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GO Launcher Dev Team , the publisher behind many Android apps (GO Locker Kiss Love Theme ,Ocean Theme GO Launcher EX ,Embroidery GO Launcher theme ,Wood Theme GO Launcher EX ,Future Theme GO Launcher EX ,Classic Theme GO Launcher EX), brings GO Launcher Prime with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. GO Launcher Prime apps has been update to version 1.8 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Highly customizable and most efficient use of screen/desktop space..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Thank you Devs for the best Launcher out there :.
I LOVE this launcher as well as the other Go apps.
Love this launcher but new update removed.
Only reason I won't switch to apple I love being able to customize.
Best home screen replacement ever it's worth buying.
Thank you dev team u guys never seem to let me down.
smooth clean look and it's a million times better than touchwiz.
Thank you Dev team because you guys have talent.
Fun & Engagingc91
the best and awesome launcher.
Find awesome themes and my phone is amazing.
Very good very fun.
Fun Graphics.
Have always loved being able to customize everything.
You can literally change everything about your phone once a week.
Production Valuesc87
all of the amazing transition effects.
The 3D effects are nice and everything is nice and fast.
6 transition animations to show off amp.
The best os interface out there.
Fun Graphics.
I have not been having any problems with the 3d core.
Ads not Intrusivec35
Security & Privacyc94
security lock to lock apps amp.
Please add more types of security as a password or pin.
Updates & Supportc43
I would deffinetly recommend paying the 5 bucks for the prime version.
I Had an ad and customer service helped.
battery consumption minimum.

smooth clean look and it's a million times better than touchwiz. found in 4 reviews
Best home screen replacement ever it's worth buying. found in 11 reviews
Thank you Devs for the best Launcher out there :. found in 152 reviews
beautiful themes and makes using your device an absolute pleasure. found in 5 reviews
Really like this app great graphics and tons of customization options. found in 14 reviews
I might not see daylight for days while I customize my phone. found in 7 reviews
This is the most refined and user friendly Launcher on the market today. found in 6 reviews
Sucks now screen is always full brightness on my home page. found in 2 reviews
I also still have ads showing. found in 18 reviews
I haven't seen ANY ads yet. found in 2 reviews
and what's with the ads on paid version. found in 2 reviews
99 for no ads. found in 6 reviews
Restarting my phone seems to be the only solution. found in 6 reviews
Needs notifications for the stock email client. found in 1 reviews
It'll say camera failed whenever I open it. found in 3 reviews
I can barely backspace and can't use certain keys altogether. found in 2 reviews
Ads still on screens. found in 10 reviews
no voice recognition. found in 1 reviews
All purchases are verified in google play store under view purchases. found in 21 reviews
Cannot use music widget. found in 1 reviews
Unable to remove/hide " App Center ". found in 4 reviews
I paid for the app but yet I'm still seeing ads. found in 5 reviews
Fix icon problem please. found in 2 reviews
Please fix these or give me a refund. found in 4 reviews
Please integrate Ok Google into your interface. found in 6 reviews
But I paid for Prime and still have ads. found in 19 reviews
Why can't I customize the app draw like the old version. found in 9 reviews
APP LOCK is working only when I open app from drawer. found in 15 reviews
customer service is non-existent. found in 9 reviews
so I thought upgrading to Prime would be better. found in 22 reviews
I'm not able to scroll apps in app drawer vertically anymore. found in 67 reviews
Ads still pop up after disabled. found in 10 reviews
if you click on them they connect to play store. found in 21 reviews
I downloaded prime for 6 bucks and nothing happened. found in 8 reviews
Which is very annoying considering I have the prime version. found in 72 reviews
no prime features available. found in 10 reviews
No gesture option to hide notification bar. found in 14 reviews
need improvement and still have ads monitoring you. found in 18 reviews

The GO Launcher Prime is now available for $5.99 for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new GO Launcher Prime app version 1.8 has been updated on 2014-01-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

-DescriptionThe best launcher app with 10000+ themes, more than 50,000,000 download, powerful 3D core for speedy and smooth operation, and utility functions with imagination.GO Launcher Prime unlocks the following features in GO Launcher: Option to ...

I ve had this but uninstalled didn t think i need it the free go launcher worked fine until the push ads keep opening web browser even when you remove all its permissions I installed this again to remove the ads so figured i should remove the free version Turns out you need the free version in order to use go launcher I tried to install it again it s no longer free i have to pay for an app that was free even though i uninstall and instated within 5 minutes i now have to pay F this     Caesar
I bought the Prime version which was supposed to be a lifetime VIP deal several years ago Now they want a monthly subscription even though I bought their paid version Not only that they want 12 a Month for it or an annual charge of 100 That is rediculous I m uninstalling this lie of a launcher and using TSF Launcher instead These guys are out of their minds to think their launcher is worth 100 or more a year     Jason Conaway
I ve had this app for years over the course of many phone upgrades Now with my newest phone it won t do anything without paying a horrific subscription price of 100 per year That s an Amazon Prime membership for Pete s Sake So what about the money paid for ad removal Greedy little s     Kimberly
Ive had this app for a long time without any problems Had to reinstall it u0026 pay again for no ads u0026 i m still getting ads Whats going on I want my money back if thats the case Whats the point         Daniel Senior
PURCHASED this PRIME app SHOULD GET A REFUND I understand why it has a 2 6 Rating Foolish me for trusting Go Launcher after long usage I M MORE THAN FRUSTRATED that this Launcher just isn t compatible WITH OREO Constantly getting cues to restart the app So very inconvenient Had LOVED this app for a decade Apoarently it s just not been reliably fine tuned for operation on OREO Sadly UNISTALLING btw this app won t display all of my widgets Just five 5 that came with my phone         Carla Sobotta Pollock
Great App Platform I have used this app for years and I love it I have gotten a different phone and while I like it I m not going to use it this time But it has got great customization I would highly recommend this for someone that wants to be able to have their phone set up their way and personalized                     Miles Martin
it was fine for some time but now I get lots of adds so it s useless I have paid for it and it s rubbish They are pushing the users to buy a monthly subscription now so I guess this thing is not worth pay any money do not buy this app as it won t do anything     endlles thyu
Be aware when purchasing this app I ve already paid for prime once Why am I having to pay for it again to get rid of ads and get my features back Plus it s now unstable constantly prompting me to restart or reinstall I ve used this launcher for years now I don t understand why this is going on If it s not addressed then I will sadly have to find another launcher Totally disappointed     Lynn N
I paid for prime years ago and various themes and now it is trying to charge me a subscription of 100 and wont let me use the themes I paid for without the subscription The support for this app is dead and never responds Flagging this app in the app store everyone should I will be testing out Nova Launcher to replace this mess GO has created     Jaded Kitty Kimiko
love the app it s just damn I d pay for it to use it but not have a monthly subscription deal going on that killed it for me it s a bummer I use to use this app way back in the day and was free I d I d definately pay but like a one time thing not no 95 dollars for a year that s crazy ridiculous         david garcia
Three issues despite having the paid version there s an impossible to get rid of advert screen for getting thickens thousands of hd wallpapers and themes that I m not interested complaints ignored another app requested me to uninstall this saying Go launcher can mock GPS location the other app won t allow this Shortcuts for websites can t be pinned on home screens We used to be able to do this these things should be fixed Otherwise I can t use this launcher despite I bought it     Attila Hok
Always loved the app and have used it on my last two three phones but a month ago it stopped working It said trouble starting reinstall or restart to get it working Tried both didn t work Emailed the company 4 different times in the last 4 weeks The only reply I got was the standard auto reply we will contact you if any information is needed Never heard back from them Would give them 5 even if it didn t work on my phone anymore if they would just make an effort to try and help     debbie demooy
I have had Go Launcher Prime on my phone for ages and today I wake up and my phone has been hijacked by your program It would not let me do anything until I re agreed you data and privacy policy and it took over my home screen wiped all my apps off the screen and refused to let me replace them I had to eventually uninstall your app at first I thought it was glitch in my phone so I reinstalled your app and it was even worse ads popping up all over the place and again no real control over my phone I have a Samsung Note 8 and this is the first time this has happened WHAT HAS GONE WRONG HERE I AM NOT HAPPY THAT I NOW HAVE TO WASTE MY MORNING FINDING ANOTHER LUNCHER AND REINSTALL EVERYTHING Your feedback is appreciated     DR. ERSKINE FENTY
Report this app and take these greedy devs out of the play store I paid for the prime version in 2014 and now they have taken the vip away and are forcing us to pay for it Devs refuse to comment or email back Take them down     Marissa Feeken
they wanted me to install some free version of go launcher along with the prime to be able to use it The free version then took aggressive control over my screen trying to sell me some stupid wallpapers and themes i didn t and don t want and there was no way to move forward from that screen unless you sign up for it and it s very costly unistalled goodbye     LS Reincols
I bought this back when go launcher was free Now even though I paid for this I can t use it unless I pay a subscription It s a rip off     Anna Eslick
FIX THIS RIDICULOUS RESTART REINSTALL ISSUE FOR PAYING CUSTOMERS URGENTLY PLEASE Ugh it s now May 2019 u0026 updates to the FREE program have RUINED my PAID FOR one It crashed repeatedly rendering my phone almost unusable except by VOICE control I ll put the stars back when this is resolved Thank you so much I now can t use my phone REPAIR OR REFUND PLEASE     Angel Lovelorn
Paid for it and now they want a stupid subscription I deserve my money back that s like buying a car and then being told you have to lease it after it s paid off     Thomas Harris
never had an issue until latest update I had paid for premium app and now it won t load unless I subscribe to the free app for nearly 100 per year so I am paying twice for something I already paid for very disappointing     Tracy Malone
THIS APP IS A SCAM I paid for the full version and now i am randomly getting a full page popup when i hit the home buttom and it will NOT ALLOW YOU TO CLOSE IT It asks you to pay 94 dollars for a year and will noy allow you to see your home screen no matter what you do This is straight up MALWARE and the creators of this app should be ashamed Seriously you should be ashamed and KILL YOURSELF You are scum and your life is pointless please kill yourself bro     Andrew Corbin
Nothing but restart or i can t use it It s crashed my entire phone i read a review asking creators to fix it or kill their self Well i don t agree that it s worthy of the death penalty i do agree it needs to be fixed or money refunded     Kay White
Remove ur ads and wallpaper recomendation its happpened everytime i am unlocking my phone Its annoying Its said remove ads right will u fix it     Caistcy Wastunia
why even bother having people download this when it automatically takes you to payment options in a 3 day trial hundreds of thousands of people have already paid you 4 Prime and it is no longer available even though you say it is everyone stated exact information this needs to be fixed it will be reported to whomever and whatever is needed isn t it convenient for you to deactivate your Facebook and Twitter accounts so you don t get bombarded with the same thing Prime last update 2014     Alyce Carrillo
i have purchased this app installed now wont work telling me to purchase Wh I have or I wouldn t be able to install It s telling me to purchase now wallpapers too now How many times do i have to purchase this app before it will work I will uninstall giving it a poor rating Abuse to consumer s     Audrey Wells
New Phone Now you want a new payment And no response to the reviews concerning this issue Apparently the developer has no real reason for this except to collect more monies I will just stay with my Galaxy Note Themes     Phyllis Norton
I had purchased Go Launcher Prime Full Version recently I regret that even after paying for the app I am repeatedly getting suscription notification The notification get stuck and covers entire screen of my mobile and I had to restart my mobile every time     Anil Kumar Verma
thiz was my fav It won t let me go past the 3free days trial full page ad I downloaded it paid for it and now I can t get past the full page ad I might block it and consider how much money time it has cost me sguss         Stephanie Guss
Paid for app years ago and I enjoyed but now they are getting greedy and want a 100 annually for theme and wallpaper that is do not use from them No longer a fan of Go and their app     Chris Healey
Waste of money if only I could get it back There are areas in my screen that don t react when I tap Now I uninstalled and its back to normal with the free version lol I would have to restart my phone for it to let me click on certain things like on the app drawer up there where it says games I clicked games and then I couldn t for the life of me tap back on Apps and make it work And this is just an example I hope I can get a refund     behindaurora -
Its trying to get me to pay for prime which I already have just because I have a new phone I ve had a prime account for years but now because i won t pay ANOTHER subscription fee it will not give me access to my account or themes Very dissatisfied and uninstalling     J Hennessy
used to be great 5 stars and worked well on my old phones but now does not work well on my oneplus 7 pro devs have not updated since 2014 it seems the devs may ve abandoned it     Mike Terry
This used to be the best Now it s awful Often stops working Often wants a monthly fee I finally switched to Nova launcher     Marc Jacobson
I use to love this launcher I even bought the prime version years ago I recently tried to go back to it but its full of BS that isn t needed Plus now they have a super vip version which just makes them seem greedy Less BS and more ways to customized it is what they need to go back to If you re looking for a great launcher try NOVA launcher It s way better than go launcher         Tyler Holyoak
I have been using Go Launcher for years and find the features a wonderful addition I specifically appreciate the multiple quick bars and use them constantly I am suddenly inundated with several ad layers whenever I plug my phone into power It takes at least three ad closures to get into my phone when it s plugged in As I had purchased the premium version this is unacceptable What caused this and how to I get it to stop         Cory Baker
I recently didn t have an issue till I reset my phone and re downloaded the app I never got ads before but now I can t do anything without an ad popping up Unfortunately you can t get your money back after 48 hours But im never coming back to this launcher Yall lost a long time user who told others about how great this launcher is but guess its time to go on another launcher hunt     Cody Moran
I bought the prime version now I ve got to buy it again in the form of a monthly subscription     Ronald LaTray

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