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NLL , the publisher behind many Android apps (SIFL - Save it for later ,Free ringtone - Ringtone Share ,ACR License ,ASR - MP3 Sound Recorder ,Call & SMS Announcer - Spkr ,Screen Recorder), brings Screen Recorder with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Screen Recorder apps has been update to version 1.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Add to this app voice recorder and work to gather..
  • The sound and video quality is just unbelievable..
  • audio recording pro..

Overall Satisfactionc19
The sound and video quality is just unbelievable.
Best one I have seen.
Yay I love this recorder.
Fun & Engagingc13
Awesome appp.
Super coolest Doppler mega awesome.
Updates & Supportc47
Pls respond.

MARVELOUS APP. found in 1 reviews
Just for the maker of this app. found in 1 reviews
Best one I have seen. found in 1 reviews
Verry nice :. found in 1 reviews
Super coolest Doppler mega awesome. found in 1 reviews
This is ossum app. found in 1 reviews
Yo yo. found in 2 reviews
I have LG G2 and it works perfectly. found in 4 reviews
Used to use this alot on my Android 5. found in 1 reviews
Hey hey hey it works good. found in 1 reviews
RUNS SO SMOOTH IT'S CRAZY. found in 1 reviews
Samsung Galaxy note 2 Verizon rooted. found in 1 reviews
OH MY GLOB. found in 1 reviews
It rely good. found in 1 reviews
Will edit my rating as well. found in 2 reviews
Awesome appp. found in 1 reviews
Samsung galaxy ace gt S5830. found in 2 reviews
Works fine on SCH-I605/ VZW Samsung Galaxy Note II. found in 1 reviews
Um I think it's good. found in 1 reviews
I don't know how to root my at&t; pantech. found in 17 reviews
I have no root access but I still can process it. found in 355 reviews
Good job but remove root acces it will be better. found in 59 reviews
What can i do if the start button doesn't work. found in 23 reviews
I cant even stop recording. found in 21 reviews
Says unable to start recording please re-install app phone: Kyocera Rise. found in 27 reviews
Press the start button and nothing happens. found in 23 reviews
My phone is rooted and its saying its not FIX IT. found in 20 reviews
It says needs root access you said no roots. found in 107 reviews
00 app for it to work I call this bull s. found in 23 reviews
Screen recorder crashed and left the settings the same. found in 126 reviews
I tried to record and apparently"this application requires root access ". found in 59 reviews
Fuck this app this requires root fuck this. found in 63 reviews
I tried to record and apparently"this application requires root access". found in 18 reviews
Doesn't work at all on Samsung Galaxy S4 running cyanogenmod. found in 38 reviews
Tells me " Unable to record please un-install the application" Sure thing. found in 19 reviews
i searched everywhere there is no app without root required Wtf. found in 28 reviews
Why do u need to root your phone wtf 1 star because of it. found in 151 reviews
This app has no reasonable reason to even ask for root. found in 25 reviews
Horrible u hav to be rooted to rec. found in 26 reviews
I cant record anything and it keeps saying root access. found in 38 reviews

The Screen Recorder is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.3 has been released on 2014-11-03. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up

----- ROOT REQUIRED -----Screen Recorder is free unlimited screen capture app to record your device`s screen to video.Create promotional videos, make tutorials or simply record clips to use as help with audioIt is has different ...

I love this app it works better on phones or tablets than computers to be honest i love it because it s not like other screen recorders where they have it in the middle of the screen and it starts recording roght away and they give you a heads up before it starts so you don t get confused This app works flawlessly I highly recommend                     xXfloofypotatoXx
better than my default recorder which lagged and had terrible mic reception in addition i tried around 5 apps and they lagged even worse than my default we re talking 10 FPS i only downloaded this one out of desperation and behold my joyous surprise when i saw this work even testing it out multiple times i m still shocked at the speed of the recording and how it keeps the frames of my tablet it does its job and the ads aren t intrusive either great job NLL                     mistaken
I didnt rec my audio in my vid the will be good for hmmm NOTHING you cant cut stuff out meaning u need to rec the stuff in difrent files and u cant even edit stuff like add a facecam there is an upside dont think I m a hater I tryed a bounch of recorders yet they all closed as soon as I entred but here I was able to use the app but was it even worth it NO if I needed to recamend one I will be DU recorder ok ive calmed down like how some people dont talk when rec useful for them         Erika ross
preety ikay app it does the job only thing that could be good is if it would be in the notifocation bar cause now anytime o want to record i have to go to the app and open it and click record to do it so no quick recording it also shows u the brand for about 5 seconda before recording could be less             Lieke H
This app increased the lag on my computer so much that I couldn t bear it and then it wouldn t even record my screen it just froze until my computer completely froze and I had to reboot it     Rogue Kitten
Very easy and useful Thanks for the frame rate Thanks for face cam I give that a five                     Golden W
this app is perfect like screen recoreders i ve used in the past this one dosent have a bubble hovering over your screen like the others do I highly recommed this screen recoreder                     Steady Flame
Only shows the bottom right corner of my facecam have to hold the phone tilted away to be in frame     Anthony O'Hern
The WORST Every single time i try to record there s a huge green line down the middle of my screen and it records that     Melody's World
IT DIDN T EVEN WORK i tried over and over again i wish my experience was better i cant record and it will crash everytime i use it You can make this app amazing please fix it I want to be able to use it thank you i wish you could become FAMOUS But its REALLY terrible now it might be that im on chromebook but i want to enjoy this PLEASE     London Beazer
I purchased this app 2 years ago and I m so happy with it I will never use another one because this is really all you need to record what s happening on your screen                     Norman Gomez
this app is good and easy to record but there are three major issues 1 i dont know how to upload it to my files 2 once you click one a video to rewatch it i have to close the app just to get out of full screen 3 the quality of the video is not that good slow and glitchy         Donuts and coconuts
This is a good app but developer have to improve app like floating record option and we need more recording resolution                 Akash Das
I could give it 0 stars it is horrible no sound but it records Please fix this app     Kaleb Melancon
Works Great I paid for the app so no commercials Using a Samsung Tablet and app has never crashed on me Easy to edit video for length Uploads to YouTube are seamless with the share feature Glad I bought it                     Bryce Hill
Awful I tried recording a track of music from my music app and when I finished recording to check on it the screen quality was all glitches out and no sound came through Terrible app don t use     Kariixx
Amazing tool really cool for mobile recording video and wditing nice features indeed screen recording and face cam great job on this app                     Elo The Source
Good for a phone with good video editing features and bad for a phone without because people actually love an editor with recorder         Achilles YouTube
loved the app does what it says without any bugs or ads thanks                     Shrinivas Rao
the sound doesnt even work But everything else is fine         YEET channel
Its unclear I bet it works ive seen people use it but I have no idea how to start it or anything iv e searched on the app for something to help I ll just search it up on youtube But still it should be easily acessable             wanna Sprite Cranberry ?
Did like it all the time Still have it P Hello Dan J Mullins Jr u003e iv i am not verified by others terms and definitions BUT i am knowing they only verify that they THEY THEMSELF are of NOT KNOWING Me ANYWAYS IT IS THAT i HAVE BEEN LISTENING TO THEIR OF BECOMMINGS AT THEIR OWN BEINGS AS THEY VERIFIED FOR OF THAT THIS IS TO DETAIL FOR THEIR OWN LIFE IS THEIR OF NOT FOR WHERE PROVISIONED SOLELY SELF FOR N C ESC BULLY THEME CREW GROUP ENTITY SUBJECT                 Daniel Mullins
i really like the app but it crashes while using samasung DEX             Muhammed Haji
Would be nice if minimal interface did not show up on recording And a way of stopping full interface not on the end                 Joseph Brach
I rate 5 because it is working good but it s record s video s surface has a ring which make problem it s trim work is very bad                     Technician Chandan
Please add feature to record audio from speakers not just microphone                 Phong
please make option to mmake screen touches more visible thank you             PAUL EDWARD ALVAREZ
i dont really like it as much because you cant talk and theirs no noise or you cant add music to it other than that its really good peace out mah potatoes         tasuki plays gatcha :3
Best screen recorder ever Totally worth buying the pro version                     Mohd Syukri Omar
I Rate 5 stars because out of all the screen recorders on google play cant find good or working ones this one works so i use this for Youtube                     P1zzaStreams
Please add a dark theme like your other two Apps then it would be perfect Great App                 David Challinor
Great Absolutely great Did I mention this app is GREAT                     Nathan Moore
graphic and sounds record it s perfect                     Rizdhuan M
I hate this app because it didn t even pick up on my voice I tried and tried and tried to get it on other apps but did not work at all I tried and it did not work and I am starting a YouTube channel art is not working I m so sad that does not work cuz I m trying to find a good recorder in this is really a bad and it makes me MADDDDD     Brittany Bogard
this app did not work for me at all we i recorded and saved the recording was pink     Julie Athigadu
it was very good but I coudn t hear the sound                 sally crazy
being slow and wont even let me record this is stupid     Hello It's me
Recording quality good                
This is the best one I ever seen so far I love this game D                 Sooooooooo goood
It works but puts a huge black frameborder around the video why        Bad
I love it so much                 Wow this app work great
I really like this app a lot it works great on the lollipop 50 but can you fix it so it works on an older tablet with jelly bean              Love it
Good job guys              Much love
Superb recorder                
Jordan first                 Amman
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Other than the fact of no sound being recorded as well with this i can finally update my social media followers with new items via phone so heck yeah thanks alot for this app i will change to 5 stars if u update that feature              Works well with Lg G3
Good very good app                 Good
I went through many of them Then I risk money on some of them and I did not like the result This however did what I want with great performance great quality and fast video encoding without rooting I would recommend this app if you want to start doing recordings without pulling your hair due to poor recording app I got my money worth and its at a great price at under 3 while the others charged 7 Thanks for making this and I appreciate your hard work on this app for a low price All I would ask to make it better is able to record at 10 mps and record the external audio from the phonetablet if possible                 This is the best recording app I have used so far
I can now record videos                 Best recording videos to make
I love it                
But now I cant share the videos anymore and that SUCKS     It was so useful and good
Works perfectly on my Sony Xperia Z2 but not on my HTC One X          
No Audio    
I like it but I cant make the screen size normal when I upload videos                
I tried to edit the recorded video but not possible why updated version is wrost     make it edit mode
I like it but it has no audio well on my phone is does not           Its Ok
You NEED root for this app DANGET     Not Good
Sucks that i cant use other editing apps to edit a video and do cool effects to the video and the videos dont show up in my phones gallery anymore this app could be better        Not bad BUT
Does not have sound and does not give you 10 seconds to get to the screen you want to    
I want the screen to be normal and I want sound why there have to be a pro one and we have to buy it I will give you 5 star if you give us sound and make the screen normal please Some people dislike my video alot           Very cool but
Used to work for me but noe it doesnt I have refunded my license I used to love it and would buy again and rate 5 stars if fixed I have sent my crash log     Used to be good
I can finally start a youtube channel now Thank you                 The best
Now thats a job well done my friend                
This app is so good the recordings are such high quality definitely worth getting the upgrade paid version though but I wish that did apps like this for Apple and Mac products Look through the settings as well because you will find a lot of helpful options like 10 seconds before recording starts or face recording as well as screen                 Really Great app
Awesome i like it                
Doesnt Record Sound I really do love the layout but not letting me record sound via phone mic is rather dull Kind of forces someone to spend money on one thing when they dont want the other options     Doesnt Record Sound
Buy the full version if u want sounds and everthing in the discreption down below dont waste ur money on the full verision     One of the worst Recorders ever
Brilliant app for recording but it would be helpful to have an orientation setting for recording on mobile devices              Great
I like it                 Good
How do you turn on microphone             
It does not work on my RCA tablet I hope they fix it     It does not work
Cool it is nice                 Lol love it
It records NO SOUND     ud83dudc4e
When I record the colors are wrong Fix for 5 stars              Okay bu

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