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ESET , the publisher behind many Android apps (ESET Endpoint Security ,Мобильная Безопасность ,ESET Mobile Security for Tele2 KZ ,ESET Antivirus Test ,ESET USSD Control ,ESET Secure Authentication), brings Mobile Security & Antivirus with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Mobile Security & Antivirus apps has been update to version 2.0.853.0 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • been a retailer for pc version frm long time..
  • Even the free version is better than every free antivirus..

Overall Satisfactionc94
This app is the best mobile security app with which I've dealt.
This has to be the best light weight antivirus for android.
One of the best antivirus as I use this for my PC also.
Eset has replaced Trend for our company's mobile protection.
Worst mobile protection ever.
Personally used and sorted out that better than avast mobile antivirus.
Best software which secures each n every app.
ESET is better than Norton.
Love this one of the very best period.
Fun & Engagingc94
This is an awesome antivirus app indeed.
Thanks for awesome security app.
Ease of Usec96
Love the easy interface and fast support when help is needed.
Security & Privacyc94
I installed Eset Mobile Security Premium on a recently acquired tablet.
eset mobile security has crashed shows UP every time.
This app is the best mobile security app with which I've dealt.
Updates & Supportc90
So far same experience with Android version.
their customer service is second to none.
Extremely poor customer service.
Automatic scan for free version.
minimal impact on battery life and a non-obtrusive interface.

Considering the paid version for some of the options. found in 2 reviews
This app is the best mobile security app with which I've dealt. found in 228 reviews
I had avg free for ages. found in 2 reviews
We use ESET on our home computers with good results. found in 14 reviews
Love the easy interface and fast support when help is needed. found in 3 reviews
Lg G2 Mini. found in 6 reviews
undoubtedly the best antivirus on planet earth. found in 2 reviews
Much better than Lookout. found in 3 reviews
same way this app has the top notch security features. found in 10 reviews
Personally used and sorted out that better than avast mobile antivirus. found in 12 reviews
I am very confident to suggest this Antivirus to all users. found in 3 reviews
Moved to premium version because it is the best value. found in 9 reviews
World class antivirus of all time. found in 5 reviews
Surely its the best for mobiles and for pcs as well. found in 3 reviews
I used in my asus lap top. found in 6 reviews
I can always trust Eset. found in 5 reviews
Great protection and leaves enough resourses to play games smoothly. found in 56 reviews
The best mobil security & antivirus. found in 3 reviews
World's best Antivirus for pc and mobile too. found in 3 reviews
Best Antivirus software on the market for both PC and Android. found in 3 reviews
non intrusive but lacks certain features other scanners offer for free. found in 3 reviews
Not Liking the New Permissions. found in 2 reviews
It is a good solid anti virus app. found in 23 reviews
I can't even uninstall the app because of this bug. found in 3 reviews
I have to uninstall and download again for eset website. found in 17 reviews
Come on "ESET" let's try to get it right the 1st. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't detect data connection when trying to update the database. found in 31 reviews
Very nice mobile anti virus. found in 9 reviews
Will have to see with the anti virus protection will do. found in 31 reviews
It doesn't block calls for free. found in 3 reviews
The free version isn't worth it without this feature. found in 1 reviews
There are far to many nags about buying the premium version. found in 1 reviews
other than this other antivirus dosent detect viruses. found in 6 reviews
If I can automatically update virus definitions then I rate 5. found in 15 reviews
i cant activate my lincense via username and password. found in 1 reviews
meaning it didn't know there was a virus in my phone. found in 3 reviews
That's best anti virus for Android. found in 9 reviews
Why eset inserted the auto update virus database into the premium version. found in 15 reviews
No extsd card scan option. found in 3 reviews
only to crash witin one second. found in 3 reviews
Sd card cannot be scanned something was not right. found in 15 reviews
then just suddenly locked my phone randomly and made it go crazy. found in 3 reviews
No way to activate. found in 10 reviews
It's corrupted after some days and not able to uninstall. found in 17 reviews
No activation key after payment. found in 4 reviews
No customer care. found in 4 reviews
No automatic updates. found in 8 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Mobile Security & Antivirus for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Mobile Security & Antivirus app version 2.0.853.0 has been updated on 2014-02-4. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Mobile Security & Antivirus in ESET`s Official Website :

Protection for Your Data and Your Mobile AdventuresESET Mobile Security excels with 99.7% detection rate (source: AV-TEST May/June 2013)Enjoy your time online, social networking or shopping, protected by ESET technology that has been successfully protecting ...

Not sure how necessary an antivirus is on Android frankly but had a spare license on a multi device package so just used it here As with ESET s desktop offerings this has probably the lowest resource usage of any antivirus whilst still having an acceptable detection rate Good enough for me especially as I ve never been infected anyway with or without antivirus installed on any platform ever mainly due to extensive use of BRAIN EXE Makes a nice placebo though                     Homer Slated
I had lots of security issues with my phone everything that was built in and part of my Android phone It was compromised idenity was etc And started to look for an excellent rating to secure my device So i had to try Este so i downloaded it for the trial period and i love it Este fixes your phone problems I am elderly on a fixed income and own a free government device these devices can have bad internal issues too and Este mobile security services fixes them Best Elizabeth                     Eliz Pereg
My phone memory was filled with malicious softwares After installing it this problem decreased a little but most of time this app is unable to detect the Xhelper malware And even after uninstalling the malware manually it keeps coming back But there s no doubt that its better than any other antivirus app             Sadik Hussain Evan
I ve used this app for about 6 months now It has a small footprint half the size of the previous AV app I had I m using the free version and am pleasantly suprised there are no ads where as the previous AV app I had did on the paid version Its only once had a problem which was when it stopped responding after an update This was resolved by restarting my phone and clearing the cache Its doing what I want and will probably be my permanent AV solution Edit Its a keeper 5 Thankyou ESET                     A Google user
The free version used to be great However as a result of the last product update less than five weeks ago the product no longer allows one to perform a manual scan Therefore there is no longer a desire to eventually find the time purchase it The paid version worked great on another phone two years ago Edit uninstall shutdown and remove battery After two minutes install again and then restart The app is now functional within parameters that are worthy of a paid app         Dami Kee
Best security and antivirus protection I have ever used I have been using it now for over 10 years and never had a virus or sucurty problem Plus which is why I started to use it it has a very light footprint on mobile devices and computer resources                     Steve Berry
Good application but there is a way to bypass application blocking 1 Simply open the desired blocked application 2 Split the screen 3 Run another blocked application Finally we have access to the first application                 William Demirci
This security software is a wonderful product I first used Eset on my desk top before loading my utilities Every file every email is checked before it opens Machine boots up fast and there are never any glitches The Android app functions just as flawlessly                     Daniel OBannon
Since I started using ESET about 10 years ago on all of my devices my families devices and in our small business we have yet to have a device get locked up due to a trojan malware or other virus I recommend it to everyone                     Jeff McMillian
Best AV ever Hands down no argument Used it on everything since Nod32 V 1 and never had one issue ever Really light doesn t miss anything and uses the best heuristic module ever made Mobile is really simple windows has loads of brilliant features for business and home I run it on linux just as a courtesy to any windows users I send to It s just perfect 11 11 I m not sure why people use anything else I sure won t                     Daniel J Hitchens
This is truly an amazing security App The best one I have come across to date and I have used a few Whatever small level of security we can control these days on our devices is worth the effort This App has given me that little peace of mind I know if something is wrong this App will pick it up before I do and that s the whole point of these Apps                     Fareen Akhtar
Trusted performance I have used this app for a couple of years and it performs faultlessly to the extent that I can forget about it working in the background looking after my interests A recent enquiry I sent was dealt with impeccably and customer service is A1                     Martin_in_the_UK
Just installed Will give more stars when I ve used it and it earns it When you first open the app it shows that you re on a 7 day Free Trial version but it does Not indicate that you can have the Free version indefinitely If you can use the Free Version without getting the Upgraded version you should actually State it Upgrades should be an Option since some may not want or need the upgraded version         elizabeth hall
On checking the detection modules version it said 12095 up to date On a whim I pressed update and it promptly updated to version 12395 How can both 12095 AND 12395 be up to date NOTE I checked manually not automatically         Nobutada Shimura
Is consistently good it doesn t slug your machine thikr othere mote heavily advertised brands Eset is one of IT s best kept secrets whether it s an Android tablet mobile phone or PC it works and unlike its competitors who asked you to deinstall and reinstall the product thelir guys connect to you over the internet fix the problem and then they are gone That said in the 14 years i have used eset they have only had to do that once and that was a firewall printer issue not a virus                     Steve Pyatt
What I like the most is the circling animation in the status bar while it scans newly installed apps It would be better if more security is offered while activating and deactivating any app as device administrator Else everything is working fine                     Joy Ruskin
Starting using eset in my laptop It was recommended by Micro center and gaurenteed that if any virus infected they would repair or replace my laptop Found all that was told to me was true Absolutely no bogging down of speed and maximum protection I have found the same outstanding performance for the mobile application                     Tom Baltezor
I ve been using ESET security on my PC s for many years so thought I d try it for my phone So far seems like a very solid professional app Easy to configure and no noticeable impact on performance Hard to quantify how well it s doing the job but no issues yet                     Stewart Lind
Great app Really protects my tablet well I ve used ESET for years on desktops at work laptops at home tablets and my cell phone that uses an android OS I ve never had any kind of problem with any malware of any kind on any device ESET is well worth the money for the piece of mind it gives me                     Jim Thompson
perfect for what i need I use the free version because i am not on my phone that much but it runs quietly in the background and does what it supposed to do the premium version has alot of useful things that would be handy for people that use as a primary device I do use paid version for my desktop and again love how it works                     Michael Chapman
I am very happy with this product by Eset It has protected me from a Trojan recently for which I am extremely grateful I have used products from 2016 Eset has always been there for me whenever I have had needed help Very knowledgeable approachable and get to the bottom of the problem quickly                     Margaret Le Gallais
App wont update antivirus Keeps giving an update error Used to love this app but now it doesn t want to work properly I did email them first All I got was a reinstall the app The worked fine until the last app update Which I feel is an insufficient response as clearly the update caused the problem and it needs to be fixed         Leigh-Ann Herselman
ESET eset Eset I ve been using their killer NOD 32 for many many years I never had a virus eset caught everything even w o a firewall early days Of course I m picking up ESET android I m not sure if I need this Google also does a great job scanning apps I use ESET mainly for applock rock solid                     Tony Vangel
ESET is the only av etc suite anymore that 1 can actually deliver results consistently 2 offers incidental extended personal support from a live person in the USA 3 treats the customer professionally whether corporate acct or home user and put your wallet away because they re not focused on extra charges hidden deceptions or upselling talk about throwbacks from another era and I love it 4 satisfies these old bones that refuse to lower the strict high standards Iong held                     Kathy Stell
Keep getting error when downloading updates yet ESET wants me to through a lot of bs mazes just to contact them TRULY wasted and effort for me I just cancelled my yearly subscription What good is ESET if they don t correct their mistakes and then make you jump thru hoops trying to get customer service     Richard Clevenger
I ve used ESET for years on my laptops tablets and phones Never had a problem with a virus or any malware Keep it updated and run scans regularly and you will be safe                     Granny Cee
I have never had a virus infection of any kind malware ransomware nothing since using ESET It even found a false positive infection noticed by my second favorite AV that really had no effect on my system I love it                     Bruce Beechner
My phone got hacked by malware attack even after having licensed version of ESET Not worthy for me I had to give phone to service center to resolve the issue I will not use this purchased version waste app even my expiry period is still remain     Umesh Tandel
ESET Mobile Security u0026 Antivirus scan everything on your phone And protect it for any malicious application website link etc It s perfect you never notice it and it work background No battery drain                     Giorgio Zamburlini
I use ESet on my desktop 2 laptops 2 cell phones It s got a small footprint and so far has kept my wife s u0026 my PCs u0026 phones safe I highly recommend it However in looking thru the update notes to this new version i don t see any bug fixes or features just marketing updates to make premium the default for a couple weeks to get us hooked then hopefully default back to the free version I ve used on my phone I have full paid subscriptions for all my PCs                     Chuck Miller
It s amazing for what I need it doesn t give any annoying notifications only when it needs updating or if something concerning has been found I would recommend it to anyone                     jason coulter
So far the best on the market unmatched yet Been using it on PC also for at least 10 years so i know few things about it Recommended without any second thoughts                     Daniel M.
very good protection light on system Sorry through I hit the 5 star Updated it now I love the new network scan feature Pointed out an old insecure setting that I had on one of my old access points Very nice                     Andre Truter
Very happy with the ease of using this service Have had it a couple of years and I have had no problems Their platform is easy to navigate I am worry free Its definitely worth the small amount charged to have service that surpassed my expectation                     Sonja Barclift
Bought a year license through the Android Store and it never reached my device nor my email account Contacted Support who doesn t support licensing and provide a generic statement to contact ESET which I thought I did contacting support Didn t want to waste my time and unistalled the app losing my paid year Start putting customer first if you want to do business     Riccardo Pastena
An outstanding market leading broad spectrum security application Excellent value for money considering all that s offered secured I highly recommend installation Terrific job by the development and admin teams                     Wez Vickery
It works great on my Andriodbox as all other apps missed a trojan tv app and a virus But nothing goes unnoticed and also the best Antivirus for my Andriod box and all my other devices I got it on a flash year sale for under ten dollars 5                     MjRay
Simple unobtrusive compared to other AV products Catches everything at least to date Reasonable in price                     Michael Williams

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