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Backflip Studios Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Paper Toss ,Solitaire by Backflip ,Army of Darkness Defense ,Hamster: Attack! ,NinJump Deluxe ,NinJump), brings Paper Toss with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Paper Toss apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


If you are Android owner,you now can download Paper Toss for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-11-01. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access , view network state ,
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The hit mobile casual game is now available for Android Toss a ball of paper into a trash can in six office themed levels of varying difficulty. Game includes: -6 Gorgeous Levels -Global Online Leaderboards -Hi-Res graphics for newer ...

Scotty just because someone may not like the game does not mean they are wrong They might even be right And yeah theyre haters So what Not a bad thing They are aloud to hate the game And they are not idiots either So shut up and dont say that You jerk     YOU are wrong
I JUST FEEL DUMB PLAYING IT and it is probably good for basketball player also this could be funny by putting yourself lazy and do the same thing XD                 This game is dumb but
This game very addictive a good time pass n to throw all the waste things away from us it gives good feeling                 Very nice
It sucks in all aspects the creators dont deserve computers I feel cheated out of life because I spent precious non returnable minutes on this to discover a new level of dissapointment I havent been this let down since the seahawks lost the superbowl This was sadder than chucky not having a mom to dance with in the rugrats movie     wack
Its fun not boring and it gives different levels and places to paper toss into the waste basket in stead of working Maybe you can come up with some more annoyances for the fellow employees to say              Paper toss
Besides not having to pickup the wads of paper from missed trash can shots Its a great tool for brain storming helps my frustration repetition dexterity building competition fun all around useful app for all ages              Paper Toss GREAT FUN
At first i didnt get it but know i understand and its very helpful when im bored i just play this game and i feel better but the hard is very hard                 Nice game
If you are bored and have loadsss of time then this is the best game to kill it p                 Good and addictive game
I didnt like it it was so boring and you do not going to liked thats my opinion now way to do so if you want this game you are not good to liked       
Takes some getting used to but hopefully will have it down soon Cant beat the price              Just starting out
I uninstalled it about 2 years ago because of bad performance Reinstalled it today when I came across it and was pleasantly surprised Working well No crashes good visuals and no problems              Great game
Like the game as well as the angry co workerscould you make them cursewhen they really get mad              Great way to put away some extra time you may have on your handsaddicting too
Its really fun when you are bored not easy though but once you get use to it its fun And um well when things like this happening its really fun day just play alongsee yu                 Exelent
Lots of fun Good way to waste time if you have time to waste                 Paper toss
Its alright Its one of the first smartphone apps its fun if u have 5 minutes after that kinda boring but still cool              Its alright
I like it but it used to have different choices for what to throw in the trash van also it used to have the bosss office and I like the other one better but this one is alright           Its alright
This game is really crappy makes me wanna take a nappy you might call me tacky but the game is very laggy you can call me shaggy by the way loved the game SIKE                 Crappy makes me want to take a nappy
I love the concept of this game Simple yet fun Fun to play when waiting around looking to kill some time                 Great time killer
Its a game for when ur waiting around or just bored out of ur head              Not a bad game
Its a good to pass the time a very simple game when ever i am bored i just play this those who are bored just play game and you will be refreshed                 The best game to pass the time
Apart from the good graphics those coworkers are thumbs up I could imagine myself in a real office and tossing paper balls in the trash can at the same time annoying my coworkers D I just hope theres an option where we can turn off the electric fan              Those coworkers
cool game no problems there could be more difficulties the game But really really fun game                 amazing
This game is hard but my score is 120 and my score that is my best and my new score is 123 and my new best is 105 so thats my old one so the next there is 120 and new one that was 123 and it is a little bit harder so I try a best score and this game I will rate 5 star its cool                 Aswome
First off I think the game is great The thing that I dont like are the ads I understand theyre needed since its a free game Even coming here and clicking the button to rate the app gave me a video ad              Great game annoying ads
I got this for my granddaughter shes 5 so you can Imagine if youve played it I take care of her while mom dad work She giggles constantly while she plays it I dont know if she is playing it right At this point I dont care it keeps her happy when Im busy Any gramma out there hear me                
Where did the boss go What about the different types of things to toss Put them back and ill give 5 stars for now it stays at 1     Where is boss level
I remember this game so Im getting it Me and my sister used to play all the time on her iPod when we were youngerud83dude16 miss them days But I have it back just without my sister ud83dude1e shes 18 but she plays visits us she is here for the summer but she is going back Monday              Good times
But you can only through one thing why cant you through different stuff I would rate it 5 stars but you can only through paper but its still a good game              Good game
Pretty strait forward IDEA I think you should get money for successfully getting the ball of paper into the trash Then with that money you could buy better balls that are maybe more accurate or maybe just fancy Like you have different types of paper such as scratch paper printer paper painting paper etc etc That would be cool              Great game
Good game bit annoyingly addictive but okaywish there were less pop ups but they dont really interrupt play              Addicted to it
You can make it advance by making people moving and we have to throw the paper please thingh about ir              Nice
Its a fun game The kids love playing it and have fun competing against each otherOne thing that does disappoint me though is they no longer have the selection for the boss the kids loved blowing up the fish tank and the boss if u guys brought that part of the game back I would rate it 5 stars              Like it
The people who hate this game are haters This game is the best time waster and awesome Other paper toses will freeze up But this won doesnt freeze up I love it Hey people dont listen to all of those haters This game is the BEST Haters you are so wrong and EDIOTS                 Hey you haters
Great game very addictive If you want to enjoy yourself this is the perfect game for you One bad side which is why I didnt give it five stars is that there are annoying ads that pop up while you play and after your game has ended All in all its a great game              Great
Someone said stupidest game ever Well thats calling my name I love it Basic and pointless I cant stop playing Encore Encore                
I love love this game I have never wrote a message about any app before But this one WAAHOO ADDICTING Yes I like it can you tell Lol We all have times when our lives feel so stressful and out of control If you want a game that will take your mind away from lifes drama for a little while you have found the right one Throw your drama into the can A game like this helps me I dont know if it will help you in this way For meI LOVE BEING ABLE TO TAKE MY MIND AWAY for a little while Thank you                 OMGOSH ADDICTING
Im not very good at the harder levels but Im having fun with the Airport level Great way to pass the time                 Great little app
This app is very realistic We all want to be bored in offices and I love all the levels apart from the basement one which glitches The app But all the other levels are fine so it gets four stars              Great app
It is cool but it glitches sometimes by I use it when Im bored my friends say its stupid but I LOVE it              It was a great app
Great time waster Doesnt have to have great graphics or giant adventure You flick paper into a can with a fan variable for wind So pointless its genius Dont download if you expect more then that because its not Great game for what it is 5ud83cudf1fud83cudf1fud83cudf1f                 Entertaining pointless dumb game

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