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Ookla , the publisher behind many Android apps (Speedtest by Ookla ,FCC Mobile Broadband Test ,Hastighedstest ,Speedtest.net Speed Test ,OFCA Broadband Performance Tst), brings Speedtest.net Speed Test with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Speedtest.net Speed Test apps has been update to version 3.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Handy app to gauge effectiveness of your WiFi signal..
  • Finding the cat easter egg is quite funny too..
  • The app contains amazing graphics and also a user friendly application..
  • Accurate against pc version when checking home wi-fi..
  • Display at status bar..

Overall Satisfactionc77
Best speed testing App on the market - hands down.
This is the best speed test app on the play store.
Decent speed test app but stupid ads slow down actual throughput.
Finally a tablet interface.
Love the new UI and looking forward to future updates with bug fixes.
but it needs a tablet version already.
Very accurate app highly recommend.
Gives a good estimate of your connection quality.
Fun & Engagingc93
Awesome UI and animations Keep up the good work.
Awesome UI.
Really useful and reliable source of information.
Thank you for this useful and reliable app.
Useful for checking relative performance of different sim cards in various locations.
Most useful for checking 'variable' 3g data speed though.
This app is always helpful.
always helpful.
Production Valuesc52
Finally a tablet interface.
Love the new interface and I'll gladly pay to remove the ads.
especially with the new graphics and the ability to.
Ease of Usec74
and a awesome simple app that does exactly what it says.
Usable and simple app to trust connection speed.
A joke for a simple app.
Network Communication.
Ads not Intrusivec45
I was even thinking to remove the app about this.
05 to remove advertisement but ads are still running.
Security & Privacyc26
Updates & Supportc51
New tablet version looks amazing.
The apps is awesome but lacking the tablet version.
Would love that as an option on android version.
Love the new update looks so much better and is noticeably smoother.

Gives a good estimate of your connection quality. found in 5 reviews
Love the cat story hidden behind the speedometer. found in 7 reviews
Very good aplication. found in 5 reviews
The new update has cool ui. found in 5 reviews
Really useful and reliable source of information. found in 10 reviews
Very nice and accurate nest app for net test. found in 7 reviews
Love the new UI and looking forward to future updates with bug fixes. found in 23 reviews
Pull down the speed dial indicator for pictures of the beast. found in 7 reviews
It's a great utility app to have on your phone. found in 13 reviews
A quick and easy diagnostic tool. found in 7 reviews
a very good app to check n maintain regular of your net speed. found in 15 reviews
Plus t mobile has 4g lte comparable to cable Internet. found in 7 reviews
Considered by many as the industry standard. found in 10 reviews
Also good for finding out your external IP address. found in 8 reviews
But a problem is that it does not seem full screen on my nexus. found in 16 reviews
After the latest update it always says network communication error. found in 317 reviews
But please bring out a nice tablet version. found in 37 reviews
Tests always cut out due to "communication issues" during upload tests. found in 19 reviews
Usually works great but is constantly crashing on my Droid RAZR maxx. found in 226 reviews
Crashes part way through upload test "network communication issues". found in 107 reviews
Latest update doesn't fit Xoom tablet screen properly and crashes sometimes. found in 12 reviews
Touching the begin test button doesn't do anything. found in 225 reviews
very useful but desperately needs to have android tablet interface. found in 31 reviews
Poor performance on my GSM galaxy nexus 4. found in 220 reviews
and I wish there was a way to share results with Twitter. found in 20 reviews
One of the only apps that I have that doesn't scale. found in 30 reviews
It keeps saying network error for some reason. found in 297 reviews
Another thing is that the app doesn't fill the screen. found in 18 reviews
Looks like the begin test button not working for me. found in 241 reviews
Good tool but need to fix server list issue. found in 33 reviews
Explain why new permissions are needed after an update. found in 48 reviews
Paid to remove ads but the blank banner still appears. found in 60 reviews
250MB of mobile data sucked up within 10 min of downloading. found in 83 reviews
It is always giving network communication error always plz fix. found in 317 reviews
spends 20 min trying to find nearest server to no avail. found in 50 reviews
Pressing the begin test button does nothing crappy app. found in 241 reviews
I don't understand why the update requires all these new permissions. found in 48 reviews
Nexus 4 won't let me click start test Idk why. found in 220 reviews
And new permission " delete SD card contents". found in 44 reviews
05 to remove advertisement but ads are still running. found in 60 reviews
Says "network communion issues" each time I hit begin test. found in 225 reviews
but doesn't give me the correct download and upload speed :/ needs fixing. found in 234 reviews
App doesn't work properly on Galaxy Nexus running Android 4. found in 59 reviews
Keeps crashing on both my GS2 and Droid Razr Maxx. found in 226 reviews
Doesn't let me change servers and says 41. found in 43 reviews
It will say "finding closest server " then speed has stopped. found in 141 reviews
Inaccurate results in low-end devices. found in 43 reviews
Doesn't run on HTC One M8 with lollipop. found in 95 reviews
Keeps saying network error every time I try to test my WiFi. found in 297 reviews
I still get ads even though I already paid to remove them. found in 60 reviews
the application has been crashing every time i try to run a test. found in 68 reviews
Upload test always fails on LTE in this new version. found in 107 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Speedtest.net Speed Test for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Speedtest.net Speed Test app version 3.0.3 has been updated on 2014-11-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state ,
Bottom Line: For more information about Speedtest.net Speed Test check developer Ookla `s website : http://www.speedtest.net

Speedtest.net is now available as a free Android application with no advertising Use it to measure the network speed of your Android device. With over a million tests performed every day, Speedtest.net is the ultimate ...

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