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ClockworkMod , the publisher behind many Android apps (Droid 3 Recovery Bootstrap ,Screenshot ,ROM Manager BBQ ,DesktopSMS (Free Beta) ,Klaxon - Alarm Clock (Premium) ,Klaxon - Alarm Clock (Demo)), brings ROM Manager (Premium) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. ROM Manager (Premium) apps has been update to version 1.0.8 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Backup and restore is like a hot knife through butter..
  • awesome app support the DEV buy the full version..

Overall Satisfactionc80
Thanks Koush your the man.
Thanks for the Galaxy S Vibrant support.
This is one of the best investment for my Vibrant.
An amazing concept.
Fun & Engagingc86
Works awesome thanks so much.
Great way to keep roms up to date.
the most essential tool for any Android user.
Repeat Valuec20
Production Valuesc67
Now loving Simply Stunning by ChevyNo1.
Ease of Usec100
Easy to follow and easy to use as well.
Great app love how easy it is to change roms.
Rom download list could be better though.
Ads not Intrusivec45
Stop asking me to rate this app.
Updates & Supportc37
Do yourself a favor and get the touch version upgrade.
Bought the premium version because you supported my Sammy Vibe :.

The app is a great tool and time saver. found in 5 reviews
Easy way to check for new ROMs also user friendly U. found in 11 reviews
A must have Great app A must have for all root users. found in 63 reviews
Single Most Important App for Root. found in 3 reviews
Ended up paying for rom manager pro. found in 7 reviews
Alot of apps claim 2 b must haves. found in 2 reviews
I used to manually update and flash ROMs for my DInc. found in 6 reviews
Great toolset for power users. found in 4 reviews
Makes changing ROMs possible without the need for a PC. found in 13 reviews
This app has saved my butt so many times. found in 4 reviews
Makes changing roms easy for a noob like me. found in 5 reviews
Amazing must have for rooters. found in 4 reviews
Totally worth the cash. found in 5 reviews
best batt time was creeping 60+ hrs. found in 2 reviews
This is one of the best investment for my Vibrant. found in 3 reviews
This is the fourth app I've tried for ROM management. found in 15 reviews
Great on Droid great utility. found in 7 reviews
Great ROM kit for novice and advanced Rooters alike. found in 9 reviews
Lol @ Frank "My droid running froyo " you must be special :. found in 5 reviews
Great app but I keep getting " rom download error " very annoying. found in 31 reviews
Wont install rom even when cm installed manually. found in 37 reviews
Will not show premium roms on Droid incredible. found in 123 reviews
but can't ever get anything under the premium content to load. found in 24 reviews
but would like support for galaxy s2 skyrocket for the paid version. found in 54 reviews
ClockworkMod Recovery doesn't support my phone model. found in 13 reviews
Ads in premium version are obnoxious. found in 8 reviews
Great app but I keep getting " rom download error" very annoying. found in 80 reviews
When looking at the ROM lists it says error loading lists. found in 53 reviews
plus there isn't even a big selection to choose from. found in 39 reviews
Only thing I have an issue with is downloading roms. found in 32 reviews
you still get ads from the dev everytime you download a ROM. found in 13 reviews
Cm 9 download errors etc problems. found in 14 reviews
and it says I no longer have premium access. found in 8 reviews
stock images are the only list of roms that wont show. found in 23 reviews
Cannot download Roms through it or check for ROM updates. found in 77 reviews
Scheduled backup fails to run a lot though. found in 9 reviews
99 and even after following instructions for license issue still no joy. found in 8 reviews
Doesnt reboot into recovery therefore wont restore/backup roms. found in 53 reviews
Attempting to download new roms but I keep getting errors. found in 50 reviews
Unable to partition SD card after update. found in 49 reviews
Bought premium no new premium updates in rom manager. found in 383 reviews
@nate am having the same problem samsung captivate. found in 62 reviews
clockwork mod broke my ext partition. found in 46 reviews
Why should i have to pay again for cwm touch easy install. found in 47 reviews
Do not purchase until the rom download errors are fixed. found in 80 reviews
The " check for ROM updates " doesn't simply work. found in 94 reviews
Clock work mod don't identify my galaxy note. found in 54 reviews
Constantly getting errors when trying to view and download roms. found in 77 reviews
i cant make backups and download premium roms only free. found in 47 reviews
I had touch recovery installed and this app downgraded it. found in 137 reviews
Ads have started showing up on Galaxy Nexus. found in 51 reviews
It only ever says error processing rom list. found in 53 reviews
No roms available in download section for galaxy s. found in 54 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download ROM Manager (Premium) for 4,99 € from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new ROM Manager (Premium) app version 1.0.8 has been updated on 2014-11-29.
More Info: Find more info about ROM Manager (Premium) in ClockworkMod `s Official Website :

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