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Twimler , the publisher behind many Android games (Choppy Blocks ,Jungle Mash ,Hoppy Pops ,Rhinbo - Runner Game ,Fruit Bump), brings Fruit Bump with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Fruit Bump games has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Pretty fast pace game..
  • Excellent mind exercise..
  • Great time waster..
  • I enjoyed playing this it's so much fun and brain twisting..
  • Super fun and entertaining..

Overall Satisfactionc90
I will continue to play this wonderful game everyday.
This is an amazing game you should download it right away :-.
Love love love fruit bump.
An yes I would recommend this game to a friend & family members.
One the best games out there.
Very nice n beautiful n lovely game really I enjoy.
Fun & Engagingc90
Fun game to play with friendson Faceboook and Google.
Very addictive and somewhat challenging in the higher phases.
Excellent awesome game just enjoy playing it.
Love love love this cute and fun and challenging game :.
Very fun game play on my time off or if I'm bored.
This is one of the most fun match 3 games.
Super fun and entertaining.
Totally addictive.
Replay Valuec95
Love love love this cute and fun and challenging game :.
Thanks for the updates to more levels to enjoy.
Thanks for adding new levels to keep it fresh.
Mind boggling.
Production Valuesc97
The fruits and juices and colors and sound effects.
I like the sound effects.
The graphics are really nice too.
the graphics are really cute.
Ease of Usec88
Nice game to pass the time and nice brain skill game.
easy to identify the puzzles.
Great game keeps me amused for hours.
This game keeps freezing and it seems like it is rigged.
I haven't ran into any glitches or problems yet.
Problems after update.
Ads not Intrusivec90

BEst game of the Year. found in 1 reviews
Excellent awesome game just enjoy playing it. found in 38 reviews
Breath of fresh air. found in 1 reviews
I love this game nice to kill time. found in 10 reviews
Nice game with a new twist on match 3. found in 2 reviews
Definitely enjoyable game runs very smoothly. found in 11 reviews
Fruit Bump is my new addiction. found in 3 reviews
I really love this game i also play this on my ipad. found in 1 reviews
Very nice game it keep me busy. found in 11 reviews
Very fun game play on my time off or if I'm bored. found in 14 reviews
Addicting and entertaining for adults and children. found in 1 reviews
Love love love this cute and fun and challenging game :. found in 10 reviews
Verry nice games. found in 3 reviews
This is one of the most fun match 3 games. found in 7 reviews
Mind boggling. found in 2 reviews
Excellent time killer. found in 10 reviews
Very good game keep up the good work a must download. found in 26 reviews
Good for time passer. found in 3 reviews
It will keep you on your toes. found in 1 reviews
Awesome game to play with friends. found in 1 reviews
Great game but annoying ads pop up far too often. found in 1 reviews
love it but almost ready to UNINSTALL. found in 10 reviews
And too many adverts. found in 2 reviews
Game is fun but stops working a lot. found in 1 reviews
Alright game but causes my battery to heat up excessively. found in 1 reviews
Not a bad game have enjoyed it so far. found in 3 reviews
Uninstalling due to the amount of advertising disruption. found in 1 reviews
Will give five stars after the annoying ads are removed. found in 5 reviews
Cool colors but way too many ads and pop ups. found in 3 reviews
BUT the popup ads are really annoying. found in 3 reviews
The game is fun but it'd get 5 stars without advertising. found in 1 reviews
and no waiting for lives to be unlocked. found in 16 reviews
But i got to level 42 and now it wont work. found in 1 reviews
No product support from TWIMLER. found in 1 reviews
I couldn't get out so I had to uninstall. found in 10 reviews
It's fun but too many advertising. found in 2 reviews
I don't like the pop ups. found in 2 reviews
BUT the bad guys. found in 1 reviews
Game good but adverts annoying ininstalling it. found in 2 reviews
its time to uninstall and move on. found in 10 reviews
This game keeps freezing and it seems like it is rigged. found in 6 reviews
Every single time I try to log into face book to share my scores. found in 1 reviews
can't download this game haisssst. found in 2 reviews
Way too many ads. found in 3 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Fruit Bump for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Fruit Bump app version has been updated on 2014-02-6. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.0.1 and up

Love to tease your brain with colourful matching games? Then get your five-a-day with Fruit Bump - a scrumptious, swish-popping-ly-delicious fruit match puzzle game from TwimlerSwipe to high-scoring glory through an array of fun levels, ...

I like the game it is a fun game to play but it needs a way for you to get more life s other than that it is a very fun game to play                     April Doop
That s it I m done Enough is enough with the blocks Why don t you developers make a game like this that is just all blocks and call it Blocks These games are all the same the first couple of levels is the fruit then after that it is nothing but blocks I am sick and tired of the blocks It s just freaking boring     Troy Adamson
I really like the game but I play for relaxation and dont like being timed I prefer an option to be timed or not Iam a senior citizen and the timed part will force me to uninstall Please change it if possible                     Deloris Tait
This is an awesome game The challenges and levels are fun                     Linda Cervera
fun game but I have 1 problem it asks if you want another gem watch the ad am I wrong to expect a gem if I watch the ad I watch the ad but never get a gem                 Pat Molnar
fun game i like this one because if you cant finish with many tries you can skip it so far i love it thank you for this fun game                     Sharon Moreland
this is a GREAT game if you dont like it at first keep playing it will hook you right on in for about two hours or so ive been playing it everyday for a week or so now                     Jan Murray
great game Hand and eye cordination is a must if you want to clear the blocks                     Robert Costello
very fun to play and also very addicting i would recommend it to anyone                     Betty Ybarra
challenging as you move up levels and fun                     Ann Malcolm
Interesting game some levels are harder to solve than others                     Tammie Buchhage
Nice game but still runs a little to slow         vivian jones
Love this game very addictive and no adds brilliant                     Vanda Hughes
don t waste your time more ads than game play deleting app from my phone as we speak     Chuck Farruggia
The game doesn t respect the current volume setting Not so great at work                 Lyne Granum
game freezes up a                 Sheila Shanle
I cant put mine down game is great for stress relieving levels get more challenging as I go download today                     Berk Berkley
Awesomely original and So much fun Thank You for such a Fantastic game                     JacqueLynn A
Very relaxing and entertaining                 Linda Norman
This is a great game passes time by                     Barbara Akers
I just started it seems to be a little easy but I like it                     Shirley Lee
Really fun and a bit addictive                     Wendy Heinbaugh
cute game lot s of graphics                     Wanda Emerson
this game is fun and exciting and addictive                     Shakita Jones
it s fun and challening lots of fun                     Rebecca Frye Frye
Really enjoy it very good app                     obaapa sandy
It s enjoyable good game to play             Stephanie McGough
this game to me was hard than most I have played             James Esters
Better Games Out There Uninstalling         Melissa Freeman
enjoyable game you cantvstop playing it                     Ellen Bennett
game is slow to move fruit                     Linda Dobson
very bad i played and completed 2 zones but bcoz i changed my mobile i hv to play again NOOO WAY if we only have FB we can save what nonsense what about players who don t have FB HATE this game i put so much effort to reach that level all in vain wish I could gv something less than 1star unistalling the game     Farhana Mehtab
2nd time I downloaded this game enjoyed it the first time around though it can be frustrating at times                     JAN OBERHOLTZER
over the years ive really enjoyed playing this game however recently there are way too many ads a few times there were ads after each successive level will be uninstalling soon smh         M M
Nice music nice fruit relaxing and easy going Not too hard and not too soft Just how I like my fruit No pesky time clock so no pesky stress When I fall asleep it doesn t care it s right there where I left it waiting to be solved SOLVABLE Well rounded with ADS It s a noddy come out refreshed and ready for the review Sorry just come across pesky timer Try to handle that with brain damage Total stress Say something time wasters                     brian joseph
sometime s it gets frustrating then the game gets winnable so it is fun                     Yvonne Peddycoart
this matching game is very challenging it s the best ever causes you to focus I recommend it to puzzle lovers                     Stephen Abeiku Awere
Thanks for your reply I have updated todays updation but still the issue has not been resolved After opening the app the screen hangs and nothing happens further No other option remains except to close the app Even after many tries i am not able to open the app The the problem is not fixed Please reply         A Google user

‚ÄčFruit Bump Brain & Puzzle Fruit Bump Level ObjectivesFruit Bump Brain & Puzzle Fruit Bump Level ObjectivesFruit Bump Brain & Puzzle Fruit Bump Level ObjectivesFruit Bump Brain & Puzzle Fruit Bump Level Objectives

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