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Times Internet Limited , the publisher behind many Android apps (TV Times - TV Guide & TV Shows ,BoxTV for Tab ,ET Telecom from Economic Times ,ETRetail by the Economic Times ,ETEnergyWorld ,Times City - Local News Alerts), brings Maharashtra Times with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Maharashtra Times apps has been update to version 1.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best news application..
  • fast news coverage and good looking thanks Maharashtra Times..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Best news app to update with latest news.
Nic app loved it.
Thanks for developed.
Best app in its class.
Fun & Engagingc67
Awesome app Quick Reported.
Thanks for this Awesome app.
Gives up to date information thanks.
It's very useful app.
Good to see everyday.
Very good and helpful.
Keeps us informed about latest developments.
Ease of Usec69
Simple yet efficient.
Easy acess.
The app is fast and has a very clean and simple ui.
easy navigation across sections.
Its very easy mode of e-newspaper.
Ads not Intrusivec83
Updates & Supportc44
New update is nice.

Also good for people who want to learn Marathi. found in 1 reviews
Love it coz I get my fav daily newspaper on phone. found in 5 reviews
New update is nice. found in 2 reviews
Nice apps for online marathi news paper reading. found in 53 reviews
Its great to have fresh news update on regular basis. found in 17 reviews
Maharashtra times of india is most importantas epaper. found in 3 reviews
It's very useful app. found in 2 reviews
current news update and notification is really Gud. found in 7 reviews
Very easy to browse and upto date to current news. found in 10 reviews
This is a good app for marathi news readers. found in 5 reviews
Gives up to date information thanks. found in 7 reviews
I am regular reader of MaTa for last 15 years. found in 2 reviews
Best news app to update with latest news. found in 19 reviews
Best app in its class. found in 1 reviews
Kupacha chan App ahe. found in 4 reviews
mala mahitey he appa khup chan aasel. found in 9 reviews
No clear font on micromax. found in 1 reviews
The City list takes very long time to load. found in 11 reviews
Force close issue. found in 1 reviews
Fully compatible with KitKat now. found in 1 reviews
Good but doesn't have a widget. found in 1 reviews
Superb app from previous versions but needs add free. found in 2 reviews
But need to refresh every section. found in 1 reviews
Plz fix the bug it oftenly stopped. found in 2 reviews
am unable to view the notifications on notification bar. found in 1 reviews
Font problem other wise good. found in 4 reviews
Please solve T problem. found in 3 reviews
needs to be improved for live streaming of Times Now. found in 1 reviews
Update needed badly. found in 1 reviews
but too many ads and pop ups. found in 1 reviews
Too many ads intrusive notification defaults. found in 1 reviews
App is continually crashing. found in 1 reviews
app crashes everytime when back button pressed. found in 2 reviews
No weather report added. found in 1 reviews
Crashing immediately after opening. found in 2 reviews
We want breaking news details when we open the app. found in 2 reviews
But why so many advertisements. found in 2 reviews
Please solve this problem. found in 3 reviews
but advertising makes it worst reading experience. found in 5 reviews
Now it is Not working in offline mode. found in 2 reviews
Dumb app why even bother to make one. found in 3 reviews
Please remove adds. found in 2 reviews
Takes too much time to load a page or article. found in 11 reviews
Unable to read news. found in 2 reviews
Crashes for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 every time. found in 2 reviews
Not good compare to previous version. found in 2 reviews

The Maharashtra Times is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Maharashtra Times app version 1.4 has been updated on 2014-11-03. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.1 and up

Get up-to-date and fastest news in Marathi from the most respected source of information in India. This app allows you to go deep into the various sections so that your web experience can be replicated ...

The application is very good But the only issue is We need to find Privisuly stored papers pages on our devices and delete them whenever we want Or into other words we has to store the articles offline as much time as we wish                 Manoj Deshpande
3rd class app From last 4 5 days Same news appears when i open the app Worst Useless If i have option to give star rating less than 1 It would be 0 001 from my side Worst experience     Abhijit Khobare
Much more improvement need to about notification they showing twice the same notification and also need to news when we are not open app             Vikas Khawale
Fast and compact important news Quite informative and useful                 Ashok Sawant
Many news appears for long time Yesterday s news are to be deleted and the paper should be available date wise             shrikant sane
Excellent but there is always scope for betterment                 Pankaj Ambeskar
How to read one year old articles Unable to find any option in app             Archana Mane
Given news are good but need to improve the apps and includes all district news in apps             gajanan ambalkar
Can alter more Development is needed Some new interfaces should be implement                 VimostlySane VP
Very useful app for daily news upxates for maharashtra and national news                 Rahul Terde
Too much advertising on every news page We can t read news properly We download this app for news u0026 not for your advertisements bad app     G. K.
Add on more features of news with highlights of national news             Samrat Annadate
in app Some articles at the side of device hide the last word in that line please improve this                 Sunil Giri
Please try to increase the font size Your present biggest size is Aldrich small for persons like me Thank you             Sunil Chati
Great app but allow detail on clicking on notification                 afroz chaugule
Local coverage very good and updated news                     Awes Sayed
very useful and if bored we can listen music                     Shreeshail Giddale
Not a single news is opened till date aftwr clicking on tap to read icon     Akshay Angane
Please reduce ads every news so many ads on your apps     PRUTHVIRAJ DHAVALE
I dont wish to receive any Rashi updates I have kept it off still i m getting those every morning This us annoying Kindly help             Samruddhi Garud
very good and neutral views Good coverage I am in USA but feel like in india because of coverage of news                 Suresh Ghorpade
Audio quality is very poor     Vishram Dixit
Improvement needed in UI And biased journalism         Shantanu Bhalerao
It is very informative app I got too much knowledge from it                     ashish kamble
Very proper and true news paper                 Sampatrao Avad
Its not satisfactorily good could be better and not getting updated news as in other news apps             vishal kumbhar
Its not working properly there so many bugs     akshay shirbhayye
improve international and national news quality with analysis facts are also important             Gangaram Rupnar
Please don t have too much personal news on cricket players To cover only game related news                 Sanjay B
Full of advertisement read ads first then news         Nitin Gutte
Everything is perfect EXCEPT Ads                     K
Very good app mata keeps me close to maharashtra Thanks                     kamalakar Khaire
Useful and latest information given in this app                     prabhakar pawar
Don t understand it s news app or ads app Too much ads are showing Everytime cube is showing on screen which can t close Because clickable area of close button is very small U can add ads without disturbing user interface Banner ads     VISHAL CHAVAN
updation is required fast news are needed these days             Prasad Mapuskar
Excellent News Daily Local news updates                     Sunil saindane
Quick And easy to handle             Vinod Desai
The video ads though diaabled through settings play automatically consuming a high data The irrelavant and bad ads are shown or may be thrown repeatedly Do place ads but make sure you do not ruin the experience of the users If not improved I will have to sadly uninstall the app         Kaivalya Sakalgaonkar
Best app Fast and Useful news                     Dnyaneshwar Saste
Very nice aap for known daily new                
u0924u094bu0921u091a u0928u093eu0939u0940 u092fu093e app u0932u093e u0932u092f u092du093eu0930u0940                
Im not able to send my comments on news articles in marathi I dont understand why it shows network error while sending when message is typed in marathi directly in Samsung mobile Im going to uninstall aps     Not able to send messages in Marathi Samsung Galaxy Note 3
10 u0926u093fu0928 u091au0932u093e u0938u093fu0930u094du092b u092fu0947 u0905u092au094d u0905u092c u0913u092au0928 u0939u0940 u0928u0939u0940u0902 u0939u094bu0924u093eu0964    
I like this Appits Useful Appbut 1 ch problm ahe kiYa App madhla Bhavishya page Open nahi hotplzHi Mistake dur kara              Very Good App
u0905u092au0921u0947u091f u091au094du092fu093e u092au0939u093fu0932u0947 app u091au093eu0902u0917u0932 u0939u094bu0924u093e u0906u0924u093e u0932u094bu0921 u0939u094bu0924 u0928u093eu0939u0940     u092cu0915u0935u093eu0938
Please add Night mode u0916u0941u092au091a u091bu093eu0928 u090fu092au0932u093fu0915u0947u0936u0928 u0906u0939u0947 u0938u0930u094du0935 u0915u093eu0939u093f u0905u092au091fu0941u0921u0947u091f                 u090fu0915u094du0938u0932u0947u0902u091f
Dear Team in busy schedule if we miss to visit the MT App we want to open the app on next day then it is not work properly or not opens only buffering seen on screen Please solve the problem           Bapusaheb Arane
Easy access and keeping update    
Its like a dumb Dear MT what you have done with your application it is not responding loading Taking back my stars        Its like a dumb
u092eu0938u094du0924u091a u092fu093eu092a u0906u0939 u0924u093eu091cu094du092fu093e u092cu093eu0924u092eu094du092fu093e u0924u0947 u092au0923 u0935u0947u0933u0947u0935u0930                 u091du0915u093eu0938
This app has attractive features but the app fails to open many a times or opens too latenews notifications are shown timely but when you touch it to read detailed news you are disappointedIt keeps on loading and never opens Fix this bug please           Critical improvements needed
Application Not openingeven in full network updated versionbut still not working     Bad reception
Problem in loading uninstalled and installed it again many times          
u092cu0915u0935u093eu0938 app u092eu0927u0947 u0928u094du092fu0942u095b downlod u0939u094bu0924u094du0924u091au094d u0928u0939u0940u0902       
Newspaper is not properly displayed in Lenovo A 6000 plus Fonts look like teared     Display bug
u0928u094du092fu0942u095b u095eu094du0932u0948u0936 u092fu0947u0924u0947 u0935u0947u0917u0933u0940 u0906u0923u093f u0913u092au0928 u0915u0947u0932u094du092fu093eu0935u0930 u0905u0938u0932u0947 u0935u0947u0917u0933u0940 u0906u0923u093f u0915u093fu0924u0940u0924u0930u0940 u0935u0947u0933u093e u091cu0941u0928u093fu091a u0928u094du092fu0942u095b u095eu094du0932u0948u0936 u0939u094bu0924u0947           u0928u094du092fu0942u095b u0905u092au0921u0947u091f u092cu0930u094bu092cu0930 u0928u093eu0939u0940
If I click on notification that news never comes on top     Not more than this
I am looking for the update and comments I have to pay more attention to detail of the good              Namaste
App is awsome but after new update it does not work at all At startup it fails Kindly check if there is any bug in ur update package              Check new update
I like thi app Any time any where                 Lovly app
MT changle ahe pan 4 divas zale open hot nahi Ata ajun 1 divas vat pahnar nahitar uninstall karnar       
Nice app but doesnt work properly I have to uninstall app and reinstall it minimum twice a week to run it not even working on WiFi without reinstallation But Im so addicted read paper and getting updates through it I like this app           Nice app but doesnt work properly
This app needs up gradations as it gets hanged mostly after about a week and have to uninstall and re install very pathetic     Gets hanged
Doesnt load instantly Thrice I had removed and reinstalled the app on my Lenovo K900 Mobile just because it takes a lot longer to view the app Firstly it shows you the news in notifications and once you want read about it the app doesnt load What nonsense        Doesnt load instantly
More than thrice I uninstalled this appNo doubt app has many good features but it starts too sluggishly So every day I have to waste my timeNevertheless I have Micromax phone which works nicely And yet I have to wait too much It seems terrible           HKMEHTA
Am a regular reader of Mtawas in need of such appthanx              Its very useful to get updated
Also include themes as White Black and Sepia as included in TOI app in play store           Loading became slow as compared to previous versions
Its just an amazing apps i can see news and Current affairs on this love you MTud83dude18ud83dude18ud83dude18                 MT
Sometimes not open this app After reinstalling the app was working fine for 23 days but after that same problem arrives     Many problems in this app
I have UI it more than 3 times but again it take a long to open          
To many push ads and if you close them instead of returning on page where were you it will take you somewhere else those ads get on screen from no where while you are busy in reading something interesting If there is a option i would have given negative stars to this app     u092bu0915u094du0924 u092bu093eu0932u0924u0941 Totaly waste
Need to install uninstall again           Samir Kulkarni
Useless Unreadable Waste of time net data All useless    
3 star deto hya veles           Maharashtra times ne PCB news cha adarsh ghyava tyanchi notification service kontyahi app peksha faster smoother ahe plz app smooth kara its so heavy engine
Regional news                 MT bestnews paperprovides
MT is my Ist chose in all marathi daily marathi news papers It provides fresh and true news I also like to give commentsshare news                
Eates my data plan        Data eater
u0930u094bu091cu091au094du092fu093e u0924u093eu091cu094du092fu093e u0918u0921u093eu092eu094bu0921u0940 u092eu0927u0947 u0938u0926u0948u0935 u0905u0917u094du0930u0947u0938u0930                 good
Only made for adsold one is betterhopeless appdelete     Hopeless

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