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Qihu 360 Software Co., LTD(QIHU) , the publisher behind many Android apps (360 Mobile Security- Antivirus ,360 Mobile Safe), brings 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus apps has been update to version 1.5.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • plus additional cache cleaner is awesome..
  • Just the best antivirus app for my & your smartphone :D..
  • Really a good phone memory booster and optmizer..
  • Can play games with it..

Overall Satisfactionc95
Just the best antivirus app for my & your smartphone :D.
Best anti -V app I've found and super easy usage.
This by far the best android security application on google playstore.
Franny reiling i love 360 think you for makeing this app.
I feel that this antivirus is better than avg or avast.
Excellent free security software for mobile phones and tablets.
It really cleans my phone thank you for inveting this app.
It's the best in the world everyone should have it.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome antivirus app in history of android Mobiles.
Awesome security features keep up the good and hard work.
It protects my phone all the time.
Cleans everything best thing I've ever download everyone should have this.
One click and you have access to several different useful tools.
Love it awesome very usefull apps.
Great application keeps everything running great and phone clean of viruses.
In this the privacyness setting is verry helpful.
Production Valuesc89
Very easy interface and very effective.
Easy interface and simple.
It is easy to use and has cool graphics as well.
n also with some really cool graphics.
Ease of Usec85
it is so quick and easy to clean your phone out.
clean and simple app to maintain ones porta-thinker.
Very easy interface and very effective.
like this and it is sooooo easy and efficient.
Great easy and thorough.
Had to totally factory reset my phone.
I was about to factory reset my s4.
Security & Privacyc94
Thanks this is the best security app out on the market.
It's unlike any other security antivirus I ever had.
Updates & Supportc81
The new version is very good i like it very much.
New version is very nice.
New version is very much useless.
Thanks to battery saver because it makes my battery long.
less battery consumption without overloading ram.

Great in performance boosting and with a awesome UI. found in 11 reviews
User friendly compare to all the other malware apps. found in 219 reviews
This security system app keeps all my apps in top shape. found in 8 reviews
Excellent security software for android mobiles. found in 49 reviews
It's a good APS. found in 12 reviews
Nacg da was es soll schnell und gut. found in 20 reviews
This is the fastest and beat app to remove malware. found in 5 reviews
Great app cleaned all viruses off my phone quickly. found in 7 reviews
This is d world best app 4 mbl superb mind blowing. found in 21 reviews
Franny reiling i love 360 think you for makeing this app. found in 23 reviews
One click and you have access to several different useful tools. found in 7 reviews
Awesome one app to maintain and retain mobile health and condition. found in 13 reviews
This is the best all in one security solution available. found in 5 reviews
It's the best in the world everyone should have it. found in 16 reviews
Goood app the best ever. found in 11 reviews
It seems to be way better than Lookout. found in 9 reviews
Thanks this is the best security app out on the market. found in 565 reviews
Been using for a few days now and works great. found in 6 reviews
- Good detection rate - Excellent extras: cleanup + auto task/process killer. found in 11 reviews
Good work team thanks for providing it free for us. found in 9 reviews
Virus detected and easily clean my phone. found in 5 reviews
But why sms filter is not compatible with android 4. found in 5 reviews
Apps working great bt cant remove trojan file in my phone. found in 6 reviews
gives good overview of app permissions. found in 4 reviews
When i use it to clean junk files and running app. found in 205 reviews
It says phone missing root Permission. found in 13 reviews
What is missing is SD card scan and anti theft features. found in 6 reviews
locked contacts also showing on notification bar please solve this problem. found in 6 reviews
But don't know how to detect and remove virus. found in 26 reviews
Time to find a less annoying phone virus /spam/optimizer. found in 15 reviews
It's really a perfect application but doesn't have anti theft option. found in 13 reviews
nice app but cannot block calls and messages. found in 4 reviews
I love this app but after update backup option is gone. found in 10 reviews
It does the work of virus scan and memory booster. found in 55 reviews
How about more up dates to anti- virus database. found in 8 reviews
This last update sucks. found in 9 reviews
Using for the first time but one of the best anti virus app. found in 823 reviews
The Sms and call filter has been removed in the new version. found in 5 reviews
It delete my all application saved in sd card without my permission. found in 5 reviews
I would have been given 5stars if app backup option exist. found in 14 reviews
Corrupted my media files. found in 6 reviews
any one can easily un install this app in setting. found in 4 reviews
Don't know how to block calls and messages. found in 4 reviews
i like the older version of this app your update sucks. found in 9 reviews
i tried to ignore it but it uninstalled the SuperSU. found in 9 reviews
The " language pack update" notification is seriously annoying. found in 5 reviews
Stopped working after update to Lollipop in Nexus 4. found in 7 reviews
The app permissions are way too much. found in 4 reviews
BUT deletes apk files. found in 10 reviews
This is slow though and you can't uninstall apps. found in 5 reviews
Latest version wants to send emails without my knowledge or permission. found in 5 reviews
After update it really sucks nitro canvas fix it please. found in 6 reviews

The 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new 360 Mobile Security- Antivirus app version 1.5.1 has been updated on 2014-01-23. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

Protect your mobile device with 360 Mobile Security, a top of the line mobile security app designed to protect your Android phone against the latest viruses, malwares, system vulnerabilities and privacy leaks. 360 Mobile Security ...

Complete This here is the whole package of 10 apps in 1 and with a name you can trust It may seem overwhelming at first but take a bit to familiarize yourself with and then you can taylor it to you u0026 your phone s needs The only optimization security boosting cleaning anti s calling web wifi management program suite you ll ever need Even has app recommendations that it feels you could benefit from installing                     DaVe NoT HeRe
I loved this app for 3 years until the recent updates Since I ve updated I ve had to clean over 1 2gb of junk files off my phone about 3 times a day had the app lock fail to appear when starting a locked app and have received much more than usual random annoying and irrelevant ads for apps         Zach Fudge
Excellent Works exactly as it should to boost clean and scan phone even Wi Fi Found phone to work smoother and more efficiently Some of the ads are annoying but otherwise so far so good                     A Google user
I find it tiresome to have to reopen my apps all the time It says my battery is draining all the time and never really fixes it Also it shows so much junk says it is clean but if I retry it it does the same thing             Sherry Morris
I had this app before had it about 3 months and it done good then my phone went stupid and I deleted the app then it was ok my phone So I m going to try it again I hope it works             tina slone
Good protection and phone app The bad thing is even with a paid subscription you will be deluged with pop ups and advertising this gets to be annoying                 Ed Prilucik
I d say this was a good app if it wasn t for the fact that the support doesn t help I tried to issue for a refund for the premium which I only wanted to do a three day trial of but the money was out of my account before anything could be cancelled so now I am rather ticked off and considering to leave the app You guys will lose a user because of your stupid support not helping me with my problem         Zene' Terrell
Ah This app doesn t actually do anything So check this out I swore by this app for years and then i simply used the phones own device maintenance function to automatically delete unnecessary data against 360 security s 2 5 GIGS of data that it said i needed to clean and guess what There was no difference That 2 5 worth of space that it said i needed to delete wasn t even real This app is a complete scam Listen up 360 Enjoy my fake 5 stars And then spin them 360 in your A                     Michael Angel - Facebook/Michael.Angel.1048
I ve been using this app for years and it s been great Until the most recent update a few days ago It s horrible now It slows down my phone and there are too many ads One ad per usage I understand as it s the free version But 2 3 which makes the phone hang I m deleting this app now It s horrible after the update And it added features which I did not agree too     Sheila Raju
Update ruined it I have used this app for years until it updated a few days ago Now I have constant pop ups which I have disabled in settings and still happen A million more adverts then normal and I can t answer my calls without putting a passcode in which I can t see how to disable Looking at uninstalling if it continues which makes me sad     Kirsty Dobson
Please introduce lock on this app too because others can easily enter the 360 app and delete important files and do things without any barrier And why isn t the app lock feature working properly The weather update is just fake Please fix these as soon as possible This used to be my favourite app for 2 years Now I am facing uneasiness using this Don t make me uninstall it     Tahmi
made my phone incredibly slow constant notifications lots of lagging so many pop up ads and it wouldnt let me enter my apps without sending me back to the app itself when i used it a couple years ago it worked pretty well but now im starting to think it has malicious intents or just likes the scare the user would not recommend     Hannah Pain
Oddly enough I have two lock screens and only can disable the one that came with my phone I didn t give permission because this app doesn t have permission to change system settings I find this behavior most inline with malware virus I had the free version then the tsunami of adware floods my phone I buy the ad free version and it constantly wants me to add other apps that come with ads I have no doubt it s going to be a fight to remove this app off my phone     Kasey Bellmonte
Good app which completely erases the virus successfully and never interferes in working of other apps which is different than others                     Aravind M. S
App is working very well But in sometimes Keyboard not displayed in sending the messages After restarting the phone keyboard was displayed Several times I have faced same problem Please rectify it immediately In other aspect APP is very good                     VSS PRASAD MARTHY
the only issue is as I know how to shut most of them out but when you clean your phone commercials aren t necessary but an annoying distraction I just back screen my android on your program commercials other than that it works fine                 Quincy Jones
So Idk if it s just me having issues but after this new update on the intruder security it now doesn t show the picture of who tried getting in it shows only he or she tried getting in Before the update it showed the captures Other than that app is great                 Erika Sikes
for the most time it s been okay but recently I have been sick of the crashes pages don t show up for the weather page and I can only see black screen and it won t update the days also the wi fi keeps turning off on its own             A Google user
Takes forever to load I haven t used the other features yet because it takes too much time to load even though I am not using a low end phone Hope you ll fix this loading issue specially on the game booster and space clean features             John Parena
It should be no ads but it have it Damn I hate this so much It s a been 3 or 4 years I have being using it and this the most worse I had I disappointed by using this apps     Unknown Heaven
Try to reduce the notification alert and the advertise are really annoying         Nasrul Nasir
Floating widget can t work properly And Device Work Very Slow     History Of Katawar Katawar
So many ads u0026 phone cooler doesn t work any more     F H
Best app I ve used Easy to navigate set up doesn t overheat my phone or drain the battery and there s not a lot of annoying ads I highly recommend 360 Security                     Warren Waggoner
The app works well however I do not like the new lock screen It would be nice to have an option to disable this feature                 A Google user
I just downloaded this app So far so good as of right now I love that you guys have the 3 day free trial right off the bat                 XxClassicSans x Lust SansxX
Wonderful cleaner Too many ads Blocking phone calls texts and internet Using to much battery life         Mark Stoaks
didn t like this version at all has many add and makes my phone slow and other problems try to fix it thanks         No name
this used to be good but now honestly I feel like it doesn t really do anything but constantly send notifications and Chang my phone settings even tho I turn off stuff in its settings to not do that this is the 4th time Iv deleted the app cause its worthless now             Harley Quinn
just updated the app while after scanning screen goes automatically blank and if press back button again returns to scanning and can t stop immediately gets fear whether it crashes the phone     Ashwini Rajamanickam
It is a very good app for phone cleaning protection and notification related to apps                     Saksham YADAV
Honestly with more updates instead of getting better the app is becoming more useless with adverts popping up here and there and no proper protection guaranteed so I am thinking of deleting completely if there is no improvement     Macdonald Edoja
DO NOT DOWNLOAD my phone slowed way down as soon as the ap was opened requires permissions but does nothing with them forced me into my settings to view each ap 1 by 1 with no info as to what it wanted or was doing this is very likely malicious do not download this     Goerge Berreth
Outstanding app im speechless So many helpful tools and two antivirus engines Bitdefender and Avira I bought Premium licence for 5 PCs on 3 years Its very cheap Thank you Qihoo                     -GG- PeRSuN
This app good but has too many advertisement And error pop ups for WhatsApp always disturbing Consequently I will soon uninstall it for a better app         peter Amadi
initially this was a good app however constantly having to reset settings especially with the lock screen is becoming a nuisance             Krishan Saroop
Installed this app to find adware from an app Undetected Instead I get MORE apps Come on I am on a 3days trial period clean up system looked good         Kamrul Hasan Raza
better than clean master more thorough lots of random notifications but a lot better when I silenced the unnecessary notifications                     Chantal Petrowski
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