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DualBoot Games , the publisher behind many Android apps (My Beach HD ,Forest HD ,Christmas HD ,Spring Zen Free ,Celtic Garden HD ,Spring Zen HD), brings Forest HD with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Forest HD apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best live wall paper I have seen..
  • How do I change the country setting in screen saver..
  • I have yet to find anything near as perfect & beautiful..
  • This live 3D and HD wallpaper worth the money..
  • Give extra $10 for live weather..

Overall Satisfactionc93
They have the best live wallpapers in the market hands down.
This has to be one of the best live wallpapers I have ever seen.
Dualboot is By far the best lwp's out there.
thanks for another one of a kind work of art.
It's just beautiful and the image quality is fantastic.
Fantastic quality and cool options.
Amazing graphics.
Wow thanks.
Fun & Engagingc80
It's enjoyable to watch and well worth the price.
Duelboot do it again Awesome wallpaper totally enchanting.
This is awesome LWP worth purchasing the add on packs :.
It is fun and soothing to view.
Value for Moneyc54
I will continue to buy wallpaper apps from Dualboot.
then it will be worth to buy all 3 add-ons.
it doesn't mention that you have to buy each one separately.
Production Valuesc94
this visually stunning live wallpaper is true 3d with hand crafted artwork.
Really beautiful graphics.
not too hard on the processor despite the superb graphics.
Love the customization and smooth animation.
The colour and the scene are truly stunning.
or drain battery.
battery consumption is ok.

You guys are the best at what you do. found in 2 reviews
This is a very beautiful wallpaper worth every penny. found in 10 reviews
Congratulations on such an absolutely gorgeous and stunning. found in 4 reviews
Haunted house was my 1st purchase. found in 3 reviews
0 go launcher theme and use forest hd as live wallpaper. found in 31 reviews
This is another beautiful Live WallPaper from DUALBOOT GAMES. found in 9 reviews
This is the most beautiful live wallpaper I've ever seen. found in 9 reviews
Looks amazing on my sony xperia z. found in 3 reviews
It's an amazingly done 3D live wallpaper and absolutely stunning. found in 9 reviews
The best live wallpaper on the market. found in 7 reviews
They have the best live wallpapers in the market hands down. found in 191 reviews
Beautiful scenes and very lifelike. found in 5 reviews
It's enjoyable to watch and well worth the price. found in 5 reviews
looking forward to more cool live wallpapers. found in 9 reviews
Skips frames. found in 1 reviews
Greedy developer. found in 2 reviews
Gets boring very quickly. found in 3 reviews
FALSE ADVERT. found in 1 reviews
adult deer do not have white spots. found in 2 reviews
I'll not purchase anymore. found in 2 reviews
It was great but charging for new features in the update. found in 2 reviews
Great app BUT it locks up. found in 1 reviews
Open Field seems to be the weakest among the 3 customizations. found in 1 reviews
Custom pictures doesn't work. found in 1 reviews
it asks me to pay differently for 3 more updates. found in 29 reviews
Very beautiful piece of art. found in 2 reviews
you don't get everything when you buy. found in 1 reviews
Added actual weather conditions with time would be awesome. found in 2 reviews
Excellent scenery but results in a head ache. found in 1 reviews
Update Was 5 stars but you're charging for upgrades. found in 3 reviews
Useless Update. found in 1 reviews
Feel robbed. found in 1 reviews
but optional Add -Ons price is to high. found in 4 reviews
But trying to milk your paying customers for updates. found in 4 reviews
Have to purchase anymore. found in 2 reviews
You can't appreciate the graphics because the "camera" pans at. found in 1 reviews
You have just lost a loyal customer. found in 3 reviews
Please make it scroll slowly. found in 1 reviews
I am disappointed with the extra charges for upgrades. found in 3 reviews
but now it want me to pay again for that customization. found in 29 reviews
the addition of the in app upgrade charge is a joke. found in 2 reviews
This is nothing short of pure greed. found in 2 reviews
Another greedy developer. found in 2 reviews

The Forest HD is now available for $0.99 for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Forest HD app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-04. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Discover a peaceful forest teeming with wildlife and surrounded by natural beauty every time you use your device.Sunlight filters through the trees as a gentle breeze rustles the leaves. Pause for reflection at the path ...

Really disappointed I have other purchases from DualBoot which work on my current phone with no issue Purchased this recently when I try and load the settings it just sits on the settings loading screen I left it for 8 hours and it still never loaded the settings I have uninstalled and reinstalled It is a shame because it looks like a gorgeous background I have sent an email to DualBoot and am awaiting a response My phone is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro I will update my review if issue gets resolved         n ws
Bought this app long time ago along with few in app purchases But since my last 2 phones it just gets stuck on Loading Settings I have tried reinstalling but same problem Not usable anymore for me     Demon Tazu
I love it but too bad there is no more new stuff it s a really nice wallpaper the best I had until now                     Denise C. Nimara
Amazing but can t get the northern full pack in Nougat also irs too difficult to open the settings always loading even if i purchased it it ask for upgrade                     Mohamed Elewa
Used for some time now Always worked without issue Very pretty and does not seem to impact device s performance                     Aaron Poeze
I ve had this wallpaper in the past i thought it would be great to get it back now that it s spring but i can t get it to work When i try to adjust the settings it just keeps trying to load settings but never stops it s been doing it for three hours now I have an Honor 6X     Savannah Harris
Huawei P20 Pro settings stuck in loading Cannot access settings         Oh Long John
Probably the best forest live wallpaper out there even 2 years later Too bad it doesn t get updated I d love to see what else could be added                     Alicia Altair
This is my all time favorite screensaver I love to sit and watch it when I m under a lot of stress I have purchased all of the ones you have put out so far I wish you would do some new ones Thanks so much Love them                     Becky h
I love this app My only issue is with the Tree that blocks sight of the cabin Can we move the big tree with the sign on it                     bustinmve
I have been using this live wallpaper for years and never got fed up with it Just wonderful Thank you dualboot I am sure it will be on my every phone for many more years                     Charles Aksun
This wallpaper is not working properly in current version mobile phone I have huawei honor 9i of 8 0 0 version In my mobile only one slide is showing this is not live Please update this wallpaper for current version         ABHAY KUMAR
all your wallpapers is very good but you need to had more features update to make it more realistic                     Dotman Oluokun
worth every penny especially time of day changing with real time but especially would like to live behind the waterfall someday perhaps somewhere                     Julie Hemingway
Great app just install No one will regret                     Vikrant Sharma
Settings not working on Honor 10             Wade Decker
Settings never download whatsoever     Son Gohan
please update this wallpaper 5 years no update                     Jenny Kelly
please update this app                     R_Islam_Rezbi_I'M Islamic Otherworldly Rezbi
excellent brillante                     Carmen Aguilar
Best of the best                     Kayode Azeez
This app makes your phone look impressive The customization is deep But it doesn t get updated I wish there was a way to save a theme after it s been customized Also when you try some changes it applies the changes even if you didn t press set wallpaper I think the developer just collects the in app purchases now and just chills I have the Zen wallpaper by Dual boot and that gets updates Sigh             Great looking but Kush Diarra
I have looked u0026 tried so many live wallpapers over time This is my favorite My Beach is great too Note to Developers Please I ll pay extra for auburn foxes occasionally sniffing about or anything else you geniuses can imagine Extremely impressive live wallpaper Its own world Oh how about a housecat looking out through a cabin window                     BEST LIVE WALLPAPER OF THEM ALL gle
This is another great wallpaper by Dualboot The only thing I wish you would do is add snow and rain to the wallpaper Aside from that this is a lovely wallpaper Edit Thank you so much for adding additional scenes animals and snow You made an already wonderful wallpaper so much better I ve tried many live wallpapers and none of them have even come close to Dualboot This wallpaper the Halloween wallpaper and the xmas wallpaper are my favorites I can t wait to see what you come out with next                     R. F
Superb work went into this Scenes are so calming and serene Yes cost of extras is a tiny pain but well worth it overall New add on pack breathes a new lease of life into it and I love the bear keep it up dualboot your work is head and shoulders above anybody else please add more scenes to your Ocean HD keep the packs coming I ll buy em Bemused how this could be given 1 star                     Fantastic steve parker
Superb graphics Updates are awesome and give you something to look forward to Unlike other purchases that don t add anything new after you buy them The lantern is a nice touch and glows realistically It s peaceful and the multiple choice options are great The filtered sunlight moonlight fireflies are amazing I appreciate all the hard work that had to go into it I even was able to put a picture of my pug onto the tree warning sign A Bigfoot option would be fun too I thought I saw one                     Love it Aleta Fields
Only have time to review the very best apps and customizations This one has my attention Serene fun fantastic 3D depth and the lighting options are incredible Yes it s a little bit of a bite from your Google wallet but I thought 4 bucks to buy the whole thing was worth it in the end It would be nice to get a few updates tossing in a little more here and there but honestly there s nothing to complain about here If the developer want a suggestion a few falling leaves for autumn would be great Conjure up a chipmunk or a few field mice I don t have any real criticisms though It s high praise to say this background will provide a sense of well being I want to be there                     Perfect Mike R
I ve been purchasing live wallpapers from Dualboot for years and I ve never been disappointed The Forest Hd is stunning and I love how there s so many options to customize although to fully do so you ll have to buy add on packages My one request and its the same request i had with the My Beach hd paper which is also amazing by the way would be to have more control over the weather The forest hd has random weather but I would much prefer to control when I could see a rainy forest or beach                     Amazing as always Abbynormal
I m in love with this gorgeous love wallpaper I had it about a year ago until my ancient phone just couldn t run it anymore So sad to abandon it I just finally got a brand spanking new HTC one m8 and the very first thing I did was download this I still absolutely love it Thank you                 Lovely peaceful beautiful Alison MacArthur
Great live wallpaper and love all of the customization options I just wish the winter environment was a little more realistic For example the ground should be covered with snow as well as the trees and roof of the cabin but it only shows snow falling and everything else is the same just shown in a different color Also please add wolves to the Northern Woodlands Animal pack Otherwise a very beautiful lwp finally saw the bigfoot                 Excellent JDMorris81
I have all the Dualboot LWP s but the Forest one is my favourite I ve purchased the add on s as well Very peaceful with beautiful graphics Is there really a Yeti lurking somewhere Hubby swears he s seen one on our Android tablet Keep up the fantastic work guys xx                     Love It So Much Helen Lewis
This is a very nice background Extremely beautiful I have a few other 3D backgrounds from Dualboot This is the only one where I m asked to pay for additional features On the other 3 i have purchased most of the enhanced features are available but this one wants you to purchase almost all additional features You even have to pay to change animals It s very beautiful but very basic Dualboot shouldn t charge for additional features                 Very nice A Google user
I like all these settings It is very customizable and you can set your forest up in a lot of ways but I want more scenes and animals Wolves would be a nice addition And I still wish it was a little more interactive Maybe when touched the lantern could turn on and off the axe could chop the animals could do a couple different animations I don t know just make it happen Thank You                 It looks good Sgt T
Ive never paid for a live wallpaper before and never thought I would but then I thought Id give it a try and genuinely surprised by how much I love this Incidentally I ended up paying for all of the add ons and dont regret it one bit The graphics and the customization are what youre really paying for here and it doesnt disappoint If youre looking for a great live wallpaper you wont find any better than this                     Really Nice Josef Aaron Eco
I pretty much love all your live wallpapers Especially the Christmas one In this forest scene I wish you could actually go inside the cabin that is the only thing I would change Do you think that may be possible Just like you can do in the Christmas wallpaper                     Gorgeous live wallpaper * BeckStar *
A fantasy brought to life Well worth the price and the add ons too Thank you to the creators One query though Having chosen an image for the warning sign on the tree I now find I cannot remove it and revert to the original picture of a Sasquatch Can you help or advise please Since responded and problem solved for me Thanks dualboot                     Wonderful A Google user
Little low quality on the models and textures but not to the point it detracts from the scene I was a little disappointed when I discovered much of the settings were add ons you have to purchase on top of the original app But the app its self is totally fine with out them and still has a lovely forest scene That being said I reluctantly purchased a couple add ons and have not regretted it                 Lovely forest scene Korin Kooitera
This is such a gorgeous wallpaper just like all of DualBoot s wallpapers One of the only things I wish you guys would add would be to have an optional fall pack with fall colors and falling leaves and maybe a little fox running around That would make this already amazing wallpaper even better                     Trista de Both
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