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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Schemer ,Scoreboard ,Google Earth ,Google Apps Device Policy ,Google Body ,Google Shopper), brings Games with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Games apps has been update to version 1.1.04 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Excellent way to track progress..
  • Big fish fun game..
  • Love the video poker games..
  • I been using the game center on the iOS devices..
  • and add the social aspect into mobile gaming..

Overall Satisfactionc63
Big thanks Google for adding support for levels higher than twenty.
Better than Apple game center.
Much better than ios.
Awesome and I recommend to android game lovers.
One of the best online gaming experience in android device.
Fun & Engagingc78
awesome games for ever good game good luck.
This has awesome games.
Just a addictive game.
Nice addictive game.
Wow awesome.
Google play make everything easier.
Made everything easier.
Repeat Valuec90
We people need more levels.
Give more levels up to 50.
Social Aspectsc62
It is nice to play multiplayer games with others and much more.
Doesn't work as a multiplayer game client.
Rock always finding something fun to play with friends.
I cant play with friends and get friends this sucks.
Can compete with friends and I know what they are playing.
and add the social aspect into mobile gaming.
U can see your friends' level & also compare head to head scores.
Good online multiplayer platform.
pretty and the social features are great.
Security & Privacyc36
This is basically an Google Plus for your android games.
as everyday I was receiving notification to change my password.
Updates & Supportc35
For an old version bye arsehole.
its always says update to latest version.

DHS Texas Hold em. found in 3 reviews
Thank you for the opportunity to compete everyone Google Play. found in 16 reviews
Yo Yo Honey Singh. found in 4 reviews
Also wizard of oz. found in 3 reviews
Like Zombie Tsunami Candy Crush Saga Subway Surfers. found in 7 reviews
And it makes it easy to play online multi player. found in 10 reviews
Makes every game more competitive with achievements and leaderboard stats. found in 3 reviews
I love this app because I find cool games hehehehe. found in 9 reviews
Got addicted to mobile games thanks to this achievement system. found in 10 reviews
Great selection of games needs more beeline games and cooking games. found in 3 reviews
Game rock n roll hu hunny. found in 1 reviews
Great thanks for raising lvl cap. found in 6 reviews
Just a addictive game. found in 3 reviews
my talking tom has more fun games. found in 3 reviews
Do this in app swipbin this order up up down down left right left right. found in 7 reviews
Gaming is much more enjoyable with this. found in 2 reviews
Universal gaming profile that allows you to unlock achievements. found in 5 reviews
Nice that you can play with other players. found in 3 reviews
Keep trying to download games but it says insufficient space. found in 9 reviews
It crashes whenever I try to log in. found in 23 reviews
Have it set to login on all my games. found in 35 reviews
Keep getting "failure to connect to google play services" error now. found in 7 reviews
and then you must install new version google play service. found in 7 reviews
Google please install a feature for gaming saving progress. found in 7 reviews
Going to uninstall if someone doesn't fix it. found in 86 reviews
I cant connect with respawnables game which i play a lot. found in 16 reviews
Doesn't list my installed games if I don't have mobile service. found in 30 reviews
cant see the size of the app before downloading anymore. found in 7 reviews
Downloaded update cant play underworld empire now please fix your updates. found in 22 reviews
I can open game normal day but on this app. found in 4 reviews
Google needs to merge Google+ and Play Games into one App. found in 7 reviews
Needs humble bundle support. found in 6 reviews
I like it but please raise level cap. found in 4 reviews
It says to install latest version but I've already installed. found in 99 reviews
It wont run unless i update google play services. found in 10 reviews
Let's have the option to add friends through our contact list. found in 15 reviews
Give me the option to remove games I don't play anymore. found in 6 reviews
I don't want to share my Google plus info with games. found in 24 reviews
I want to uninstall this preinstalled but it's not working. found in 86 reviews
Screw you Google for requiring a Google plus account to leave reviews. found in 24 reviews
Google play service has stopped working. found in 27 reviews
the message Google play store had stopped appears every time. found in 247 reviews
Force closes immediately on my 2013 Nexus 7. found in 30 reviews
Keeps telling me i need to install latest version. found in 99 reviews
Update removed save game data. found in 44 reviews
No option to uninstall and save memory space for something useful. found in 86 reviews
Keeps disconecting to COC it keeps saying you to install the latest version. found in 23 reviews
It said im level 4 but it shows im level 2. found in 37 reviews
but still showing that update to latest version for using this app. found in 23 reviews
Showing no Internet connection even if an active wifi is available. found in 32 reviews
Can't get my clash of clans village on my new phone. found in 209 reviews
This apps very useless because cannot reset game progress. found in 29 reviews
Wish it just showed your installed games by default. found in 30 reviews
This version is unable to login to my Clash Of Clan Village. found in 35 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Games for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.1.04 has been released on 2014-11-05. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Games in Google Inc.`s Official Website :

Google Play Games app is the easiest way for you to discover new games, track achievements and scores, and play with friends around the world. It brings all your gaming on Google Play together in ...

This a review of google play in general I have loved the android platform from day 1 however the gaming pay for play pay to win Or just pay for content is out of control with a i designing specific algorithms for developers to milk people like cows There are tons of great games and great concepts but you have created the wild west of cash grabs in gaming i would like to see google be a bit more proactive in weeding out bad non responsive developers and do a better job of testing for greed     micah ritter
Kind of a loser thing to do but since I can t rate the play store I ll just do it here Just wanted to say wow it s amazing how much garbage you have to sift through to find any kind of quality games on Android There are games that I ve been wanting to try that I ve been pre registered for for like 8 months that haven t been released I m about to just give up on looking for new games completely Standoff 2 is literally the only mobile game worth playing and I ve tried hundreds fk the store     Keenan Ballantino
You managed to break Solitaire It now has sluggish animation input lag and often crashes to my home screen Sol i taire I don t know how you would go about gumming up Solitaire of all things but I guess with Google all things are possible Edit The 28 August update seems to have improved things somewhat Solitaire is still not quite as smooth as it used to be but it s 70 of the way there and hasn t crashed on me so far             Conor Mc Manus
URGENT ISSUE This app does not work well with third party apps u0026 that s why so many people that I know from groups I m in u0026 including myself all eventually lose are game save I have trouble getting it to save my sims mobile game u0026 other third party app games I play Rediculous the devs of third party app games rely on google play games cause they simply don t realize it don t work well with any third party apps SAD STORY         Tiffany 562411
Its an ok app but due to some unforeseen circumstances I am unable to sign into GPG Google Play Games and I play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links which you are able to use GPG with but whenever i try to look at the achievements from the Menu in Duel Links it says sign in failed and when i try to sign in from the main menu by clicking the controller icon it just does the loading thing and nothing it doesn t say im logged in please do something to fix this issue             Jose Rivas
You know wath sucks Remembering a great game you installed a long time ago and not knowing the name but you remember there s a previously installed genre You to Google play and what do you see All the apps in there are installed currently because the previous installed ge genre only goes what Month back You get it         jroj assengard
The followers tab is gone the inbox is gone you used to be able to see you gameplay stats by genre and the rank of your play style you used to be able to see which friends play the same games as you and compare scores and achievments but all of those features havd been removed Why What is this app even for now This app is awful now What happened     Jesi Tallman
The most useless app ever I ve lost game saves of several games because of this app Alto s Adventure Alto s Odyssey Cover Fire CSR Racing PUBG Sonic Dash Traffic Rider Strike Force reloaded On some other games like Marvel Contest of Champions and others achievements stop tallying after 3 or so milestones This app has the potential to be competing with PSN u0026 Xbox Live Please fix the integration which I believe is all in the API used with the games which use the Play Service     Chishimba Kabwe
Usually give 5 stars however not able to sign in to my pinball apps that spent lot of money on Updated app checked all settings but keeps looping me back It says you need to sign in to access global leaderboards u0026 achievements so I click sign in u0026 it says please wait then stops same result every time It s frustrating Google peeps cos now ive lost progress Mandatory totalitarian style Google Play fail means I m out of pocket u0026 out of the competitions Out of order needs sorting ASAP         Play Fair
Last update to this app took away my ability to make in app purchases on half my games The monetary amounts now either don t show up or when I try and purchase it tells me to connect to my account even though it s already connected Very poor look in my eyes     Valors LinksHalo
This application has helped me every time I would switch my device to a new one I would always depend on this to keep my games safe and it s very helpful because I really don t have to work up back to the progress I have and I wouldn t make mistakes I can just begin off the progress I had and continue on from there                     MR. BLOX
Liked it very much just make it more interesting more engaging Bring leagues of games of your choice have leadersboards in it present rewards The other thing is there r a lot of hackers lv up is earned just by clicking remove such apps which give xp on tapping and lv should be done by games Have leaderboards for most achievments and most Rank 1 in games if possible I would have given it 5 stars but the free xp apps are just so easy to lv up please remove those apps from play store Thanks                 No1. Men
I got this app because my phone was having problems and so I needed to get a new one I didn t want to lose all my progress that I worked hard on and after getting a recommendation and reading reviews I figured that it would save I got a new phone today and when I downloaded this app and downloaded my old games through it nothing was saved I m back at square one with all my games when this app said it was going to save it all     Jesse Diaz
Tried to open Boggle Bash with friends on this app The app opens but it says my last move was 490 days ago and won t let me refresh and start Keeps giving me Network Response Error Never had issues playing Boggle until now Tried to uninstall and reinstall everything multiple times rebooted phone cleared cache etc Still the same problem When r u going to fix It s YOU not me     Boomer Lilypad
And these people say These people say this app is not for children and it is this platform saves your badges and stuff you earn from games so you dont have to get back to the progress and some games tell you to download it because they want this app to save your progress and you don t have to go back you keep moving forward Download now                     jazzlyn the puppycorn
I don t know where to raise it playstore games have made ads every level in all games so annoying in addition the mandatory voice I am listening to deezer it stops because the ads got switched on then you have to mute it Google do something I understand these games are free that s why there are ads but still not same ad one thousand times a day some games I will never download because of repetition Have some mercy with ads and their frequency     Daniel bechara
I m on Pixel 3 and I used the screen recorder feature and after that anything I try to do related to taking pictures AR shots crashes my games pokemon go ingress wizards unite Hoping you ll find a fix coz I liked that feature but had to reinstall play games and not use the screen recorder to make my games work normally again EDIT I also hope you ll make a fix to make the controller disappear when recording the screen as it takes up a lot of screen space     Bles Garachico
Think this review is helpful so they can see and fix this problem I like this app for saving my data and making games able to play but in the settings it said login automatically but doesn t Also I tried to play block stroke but google plau is not logging me in It just lagged the game but block strike said choose an account I was very happy so I saw that message but there was no account there was onky a gap please fix this problem Think this review helpful so they can see and fix Please     Erkhemtuguldur Javkhlan
Well I don t know what has happened but for some games it signs in right away because I have it on auto sign in but some games it comes up with a white screen and a loading icon and when I click off it it says what account do you want to sign in with I click mine and it goes right back to that white screen please tell me you have a way of fixing this I ve tried everything and if I can t get all my saved data from my games that will be such a bummer     FX Irvine
When offline i m not allowed to play my games sometimes because the app cannot verify my purchase What a dissapointment People who have paid their money for the games have to travel to get connection to play them A waste of time and effort It shows what is really important to google and its not the customer     Graeme Main
Too many ad s nerve wrecking when playing a game like pipe lines Get one done ad pops up n got to get out of it before u play another games too much Thank u and yes its English and I play to keep calm but hard to do when ad s are popping up all the damn time Stop these ad s From showing up like they do or you will loose people We will stop playing games we will go on strike             Kim Nebel
It was screwed up with one of the updates in 2018 Half the player base can t sign into supported games and Google just updates to added new built in games Updates are to add things yes but they also fix things Not Google though     Wisdom Speaker
Since updating to Android 10 the screen recorder feature no longer works It just pops up a message about Exposing sensitive info during casting recording session but either option Cancel or Start Now dismisses the popup for a short time then it reappears again and again Had to reboot to get rid of it         Duncan Booth
Please add a time based option as well for auto updates along with WiFi It s very inconvenient when it starts updating middle of the day It would be great if updates can be scheduled to be done automatically during inactive hours It s a very simple feature that would make the lives of many people easy         Santhusa Ravihara Wijethunga
Wanted to use the screen recorder but it is large doesn t tuck in to the side very well and responds to touch in an area far bigger than its visible icon Always in the way of the game I am trying to record And that s once you figure out how to start the thing in the first place     Susan Read
Google play games still doesn t support children accounts with Family Link OK I created account for my kids and linked with Google Family Link But kids cannot use any features of Play games This is totally weird kids are mostly using phones for gaming and they cannot use any Play games functions Cannot save any game progress and achievement What if they change phone Should start from the scratch again     Kevin KeePil Cho
Yo I ve never had any problems before with this app ever but this app is stopping me from playing my games say I download a game i open it As most games its starts downloading additional data normally Google paly games just ask me which account to link with but that doesn t come up it trys auto login in all i get is a white page covering my game with a buffer circle i hit back it then comes up with my play store account or choice of another same process white page buffing pls help     Jason Kendall
Can t sign into a game I ve spent thousands of dollars on because unfortunately I had to factory reset A hacker got into my bank account so I had no choice I backed up all my info on my phone and low and behold my most important game is gone and I cannot retrieve it and Google Play will not help me I know that they know I spent that much money on that game I know that they know that I am the original purchaser And I know that they could retrieve it for me but no All that time and money lost             2d potato
The achivements won t update at all I just completed 9 achivements of 3 different games My exp isn t increasing too Everytime I open a game the small window pop up but it s all useless since I don t gain anything at all     Ferdinand Ofiana
Absolutely no use Just to make an account to play games we need to install a whole other app Are you serious It could ve just been part of the Google account or auto installed into the phone with the OS     Drakon HD
I just loaded my son s new phone Clash of clans uses this to restore his progress After loading i opened Google Play Games and it just closed I tried restoring his progress and nothing I am managing his phone with Family Link and all of the settings look good The phone is running 8 1 I looked into clearing the cache but the option is not there because it shows zero usage Reinstalled Fortunatly I had the forethought to setup a Supercel account and was able to restore from it     Josh Maier
This app helps you get the new and latest games that you want it s easy and quick and free You should download it I give this app 5 stars Trust me download it I have had this app for a long time it s worth the space on your device                     Sarah Hemlow
I had my saved games on my pes profile but now my google play games is not loading it from where i stopped last I had 61 75 in my achievement in my pes profile Now are you guys saying i should start again because it has been saving You arent true to your words I just wasted time I need this handled so that i can give you the five star you deserve Your reply didnt help     olusegun adesola
i like it this app very much this app is fantastic because of its benefits i can sign in every online and offline games like pubg lite sim city etc and this app achievements is best for me i download any and igets achievements and get level up thank you google for this app storage for gaming                     Fahad Tanver
I was very impressed with the app until now as I can t open the app If you could fix this it would be great EDIT Unfortunately your steps have not worked so I will be uninstalling the app promptly         Alt Goog
Keeping several of my apps from working Almost a month now and keep getting google services stopped working cause google services is downloading an update But no update is being downloaded Fix this asap google been way to long for your company to not address and fix this issue     Vince Woodford
Screen recording is not working I am getting a warning box about broadcasting sensitive information but the camera does not launch Using Google Pixel 3a Real shame It was handy before             Christopher Gibson

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