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DynamicApps , the publisher behind many Android apps (Internet Speed Meter Lite ,Internet Speed Meter), brings Internet Speed Meter Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Internet Speed Meter Lite apps has been update to version 1.2.5 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • strength of wifi signal..
  • Nice app coz google play store always using background data..
  • Brilliant notification and real time performance monitor..
  • Nice work with smart notification feature..
  • There are too few options in Lite version..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best data monitoring app.
Superb App for Data Monitoring with Speed Display.
i am thankful to developer.
Tray icon not accurate when testing with speed test app.
This app is very amazing Thank you.
Just what I wanted thanks Dynamicapps for this amazing app.
The best free version internet monitor tool.
Fun & Engagingc85
Awesome Internet speed and usage app.
Nice app which provides fun.
It's an essential app for those who's network operates are robbers.
Much helpful App for us for calculate using Kilobytes in Handset.
Very simple and useful app.
Gives me everything I need it to do.
Ease of Usec94
Simple good.
Easy and efficient.
Updates & Supportc83
There are too few options in Lite version.
After using the lite version for one day.
Very minimal battery usage.
negligible battery consumption.

Best app to monitor interest usage good for postpaid customers. found in 27 reviews
Light and very easy to use. found in 2 reviews
Very nice and usefull app. found in 2 reviews
Superb App for Data Monitoring with Speed Display. found in 6 reviews
Exactly the one i was searching for. found in 1 reviews
Helps me monitor my data usage as well as internet speed. found in 5 reviews
internet speed meter apps is very simple and very easy useful. found in 47 reviews
it's easy to use and accurate it's mind blowing app. found in 3 reviews
Can keep track of data and WiFi usage easily now. found in 6 reviews
The best app to view ya network transfer speed. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't work like before. found in 1 reviews
Please change the icon then Ill give 5 stars. found in 2 reviews
but need enhancement. found in 1 reviews
but now alot of bugs :. found in 1 reviews
I'll buy the paid version in no time. found in 2 reviews
Just color change is not good enough to buy the app. found in 1 reviews
Not so good fix this. found in 2 reviews
Causes lag on my Nexus 7. found in 2 reviews
Please give a way to prevent. found in 1 reviews
Needs additional feature. found in 1 reviews
But it's speed readings are very inaccurate. found in 2 reviews
Keeps closing Google play music. found in 1 reviews
But recently now showing daily uses. found in 2 reviews
App great but buggy. found in 1 reviews
False counting after update to lollipop. found in 3 reviews
Good with minor issues. found in 1 reviews
Please add a new option. found in 1 reviews
Need separate total UP/Down Column. found in 2 reviews
I can not keep watch on amount of data consumed. found in 2 reviews
It shows incorrect mobile data usage. found in 2 reviews
problem plz solve. found in 3 reviews
can't count data day by day. found in 5 reviews
Doesn't show daily record separately. found in 2 reviews
wifi usage data is correct but bug is with mobile data usage. found in 42 reviews
It closed by recent app cleaner. found in 2 reviews
It gets automatically turned off suddenly. found in 2 reviews
Fix it and ill give 5 stars. found in 2 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Internet Speed Meter Lite for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Internet Speed Meter Lite app version 1.2.5 has been updated on 2014-01-2. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

Internet Speed Meter Lite displays the Internet speed right in the status bar, allowing you to monitor the speed anytime while using your phone.This is a lite version of Internet Speed Meter with following limitations:-After ...

Very simple and easy to use app that seems to works flawlessly However I give 3 out of 5 stars for the following reasons 1 lack of ability to move the tiny icon within the status bar that s always in view 2 most importantly the app requires you to keep a notification bar in the tray at all times despite already having the tiny icon in the status bar at the top             P E
I have been using this almost 1 5 years I have many experiences that this app gives us inaccurate reading of data usage notices after 30 GB per day And I realised that every time U wake up the screen I show a massive speed totally incorrect my internet speed is not that fast     sandaru karunarathna
No unnecessary permissions no advertisements fast clean this is the best applications available for net speed metering Also I compared this application with another light application to check battery consumption the result is very low battery usage which is also perfect Thank you Regarding accuracy of the meter reading I compared monthly data usage between this application and service provider application found accurate Thanks again                     K
I m not saying it doesn t work but when I opened the app it wouldn t show anything It did work in the background because it would send notifications but when clicked on it wouldn t show me what my actual speeds were I do not recommend     Maddie Morris
its keep popping in status bar now and then rather than consistent appearance and the major flaw is inaccurate data statistics for example i have 1 5Gb daily data plan for which it shows 4 to 5 gb of data consumed with in 2 to 3 hours in just 3 days of installation its showing 18 5 gb of data consumption i tried installing and uninstalling it twice but ended up with near same results Disappointed     Siddharth Lachhwani
I have been using this app since 2015 but since last 7 months it is showing absurd readings While my data is limit is 2 Gb per day but the readings for a day go upto 120GB per day which is unbelievable I have deleted and installed it many time but the problem still persists Please don t ruin my experience with this app Its july19 and the problem still persists     Umar khan
Used to be a really great app But it s showing incorrect data usage for the last few days It is highly annoying I used to love this app But now it has bad performance And it has been reported by several users but the developers haven t done anything yet Waiting for an update that fixes this issue         Sebastian T F
well this very very small app is very useful for monitoring the net speed and track data usage in previous days you will be able to see through the notification on the screen It requires a less amount of your mobile data to install In short u will get what you have wanted to install aa app for tracking the data speed                     Premium photoshop
I am giving 2 star cuz the issue right now it never show data consumed right and even more so the app stop in the middle and does not show internet speed i have to constantly click on the app to get it work again within the mean time while it has stop working the app also stops the record of data consumption Please look into the issue i have and fix the bugs probably         Movie Mania
even after setting on BYTES SECOND its showing data consumption in GB like if I search for a page or thing the data consumption meter in notification panel show 1 2 GB 4 GB data used it is disturbing me get exact amount of data consumption and the amount of data remaining in my today s freebee I ve changed the setting no of time to correct it reset the stats so many time but still even now its showing 4 16 GB data consumed do something         SR Planet
Dear developers i have been using this speed meter since 2017 its a humble request from you i hope you you will fix this bug when i was surfing the net today dateu003d6 4 19 it doesn t show the speed of my internet i surf net atleast 2 hour when i opened this app i see in mobile that i used only 0 6 mb all the apps which are online work very well please fix it                 Niti Sinha
I have purchased the pro version of the app but wonder to say that the app gives absurd using details while I have 1 5gb per day data and I am simply using below fixed data from all sources like wi fi or hotspot but it shows 4 6 GB or more than this plZ fixed it sir             Rafiqul Islam
Used to be great app I am using it for last 4 yrs But right now its giving incorrect usage My data pack is of only 1 5GB but the valuse shown usually are 2 4 6 GB Please correct this     Ravi Raj Saxena
Something is definately wrong with this app My daily net usage is 1Gb because thats what i was being provided with but this app shows my usage to be over 2 5Gb all of a sudden and its not like sometimes but often And then suddenly it stopped indicating my net speed and usage I would have definately given 5 stars but now I think I wont         Sushmita di Angelo
This app is a very good tool for keeping a track of your data used However it is now of no use to me as it assumes itself many times that I have used gbs of data in a second nd does no good for me to keep track of my used data Please fix this adding of data whenever I turn on the mobile data         Abhay Singh
It was a good app until now but all has changed There s a bug or something which makes the app to give wrong information about the data used For example if I have used about 400 mb it shows that I ve used 2 39 GB Why is it happening Please fix it     Anurag Sosa
Simple and smooth It all you need for checking your internet speed I am using it for more than 4 5 years and never found any issues                     Himanshu Beck
i just loved the app but there is a big issue that makes me give it one star highly incorrect data usage stat i don t understand how it calculated as it display several times of the actual data usage i request the developer to fix the bug ASAP or i would be unable to use it fir longer     Siddhant Singhal
it used to work on my s6 but now i have A30 android version 9 it doesnt show data usage in notification panel nor data speed nothing if i want to check data usage i have to open the app and see it from there although i tried reinstalling but still no sign i uninstalled it for now but if fixed i will install it back     Mansour Niazi
Was showing 0 KBS while the internet was working at its full swing Secondly the speed whatever would not stay in the status bar You will need to open the app each time you want to find out the speed Hence uninstalled     Najm Al Thaqib
Yes it s a very useful feature for Android user like me that always monitoring my use I don t know why but every time I disconnected the counter will be increased by 1 gb now its counting 8 7GB I m not even using 1 GB data yet please fix this                 Tumpal Leonardo h Sinurat
Great app was working flawlessly while my device was running Oreo8 1 but since the OS has been updated to Pie9 the speed indicator on the notification bar disappears from time to time and won t appear again until the the app is restarted It s a frustrating experience esp since i was about to purchase the pro version If it gets booted out by the OS is it an OS issue or you are falling short in the updating pricess Very disappointing to say the least Fix it ASAP             Lucy Diengdoh
love this App but developers please fix the Pie update issue in the app as it is giving very absurd values of internet usage like 70 90 Gb per day I m using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 This app works good on other phones             Rohit Verma
Obviously the best internet speed meter app Comes with tiny size with no ads oh my God Thanks so much to DynamicApps for creating and sharing this great app It s very useful very helping God bless you                     Aang Gunawan
The app is giving out wrong usage information consumed 400mb in 2 hours but the app is showing 2 30 gb Fix this problem coz it s happening for a long time now Uninstalling the app because of this problem     Abhishek Mukherjee
it is not working correct in new andriod versions i was using it for many years thus giving it 5 star but now i am shifting to other apps i want to return to it once they update this issue i am facing issue in android 9 in one ui                     arron jasper
App is good but it shows high usage of data like in 2 or 3 hour it shows 20 GB or more than it while data plan is 1 5 GB please fix it I will try to reinstall but the problem remain         WONDERFUL WORLD
The app is small and simple does what it s supposed to do nothing more nothing less Doesn t have those annoying ads its easy to keep track of the data I use Unlike other network speed apps which have loads of extra features I neither want nor need that only makes my phone slow and fill up the memory and just crash every now and then it minimalistic and to the point Love it I recommend it to everyone who want just a simple data speed measuring app                     Boom Buoy
i think some thing is wrong with this app neither it is showing right speed nor it is showing the right stats of daily used data while my daily limit is 1 5 GB daily but it is showing some 6 GB i am using this app from past two months but i didn t faced any problem             Alisha Khan
The app does its work as usual but it stops occasionally and need to be open manually This problem is causing Mainly In MI and similar devices may due to booster Dev pleace fix this issue Other wise it work perfectly         Tushar Kalita
Its not working perfectly with samsung j7 nxt sometime its showing 4gb 5gb uses but here jio operator giving only 1 5gb day how it is possible and many times its auto reset please solve it but other mobile its working nice     firoj alam
It s a great app But I have been facing a problem When I close the app the notification of this app which was supposed to be permanent goes away Pleas help             ArafSpidey
for a my previous mobile it was working very well but in My samsung galaxy M20 it is not even working near any good it is displaing 15GB usages every day for my cellular data how it is possible when my per day data limit is 1 5 gb     Sanket Patel
5stars is less for this app It is small and people usually forget they are using it But if you uninstall it by mistake you will feel the importance Always need it on my phone                     Pragya
Works good on non premium Only downside is that it is not always directly shown in the status bar without scrolling it down but mostly it is                 Rick Smith
something is wrong going on the app on 5 july I only used 1 Gb of mobile data and thats the amount of data I had after which the network automatically shuts down but the app is showing that I used 4 5 Gb of data and on 6 july mobile data used was 280 mb and the app is showing 10 6 gb data usage     Suraj Maurya

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