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AVG Mobile Technologies , the publisher behind many Android apps (AVG Image Shrink & Share ,Uninstaller ,FREE Tablet AntiVirus Security ,AntiVirus PRO for Sprint ,Pro License Key ,AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner), brings AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner apps has been update to version 1.0.52 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • All good Anti theft..
  • As compared to other softwares its GUI is more user friendly..
  • Useful for beginners..
  • Mind blowing & compact..

Overall Satisfactionc82
Its good thanks avg for this excellent aaps.
Best app for android and smart phones.
The best memory cleaner on the market.
That defeats the purpose of a memory cleaner.
Best protection and cleaner and its free.
Annoying Ads.
Its awesome thanks.
Wonderful apps.
Fun & Engagingc64
Its totaly awesome cleaner.
Its awesome thanks.
Its very good nd usefull Apps for smart phone.
saves time from having to do manually.
I had found it very helpful and user friendly.
Ease of Usec98
Awesome and simple cleaner.
Ads not Intrusivec68
Annoying Ads.
Security & Privacyc64
I used for long time is very great security.
Set-up battery booster once and you're all set.
Don't like the battery boost.
battery saver to monitor erase clear and clean junk files amp.
Battery saver disconnects internet at 50% very frustrating.

Speeds up my phone nicely. found in 4 reviews
Makes me feel safer when using my device. found in 2 reviews
VERY GOOD and VERY useful apps 4 android. found in 3 reviews
I like this app it freed up alot of space on my phone. found in 4 reviews
Denke dass es tut was es soll. found in 9 reviews
I have it installed on my Samsung galaxy s4. found in 16 reviews
This will make your internet run faster and perform better. found in 12 reviews
Very efficient and gives peace of mind. found in 2 reviews
Set-up battery booster once and you're all set. found in 34 reviews
i would definitely recommend this to my friends. found in 2 reviews
Recommend this to all people looking for batery booster. found in 4 reviews
A great free app for my name you can trust. found in 3 reviews
Reinstalled & disabled battery monitor complety. found in 4 reviews
snartly kills the junk files n enhances memory space. found in 19 reviews
I cannot choose or select Apps to clear the cache. found in 4 reviews
the cleaner doesn't get rid of everything I try to clean. found in 3 reviews
Annoying Ads. found in 2 reviews
Update sucks and it is constantly overriding my home page. found in 4 reviews
Over all no major complaints. found in 2 reviews
It doesn't clear cache from clipboard. found in 5 reviews
Since your update you do not move from my notification bar. found in 11 reviews
I paid for pro subscription yet I'm still getting ads. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't touch the ram usage. found in 2 reviews
Good just like computer virus protection. found in 5 reviews
Battery manager is draining my battery and cannot be turned off. found in 4 reviews
When cleaning messages it also deletes locked messages. found in 3 reviews
got it with the anti virus app. found in 43 reviews
It sucks battery like hell. found in 1 reviews
Seriously considering uninstalling it. found in 3 reviews
I am unable to move this app in SD card. found in 3 reviews
Also don't appreciate ads popping up up in my status bar. found in 10 reviews
Why do I need a notification icon that cannot be removed. found in 5 reviews
Uninstalling to save battery. found in 6 reviews
All my PDF files where wiped out without warning. found in 5 reviews
Deleted my file in download folder. found in 12 reviews
However if you include Download history in your Clear history options. found in 13 reviews
No need for battery status. found in 6 reviews
Cancel the battery notification bar. found in 11 reviews
Installed AVG now i cannot use my google chrome. found in 5 reviews
And Clean Master has never crashed on me yet. found in 37 reviews
Why can I no longer clear calls and messages. found in 6 reviews
The New battery optimizer is frustrating. found in 6 reviews
Annual Subscription expired in one month. found in 7 reviews

The AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.52 has been released on 2014-11-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Download AVG Cleaner now for FREE to save precious space and boost speedAVG Cleaner lets you quickly erase and clear your browser, call and text histories, as well as identify and remove unwanted cached app ...

Finally a cleaner that actually works I installed it went to my devices built in cleaner and checked it Then I went to AVG and ran it After it was done went back to my built in application I checked to make sure it cleaned and did its job Sure enough it did ads Are annoying and you have to pay for a pro version but isn t it worth it                     David Watson
I was having a lot of trouble with my phone it was almost at a snail crawl But then the virus app that popped up on my phone so I read about it then it suggested this app and they are both the best apps gor keeping your phone working like it is supposse to I will recomend this to all my friends Thank You and my hat goes off to whom ever came up with it                     Brenda Janeway
My tablet was running low and I manually hunted around and freed up some space It took awhile I installed the cleaner and it initially didn t clean much However after using the tablet for an hour it freed up a bunch and I didn t have to do it It is simple to use and has many config options                     Sean Drew
You buy unlimited device protection for a year downloaded install and open it then it offers you a ad free version if you upgrade I bit Spent more on the upgrade than the original app version open it and it immediately offers an ad free version with anti theft If I don t cancel what little it does immediately I ve got no chance of getting my money back for best part of 100 worth of services that come with ads u0026 no anti theft     Stephen Turner
Didn t think I d find this app as useful as I do Cleaning up unused apps Used to do that by hand I was finding myself saying eh no better keep that just in case or hey sometimes I like that game I should keep it meanwhile I haven t played it in over 2 months Really helpful at showing you exactly what you use and don t use on your phone anymore Plus if you delete something and one day think oh no I wish I still had that app Download it again                     sarah yannetta
Have only been using standard app on tablet but when needing some more space and less continued alerts about low space went with AVG Cleaner to stave off a full factory default decided to add AVG Cleaner hope it helps cut down on out of space reminder and allows for continued enjoyment on my Samsung tablet was also happy that with my full AVG software license had no problem starting up AVG Cleaner                 Paul Roach
Good not great It s 2019 not 2010 Smart phones have lots of storage these days What they don t have is apps that close and free up memory Although AVG closes hibernates apps there s no scheduling for it So if that s what you re wanting you ll find yourself doing it manually several times a day             Leon Bosset
Im using the AVG Cleaner on my Android Tablet It gets rid of hidden cashe which speeds up my tablet and it has better performance Make sure you read the warnings before you allow AVG Cleaner to clean files I do recommend AVG cleaner                     Sharon Azzinnaro
Was supposed to get this on a introduction price They charged me full price Will uninstall after the year and won t give them anymore of my money It s a good app though and keeps my phone ticking over smoothly             Neil Spencer
Exceptional AVG is the only way to go to keep your phone u0026 computer safe It s easy to use and it s free You do not have to purchase the Pro Version to get great results                     Christy McBride
This is the only app ever that has cleaned all of the cash including my games I have tried most every cache cleaner on here and none of them have worked I would highly recommend this to anybody who plays games I m just saying it really works                     A M
Keeps the junk from staying on phone Some of this junk may be scanned by rogue apps This app and AVG antivirus should both be installed By using them I was able to eliminate rogue or useless apps                     ISAAC MEYER
The only problem is I paid for ultimaye lost my phone and the phone recovery part of this was useless I couldn t get logged in to find my phone and customer service was a run around and useless Regret paying for it     david stewart
this app seems to be doing what it says My biggest problem is battery life and charging is very slow If this app can help with this problem then ill buy the app just waiting to see                     Guy Higginbotham
Free and easy to use You just need to choose when you need to do the clean If you want the software without ads there is a charge Ads are played after cleaning                     Rabid avid
I have had trouble with my phone space since I bought it This application cleared 2 Gigabits of space immediately Hidden cache files who knew                     Ab Cooper
awesome platform and seems to be working ill update in a mth Doesn t clear the cache Still have to go through each and single app                 Gary S
This app works extremely well even with the ad version May upgrade to the professional but am very pleased with what I have now It offers plenty of prompts but these are merely reminders of what needs to be done on a regular basis I also use Norton which works very well in combination with AVG I feel I have good protection with this combination                     Michael Wiggins
Its clean easy and it works when I say so Ive been using AVG apps for years on many different devices with no complaints                 Karl Parker
It s been a wonderful experience over the years using the AVG Cleaner It does what its meant to do wonderfully well in a simple and easy way                     olatunji oparinde
I ve used many programs over the years and have found AVG products very reliable and not extremely expensive either                     Cyber Mommie
Didn t work Just hung up at 73 every time Let it run for hours nothing happened     Adam Pastor
My device protector of choice covers laptop phone and tablet Continues to deliver Thank you Works well when firing up new devices too                     A Google user
Its ok Somehow though this paid app keeps getting shutdown I can tell immediately when my phone starts acting clogged up and running sluggish It does happen at least once a day I don t know who keeps turning it off but the great thing is I can immediately tell My only concern is who is meddling in my phone How do they bypass the security And how long has the intruder been online inside my phone before I actually start to use it again to notice the effect                     Rus Eiland
By far the best cleaner I ve ever used and I ve worked on various types of computers for the past 35 yrs Thanks AVG                     Debbie Crompton
Pretty good for a free version had the upgraded version for a trial period it was even better             Jason Hutchison
It is all about trust I have been an AVG subscriber for many years AVG has saved my bacon many times on their security Now I subscribe to their all inclusive Ultimate package because I trust the service AVG Cleaner is just one part and it helps me sort out slowness in my system The AVG suite of programs is way to go It will be the best decision you could make                     Monty White
Very good except it should have exceptions I have a cgm which I need running and it shuts it down                 Javier Acevedo
I don t know how i could get buy without AVG cleaner because I don t know anything about data caches ect I m very satisfied with the progress already accomplished I definitely recommend AVG cleaner u0026 I upgraded to pro it s well worth the for the piece of mine you have Noting that they do so much more than cleaning                     Michael Welch
Does what it says it does really Easy to use too which suits me                     Richard Curzon
I like the ram booster feature It hibernate unused apps which gves more ram for the programs you want to run Cleaner seems to work consistently over time I ll go pay version soon Ram boost works even better now I know many folks say process killers ram boost are a waste of time I have 20 years experience working with Android s kernel the Linux kernel and process killers save battery and memory when you need them                     Hank Mortar
Have seen some battery improvements which is a pro That s just by setting that feature up Not even sure if whatever says it is checking is actually checking There is no change in speed It helps clearing out cached info but when the phone lags the best way to resolve is restarting the phone I bought it for a year so I ll keep using it                 Jason White
I know my phone is safe It s really great for scheduling clean ups and knowing that my phone is always optimised I can probably control the notifications but my only negative would be that every time I look at my phone there s a new optimisation notification from AVG                 Kay Pemberton

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