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Reliance Games , the publisher behind many Android games (Hawk The Super Hero Tab_Free ,Ninja Strike 2 Tablet ,Shaktimaan: Tab- Lite ,Popping Mania ,Shaktimaan: Tab ,ICC ChampionsTrophy13 TabTrial), brings Pacific Rim with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pacific Rim games has been update to version 1.9.1 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The Pacific Rim is now available for $4.99 for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.9.1 has been released on 2014-02-4. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up

BECOME THE MONSTER TO FIGHT MONSTERSPacific Rim is an all-new action fighting game inspired by the Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures film from acclaimed filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. Piloting weaponized robots known as Jaegers, ...

Really love the movie so I got this game Combat is good for a mobile game but hard and not very exciting parries are tricky sometimes Mech stats and models are not as accurate as I want but it s a simple mobile game so not too bad i like the environments some mission objectives are tricky and buying all the jaegers and upgrades is too expensive missions dont reward enough Cutscenes are too long in battles             Arbaaz Patwari
I m loving the game play but the graphics are a little weak like if you can make it so i can up the graphics it be nice and also the game crashes while playing the survival mode like 3 rounds in and i noticed you guys dont update anymore but at least make it free now so others dont have to waste their money on a game that could be great             Tats classified
It is a very good game my only problem is that it just randomly crashes even at the end or in the middle of a fight and you have to do the fight all over again the monsters seem a tiny bit to hard but it s a fantastic game                     Gerrard Jones the cryptid and ufo Hunter
amazing game play but some times it logs you out and it dose not have anything from pacific rim two but apparet from those set backs it is aamazing and it is sooo coool how they adapt the kajuse so they come in alll catorgories above them with epic graphics                     Soshana Austin
very entertaining over five hours of play time I wish I could save my progress to Google play games so if anything happens to my device I won t lose my progression It would be nice if there is a graphic update and some bug fixes sometimes when I use a special attack or weapon attack the game stops working where I am not ablessed to attack and none of thee buttons work except pause so I can just leave and try again also when I use special attack my opponent still attacks and makes it useless                     Losing HP
It s a pretty fun game Wish it was free but 0 99 isn t that bad One of the best apps on the store based off of the smash hit film                     Christopher Lutz
I love the game before it was after it stopped letting me in to the app I deleted the game 2 times and every time I try to go back in the game it says PACIFIC RIM has stopped this happened after a day I payed 2 bucks for this game and I bought a 10 dollar pp at the black market in the game so that s 12 buck wasted Also if you gise find a way to fix it for the phone Samsung J7 woxh the phone I have let me know         Leandro cancado
what is going on the texture on Jaeger model is now so low res even when the surronding building and weapon still have high res What     Because I am indy
its a good game but theres too many bugs ill be going for a highscore on survival and it will just randomly freeze in the execution sequence also im trying to give you guys money but everytime i try to go into the bank the app freezes this needs to be fixed asap             Preston Campagna
unbelievable I had to delete the game to make room for a sys update and then I reinstalled this I launch it to find all my progress gone so much time money and effort gone     xTFLogical Ohio
I love the game the quality you have done the amount of work u have put in I rate it a 5 star great game                     Crazy MYD
maybe can u make the Pacific rim uprising and u can put the new jaegers and the old jaegers and old kaijus and the new kaijus plsss put it and not to sound mean but can u put better graphics the game was fun tho                     The Ferrin Family
it a brilliant game I enjoy playing it but could you add a link account for Google like you did with Facebook so your game progress could be saved and doesn t get lost also when I change to a different jaeger my weapon upgrade progress resets which is a nightmare Also the graphics could be better but im happy with the game                 A Google user
Had to get a refund just kept crashing every time I tried to open it     David Maynard
graphics are pretty bad hope there is a settings to adjust graphics and add more kaijus and more jaegers and I hope the jaegers can move around not just standing in front of the kaiju evading attacks make the jaegers move back and forth and sideways hope you fix this in the next update and I will give 5 stars or I will ask for a refund so I will be waiting for the next update                 Maeldred Prado
the story mode is too short and not enough monsters or robots     Ian Dawkins
it was pretty good a little glitchy but still it was worth the 2 bucks                     Stampy Boy
Please do add some special attacks and buttons and some additional gears like a ninja gear or a weapon please do lessen up the rate to acquire awesome gears and weaponry game is awesome and it would be great if you get to see and upgrade in details the robots thank you and more power                 Joseph Michael Facundo
I has a problem My jaeger doesn t show up when I play neither does the kaju Please help             Declan Auld
awesome game just needs updates on grathics and the jagers could have some work but awesome fights                 A Google user
Used to be good It s a bit of a joke now because the characters are invisible and I can t play the game     Marco Yuen
The first couple of weeks I had this game the play would rotate between daytime and night time detailed graphics and mostly silhouetted weak graphics Then it goes to 100 silhouetted weak graphics during all gameplay A week game to start with but this is ridiculous lazy app creators     KWT Efx
graphics are glitched and cannot see the battle     The Lil G Channel
Very nice game even though the grafics are not that good it is awesome                     Bhavan Reddy
Please add more contents like kaiju being playable add 3rd arm to crimson typhoon or at least make customizable jaegers So I could put jaegers other parts to my favorite jaeger Thank you for this action packed pacific rim game though                     Gabriel Godez
this was terribal didn t spell it right I know this game was updated 4 years ago but I can t even see my own character Im bad at spelling or my opponet This is a waste of money Anybody reading this don t by the game         Superbatman108
Missing textures and invisible kaiju Refunded     Hans Brandt
the 7 minute challenge is so hard how could i finish it more than 7mnts 5 kaiju is easy to beat with striker so how could i finish it dummy         Zachary Ramos
There s a bug can t see the characters i can only hear them     Eric Angelo Enrique
the controlls are easy but my only problem is the graphics and THE glitch that disables your ability to fight nut further this game is great and way past its price of R10                 Little Dwarf
Its lit but could someone please update this The graphics are trash and the controls don t always work I love the game though                     Kara Springs
Graphics need improvement and crimson typhoon has to have its third arm and please decrease the price on the jeagers it takes long as to buy one apart from that really great game                     Maxey Boy
For me Pacific rim stopped working so i had to delete the game the i downloaded the game back but it gets really slow                 Liam Smith
It s great and all but the colors of the jaegers are not working                 Jack u0026 Carson S
I like the game but the graphics are not that very good                 Soul Wolf
Crazy game and poor graphic I cant even see the Kaiju and the Jaeger For other fan of pacific rim pls dont download this app     rjay delgado
I love the game plz ADD in Pacific Rim Uprising Jaegers and Kaiju and we can choose if we want to be Kaiju or Jaegers and we get to keep our history say if we deleted it and then reload the game we can get our old account back                     King Pruthiah M2v
I like that it s a Pacific Rim game and it incorporates a lot of the stuff from the movie                     Henry Herrera
where is the monster oh wait where is the robot all i can see is floating orange disc i buy this to play robots not ghosts     Paulus Hutagalung
Game constantly force closed on Pixel 3 honestly wasnt that impressed the controls are pretty meh     Frank Vieira
I paid for this game and Ive spent 20 on it as well and yet theres ads after every single fight not cool I understand you need to promote other games but seriously you need to find a different way no one likes ads being shoved in there face     Seriously
This is a fun game but I find it has alot of glitches for example every time I upgrade my weapons up a level they somehow lose the upgrade after a few fighting then I buy them again and the upgrade disappears again              Upgrade glitch
I bought this awhile ago but waited to play until after seeing the movie This game is garbage avoid at all costs A quick cash in it is filled with unavoidable video advertising and blurry textures on top of an uninspired infinity blade clone Do not purchase this garbage     Blurry bad ads
This game is great but I dont get how too beat lvl 14                 Okaybut
This game is awesome but in mission 14 I think when I do the missions and objectives right 8th says I didnt fix plz              Ok
There should b a jump grab and kick botton and 3 arms on crimson           Its good
Men I bought it i bought something yes yes whooooooo tnx it even my favorite game hahaha and for haters their just jealous they cant make a better game in ur face losers hahaha u guys are idiots for putting that comment                 Oh ye
I upgrade my hand or the straight bladesand it back to level 1 I done this two more timesand finding out this is costing me to much time Please fix this issue        Glitch found
its not like infinity blade its still kinda buggy you should give us more graphic settings and sensetivity so we can have better feal and speed still none the less its a beautiful game ty              needs graphics options
Otachi is the one that spits acid not raigu Try to make all the weapons specs more realistic from the movie I dislike that the sword compartment for gypsy danger is so giant and the plasma cannon is on the inside of the forearm Add another arm on Crimson typhoon He is not supposed to have two arms Also dont make all the jeagers cost so much It takes forever to reach the amount of money needed to purchase a jester that is required to complete a mission        Details are wrong
Add the third arm for crimson cause he looks weird Oh and if you do add thunder cloud formation                 Weeeee
Good game but since I paid for it Id rather give you guys 5 stars after you remove the irritating adds             
I would give them five stars but they messed up on three kaius 1 2 Raiju and Otachi Otachi is the one who is supposed to spit the acid not raiju and otachi doesnt even fly or use its tailud83dude21 WATCH THE MOVIE And one thing Y U NO HAVE UNDERWATER BATTLES 3 Leatherback His frikin energy pulse thing from his back should shut down Striker Eurika like it does in the movie for a short time at least 5 seconds ud83dude1eud83dudc4cThey also messed up Crimson Typhoon He has 3 arms 3ud83dude20ud83dude20ud83dude20ud83dudc94ud83dudc4e              Get your kaijus straight ud83dude21ud83dude12ud83dude20
Hi there are a few days I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I am a beautiful person I will have the right place to start with this was not able the first one is not                
I like it but its basically the same thing over and over again except the enemy gets stronger every try              Fun but the same
Its a very enjoyable game but if any one is still working on this game if I replay some of the levels in the story mode with a different jager the enemy never loses health           Invincible enemies some times
Had to pay couldnt earn money and when I tried paying for coins it went through but didnt give me coin sucks    
This game has bad graphics the controls are terrible and its NOT worth the dollar you pay for it Its mindless and now I cant even have a refund The movie was good but now I dont even want to think of anything related to this monstrosity Do NOT buy this evil price of software     This game is a waste of money
You pay for the game but are bombarded with ads and by mission 16 you have to pay to play     Good game many flaws
Why do we pay for a game that is loaded with pop up ADs Just to exit the game you get hit with 2 DO NOT BUY     Why pay for ADs
Its great but not perfect The game itself is good but overtime its get boring and it lack variety of moves and need some finishing touches like if I do a special movefinisher its always the same in different Yeager mech why dont just make each Yeager have their own unique move I really do like this game but I dont love it because its still not finish and of course theres still a view bugs to be fix              Its great but not perfect
Great movie Awesome game But you should also be more accurate with your information on Jeagers and Kaiju You should also add a feature where you get to choose to be a Jeager pilot or a Kaiju and add multiplayer battles such as Team fight Death match Jeager vs Jeager Kaiju vs Kaiju and so forth Alsotry to touch up the graphics a little bit It would be worth paying for but if youre not going to put any effort into fixing up the game then there is no point in buying it The only reason for my five stars is because Pacific Rim was a great movie so therefore it should have a great mobile game as well And if there are going to be ads at least make a premium version with all that I suggested above plus no ads Thx                 A
This is a fun and cool app and for all of you peeps that are stuck on mission 14 all you gotta do is dodge the attacks                 Awesome
Really ads after making me pay for the game The game itself is fun enough but come on              Why ads in premium game
I dont even get to punch onibaba one bit and please REMOVE BLOCK attack from the kaiju then I can finish this Misson     Misson 14 is impossible
The button mission including the history got error it brought to to another mission nothing like it stated in the details the special move button after desperately clicking to reach 200 the move failed to react both just standing there only way is to quit very annoying when you are a out to win        Good game but
I love this game and i dont care if crimson typhoon has 2 arms and i like the graphics                 Oh yaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Wont give me my money     Money
Its awesome I mean I know crimson typhoon has 3 arms not 2 but it might be in the past to the film THIS IS WHY IT HAS BETA MISSIONS PEOPLE I personally think its a bit repetitive but its good Also I did a glitch where Tacit Ronin has his Ultimate Ninja skin He actually disappeared in the end cuttscene XD                 Its awesome
Please fix when you shoot you cant attack           Great game
If you add multiplyer not split screen or facebook friends but another person that has a android if you do add multiplayer i give it 5 stars              Cool game
Please fix it well one more time or more my graphic is so horiable i bought it for 199 dollars please fix the graphic because my graphic so diffrent like another playet who play pacific rim android Thanks and remember fix it thanks                 To who make pacific rim android game
Same thing over and over I got bored by round 3 just the same boring game     Super repetitive and boring
I liked it at first then when I paid for more coins it did not give them if its not fixed it will be uninstalled    
I tried to make a purchase and this game took my money but didnt give me what I purchased Ill give a better rating when I get what I paid for        Stolen my money
and not even in a good way Swipe swipe swipe without even looking at the screen Yawn Unskippable alwaysthesame midbattle and intro sequences get really old really fast Not faithful to the source material either Crimson Typhoon has 3 arms not 2     Boring repetitive mindless
Im a level 10 and I replayed a mission with maxed out weapons and armor and when I finished it all vanished it took me ages to fg get them all     All my upgrades are gone
Downloaded this app a few months ago and couldnt get past the loading screen got a refund than decided to give it another shot now it says theres an error downloading and nowthe refund button is nowhere to be found    
Disappointed with typhoon two arms only very repetitive but nice but also very low funding not nice But not worth wat I paid for the game        So so

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