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flyable , the publisher behind many Android apps (FiiNote Full function Key ,PDF2JPG ,FiiNote, note everything(New!) ,FiiRecorder Key ,FII Enter Code(PayPal, etc.) ,Backup your folders), brings FiiNote, note everything(New!) with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FiiNote, note everything(New!) apps has been update to version 9.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Mind blowing app..
  • The best handwriting app I have come across and it's free..
  • Possibly and unbiasly the best note taking app..
  • best app on the market and a must have for students..
  • Mind boggling app..

Overall Satisfactionc90
Possibly and unbiasly the best note taking app.
and an excellent note application for first timers.
The best handwriting app I have come across and it's free.
Way better than Evernote.
The best stylus writing app ever.
The best noting application.
Fun & Engagingc84
Awesomeness in an app.
Very functional application use it all The time at work.
This is the most awesome tablet app for writing.
note everything is FreeNote+ on steroids.
Lots of useful features.
Production Valuesc40
graphics design.
Ease of Usec65
intuitive way.
Intuitive and visually appealing.
It is the most convenient note app I have ever used.
Its very responsive and easy ability to switch between writing.
Updates & Supportc19

This is the most powerful program I use so far. found in 1 reviews
FiiNote is to FreeNote as Windows 7 was to XP. found in 3 reviews
The best note application I ever used. found in 2 reviews
Best Android App for Lecture Note taking. found in 4 reviews
Best note app to date. found in 2 reviews
It's taking me a while to learn the user interface. found in 6 reviews
and an excellent note application for first timers. found in 3 reviews
The best app I ever downloaded. found in 1 reviews
My pick for Note/ Notebook app. found in 4 reviews
Storage issue. found in 1 reviews
Voice input not working properly. found in 1 reviews
Best note taking but lack of sync function etc. found in 1 reviews
Very Convoluted. found in 1 reviews
If you just want a simple note app I would look elsewhere. found in 2 reviews
Can't launch. found in 1 reviews
Please fix to resize instead when switching between landscape and portrait mode. found in 1 reviews
I'm very disappointed in the price to upgrade. found in 3 reviews
with a rather unintuitive interface. found in 2 reviews
Has promise but needs a lot of work. found in 1 reviews
it has all i needed except for 3 small things. found in 1 reviews
But the interface and icons are way too confusing. found in 2 reviews
8 Update Botched Handwriting. found in 1 reviews
but its not worth 17. found in 2 reviews
UI needs improvement. found in 1 reviews
Downside= no html export with audio files. found in 2 reviews
Needs better export. found in 1 reviews
Promising but no user manual. found in 1 reviews
but can still be improved. found in 1 reviews
Also what happened to the alarm feature. found in 1 reviews
ads "full function key " keep appears. found in 4 reviews
Difficult to work with. found in 7 reviews
Love FreeNote but failed to connect to server. found in 1 reviews
Annoying prompts to upgrade. found in 3 reviews
cannot change notes storage location to SDCARD. found in 2 reviews
Dreadful on nexus 7. found in 2 reviews

The FiiNote, note everything(New!) is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new FiiNote, note everything(New!) app version 9.1 has been updated on 2014-01-2. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.0 and up

We will support Japanese, Korean, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian before July 20FiiNote is the most convenient note app for android.The app is compatible with android 2.0 android 4.3(and later). It is designed for both ...

Very multifunctional note taking app Excellent alarm system to bring critical notes to your attention I love the endless ways I can use it Thank you so much for the continued support and development of the app                     Michael James
App was working fine Handwriting experience improved after in app purchase Not sure why but there was issue of pop ups even after purchase Developer responded promptly Now app is working fine 4 stars especially for quick and positive response                 Sagun Sawant
text editing obstructs the text box canvas text editing                 ilias
excelent app easy to use thanks a lot for the developer                     Supri Adi
Awesome Many features combined in this app that normally require multiple note apps                     P A
the best note app i have ever seen just please improve calculator it will be remarkable thanks alot                 pulad tasar
seems my prev review was deleted somehow great best thanks recommend A few things When edit a note it now asks what input you want to use how it asks to paste links if you have them in clipboard how when you go to paste a link it asks if you want to do is unessisary and in the way many extra steps i suggest to make dif because you can easily do these actions without the prompts ps The paint is good i use it to draw and prefer to use it to handwrite word limit                     A Google user
Amazing note app with lot of options to choose from handwriting to paint Gesture recognition works good I love this app dint find any fault as such I am using the handset One Plus 3 app version 12 1 0 4                     Shruti Bhat
It needs two very important improvements 1 Widget should be Scrollable 2 Width of page in widget 6x6 should be more than 1080 upto 1300 so the page can fully fit into widget width and so more broad viewable page width             Basant Jain
it is exceptional but no fonts                     sai bunny
I have paid for the full functions and for removing the adds but still doesn t work Kindly fix this problem Thanks     Emanuel Sea
For some reason I have been charged 3 times The software is nice but lacks a lot of features compared to Apple s notability             Moshe Uzan
convenient and useful app                     Igor Platonenko
Excellent Development its what i was searching for                     Pawankumar Gurav
Done Great keep on Adding Everything                     Arshan Reddy
very good better than other app much more                     Siu Yee Ma
i have moved fii note base file location as it is to another handset now i am trying to open it in the fii app it wont allow me to do so you have suggested me to restore the data however it is asking to restore from zip file which is not my case even i tried to zip it in my laptop and restore it but it was not allowing kindly suggest how to open those pages notes when not zipped     Anil Mahatme
I ve resorted to a Samsung pocket since my Huawei mate 20 was stolen last week I stumbled across this power little app with too many incredible functions inside Unlimited canvas can u handle that Loads of text colours options galore works flawlessly If you have ever lost your joy phone this app will bring it back                     Tracy Fotco
Does it suppot auto sync I noticed that the app syncs only when I open it but not in the background                 Victor Ip
the app is perfect the only suggestion i have is adding notebox for example i have written a passage and i want to add a short description for some particular words in other hand i don t want the description to be showed in my passage it s better the description to be in a text box that as i click on opens add this feature and get the last star                 Hamed Karimi
This app is great you can type hand write or paint precisely what I was looking for works perfectly with my Samsung Tab S5e I m using a cheap crapy stylus and the app still manages to do very well I recommend getting a stylus specifically designed for writing and painting                     Giovani Carballo
Omg I absolutely love this app I am a writer so it is perfect for recording my thoughts research images and more I know that I am not using the app to its full capacity but I will learn all of the features eventually I give this app a perfect ten                     Essica Slaton
i used freenote original version of fii note i made 200 pages of important notes using it thinking it is a good piece of apk now i changed phone and i have to export all the 200 doc one by one as pdf they have no function to select multiple files and export them one shot what a terrible featured apk     andrew ysk
Limited backup options Only own developer cloud Could hold my data hostage at anytime and require me to buy Premium in the future     Ammar Kuzu
FiiNote is most best app for note on android just tell me how this amount of options is there on just 2 MB i really shocked i think this is genusly and google play should develop this type of applications and in last i want to say well done guys to producer group                     A Google user
There is nothing intuitive about the interface and nowhere to turn for help I have searched the web extensively and there is no info other than copy and paste mentions in app lists Please support the app with some tutorials     John Scott
Please fix The only thing that is really annoying about the app is that when I am trying to place the writing cursor somewhere and click on the canvas a little menu always appears to cover where I want to write The only way to make it disappear is to click again on the canvas and half of the time the writing cursor is gone I really like all the features on this app but that little menu is driving me nuts I wish it could disappear and I ve tried changing the options but there seems to be nothing I can do to take it out                     Angela
This is the most feature rich handwriting app I ve ever used AND the only one I ve been able to use on a smartphone Honestly what this app needs most is a fresh coat of paint The dated interface does not do it justice Handwriting is so good It automatically breaks my writing into words It reflows handwriting nicely so it looks good on a big screen or small Oh and OCR for handwriting It has that too but you have to dig for it Also shape recognition custom themes etc etc                     Delyle Polet
Excellent note taking app Intuitive when it comes to handwriting I also like the fact that I can export my notes as pdf s and jpg s Then I insert these images into my posts on monkkee Those complaining that this app is not free should go elsewhere I imagine this app took a lot of work to create I m using it for free with ads and I highly recommend it still Guess these are the same people that expect free education housing and more My only complaint is that this should be a one time purchase not a subscription but then again they have to pay for server storage                     Johnny C.
I ve been using this app for years It is hands down the best handwriting app you will find anywhere I have a Samsung note 9 now and using the phone s note taking feature with the stylus is STILL not as good as FiiNote No note taking app anywhere and I mean anywhere comes even close to how well this app renders handwriting It can do checklists with handwriting or typing you can draw on the same page that you write and you can organize everything into separate notebooks A                     Clio Conradie
The most useful app I have it really is Good for quick notes just like grabbing a pen and paper On the most basic level it s easy to use like a simple quick notepad yet it is not a simplistic app I ve not anywhere else come across such a versatile app from dated record keeping to general note taking it makes things so easy Particularly useful for mind mapping by hand more than specialist apps because of the handwriting facility                     Katherine Le Flufy
Firstly thank author to give text voice image hand write etc in one screen Even though it is bit difficult to understand certain function after use of few pages we see most of the functions are incorporated As we are using touch system in phone some functions are activated on pressing letter for few seconds I have seen certain negative comments on certain function but i found most of already built in I am enjoying this app i found after 30 app i tried and this app suits my need                     Balasubramanian T
Wonderful writing tool                     RED redstar
Good application but I wonder The application is good and full of good features but you proceeded with programming and forgot a very important issue Using paint to write notes makes the page panning more and more heavy then you suggest me to group the strockes into one You know this is not the solution still I need the strockes to be in an ungrouped state so I can delete some of them later I think you have a big problem dealing with memory and this may cost you alot of time to repair I did not see this issue in other applications eg Squid and Onenote Solve this problem and add a strock eraser that works well with Spen Capability and you will be among the best             Ahmed Salahuddin
UPDATE I uninstalled and reinstalled and now the drop down arrow shows up for homepage selection Ok so far it would be nice if there was a setting to make it default to a list of notebooks when opened instead of defaulting to display all notes Not much point in putting items in individual folders if all the items are just going to be jumbled together and visible on the main screen when the app is opened                     Lisa Fry
A perfect app I love it more every time I use it An abundance of the intuitive features I mainly use it for handwritten note taking and a calendar I m now a level 2 subscriber The only downside is the relative lack of instructions but who reads them anyways                     eka m

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