
This game keeps crashing everytime I play it.
Ads not Intrusivec51
Security & Privacyc28
I can't sign in using my FB account.
Updates & Supportc17
After I pay for the arcade version.

This game is driving me nuts. found in 4 reviews
This game is pull your hair out fun. found in 3 reviews
So much fun with variety of games and challenges to complete. found in 3 reviews
Good fun for all ages young and old alike. found in 12 reviews
THE mst beautiful game ever i download. found in 11 reviews
This app keeps me occupied so well and i really enjoy it. found in 4 reviews
Omg I love this game its really like the hardest game ever haha haha. found in 3 reviews
Silly but challenging and great to test your reaction times. found in 11 reviews
Cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool cool. found in 4 reviews
Awesome game for passing time. found in 4 reviews
ilove this game its so funny wkwkwk. found in 6 reviews
Its hard to find free games that actually entertain me. found in 9 reviews
but the link for the free cheats is not working. found in 45 reviews
Can't connect to facebook other wise its a great game. found in 124 reviews
but the add keep comes up everytime i play the game. found in 30 reviews
It cannot be moved to SD CARD~~~~~~~~Please fix this. found in 18 reviews
I'm trying to login to Facebook but it will not let me. found in 10 reviews
I had to uninstall the game because it wouldn't work. found in 94 reviews
problem is of course the annoying ads sometimes interfere. found in 10 reviews
The game crashes and closes after a while of use. found in 35 reviews
its forced to close everytime you open the game. found in 77 reviews
Game refuses to connect to Facebook for the free cheats. found in 145 reviews
Please solve this problem immediately. found in 6 reviews
Game is great but the video ads are crashing the game. found in 23 reviews
Please fix this game coz my android couldn't open the game. found in 17 reviews
It cannot be moved to SD CARD ~~~~~~~~Please fix this. found in 17 reviews
So much fun but cant play it when its always frozen. found in 83 reviews
This game was fun but why i cant play it anymore. found in 17 reviews
This is an awesome game but it keeps crashing and becomes unusable. found in 9 reviews
It was fine but connected to fb and it didnt work. found in 32 reviews
The game sucks due to there stimulus problems. found in 59 reviews
This game keeps crashing everytime I play it. found in 45 reviews
I really wanna play this game without raging over the crash. found in 133 reviews
Every time I open the game the screen goes black. found in 77 reviews
Game won't load but when it does its really fun. found in 39 reviews
when I download this game it just been closed all BLACK. found in 44 reviews
Cant play it always crashes and force stop itself. found in 83 reviews
I've had to uninstall and reinstall several times. found in 94 reviews
I have paid for unlocking arcade mode and removing ads twice. found in 66 reviews
when i tried to open the game after installing it. found in 77 reviews
Opens a black screen then back to my home screen. found in 39 reviews
I can't even connect to Facebook after uninstall Facebook. found in 124 reviews
Anti virus tagged this as an unwanted program. found in 62 reviews
Worst game ever the most boring game ever. found in 65 reviews
The game fine until I beat one of the world records. found in 74 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Hardest Game Ever 2 for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Hardest Game Ever 2 app version 15.0 has been updated on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

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