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RobTop Games , the publisher behind many Android games (Boomlings MatchUp ,Geometry Dash ,Geometry Dash SubZero ,Boomlings ,Geometry Dash Meltdown ,Geometry Dash Lite), brings Geometry Dash with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Geometry Dash games has been update to version 1.51 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • like old school nintendo hard..
  • Greatest arcade game..
  • It's very eddictive and fun to burn time..
  • I really love how challenging and fast paced this game is..
  • Absolutely awesome side scroller..


I play it everyday when I am waiting for class to start. found in 11 reviews
Amazing game awesome soundtrack fun levels 5/5. found in 294 reviews
Geometry dash is by far the best Android game in store. found in 10 reviews
very adicting and a big challange too. found in 14 reviews
Very hard and exciting strategy game. found in 8 reviews
This game is the most addicting game I've played in a long time. found in 28 reviews
Music makes this game 10 × better. found in 13 reviews
Great time killer and an amazing addictive all around game. found in 35 reviews
it's very entertaining and has a great soundtrack. found in 20 reviews
This game is amazing and addictive one of the best mobile games I've ever played. found in 36 reviews
DA best game ever I just downloaded. found in 6 reviews
All my friends have it and were all competitive Really COOL GAME. found in 25 reviews
I love this game make ur own levels and challange ur self. found in 8 reviews
Love the game different challenging levels totally worth my money. found in 19 reviews
This is like the best game in the world completely worth ur money. found in 45 reviews
Pretty much unlimited replay value because of online levels. found in 8 reviews
My kids got me hooked on this game and now i love it. found in 6 reviews
Rojgjxjeikdvj this is the best game Eva. found in 20 reviews
When I open the game after download. found in 4 reviews
But it's still pretty neat and you guys need to fix glitch. found in 28 reviews
but it lags way too much. found in 5 reviews
Fix and i will rate five stars. found in 5 reviews
Fun yet frustrating game. found in 2 reviews
It's a fun but annoying game. found in 5 reviews
Really really needs work. found in 1 reviews
The game needs a count down timer in the levels. found in 4 reviews
great game but very laggy and poor frame rate. found in 7 reviews
but fix lag for HTC. found in 5 reviews
It's hard But That's what makes it fun. found in 6 reviews
Edit : Tried reinstalling but the game still crashes to home screen. found in 5 reviews
Love the game but a bit of lag and Everplay not working. found in 10 reviews
Some levels are impossible to beat needs more of the first levels. found in 6 reviews
Really good game but please change the practice music. found in 5 reviews
It's good but hard but still a great game. found in 4 reviews
It is very frustrating at times but it's worth it. found in 20 reviews
I love to waste my time playing this. found in 11 reviews
This is a fun game but some levels are TOO HARD. found in 3 reviews
Crashes often and occasionally freezes phone. found in 2 reviews
Losed my stuff fix auto save. found in 7 reviews
on my galaxy s5 it doesn't register when I tap. found in 3 reviews
Won't let me save my progress :. found in 3 reviews
Worst game I have ever wasted my money on gay game. found in 6 reviews
Level editor sucks crap. found in 2 reviews
It glitches to much fix and I will rate 5. found in 5 reviews
This lags and glitches so badly its not even funny. found in 8 reviews
And now I can't refund it either. found in 4 reviews
Fix lag now please. found in 5 reviews

The Geometry Dash is now available for $1.99 for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Geometry Dash app version 1.51 has been updated on 2014-01-30. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Geometry Dash in RobTop Games`s Official Website :

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rythm-based action platformerPrepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip ...

I love geometry Dash this is one of my oldest games that i have kept along with two others I have had this game for over five years now and i still love to play it I do have one problem though a while ago i got the message for a update i didn t feel like updating it at the moment so i didn t and went to go play but when i got on all my levels that i completed were no longer done so i had to restart I have everything back now but i was very disappointed but regardless best game worth                     Amelia M
This is an absolutely great game and well worth the little money it is The levels are good with a great sense of achievement when you complete a level The level editer is also good even on mobile I enjoy sharing levels and getting inspiration from online levels as well The ideas are great with a lot of mystery behind the secret doors I d definitely recommend this game to anyone 10 10                     William Peel
Geometry dash is definitely one of my favourite games ever Fun challenging levels amazing characters great graphics and a lot more My favourite part of geometry dash is making your own levels Yeah you can design your own levels in this game and others around the world with internet connection can play It You do have to complete your level first though before you upload it to the world But that s just to prove it s possible Anyway I m running out of space I recommend this game bye                     Cole Mulligan
I honestly love this game I ve been playing it for a few years and I m pretty decent at it One problem tho is that is got way to much ads going on But magic tiles 3 constantly spams you with ads Can you guys please find a way to get rid of them But other than that this game is very fun sometimes very irritating but 5 stars awesome game                     Matt Stash
The game us great I just want to make one suggestion Could you be kind enough to make an update where you can change the colors of all your icons What I m talking about is the icon the ball the wave the ship the robot the trail the death effect and whatever else there is Thanks so much I love this game                     Toxic Mamba
Great game overall but there s one thing I m annoyed about is that meltdown and subzero are no longer fun for there s nothing to do in both games I completed all levels so there s nothing to do I m looking forward to your two games to have more levels Also can you make your buttons in geometry dash usefull then unusefull I really want to know why you put buttons there for no reason like for example more games that don t do NOTHING                     Kristian Dreaver
I honestly love this game so much The music is catchy it s addicting to play and you can make your own levels which most other games can t do The only reason why it s not 5 star is because of the hacking problem my account got hacked and I ve been trying to get back into it but it hasn t worked But in my personal opinion it is worth the money BUY THIS GAME                 The King Of Dominoes
It s a great time consumong and rage inducing game It can be fun at the times you do good but when you do horribly you want to break your phone But if you have self control then it s a really fun game There are no in app purchases which makes it a safe game for kids since they can t accidentally purchase anything I m still waiting on version 2 2 to come out Can t wait until it does Keep up the amazing work RobTop                     Anthony Eller
This was all my childhood i love this game so much definently five stars for me robtop I love you It reminds me of those good old days im only 10 years old and have been going through a tough time and this just helps me remeber what the first school i ever whent to felt like truly amazing but just one thing robtop when will 2 2 or 2 3 come out                     A Google user
This game is a really fun game where you are a cube and you have to avoid obstacles and jump over blocks the community that makes this game is awesome because they make updates and come up with new ways to make the game even better you can win prizes almost everyday Play Levels and get better at the game and play even harder levels and do edit mode to make levels of your very own use your imagination because that s important play other levels people have made to have fun playing Geometry Dash                     david ferguson
I love the style and I absolutely love the music I only have a couple songs that I don t necessarily enjoy A lot of the online levels are fun to play even if nowadays they are overdecorated The problem holding this back is the fact that there s no new updates that s happening rapidly and it s not like you guys have publicly admitted that you lost interest and updating you just don t update as often as you really should                 A Person
Great game nice graphics and you should by Great way to stop boredom and to have a good time A nice simple 1 button control and you can also make levels Publish your levels to get them seen by other users abd they can comment what they think as well as liking and disliking them Post updates on your profile for others to see Make friends and HAVE A GOOD TIME                     Ryan Kowalski
I love this game the different levels and new features make the game amazing there s so much you can do and when you complete the original levels you can go online and play hundreds of new levels I highly recommend this game because it is very fun and just a amazing experience with this game I love this game so much and I m sure you will love it to                     Milo Samson
The game is fun and it has plenty of user created levels to keep you busy for long periods of time However customer support for this game is non existent I ve been unable to create a Geometry Dash account so I sent an email to customer support regarding the issue One week later and I still haven t gotten a response back Please look out for your players better                 Exsception
Very fun game and alot of the people in the community are nice and opinionful The community is powerful and has good user made levels and possibilities to become a good creator My only complaint is that updates take so long have been waiting for 2 2 for almost two years and the leaderboards are full of hackers But other than that it is an amazing game                     eL eM
This is literally the best game to ever exist You can play the official levels and try getting the coins There is so much customization for your icons The best part is that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN LEVELS And basically everything you can think of is able to be made in the level editor There is also a daily level weekly demon system and people chat in the daily s comment section ONE PROBLEM 2 2 is taking too long I know Rubrub is solo and update is HUGE but 2 years for 1 update Best game                     Berdinderindas
My favorate game right now Many things to do and make super fun and hard and awesome soundtracks Worth buying Yes If you don t like games that make you a rage a bit then this isn t the game for you but still this has to be one of the best games I ve ever played Super addicting                     GamingPotato GD
100 5 star it deserves more fame ive had this game since 1 0 when it was only up to the level jumper and im still in love with it great time killer very fun challenging and amazing but somtimes it glitches or somthing and it doesnt have lobby music but i bet a bunch of bugs and glitches will be fixed in the update 2 2 which is taking forever to release                     quackythe1st
This is so good its hard at first but u get used to it and theres no adds at all so the money is worth it and there alot of stuff to do like try to complete the daily level weekly demon try the gauntlets or map packs create levels and unlock cool skins And so much more Try it for your self its worth It                     09lavaflow 2
I loved this game before but now this is so broken First the spaceship is so unstable There s times where I tap the screen and the spaceship goes a little higher than i expected Second the app is saying that this is a old version but I cant see a update available Please for our sake fix and update the game We have been waiting for the update Please just finish the games         The Ostrich
A Good game for a great price Runs smoothly and at a fairly consistent frame rate The inclusion of online levels is fantastic You can find some incredibly beautiful levels with amazing effects Creator mode is a quite tricky to use but is a nice feature MOST of the Main Levels have a great song but some can be incredibly repetitive the more you listen to them e g Jumper Colour system is great and the Community Shop have some Amazing icons Great Game Robtop                 A Google user
Would have gave 5 stars but sometimes the game streses me out Complantes for some reason i cant upload my level gd land but i have perfict internet conecshon Please tell me why or fix this bug i cant play dayly levels or weekly demon Tell some creators to make skill NOT fancey decoration levels Tell me when you do that But after all i like the game and would recomend it grately Im reley looking forward for 2 2                 Marisa Dawson
This is one of the best and most addicting games why is it so fun Because of the combination the great levels with the awesome music just gives you this amazing feeling when you defeat it whether your just completing your first level or defeating a boss fight custom level made by a player and the great thing about this game is more custom levels being are made by users all over the world                     Talone88
The game is great It s crazy how in 2 years of the game not being updated people still play the game to this very day The community is awesome with no complaining 3 year olds Most levels you play grant you a consistent frame rate Asides RobTop not consistently updating the game it s just great It s a steal                     Zander Kane
This has to be one of the best games of all time especially for mobile games It s 100 skill based and not how long you ve played or how much you re willing to pay like other games I ve put in over 1000 hours on the steam version and I don t plan on stopping The soundtrack is catchy and upbeat and the levels always make you want to play again Overall Geometry Dash is the best mobile game to EVER exist                     Edwin Linton
This game is very nice and colorful but it s not the same on PC and mobile I noticed the update version and it was 2 11 for mobile and tablets most other GD videos was on 2 2 for PC Yet I m still waiting for the 2 2 update for mobiles and tablets but I give this my favourite game My most favourite is creating a level but my most thing I hate is the Demon Levels except music or practice mode If this game updates then I d be able to make mirror orbs zooming out and other cool stuff                     Alexander H
Very good I have an idea fir a diffuculty option for user made levels when in the user made levels screen there should be a imposible or not yet verified icon for example I made a level that i cant verify i can upload it and put it in the impossible dufficulty then anyone who is better than at me in GD can beat it and at the end of the level once its beaten it ll say who verified it                     TheConfussedAlpaca
This game is fantastic However I feel that the developer of this game RobTop isn t really doing his job There are many bugs hacks and glitches and overall bad experience He does nothing about it Also the fact that only featured or epic levels get noticed by RobTop He also hasn t updated in 2 years The fact that it took him only him 2 years to make 2 0 and 2 2 is MUCH bigger Great game although he could do better                 Its Just Ethan
It s one of the best games I ve EVER played I especially like that the game has NO IN APP PURCHASES So it makes the game completely free But the only thing that stinks is that I haven t checked but I m pretty sure your game has over 100m downloads and I bet only a few hundred thousand people have gotten that UFO where you need to get a star rated level to unlock But other than that this is one of the BEST GAMES IN THE WORLD                     Wendy O'Donnell
Geometry dash is the game of all mobile games I love it I ve been playing it for 4 years and it hasn t really changed at all within that time It would be awesome if geometry dash would change with the times and get levels based on current events For instance a level based around Marshmello with one of his songs Or maybe Alan Walker Idk Might give Geometry Dash some more popularity Just a thought Okay bye                     Damian Haun
I love this app a lot but I recently had an issue When I try to open the daily chests both of them freeze halfway through opening and after a few seconds a message at the bottom always says Something Went Wrong Please fix this I really need diamonds and orbs because it s sort of difficult to get them only off of levels and quests I tried restarting my device but it still will refuse to work Can you please help                 MT 1979
Hey Robtop i dont know if this is just me but my phone says that geometry dash is not combatable with the newer version of android and it keeps saying to check for an update so if you have any advice please reply it would be greatly appreciated Also I have this game on steam and I dont know whats happening but wenever I try to go play an online level it is completely empty and as soon as I get to the end it cuts out of the level and brings me back to the area were you click to start Pls Help                 Walter Colley
This game is AWESOME but there is a slight problem with it since I have the S10e the screen doesn t display over the whole screen and i do know the camera would be in the way of little things but i would rather have the whole screen displayed then having the black part doing nothing                     GamePlays
This game is amazing You can play through twenty one addicting levels with amazing music the gameplay is phenomenal and this game is a real time killer If you finish the main levels don t worry You can look through thousands of online levels nade by other creators There s also a level editor so you can build anything that comes to mind There are also several easter eggs leaving you with endless hours of fun I highly recommend this game Download it it s really worth it                     A Google user
The game is great a really fun arcade game But there are some issues I ve quit playing the RobTop levels because they just got boring and am now paying user made levels I just kind of miss featured generic levels All featured levels now require a phone with a Snapdragon 855 if you want to run them smoothly But the main issues I have are 1 where is update 2 2 Seriously we ve been waiting so long 2 sometimes my progress isn t saved This makes me mad when I beat a Demon Then it goes         Tohmohark
Geometry Dash is a game that is severly fun and addictive and even though you often get extremely angry while playing you just can t quit I play this on a Chromebook and the only option is the mouse because it is meant for Android so I reccomend the Steam version for computers unless your computer doesn t support Steam If you re not sure about this game you can even get the Lite edition for free it has fewer levels and online features aren t enabled to test it out before you buy this                     PJ Munns
This game is very fun And somehow strangely relaxing Learning to time your jumps the music eventually helping with that failing and getting to try again and get better is somehow relaxing Especially on the harder levels like Clutterfunk and Fingerdash And I love that you can save your progress so that when you delete the game you can reinstall it and continue Though it would be a really great improvement if it connected to you Google Account Overall very fun game                     The Shadow Phantom
It s an amazing game the gamelay is great and songs are great but it s too hard to get a rated level Plus 50 of all the songs in the game it wont play the song or it just plays a few seconds of the start Please fix the robtop also when 2 2                 blazing panda208
If my experience with Geometry Dash could be summed up with one word it would be fun From the incredibly great gimmicks to the many default levels to play and the built in feature of online levels created by the community this game has more than I could ever ask for No in app purchases as well All in all brilliant game 5 stars D                     Dylan Harvey

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