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Armstrong , the publisher behind many Android apps (MP3 Music Download ,Armstrong EXP ,Armstrong), brings Armstrong with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Armstrong apps has been update to version 1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Ease of Usec84
Nice job - very easy to use and quite functional.
Easy to use and convenient.
The app makes it easy to view your statement and pay your bill.
Updates & Supportc83
New version is so much Better.
New version is awesome.

shop for new armstrong services. found in 1 reviews
view your bill summary. found in 1 reviews
view and manage your internet usage. found in 2 reviews
Nice job - very easy to use and quite functional. found in 1 reviews
receive notifications when your statement is due. found in 1 reviews
check your email. found in 1 reviews
enable and disable call forwarding. found in 1 reviews
find your local armstrong office. found in 1 reviews
quick links to tv everywhere partner apps. found in 1 reviews
New version is so much Better. found in 1 reviews
personalized channel lineup guide. found in 1 reviews
listen to and manage your voice mail. found in 1 reviews
time warner. found in 2 reviews
It would be good if the app had alerts available. found in 1 reviews
Data limits suck but. found in 2 reviews
Horrible company. found in 1 reviews
" but that's what happens when there isn't any competition. found in 1 reviews
Years behind other providers. found in 1 reviews
Having to navigate away from the app to check email is a bummer. found in 1 reviews
Wish I could pay for unlimited rather than the bologna offered. found in 1 reviews
and Now their app is garbage too. found in 1 reviews
You really can't do much with the app but pay your bill. found in 1 reviews
crap data limits. found in 2 reviews
no watch cable online. found in 1 reviews
some even let you watch your tv on them. found in 1 reviews
Lacking options and features. found in 1 reviews
Data cap is lame. found in 4 reviews
which is also the dumbest thing in the world. found in 1 reviews
I can't even sign in to this sad app. found in 1 reviews
I'm left disappointed with armstrong compared to verizon or xfinity. found in 1 reviews

The Armstrong is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1 has been released on 2014-11-26. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

The Armstrong app is an easy to use application for managing your Armstrong account and services anywhere, anytime. Download the Armstrong app today for fast access to features like paying your bill, viewing Internet usage, ...

couldn t recover any info such as username or password kept saying my account number was wrong     Brandy Hebb
Fios and Xfinity apps let you disconnect devices in your home to the wifi to keep the kids off Why not Armstrong     Jeffrey Kracke
Good app to check your billing out                     Shelly Prichard
I like it But how can I get mail notifications on my android Thanks             Jim Mike
I like being able to store my info and pay my bill but when you pay your bill it doesn t update that you have a zero balance The data usage for the Internet updates just fine though The main reason I downloaded this app was to accurately manage my bill and I can t do that so I give it 2 stars Fix it Armstrong you charge your customers enough money you should be able to afford having a working app         Doesn t update Josh Taylor
I made my may payment and it still shows a balance my girlfriend called and the payment was made but they say their having issues with the website you would think they would have this problem solved by now since they are an internet provider and should have people there who can fix this problem I don t want to be double billed due to a website glitch             Payments issue keith Gosnell
1 user interface is hard to navigate If you first use app to keep track of their metered data consumption you must select the tiny dot in the center of three dots to find that screen In Web design that s called mystery meat 2 the data calculator does not give the proper start and end date and time to show when the data is consumed for the billing period 3 final day of billing period overlaps with the first day of the next billing period 4 data calculated has incorrect total at end of month     Poorly designed app CL Buscher
Any other cable company would be better The small data cap is horrible We go over every month with normal family usage so I always pay extra fees We don t download torrents or download large files Typical streaming of services but if you re an Internet provider and you can t keep up with the times then maybe sell your company It s ridiculous that they take advantage of their customers like this     Maybe comcast will buy them Douglas Mason
When I signed up for a 2 year agreement there was no data cap in my contract They told me I couldn t change my service because I had a 2 year contract yet they can now go in and add a data cap onto me and they don t care about our contract Not only that in order to screw me up me more they run a overlapping billing period I m at 32 days into this billing period and 2 days into my next billing period Can anyone tell me what month has 32 days Oh ya not a one On demand is a joke     Horrible company anon anon
Data caps stink They say less than 3 are affected but why are all the comments I m reading are about data caps Sounds like more than 3 have issues with this App doesn t allow you alerts for data so it can be notified when close to cap Boooo     Kathy V
According to passed reviews this app is still very lacking I basically only use it for internet usage and that doesn t seem accurate Simply enough it s showing me a bar graph for usage in December and it s November 29th That alone should set expectation very low How do we have such poor quality of products for the non market aligned very high prices that we pay Armstrong Internet service provider monopolies leave people with terrible service at horrible prices I truly wish I had options This is why we have cancelled our cable and voice but are stuck with predatory internet proceed packages My only regret of moving to where I live Sad     Sonny McManigle
It is not the app that all that bad its the darn website its drawn from Never up to date slower than molasses with the features and a look straight from the 1990 s A bad reflection on Armstrong as a whole I won t be buying stock in this company     Ron Stark
High prices data caps terrible dvr set up which is not user friendly at all Basic app with nothing to offer And now the app won t even work Blank screen after opening HORRIBLE If I could choose cable carriers it certainly wouldn t be this one     Armstrong More like LegWeak Julie G
This app is pathetic It s extremely slow and clunky You d think for an internet and cable provider it would be better Last update April of 2015 that s ridiculous     Brian Broz
Needed to keep an eye on bandwidth now that they re capping and placing limits Good company with great people Poor decision to cap usage Been with them for decades and couldn t believe the first time they hijacked my browser to tell me about my data usage Bandwidth will only increase over time They may be left behind like Beta Max They re putting a lot of effort into spinning this policy It s a very low cap compared to the monthly rates Browser hijack at 80 on day 28 of cycle Scare Tactics     Only one reason to have this Todd
Terrible cable company and terrible app If we all get lucky Comcast will buy them or some other terrible company that doesn t nickel and dime their customers A data cap on home internet You must be kidding     Kyle Marlin
After the last update it hasn t been working right The logo appears and then it s just a white screen I have to force stop it every time I even tried uninstalling and reinstalling and nothing helped Fix it please             Not working right Rachel M
I m not quite sure why ppl are rating this based on the company s products and services The app works fine It s basically the website put into a conveinant app                     Mark Sefcik
It s just a mess It s ok I guess but whoever designed and produced this application could ve made it so much easier for the customer to use                     Adam Pawlowicz
The app is more of a garbage website plugin that fails to actually draw information from the website and update properly That s all not to mention that I am willing to bet most users of this app are only using it because of Armstrong s disgusting anticonsumer greedy use of a data cap     Ethan Rodgers
App won t start logo appears then just a white screen Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this issue         App won t start michael scott
When I signed up for Internet with Armstrong it was unlimited It must be nice to just jack up the price then limit it s usage So they limit the service then give us an app to keep track of it How generous     Limited internet Benjamin Duncan
The app is simple but effective You can pay your bill or check your internet usage You can add services and other changes It s convenient for me at least                     Simple Matt Watterson
It s nice that you can view your bill and download apps But I wish it had the capability of setting your DVR             Wasn t what I was hoping David Bowen
Since the last update I have been unable to use the app I click it and all I get is a white screen     Bad update Melissa Pennington
They listened and improved can view email pay bills order service Much better                     New version is so much Better Rick Bruno
New app is far better Having to navigate away from the app to check email is a bummer                 SM N910A 5 0 1 Danny Maynard II
When I get a new voicemail the app doesn t notify me unless I open the app first so I miss new voicemails     Jason Kosmiski
The app is either slow or non responsive sorta like their service which is spotty and when confronted they are either having maintenance or it must be something on my end they always blame the customer The caps they added are crap too been a customer with them for almost 2 decades and couldn t even grandfather me into my old data plan and you can t switch service in my are they have a monopoly and won t allow any other providers in the south point Ohio area     One wire infinite problems alucard2u
For months it will not update the balance after paying the bill         Update terri hales
Junk try to open it just stays on white opening screen and says armstrong worthless waste of time     Steel Patterson
Used to work fine then all at once just ed started showing the logo then a white screen and nothing     Jeremy Jude
I can t find in this app where I can check how much data is being used I have to use the web site             Tracy Albright
Wow this app is really dated Better off just using the website This app should really be replaced         Dan Schirato
Will not open on note 3 phone     App won t open Tena Terry
Wish you could set DVR for recording         Michael Madigan
Worst app ever     A Google user
Only need this to watch my bandwidth     Tim Alt
Needs data cap alerts     Alix Greenawalt

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