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Stonekick , the publisher behind many Android apps (Instrumentive - Music Practice Notes ,Metronome Beats Pro ,Quick Measure Pro ,Music Editor Pitch and Speed Changer : Up Tempo ,Pitched Tuner ,Scales Practice), brings Metronome Beats Pro with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Metronome Beats Pro apps has been update to version 2.2.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Plenty of advanced features as well..
  • Should help to improve double bass pedal speed for drummers..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I already love the speed trainer and the set list.
and this is hands down the best metronome app around.
Amazingly helpful.
Much better than the free version.
Love the setlist option.
Thank you for such a great product.
The best metronome on the market.
Fun & Engagingc87
Awesome metronome app with many options & saving capabilities.
Awesome metronome.
Awesome practice tool.
so I use the tap feature all the time.
I still use it all the time so that says something good.
Amazingly helpful.
Very useful metronome app.
I use this for worship and this app is an essential part of it.
because I thought it would do everything I could imagine.
Ease of Usec79
Reliable and convenient.
easy to control und mit the speed trainer great.
very easy to use for both practice and performance.
Always there and convenient when i need it.
The layout is attractive and intuitive.
Updates & Supportc91
Much better than the free version.
and the Pro version keeps working when the phone is locked.

This the best and most functional metronome available. found in 1 reviews
excellent practice tool. found in 3 reviews
Has every feature a practicing musician might need. found in 3 reviews
A must buy for any musician. found in 3 reviews
Thank you for such a great product. found in 1 reviews
This app saved me a small fortune. found in 2 reviews
The speed trainer feature makes this great app even better. found in 9 reviews
A little hard to navigate at first. found in 1 reviews
The best metronome on the market. found in 1 reviews
and also helps you keep track of time in fartlek training sessions. found in 1 reviews
and this is hands down the best metronome app around. found in 9 reviews
this is a must have for any musician searching for a good metronome. found in 1 reviews
The saved settings make a big difference. found in 1 reviews
select any tempo from 1 to 300 beats per minute. found in 5 reviews
I thought upgrading to the Pro version would eliminate that problem. found in 1 reviews
Only thing better would be to save tempos. found in 2 reviews
but it use some more options. found in 1 reviews
But over all very straight forward and useful. found in 1 reviews
but the preset list setup is unintuitive. found in 2 reviews
Slightly annoying if all you need is the metronome. found in 1 reviews
Needs more intuitive set list setup. found in 2 reviews
" open saved ". found in 1 reviews
5 stars if it could run in bkg. found in 1 reviews
Robust app though UI is a bit outdated. found in 1 reviews
I have never played an instrument let alone used a Metronome. found in 1 reviews
If my phone's memory challenges are the reason. found in 1 reviews
only to find it played the first set of measures & stopped. found in 1 reviews
A timer feature would be very helpful as well. found in 1 reviews
but i wish i could have more beat options like triplets. found in 1 reviews
Easy to open and use. found in 1 reviews
I think this is a very easy fix. found in 1 reviews

The Metronome Beats Pro is now available for $2.09 for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Metronome Beats Pro app version 2.2.0 has been updated on 2014-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

A valuable tool for keeping time with a new Tablet layout. Useful for music practice as well as exercise, golf putting practice, dancing, and many other activities. On smaller devices set the number of beats ...

I use only the metronome function It is exactly what I need I really appreciate the lights and motion and the clear beats It is especially helpful to me to be able to divide the beats If I get more skilled I am sure that other functions will be useful A great product                     Martha Johansen
Intuitive simple reliable functional                     Calvin Moehlman
Many useful features rock solid                     Bob Miner
I ve used this app for years now really good and simple but recently I needed a timer clock If you could update the app with a timer clock that will be excellent When you re playing to a song you could figure out how long the song is where the breakes are and so on Thank you for letting me know that info about the timer one thought I had is I use the app to play Drums live Have it expand to a Bigger view gracias                 Gizmo Martinez
when the screen goes off the click goes off even with setting selected also getting 6 8 feel with this thing is a headache should be a more user friendly experience for that if I am paying for pro otherwise it s a pretty nice metronome app             Jacob Foster
Great app Lots of different metronome sounds and has all the features a metronome needs The only thing i d love to see implemented is the possibility of having 2 metronomes ticking at once for polyrhytm practice                 Fabio Piredda
I m a drummer needing a programmable metronome Tried a few others but this is the only one that has a working facility to back up my data and import to another device that s worth the money in itself There s a couple of things I d love to see for a future version just to make it perfect 1 As people have mentioned there s a slight delay between hitting start and the click starting especially in Live mode I use it mostly for visual reference during live performance and have to restart the click if there s drift It s hard to sync unless the click starts immediately 2 Having a MUTE button available in Live mode would be great same reason 3 I d love to be able to programme a simple click per song without having to make a preset first 4 Why can t you select a song directly in Live mode rather than just Next Prev buttons 5 REALLY need proper subdivisions per beat rather than just a load of numbers e g I use 1stu00263rd triplet for swing shuffles 6 Please can we have an loop option in presets 7 A skip to next section of song in Live mode would be amazing especially if you add the Loop option Have to use two separate songs to do this now Great app though thanks                 Chris Rowe
Helps me in my drumming practice because I can save several different tempos and repeat them edit them to slightly faster tempos and the like I try to use this every day                     Wendy Scher
I actually rated this before on my old phone It s the best metronome I have ever owned I would like to have the option of selecting for tempos as were on the old analog metronomes also I would like to be able to program long and short beats such as one would find in Balkan music with the short beats as quarter notes and long beats dotted quarter notes I would pay a lot for that                     Charles H. Atwood
lots of options for rhythms makes it great for practicing i love the option to change the pitch and emphasis of the metronome beats                     Hanson Yong
Great metronome love the ability to scale the speed down when practicing so you are keeping the tempo speed and building up to it                     Chris Davidson
Love the app and its constant evolution                     Shlomo Tommer
works like it should with some nice fearures added making it a good choice                     Michael Scott
Hi developer Can you help me fix my problem I purchased this app using my old android phone which is Samsung galaxy s4 It works totally fine However when I installed in my huwawei nova 3i using my same playstore gmail account in the preference settings in preset sounds it does not work when I change the metronome sounds Hope you can address my issue asap because I really value this up that s the reason why I choose to purchase this Many thanks and God speed             Miguel Luis Del Castillo
simple thorough and well done                     Troy Lorusso
I like this app but for a paid version I would hope for a jazzy or blues 1 8 or 1 16 swing beat option I d pay more for those options             Nemo Autor
Amazingly simple and feature rich My favorite features are presets how it shows the tempo name the different settings very thoughtfully placed All in all it s an awesome app                     Kartik Hariharan
Great app Great features Use it for personal practice band practice and live                     Chris York
Most wonderful app for any professional musician or novice alike 1 I wonder for its most accurate beats or rhythm or LAYA or TALA I could very easily create all Taals or Talas including Jhaptal 2 Minutest speed accuracy possible Once created U can save as different files u0026 retrieve at will Purchased so no ads                     Sw N
Works exactly as expected Lots of useful functionality and smooth no hiccups or lagging Easily work the cost The only thing missing would be actually saying the beat vs just sounds and if you could split the beat and the visuals updated as well                 Andre Rembert
Does everything I want and more If it had any more features it would just be a drummer                     Internal Rhyme
works great for me as I wear hearing aids that are paired to my phone                     Steve A
Just what I was looking for allows you to play a number of bars with a click then drop out for some bars then repeat This has really helped me stop rushing my fills during transitions great app                     Peter James
Biggest problem I have with it is it seems slightly delayed when I press play If I try to start it to mesh with a tune or band already playing I have to start on the last up beat of the measure before                 A Google user
you can customize this metronome to change bpm by bars I have mine set to change 2 beats every 4 bars It is by far the best one I have used                     A Google user
proven to be very handy                 William Ziegler
Great but with a minor glitch At the default sound the subbeats are a little bit late                 Matthias Schwaiger
Great app It s got all the features I need and more for intermediate piano                     Masha Bykin
Does what it should and has the right set of features It s been reliable for me well worth the money                     James Fleming
very good metronome but it would be perfect if a loop option was available for the songs                 A Google user
Great metronome app with heaps of built in functions Really digging the tempo up and down function                     John Kostaras
awesome but i d need to be able to save tempo trainer presets as well                     Peter Gray
Much better than my physical metronome Really excellent                     A Google user
Solid Use it every day Thanks for the great design and solid feature set                     Ben Howden
I have been using this app for close to two years and it works great I have no complaints                     Georgene Jones
totally amazing the most convenient metronome app around                     Katherine T. Lauer
very powerful u0026 useful i only wish it played louder                 A Google user
A loop option for songs would make this the perfect metronome app                 A Google user
Easy to use is a that counts                     Clive Longhurst
The features on this really help you improve The speed developer is very useful as is the flexibility of time signatures emphasis and sounds Definitely recommended ud83dude0e                 Great metronome
Works as it should              Great
Cant live without it Just wish you could use it with a drum beat as opposed to just straight metronome              Awesomeness
Just wondering is there a way to stop the metronome say after 12 bars then come back in on 16 just so you can tell that your timing is perfect especially for us beginners                
Great no BS metronome app                 Yeah
No frills functionality Well done                
Of all the apps out there this is one of the better ones Just one thing I really wish you could save the amount of bars to stop at in a present that way you can play the tempo acording to the music like in order And I know it is possible to make times like 78 or 45                 Just one thing
Sometimes I dont immediately get sound despite speaker being enabled and phones volume slider up Is there a silent leadin option Ive missed If so cant find it If my phones memory challenges are the reason I think the app should selftest and advise Suggestion repeats earlier ones requesting autosequenced tempo changes which I can add are demonstrated in the app Practice Music              One anomaly one suggestion
This app is really handy especially when my other metronomes battery wears down Love the new speed train function Developers one thingcould the max speed on speed training also allow direct input The slide bar makes precise value hard to set                 Handy wcool features
Only thing why does it need access to my camera contacts and camera Developer please respond           Great app
Very good                
Great app                
The sound and visual dont sync The lights are ahead of the sound Follow one and youre fine If fixed would be 5 stars           Works well but
Option to create basic click tracks Not worked out how to do 14 note triplets or dotted notes or a clave pattern But why would a musician want a metronome that helped with swing feel and samba May update this review as I get more into the app but its an ok click UPDATE Better Apps on offer at a cheaper price with easier options to use sub divisions etc should you so desire Needless to say this is not my go to metronome but its your money and choice           Basic Click
Does what it says No issues really              Pretty good
This is a great app so I happily paid for the Pro version not just to get rid of ads but to show appreciation to Stonekick As I already stated regarding the free version as wellThe user can customize which types of beat sounds the app makes easily set a wide range of tempos and meters and see vivid visual representations of the beats Another cool feature is setting the tempo by tapping This can also be used to practice ones ability to keep a steady beat Finally the volume can be quite loud very useful for hearing over your enthusiastic fortissimo playing Thanks developers                
You can save various rhythms and even set custom sounds It would be better if I could create ones in odd time signatures              Best metronome yet
Easy to use Plenty of sound options Love the ability to save settings and create multiple setlists              Great app
Does what it should WELL                
Bought to support devs                 Awesome app
The main reason I use it is because you can set it to stop after a certain number of bars something that I really need right now Its a solid metronome definitely one of the better ones on here My biggest problem with it is that you cannot do odd time signatures or at least not that I could figure out how           Not bad
Easy to use and it works It does everything I personally need and does so flawlessly                
This app does everything I need Works when the phone is locked which saves battery during long rehearsals Has song memory and setlists Has tunable rhythms and sounds and so on Thanks for great app                 Great metronome
Great app does what it says on the tin Great selection of click sounds too though it doesnt run under locked screen          
Great stable consistent low battery usage app If I could customize the sounds to actually call out one e and a thatd make it perfect But until then great stuff              Near perfect
Maybe not a lot of advanced features but does the basics very well If you need a basic metronome I recommended it              Great for basics
Rythmically challenged solo acoustic performer hereThis works like a champ to help keep me locked in                 Metronome Beats Pro
The pro version works very well                
App works wonderfully Always there and convenient when i need it Have never had any issues or problems Can break down the beats per minute with different tones when learning difficult pieces Perfect                 I love it
In preparing for auditions being able to preprogram each excerpt into a list and then easily reorder the list for each practice session as this app allows is ideal for getting ready for the uncertainty of the audition                 Love the setlist feature
This app is simple and straightforward and does exactly what it is supposed to do I love it The only thing that could make it better is adding a countdown timer too so that I can make sure Im getting in the practice time Im looking to do using one device and app                 Simple and straightforward
Works simply and does everything you need                 Excellent
Great reliable does what was promised Nothing to complain about at this moment                 Great little app
love it                 awesome
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I bought the pro version to support development Its a great app Even the free version was kind with the advertising which is a good model for other developers to follow My battery life seems shorter since installing this app but it could just be coincidence as other apps get updated regularly I would appreciate the developers testing this out to be sure                 I bought the pro version to support the development
The best                
Very good app                 PM
Best metronome Ive tried out of so many Very complete Excellent work                 Best metronome Ive tried out of so many

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