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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Earth ,Google Offers ,YouTube ,Google Maps ,Panoramio Uploader ,Google Moderator), brings Hangouts (replaces Talk) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Hangouts (replaces Talk) apps has been update to version 2.0.217 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Because I mostly talk to my friends on here it's better..
  • There should be more customization options involving vibration patterns..
  • Black theme..
  • Add color options to the text bubbles..
  • Free video conference with multiple people is cool..

Overall Satisfactionc51
Hopefully Google Voice integration will be coming soon.
clear clarity superb video quality on my Samsung Galaxy S4.
CAN reach my friends who are away from me Thanks Google.
Thanks Google for giving meaningless updates which killed the app performance.
The video call on it is also leagues better than Skype.
the call quality is better than Skype and louder than Facebook.
Needs a dark theme even before I look at this.
this app is far much better than stock Messaging app.
I love this app i love the emojis.
Fun & Engagingc49
I generally like Hangouts with its integration with everything Google.
Keeping everything Google on my s3.
Social Aspectsc51
Finally a way to keep in touch with people across multiple platforms.
Great way to keep in touch over multiple contract groups in one app.
Easy to use and efficient app to chat with friends and family.
I can video chat with friends and soo much better than talk.
Social media communication tool kit.
gd for social media purposes&.
I love this app and wish more people used it.
wish more people were actively using it.
Ease of Usec17
just need those new bugs to be ironed out.
Security & Privacyc42
From showing their gmail account to their g+ account etc.
Easy to use and web accessible from my gmail account.
Updates & Supportc34
Please hurry and add this feature to the android version.
When will the android version offer voice calls.
Battery drainer.

I love this app and wish more people used it. found in 12 reviews
Best cross platform messaging app bar none. found in 51 reviews
Love the SMS MMS integration. found in 242 reviews
Easy to use and efficient app to chat with friends and family. found in 24 reviews
until i realized group texts did not work for me. found in 129 reviews
Needed dual sim support with auto sim selection for specific numbers. found in 208 reviews
Often send sms it won't send properly. found in 274 reviews
Doesn't send mms messages and sometimes SMS messages. found in 180 reviews
Mms doesn't work well still/contacts messed up. found in 56 reviews
Still cant send and receive picture messages on my galaxy s4. found in 134 reviews
I can't send pictures on my Nexus 5 for some reason. found in 125 reviews
You cannot see who is online and the friends list is crap. found in 199 reviews
Love the sms feature but doesn't download mms messages. found in 141 reviews
im not satisfied as the lastest updated version dont send group sms. found in 130 reviews
Great app but cant see who is online Please fix this. found in 199 reviews
I love this app but I still cannot send or receive MMS messages. found in 335 reviews
I have been unable to receive group MMS pictures since this update. found in 182 reviews
Unable to send files other then pictures thru hangouts. found in 57 reviews
Sometimes it doesn't notify new messages as well. found in 56 reviews
Annoyed without enter key Cant go to nxt line. found in 117 reviews
And also MMS never works I can't send or receive pictures /video kinda sucks. found in 219 reviews
Cant send photo or video attachments like Samsung app. found in 65 reviews
Contact photos show hangouts/ nothing instead of contact pics. found in 82 reviews
Love the app just needs a pop up notification for new messages. found in 150 reviews
Seems to drop random sms messages making it unreliable. found in 253 reviews
Video calls not working on S3 and freezes phone. found in 914 reviews
Why is there no dual sim support with the Text messaging. found in 208 reviews
Video chat seriously broken in the latest release. found in 611 reviews
and I get an error that Google hangouts encountered an error. found in 199 reviews
Now 1 since now I can't seem to send or receive MMS messages. found in 335 reviews
I can't even see who is online on my list view anymore. found in 199 reviews
My hangouts keep saying I cant connect to google. found in 212 reviews
@googledevs: Please allow sms integration in gingerbread devices. found in 358 reviews
Needs to feed through Facebook like default sms app. found in 602 reviews
SMS feature not working for dual SIM mobile. found in 209 reviews
Google just made Google Talk somehow more useless. found in 534 reviews
Unable to receive MMS from anyone even MetroPCS user. found in 182 reviews
After last update text messages doesnt work as they should. found in 321 reviews
also u cant see who is online or offline sucks. found in 199 reviews
Still cannot make voice calls with the Android OS come on Google. found in 263 reviews
rendering its Google Voice integration almost useless for incoming calls. found in 714 reviews
this error is only in supporting dual sim phones. found in 211 reviews
Can't send or receive pictures or video no big texts either just doesn't work. found in 219 reviews
Cannot send SMS after pasting a phone number. found in 274 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Hangouts (replaces Talk) for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Hangouts (replaces Talk) app version 2.0.217 has been updated on 2014-01-8. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3 and up

Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emoji, and video calls for free. Connect with friends across computers, Android and Apple devices. Brought to you by Google. Say more with photos and ...

I LOVE this app it helps me connect with everyone I have best friends that live across the state from me and they don t have phones so this is a very easy and effective way to communicate with them Sometimes it takes a while to send but it doesn t bother me I have none of the problems that the other reviews say they have so I completely recommend this app                     Alice Parsons
Most of the time it works fine but sometimes it keeps closing me out of the app I asked them to fix the issue several times but it still happens If you don t want to get kicked out of sending an important message just find another app to text on other than that this app is good I just wouldn t recommend trying to send important messages because it will kick you off the app and make you retype it 20 to 30 times                 Rebecca Ickes
I like this app a lot since I can use it on my phone and my computer however I hate the fact that there seems to be no effective way to stop desktop notifications I use it at work but since my home Chrome is linked by my account the desktop notifications pop up on my home PC as well causing it to kick my husband out of games I tried everything to disable them that the website suggests I even uninstalled it from my Chrome but for some reason they are STILL showing on my home PC I don t have much choice but to keep using it and I do like it but that part of it makes me INSANE             Angie Shead
One of my favorite apps but it didnt get a five star because I went back to look at messages but there were parts of conversation that were missing and that really upset me a lot Please let me know when this is fixed Then I ll give a five star Quick update on my review the app is glitching and not delivering messages until later Sometimes it wont notify me that anybody has even sent anything until I open the app Please fix this         Ashley Dawson
Google this is literally the most amazing app you have ever made Its no different than any other messaging app but there is something about it that makes it so amazing I ve tried normal messaging I ve tried discord I ve tried messager I ve tried youtube messaging But i always come back here Thank you for this amazing app Please keep this up I don t want to see it vanish like my favorite social media platform G                     Spiccolo
Hangouts used to be good for chatting with friends and trading pics and videos Now when I save videos I can t find them anywhere They used to be in my photos galkery now they don t save to anywhere Ever since the last update saving videos has been either removed or has been messed up Please try to fix this Google and I will give 5 stars Until then it will remain at 1     Aaron Gilliam
Everytime I try to upload a video picture it says uploading for days and still doesn t send it until I just delete it This is supposed to be one of the best apps to use and yet you can t even send a picture Sad and I know it s not my connection because I can go on messenger and send the same pictures and videos and they go straight through which is why I m going to quit using this app     Miles Stone
For the past month or two everytime I make an international phone call with this app to number I know very well and that haven t changed i get a different person This is very frustrating because I just paid and added credit to my account but can t use it I have tried calling two different international phone carriers same thing happened so it cannot be them     JP Desius
This is great but it almost seems like it was never updated There are some bugs sometimes and although it s quite simple to use somethings aren t clear I don t understand why GOOGLE has not taken it to the next level But I m still happy that most of the time it works it made me save thousands of dollars in international phone calls                 Caroline Allard
Newest update breaks LED notification on galaxy s7 android 8 0 Also can not figure out why notifications are not received after phone is unused for several hours eg overnight I have not had these problems on a ZTE phone running android 7 nougat But otherwise this is an excellent app and my primary messaging app Use w Google voice for calling and texting Love the ease of sending my location Would have five stars but for the broken led and notification snooze in latest updates                 L R
The Worst Messenger I ever used But my helplessness that I have to use it to talk to my son who s in the school miles away This app is not bad it s the worst It doesn t upload pics very slow n very inconvenient to use it Takes too much time to upload the pics it s doesn t take multiple pics to upload Hangs very frequently     RaXesh Kapadia.
Incredibly slow for a dedicated messaging app It s 2019 We re talking messaging here it shouldn t be this slow The only explanation in my mind is google is spending more efforts logging my conversations than actually delivering them It also crashes at random and isn t able to render text while typing occasionally Also do not even try to call someone from this app it is an exercise in futility     Michael Duke
I have had a wonderful time with hangouts It s one of the best apps It s fun and easy to use Try it some time The only fall back is the phone calls are not perfectly clear it s difficult to hear the person on the other end talking I would defiantly give it a 4 a half stars Thank You Loraine Ritzmann                     Loraine Ritzmann
Video chat and calls have horrible reception and always lag at least a few seconds behind Texting is fine and it connects more than some apps I wish it could show when another person got offline because it takes 15 mins before it says they got offline I wish i could go back on photos and videos in the conversation easier too Being able to give people nicknames would be really nice too But its good for messaging in low wifi Just dont expect much else             Kathrine Holt
While I find this app excellent in many respects for communication it troubles me that there is no way at all to edit or delete a comment made in error In Skype for example I can go in and edit a comment if I make a glaring error If one of our group accidentally pocket dials the whole group the mistake just hangs there forever No one has joined your call Really Is this really necessary For now my group of friends is choosing to use this app but we are considering other options                 Terry
Google invented a whole HANDFUL of chat call apps and then discontinued them What a good laugh I ll have when they discontinue Hangouts If there is one way to make customers run away it s to make a lot of half quality versions of the same product and then discontinue them In a phrase Smashing customer trust in reliable products Yeah Google Keep it up That s a GREAT idea Sarcasm Why did you remove custom ringtones That was the stupidest and most pointless app update I had EVER seen                 L Putzer
UPDATE The app did not work on my Galaxy I had hopes with my Pixel 3 but I still cannot send or receive messages The only suggestions from the help desk are uninstall reinstall which does nothing Used to love it but for the past week messages will not send or come in I ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling without luck     David Susman
I used to use this app daily until recently The app had been getting updates with video voice chatting whenever i voice chat my screen will flash black this causes me to have to restart my phone about a week ago I had time to push buttons but now the app does it insantly I don t have a Samsung or an Apple but I ve read other reviews on the same idea the voice calls are broken and breaking with the updates So please revise     Lioo Fnday
i love this app its better than most texting apps and the one that usually comes with a phone when you first get it i havent had any problems with the app except the one time i got hacked so be careful with your information i had to create a new account and change my password in fear of getting hacked again but yeah other than that its a pretty good app i like that you can access it from anywhere any advice                 pandaOwl
Rating a 2 in the mean time until I can get some help lol My Fossil Q Explorist wasn t cooperating with hangouts saying that I was offline so I deleted the app from the watch and when I search the Google store for hangouts it doesn t exist Now I can t create messages but I can receive them and can ONLY reply as long as the notification hasn t been removed from the watch screen Any suggestions         Carlos Romero
My friend and I have been calling a lot but Hangouts always makes the call lag so much that our sentences cut out much Even it makes my friend get kicked out of the call It works when texting but for calling it doesn t work out at all     Gay Trash
Seriously flawed I have to force quit it at least once per day because it just hangs while trying to pull up a text or voice message And if you go into another app or the desktop in mid call e g to look up someone s extension number in Contacts there appears to be no way to get back into the ongoing call to enter it with the keypad or to hang up the call You have to wait for the other end to time out or you can force quit the app or restart your phone         Stanton McCandlish
Terrible interface u0026 sync with its own OS I installed hangouts and all messages got dumped back But the contact name is not synced and messages show up with numbers instead of contact assigned to that number Inspite of explicit permission given to access contact data Ugggh         Narayan
Hangouts works fine with Chrome extension on computer But it no longer works on my phone It only gives me a loading screen I ve already tried to fix it by deleting its cache and data files reinstalling it and even resetting my phone to its factory settings None of them works Too bad I used to love this app         Fajrul Hidayat
This app needs more work done to it I have so much trouble with it I have to keep uninstalling on my android and reinstalling just to get notifications from the app the platform is not that great either I have trouble getting messages to open and load there needs to be more options when it comes to the settings as well that make it easier to change things the way other users need them to be         Vanessa Judd
This was a good app until last month when l started getting all the ads from hookers and call girls It does no good block them They just put up the same add under a different name Over and over This really sucks When l was getting hundreds of scammers from west Africa last fall at least l could block them and they would go away Plz fi d a way to get rid of them I use this ap everyday But l am nearly at the end of my rope     Neil VanNess
I love this app I use it all the time However lately I ve been getting kicked off every time I try to video chat and I can t seem to find out how to update it in hopes that will stop I d give it 5 stars if I didn t have those problems                 Ryan Sullivan
It s a really good app this app is one of the only resons i can talk to some of my closest freinds but parts of my conversations seem to be missing very recently I was role playing with my freind and when I looked back at the messages later almost half the conversation wasn t their If you could explain to me why this has happened it would be very helpful                 Scarlett Rose
it s a good app for people who don t have phone numbers but Gmail but i Would lve if u improved for example deleting a text for both like I sent a text and I want to delete it for me only so if someone checks they won t read that private text or if I sent a text by mistake and want to delete it for me and the receiver so they don t read it Also I can t open GIF or videos so If you could fix these problems I d appreciate it and use it more with my friends and family thank you                 Kacy Kamila
I don t like there there is no search option for keywords within the conversation or the ability to delete pictures within the conversation I have used this app for a very long time and time and those are my two big compaints and they are a huge reason why this isn t a higher raiting Does any one who makes manage this app actually use it With all the updates you would think someone would think of these two things         Amanda Paton-Koester
Excellent Free Phone Text SMS MSM Chatting App Permissions OVERREACH by ABC GOOGLE We Users just Need u0026 Want ownership of OUR Privacy Data ABC Google YouTube Chrome Browser u0026 Google Home especially are getting seriouslly invasive about excessive permissions I keep helping Google ABC but I am not seeing reciporical respect What Gives                 mike hogi
I quite liked hangouts in the past it was simple and innocent like always But I can t seem to find my hangouts friends emails even though I try everything I d just really like to know if that s even a feature anymore since nothing shows up at all it s just white no Google Which was deleted for almost no reason no phone number no email I d really like an explanation and a way to actually fix this         Dad, please come back
I used to use Hangouts daily and I still do however I have found I am no longer able to download videos that my friends have sent or even videos I ve sent previously that I would like back in my gallery This is an ongoing issue for many Hangout users Please fix this issue as it s very annoying and interferes with many other important things         Ari Brielle
Used to be my go to for messaging now its almost useless I HAVE A PIXEL I HAVE GOOGLE FI SERVICE So it should be flawless After the past two updates Videos show up as pictures and I cant watch them the google keyboard types slow only in Hangouts No more customization Video and audio calls are choppy or dont work Please fix I         Jill Ezelle
Only benefit to me is that it can be used on a laptop Otherwise this app is becoming increasingly more useless on my phone the app consistently crashes or freezes for little reason aside from opening it up And I m using a Google Pixel XL One should expect their own software apps to work on their devices Not here         Brian Voss
I like the app I can chat with my friends when im in school since this is the only app where i can send and receive messages by using the school wifi and without using my data The only problem im having is that at one point I was able to make paragraphs in one send but now every time I click enter the message sends and its frustrating because I want it all to be in one send not multiples My friend was complaining that the app logged her out a lot so there is another thing from this app             Sharon 2c
The App don t work on my infinix x603 i have installed and uninstall it severals times its seems that any time i tried to make it works its get worse each time my contacts can t load or shows up its keeps on loading and loading until God s knows when please i want you to work on the app its needs improvement seriously     Jeffery Hartman
My opinion to this app No instruction demo of how to use the app Being added to a group without permission Profile editing is just text story When zooming a pic in view the app crash You should make the groupchat info more detailed where you can see all the links and photos in one place You should add a feature where in groupchat you could send a private message to a person with just tapping their logo in chat Add a themes to the app like night theme Ask for password when changing acct             jomar del rosario

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