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Mobage , the publisher behind many Android app (Age of Legends with Mobage ,Paradise Island with Mobage ,Holy Wars ,Vegas Strip City ,Tap Fish Exotic ,Bonsai Island), brings Motor World Car Factory with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Motor World Car Factory app has been update to version 1.464 with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I like the old school 8 bit vibe this game has..
  • Excellent mind blowing game..
  • Awsome this game is super fun u should download it..
  • Clever funny game v addictive..
  • Amazing game love it keep up awesome games..
Overall Satisfactionclick me84
Amazing game love it keep up awesome games.
It is the best car game I have got in my life.
This is the worst building car game in the world.
One of the best games out there for car building.
This game is one of my favorite games on my device.
This is one of my favorite games and it's being ruined because of that.
I would highly recommend this game to anyone who loves a challenge.
I don't recommend this game unless you love spending money.
I want to love this game.
Keeps you entertained and wanting to build all the combinations.
BUT the game keep crashing.
Best game ive played since candy crush good job creators.
Fun & Engagingclick me91
Awesome game super fun and you can race ^_^.
Awesome game just can't play now please fix.
Awesome game very addictive and I love this game.
This is a very fun game to play with friens.
Awsome this game is super fun u should download it.
Game is a great time passer add logh278 for free stuff.
Guys do DOWNLOAD THIS GAME loads of fun elements.
Awesome game play it all the time fun way to pass time.
But i still play it all the time.
This game is tons of fun and very addicting.
Usefulnessclick me85
Keeps me wanting to play everyday.
Friend me JGGL105 I play everyday.
A time consuming great game 5 stars I play it every day.
Love it so much I play it every day.
Family Friendlyclick me54
Killer game for kids love it tks guys keep them comeing.
Good game for kids and adults.
For kids and adults.
Value for Moneyclick me51
Good fun game without the need to spend money.
Shame it gets hard not to spend money lol.
Very addictive u can build lots of cars without spending loads.
Virtually impossible to beat without spending money.
like all of these minigame you should pay real money to play.
Replay Valueclick me99
This game is fun and challenging.
A very fun and challenging game.
always new cars to unlock so it never gets old.
Playe for hours and never gets old.
Social Aspectsclick me87
This game is so addictive and fun to play with friends.
Its a good game its fun and u can play with friends.
I need more people to enter my code.
Need more people to help out.
and it's even better with friends.
Fun game better with friends.
Production Valuesclick me84
Its easy to understand andvi love the retro graphics.
Awesome game play it all the time fun way to pass time.
But i still play it all the time.
bad graphics tho.
Ease of Useclick me68
a fun and easy game to play and a brilliant time waster.
Fun game to play to pass the time loving it.
Truthfully the game is not a bad game to play.
For such a simple game it is so ADDICTIVE.
A great simple game to kill time.
Easy to lose track of time playing this game.
very easy to lose track of time playing it.
Amazingly simple and addictive gameplay.
Fun simple and addictive.
Reliabilityclick me68
This is an awesome game keep it going with the updates.
The game keeps crashing everytime i try to go back in.
But you really need to fix bugs and glitches because they.
Updates & Supportclick me17
glad that they now have an android version.



If you are Android owner,you now can download Motor World Car Factory for free from Google Play Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Motor World Car Factory app version 1.464 has been updated on 2014-11-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Motor World Car Factory check developer Mobage`s website :








Fun way to take a break and lose track of time. found in 7 reviews
Good game with lots of vehicle options Enter FGAC7121 for free stuff. found in 18 reviews
Enter code KFSR65 after the tutorial for bonus items and cards. found in 29 reviews
Games seriously fun and great time consumer. found in 13 reviews
interesting game fun to play though i like all the detail. found in 25 reviews
class wee game very adictive. found in 7 reviews
Its easy to understand andvi love the retro graphics. found in 15 reviews
Awesome game super fun and you can race ^_^. found in 457 reviews
Play#motorworld for free and become the greatest car maker. found in 13 reviews
Good fun game to kill some time with. found in 59 reviews
Very nice game because we can sell the car for customer. found in 27 reviews
Best game ever this should be game of the year. found in 4 reviews
Its a pretty good game my friend showed me this game. found in 4 reviews
Not bad lol been having a blast with it. found in 6 reviews
DEVs: keep adding Quests and Driving/Racing mini games. found in 8 reviews
But its not to bad and my son loves it. found in 13 reviews
Add others for rewards and employ them in your buildings. found in 8 reviews
Motor car world is a great game. found in 14 reviews
It is the best car game I have got in my life. found in 85 reviews
Overall though this is a great car tycoon game. found in 6 reviews
I cant load he game and I dnt no y. found in 5 reviews
now I CANT PLAY a It cuz you are being jerks. found in 19 reviews
i also hate how it is practically impossible to complete any event. found in 46 reviews
In brief I can not connect to Facebook or invite from Facebook. found in 20 reviews
Events are difficult to complete without in-app purchases. found in 46 reviews
This app sucks they cant get the glitches out. found in 6 reviews
Slow to fix bugs but good support team. found in 55 reviews
Game crashes when I go to the collection tree. found in 54 reviews
Thanks for updating to fix start up issues. found in 4 reviews
This definitely doesn't encourage me to want to spend money. found in 100 reviews
my tablet crashes and returns to the home screen. found in 13 reviews
Please sort this it is spoiling the game. found in 7 reviews
I also wish it was easier to complete quests. found in 4 reviews
Then I reinstalled the app and now I have to start all over again. found in 104 reviews
I just figured out how to load my cloud backup data. found in 15 reviews
and the game freezes every now and then. found in 16 reviews
It sucks not having dollars to buy stuff. found in 10 reviews
This would rate higher if it didn't have Internet connection issues. found in 4 reviews
A good game to waste an afternoon away with. found in 28 reviews
Fixed update issue somewhat. found in 6 reviews
Everytime I try to play the game won't load at all. found in 20 reviews
Shame it gets hard not to spend money lol. found in 100 reviews
But you really need to fix bugs and glitches because they. found in 55 reviews
new update sucks game does not work miss playing the game. found in 29 reviews
This game crashes and buttons and menus are too tiny. found in 54 reviews
Having trouble trying to start the new events. found in 27 reviews
The "cool items" needed to complete events simply vanish. found in 46 reviews
Game asks to connect to Facebook and then goes to black screen. found in 20 reviews
This Update is useless Many Devices cant play their game. found in 19 reviews
Virtually impossible to beat without spending money. found in 21 reviews
You are forced to spend real money to play. found in 22 reviews
bonus games that are Impossible to finish in the lower level workforce. found in 28 reviews
Game won't load without crashing instantly. found in 24 reviews
I cant cloud save either it says wrong time. found in 24 reviews
Very fun game just don't invest any real money on it. found in 89 reviews
= pay to play = uninstall was a lot of fun til then. found in 21 reviews

Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2.2 and up

Android App Motor World Car Factory 1.464

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