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Description - , the publisher behind many Android apps (imo HD-Free Video Calls and Chats ,ConnectMore ,Reversimo ,imo plus ,imo beta ,, brings with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. apps has been update to version 4.1.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Can make video calls in low signals also without consuming much data..
  • Superb video quality and excellent voice clarity..
  • The ability to send pics..
  • good quality of voice and video even in slow internet..
  • This is very good chat application for Gtalk and Facebook..

Overall Satisfactionc67
Its really cool better than skype and others its really awesome.
and i had to install the skype app.
The video quality is super clear and messaging is instant.
The video quality is poor of my friend on my phone.
This is the best messenger app I've ever found.
Still cannot find a messenger app that is not buggy.
The best chat client on android I have ever used.
There's nothing valuable about adding another chat client.
Great voice and video quality and absolutly free.
I have Asus tab but voice and video call not working.
Fine mobile multi protocol instant messaging client app.
I love imo bcus it bring me with other people together.
I use to love imo until the latest update.
Best multi platform Android chat option out there.
Fun & Engagingc59
And new imo is awesome.
imo is awesome.
Vry useful and a swish knife apps.
Vry useful app fr video calling.
Social Aspectsc61
It's great way to keep in touch with love one and it's totally free.
Nice mixture of messaging and social networking good.
Now the social networking is annoying.
I was able to chat with friends away from the computer.
Love seeing new people an enjoy seeing pictures.
Production Valuesc50
Ease of Usec56
Simple chat program.
It's light and easy to use in my smartphone.
It's so light and easy -to-use.
Simple and user friendly a good app indeed.
Simple and user friendly UI.
suddenly just freezes every time I try to open it out sign on.
Ads not Intrusivec13
Security & Privacyc33
Necessity for extra imo account is nonsense.
Best app to have for all im account.
Updates & Supportc19
simple and very low battery consumption Highly recommended.

The imo calls is verry nice good sounds good camera. found in 10 reviews
Best multi platform Android chat option out there. found in 50 reviews
Am waiting for these kind of app for video calling. found in 667 reviews
It's one of the good Im application available. found in 10 reviews
Very nice and amazing app for Android. found in 66 reviews
Pretty much what i expect from a multi im client. found in 22 reviews
Better than ebuddy it organizes contacts by im svc. found in 32 reviews
until recently I cannot - for no apparent reason - login to Skype. found in 97 reviews
Idk if it's yahoo's problem but I can't connect to yahoo messenger. found in 176 reviews
Reduced the rating since I am unable to login to Skype. found in 174 reviews
I just can't get it to connect to MSN. found in 26 reviews
Not given 5 stars because I can't connect to skype using it. found in 97 reviews
Skype no longer works for anyone Secondly. found in 14 reviews
Won’t log in to MSN after typing your username and password. found in 26 reviews
Verification code not received but able to login with FB. found in 31 reviews
I just can't seem to log in to any Yahoo accounts. found in 94 reviews
No explanation yet for new permissions like play billing or sms. found in 55 reviews
For some reason it won't let me connect to yahoo messenger. found in 176 reviews
please solve this issue unable to singed in yahoo id. found in 11 reviews
But pls add bluetooth headset support to vdo chat. found in 25 reviews
Will rate 5 stars if Skype issue is resolved. found in 13 reviews
Chat history is deleted occasionally and for sure after every update. found in 68 reviews
Was unable to sign in to gtalk for very long time. found in 131 reviews
It would be nice to create contact groups mixing accounts. found in 24 reviews
only thing is iam unable to connect to yahoo messenger. found in 176 reviews
suddenly just freezes every time I try to open it out sign on. found in 30 reviews
No more 3rd party support and last updates been poor. found in 49 reviews
Doesn't allow log on to Yahoo Messenger. found in 121 reviews
After tried to login to google talk via imo. found in 49 reviews
Now requires imo account to sign into your other networks. found in 55 reviews
unable to login to yahoo using this imo app. found in 176 reviews
It has not good voice wuslity it is useless. found in 67 reviews
Unable to sign in using google credentials. found in 131 reviews
After latest IMO upgrade cannot login to skype account. found in 97 reviews
The video quality is poor of my friend on my phone. found in 124 reviews
The worst part you have no option to block them. found in 44 reviews
Without the possibility to connect to Skype this app is pretty useless. found in 97 reviews
Please remove the pointless invite friends to IMO button. found in 48 reviews
but I will not be using IMO until I can. found in 82 reviews
Can no longer sign in to Yahoo since the last updates. found in 176 reviews
The new permissions this app needs are a little worrisome. found in 55 reviews
Can't delete chat history even after going settings. found in 68 reviews
Cannot sign in to my yahoo account on defy 2. found in 94 reviews

The is now available for for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 4.1.5 has been released on 2014-01-9. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about in `s Official Website :

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Your post is still not what Inam looking for When IMO call is active and then user is using the phone directly then by the touch of ears alot of apps open as explained below When IMO is active it opens alot of applications on the screen Maybe you might have to figure out why this happens As a case when the user is on call the notification bar opens and places the phone on airplane mode sometimes turns on the torch         Mohammad Shabbar
Best ever playstore app Forget about the call and sms charge High quality video calls and fast Connectivity even in 2G Video and Audio calling consumed less data than other video calling apps Install it and enjoy the facilities Groups are the most popular part of this app and also have a great feature that s IMO Live Thanks for the app Never think about a Smartphone without IMO                     Mehedi Hasan Roni
Well one thing I do not understand is that when we talk to voice calls from imo the light of our handset display is not totally off You can tell from WhatsApp when we call the phone when we hold it to the ear but the handset says Display Lite Totally is off so much but we are making our handset battery much safer during the voice call so I would like to say what kind of version of WhatsApp you are developing and make the same feature in your imo             Monir Hossain
Initially it was really a very nice and handy app But from few months its really getting pathetic Getting spam calls from random numbers from some 86 code Getting full screen add randomly which is really annoying please improve the app security and kindly give option to accept calls and messages only from the saved contacts As these spam calls daily 2 3 times is really scary and worrisome     Mohammed shahid Dal
Actually deserves 5 stars It s really good app able to connect with people easily sorry for giving only 3 but there is a reason for that that is it s really annoying that people not in our contact list from unknown number and region keeps on calling even after you block them still they can call and any time in day and night very disturbing there should be privacy setting option like only people in contact can call If you can fix this issue I will be very thankful to you             supriya narsale
I use imo than whatsapp but nowadays too many junk video calls are coming and those persons are not in our contact list which is very irritating Many of friends have uninstalled the imo app because of this reason Let me know is there any option to receive calls only from known contacts Video files if we share it is not downloading and says download failed                 Raghavendran S
Shows notification on top of locked screen The only way to stop it is by turning off all notification On my friends list I have hundreds of friends and I don t know who they are Automatically added by this app     Md. Shafiul Alam Chowdhury
New update version is very bad no option of private live and kick out for irritating persons Not any notification of fallowing person Its very bad now Very poor experience now with without private and kick out option Please a humble request please add a private live options in live imo broadcasting one again i am requested to upadate private calls and kick out option please add as soon aspossible please a humble request u sir s             shailesh kumar
It save the photos and videos on gallery though i turned off this option Settingsu003e Generalu003eStorageu003e store photos and store videos then i turned off those but it doesn t works Its store photos in my gallery Fix it developers you should khow that i cleared the cache then restart the phone bt problem not gone Then i reinstalled the app bt problem nit gone     Rimon hossain
The first version of imo was excellent where we could search and find new people and make friends Since the searching option was barred this app use to be useless like other apps or common app and its usage witnessed declined Searching friends option was highly appraised Please try to fix it at the earliest     Mohammed Abdul Kareem
New version sucks we want the old imo to be back or just the diamons the diamons was more usefull at affordable I wish youll bring back the diamonds where we can redeem it into load ots more helpfull alot of my friens uninstalled imo cause they dont like the new version     mira merkler
Still missing lots of safety and privacy options at this point every one can call you or send you files need an option on how to accept messages andcalls from non contacts adding to that the app is invaded by uncountable annoying ads     J MEGUENI
Hi Imo is one of the best App to connect people with their families and friends through voice calls and video calls but there is one problem and that is no mic button option to turn on or turn off the mic when you need it please find out the solution and add the mic button Thanks u0026 kind regards             Ahmed Bashiri
The new version of imo now is very disgusting All of my followers in live are lost and the are not notified when I m streaming Now my diamonds also are useless because the new live streaming is using gold I will be very happy if you remove the update and go back to the old version     gerald domingo
It does not respect DND it still rings when DND is on Very frustrating Edit What kind of a stupid standard response is that Just configure the app to respect DND How can a screenshot be provided for an app which rings even though DND is activated     Om Tiwari
pleaseeeee why speaker doesnt work during video call on my galaxy note 9 android pie pleaseeeee fix No solution about speaker problem when making video call also when i have incomming call i cant put the phone to silent to stop ringing imo cant make thier app compatible with android phones     Anas ANOSIOS
At May My problem was I couldn t move it to SD card and they said we consider it and your feedback is our motivation and all that sh t but it still has the same problem                 Kia Faraji
I am using Samsung galaxy m10 smart phone But in this phone your imo doing some wrong When video call running it is using two microphones upside and downside For this reason call is fully echo Please solve this problem Another app is ok Like as WhatsApp     Khorshed Alam
I want to say its not good for users have many many problem i cant open my live loading and loading and show this message haven t live room i want know why this problem have many internet problem dont have private lock don t have kick option or block option overall its not good then before its a copy on bigo live make new dont make a copy                     raton mia
The app is good but restricting the number of contacts being shown on app should be with the user There are calls coming from unknown persons bcoz all contacts even outside my contact list is shown on the app This is esp difficult for ladies who want privacy Need to stop this problem Otherwise I would give it 5 rating         Sunil Kumar sivaraman
can t you people make it possible that true offline to work as other apps are working like WhatsApp and other apps those apps won t show that the person is online even after turning off wifi or mobile data I think its your technical error please fix this bug as soon as possible             Md Feroz
New version of imo live is very poor I did not like the new version interface is very poor comments fully not show in screen there is no option for kickout irrilating block option And please diamond again back to this new imo live like as old imo live and please solve this type problem     tariq ayaz
Perfect app But when seeing stories of FOF you can suddenly tap screen by mistake n gets to next but you can t swipe back if you want to see back some photo or video you loved That s so much hatred mistake of this app                 Gurbanmyrat Nurmedow
Last update version imo live system is not good as per my imo live friends and saying copy of bigo live They like to have private lock and kick out system to followers Some time I can t enter the my following friends saying blocked Notification system is locked not getting when followers comes in live I hope to see improve the system     Ronaldo Rabin
Using the new version of imo sounds great but there is a problem with this version the live chat option does not work If live chatting options take loading I am requesting emo development specifically to solve the problem of live chatting                     Md Amanat
I think old version was good enough for live broadcasting now we not enjoy this version it is absolutly boring Lots of followers being disappeared by updation of the version and they can not connect with us please help to resolve issue also allow us live on old version too     Zubair Afridi
in this new version i can t share anything in category of friends of friends everytime i select friends of friends but it s share as my story so sad of this i want to share everything to show everyone of my friends n friends of friends i hope u will fix this bug all the best     pothik bs
Getting a lot of ghost call Unknown number from various locations being use Its seems kind o a hacker IMO kindly do something about it Also sometime photos are automatically saving even the settings is not             Erwin Perfecto
Please people dont use this app and save yourself Was enjoying this app until getting so many fake video call from China Not just me most of my friends are experiencing the same imo is widely used by hackers and now not safe anymore     Shaheen Ali
Old version are good now I installed that and I wanna use but it didn t gave me code it just call me and the voice is not clear at all I think it s better give code by SMS     bibek magar
This app was initially good but recently receiving lot of junk calls from unknown numbers and to block these numbers individually is not solving the issue There should be option of selecting to receive calls only from known contacts         Niaz Ahmed
SIR New version is very poor quality It isn t working continue while audio or video calls drops voice Also not streaming videos and imo live hanging problems PLEASE make it as good as before it was working very smooth Thanks                     MOKHTAAR KHAN
There is no way to block and silence random video calls from unknown ladies in Russia in middle of the night These calls always come from different numbers so have to be blocked individually I am removing app from my phone     Howard Brissenden
This is not good Suppose someone send a message to me and i read it but the same message is appearing again and again as unread message developer team Thank you for prompt solution                 minnatulla rabbani
I am using imo new version But I can not communicate through imo live Imo live is totally buffering I can not find the live page But my Internet connection u0026 handset is quite OK What is the reason                 Md Nihal ahmed
This app is very easy and super audio and video call quality in any device                 Easy easy easy
nice app bt whenever i m using my earphone its not working no one hear me others apps works ok bt when its comes for emo earphone not working plz fixed dis prblm             
Hiii iam dhananjay Iam using this app last year Now iam using Xperia z2 some days ego me update my phone software 511 After finished update imo is not working good When me calling my friend he not hear my voice so please fix it          
The call feature doesnt work at all It always drop every time I call a friend using this app Did all the updates but it was never fixed     worst call feature
The WiFi at sea is quite poor Only app that I can use for video So its best thing out there Quality is okay But it works So somethings better than nothing                 Works great onboard
There were things that are need to b fixed It would b gud if it shows d other person is online or not It will show green tick but it will b the same for a while even if d person went offline So its a bit confusing to know whether d person is online or not Apart from dat it looks gud and everyone can give it a try           Good but still
This app is not at all useful Whats app is much better No clarity of voice Video is not working g properly waste of time and pace in Mobile More over this app is used by very less number So I hate this     Very worst app
Use full app but it have a big difference from another apps because you cant call when you drive because it note work withheadset Just waiting for ap great thanks              Bluetooth
It have authentication to read your messages It force you to send text messages that you like this app Worst app You cut my balance I will soon write about it in Google     Worst and worst Never install
Nice application but it needs more improvement The video call is not too good here in Ghana          
Imo has no options None Want to change the notifications Not here Need to block someone Sorry Want to make any changes whatsover to the look and feel of the app Youre out of luck Its a shame because it looks like they poured work into the video portion none into messaging Youre way way better off with Whatsapp or Viber     Really bad featureless app
A top app it works like a charm only problem is u cant see if your contact is online or not                
This app is awesome but i wiil give 2stars why because Bluetooth earphones not supporting If you correct this problem in the next update then I will give you 5 plus       
Iwould give it a 5 star if thia problem solved              Bluetooth hands free do not work
Thank you for a excellent service God bless all those who worked to make this for people and free Such a refreshing change as far as the world goes Things of the world are normally over priced with bad customer service                 Excellent
Now my primary mode of communication to stay in touch with family and friends back home Works great most of the time The parts which need fixing are still the unknown contacts and unconfigurable notifications Unknown contacts appear in my list plus at random time intervals it bombards the phone with notifications and the status bar becomes unusable I cannot find an option in the app to turn off the notifications              One of the better ones
Please fix it nt able to make a call more dan 30sec to UAE After 30sec no response frm other side              For an old version
Works great even in slow internet Real time show up for typing is really great feature Only fix some issues like forwarding texts and sharing picsvideos Rest of it imo is the best                 Best video chat app ever
No very good Do not show up in the calling minutes       
I am using IMO for quite sometime now and was really happy with the performance but recently Mic of my wired hands free do not work with IMO the head phone work fine with all other app except IMO I am using Sony Z3 pls try to resolve the problem asap          
When we block to someone on IMO again there is no option to unblock that person So pls do wrk on it better like WhatsApp It does permanently block to a person we cant unblock that person again never and that person dont show in our contact listthis is very bad feature     Bullshit
Awesome work for the phase though i sense some copied code from whatsapp and the rest Please a shut down feature for the typing real time display thing unless you wanna get people in trouble You have no idea how many times we end up deleting what we typed after thinking things over before a message is sent                 Good Too far from perfect though
Abbasi Abbasi abbasi to be able and willing to pay for it to you soon as possible so we can get you started on this site has been generated by my office                
Most irritating app ever installed Unnecessary notifications and nuisance No one I know is happy with this stupid appGoodbye forever    
I wish we can rate an app 12 or 0 or 1 I wanna rate this app 0 or 1000 or more Wanna know why Try deleting your account this imo apps You will know why I wanna gave less than 1 star Thanks     Not deserve to get 1 Star
Not so hated but i have deleted my friends number before by mistake from imo account And phone contact but i got that he is using same so i saved same number but can not see my name to him and his name in imo contacts solution please     some help please
There is a mute mic option in video calls but not in audio calls Very major issue Please fix it asap        No mute option in calls
Always voice call poor Clock Software After a call is not correct Voice call sound late is too weak 1 Always voice call poor 2 Voice call and video is Not HD No sound quality 3 Not animated emoticons 4 not supporting bluetooth headset 5 Does not show that in writing Please fix the problems you have new updates Tanks for All     IMO have very problem
This app is good but i gave onevstar because so many unknown contacts are displaying n lot of notifications showed in notification panel     Srinivas Penta
App sends invites to everyone on your phone and its set to default Very frustratingand embarrassing Very poor design in this respect App designers deliberately did this to advertise their app Much better to use Skype     Beware of invites
The POP up which appears on my screen as soon as some one on my contact downloaded this App It irritates Like hell Its keeps on for 48 hours Please do something about it remove that option If the service is Good people will use it You dont need to advertize a lot REST of the features are Good Fix the issue then in next update     Annoying Feature
Trying to have a video call but it is not successfully done I am unable to have video of the caller Hated it In search of better app     Disaster
Last 4 days very sound quality call not connecting whats wrong     Call dropped after receiving then call disconnect n showing missed call
Some time application shows read recipients and sometime not application is good but need improvement please suggest What to do fr see whether other person seen my msg or nt     Unable to see read recipients
When i connect using head set my voice is not reaching to the recievers But its working smoothly with other similar softwares like Soma Skype If I am not using a headset sound is been reached Can you please help me with this issue My mob sony experia z2     Voice problem
Cant hear the other person voice properly and picture send by others Even i cant see the message send by other in imo really please update this so i can give u five star     Very bad in cal quality and it often frozes
Why dont you provide flash options for both the cams front as well as the back Plzz upgrade it fast           Flash options
Very fine app but some times it will stuck bcs of may network or dont no but good app of free              Very good
lve been using this app for a long time but recently the bad calls are increasing dispite all the frequent updates that claim call improvement and more           works 5050
Need some improvements Just after connecting the video call automatically it will getting disconnected Please consider this problem in future upgrades Other wise it is a good app           It is a nice app Communication

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