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Delicious Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Textra SMS Emoji Plugin ,chompSMS theme add-on ,Textra SMS ,chompSMS emoji add-on ,chompSMS ,Textra SMS GIF Plugin), brings Textra SMS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Textra SMS apps has been update to version 1.62 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • It's got some cool customizable features and runs pretty glitch free..
  • I'm waiting patiently for the search capability and holo theme..
  • This is the absolute best SMS application in the market..
  • Highly customizable and everything I love in a texting app..
  • Been using it for a while decent customization and add ons..

Overall Satisfactionc93
Best texting app out there by far and keeps getting better and better.
This WOULD BE the best texting app next to Hello.
Best texting app I've used with greater features than others on the market.
This is the absolute best SMS application in the market.
I like this better than the default messaging app on Samsung Galaxy.
Simple and just a great messaging app and way better than go SMS pro.
I particularly love the popup notifications that you can reply to quickly.
Love the material look and the emoji plugin works great.
Fun & Engagingc91
Still the most awesome texting app out there though.
Awesome sms /mms replacement app ever in google play.
Needs more customization options.
Production Valuesc100
This has a nice clean interface very easy to use and intuitive.
Nice clean interface with plenty of customization options.
Amazingly fast interface with such a nice looking GUI.
Perfect for a guy who wants simple fast interface.
Ease of Usec92
This messaging app is simple fast and easy to use.
Textra is an extremely simple SMS app that has very useful features.
but the constant failed to send error is ridiculous.
Keep getting failed messages when attempting to send.
I have had problems with mms messages since an android 4.
I haven't had problems with MMS like many other apps.
Ads not Intrusivec100
Security & Privacyc76
A privacy box for certain contacts is definitely a must.
Privacy box to keep important SMS sent and received.
I would like a security lock feature in the near future.
Security lock for five stars.
Updates & Supportc91
for good customer service i will increase my rating.
And the customer service is the best I've ever seen.
Absolutely pathetic customer service.
love that I can respond to a text even when playing a game.
And the popup feature so you can quickly reply to a text.
No option to attach pictures to a text.
Love the dark background option to help save battery life.
I also enjoy the dark theme to help save battery life.

this guys are awesome. found in 12 reviews
Best sms app on the market IMO and I believe Ivd tried them all. found in 31 reviews
Best texting app out there by far and keeps getting better and better. found in 2504 reviews
I love the minimalist design of Textra and the uncluttered appearance. found in 13 reviews
Best stock replacement for KitKat out of the many I've tried. found in 10 reviews
Simple elegant little messaging application. found in 29 reviews
Absolutely great sms replacement that is fast and stable. found in 15 reviews
Its fast and fluid without any nonsense like other messaging applications. found in 27 reviews
The lollipop material design looks amazing too. found in 38 reviews
Great replacement for my stock Samsung messenging app. found in 12 reviews
Slick UI very fast and responsive and customizable as well. found in 31 reviews
Slick sleek fast beautiful. found in 18 reviews
send pictures is beautiful compared Samsung MMS apps. found in 348 reviews
Fast reliable and easy. found in 30 reviews
Also I love the floating notifications and the quick response feature. found in 14 reviews
Lightweight functional stock replacement would happily pay for it. found in 59 reviews
and want a difference with your SMS experience. found in 13 reviews
Love the dark background option to help save battery life. found in 17 reviews
I didn't know an sms app this beautiful and functional existed. found in 17 reviews
Please add a search function for searching old text messages. found in 77 reviews
Please inform me when the dual sim support release. found in 557 reviews
Gorgeous interface but I can't send mms messages from my galaxy s4. found in 64 reviews
Now I can't send pictures or long texts without error. found in 229 reviews
I've tried everything online but I can't get MMS to work. found in 15 reviews
Used messenger but couldn't receive picture messages in a timely matter. found in 116 reviews
Good app just needs more customization for contacts and privacy in box. found in 16 reviews
I like it but I can't receive or send any pic messages. found in 26 reviews
Unable to send sms greater than 140 characters. found in 46 reviews
Can't send MMS on Nexus 5 i tried everything. found in 161 reviews
Please fix mms issue and 5 stars for sure. found in 19 reviews
I love the app except I can't even send picture messages. found in 138 reviews
The app is perfect but there is no inbuilt SMS counter. found in 20 reviews
Cant send photos and notification sound is intermittent. found in 41 reviews
No dual sim card setting for Asus zenfone5. found in 50 reviews
However never failed to send with the stock messenger. found in 60 reviews
The only bad thing is I can't send or receive pictures. found in 192 reviews
I like the app except I cant receive or send pics. found in 22 reviews
Also often has an "MMS can't retrieve " error. found in 37 reviews
Often cannot send or receive MMS messages on wifi - pretty aggravating. found in 422 reviews
No incoming texts. found in 54 reviews
With new update it's impossible to avoid new text messages. found in 86 reviews
It also gets errors failing to receive messages intermittently. found in 51 reviews
But cannot use it because there is no dual sim support. found in 557 reviews
The app seems ok but support for dual SIM its required. found in 201 reviews
mostly because it doesn't always receive or send texts. found in 44 reviews
I can't send messages from my other sim card. found in 50 reviews
New quick reply is still a downgrade from previous. found in 116 reviews
I can't receive pictures on this app anymore. found in 192 reviews
Sometimes I don't receive notifications when I receive new messages. found in 67 reviews
It keeps saying can't retrieve mms check apn settings. found in 88 reviews
Unable to send or receive MMS files using Straight Talk network. found in 46 reviews
I loved this app but lately I can't send pictures or videos. found in 229 reviews
Because it crashes every time I try to send a picture attachment. found in 55 reviews
but the constant failed to send error is ridiculous. found in 60 reviews
Can send sms but cannot receive with this pos app. found in 75 reviews

The Textra SMS is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Textra SMS app version 1.62 has been updated on 2014-02-3. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0 and up

Let`s face it the stock Android Messaging app really sucks So time for something new, something pretty damn special, right?It`s here It`s called Textra; a feature rich complete SMS and MMS replacement app. Textra is ...

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