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Gameloft , the publisher behind many Android games (Driver San Francisco ,NFL Pro 2012 ,Where's Waldo Now?™ ,Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation ,Skee-Ball ,Asphalt 6: Adrenaline HD), brings Asphalt 8: Airborne with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Asphalt 8: Airborne games has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Play it lots very addictive great time killer..
  • Best android arcade racing game i see in my life is asphalt8..
  • Love to play this game so awesome effects and sound effects..
  • Just love the slow motion when you hit any car..
  • This graphics look like old pc game nice one..

Overall Satisfactionc93
This is one of the best racing games currently available on Android.
It's an amazing game and has wonderful graphics.
Amazing game but banned my account.
This is the best car racing game on android for 2014.
Worst car racing game ever played.
amazing graphics and car collections looks like real.
This game is the best game I have ever played in my life.
This is the worst Gameloft game I have ever played.
Still pound for pound the BEST GAME ON ANDROID OR WHEREVER.
Error while updating the game on Android 5.
Best game in the world after clash of clans.
unfair game in the world.
Wonderful game and mind blowing graphics Good work gameloft.
Fun & Engagingc95
Awesome game love it Outstanding performance by gameloft.
Gameloft I would love to play this awesome game.
Very addictive with high graphics and real stimulation.
Awesome gaming experience comes through this game.
Fun and fast paced racing download and join in.
Then if you do that repeatedly it gets boring.
I just downloaded the game and have been having loads of fun.
The adrenaline rush you get while playing this game is amazing.
I am totally addicted to this game.
My son and I like everything about this game.
Everything about this game is awesome.
Wish they would do something for the ones who play everyday.
i play everyday.
Family Friendlyc100
Sexy game i lovet I hope Thai add Arabic language.
Awesome game I dnt saw any sexy game lyk tis.
Value for Moneyc49
It is a little hard to progress without spending money.
Also very easy to progress without spending a penny.
Unfortunately you will hit a wall without spending more real money.
Not one of those games that pressures you to spend real money.
Though u need to spend real money to finish the game.
u must pay real money in this game.
Lots of play value without too much pressure to make in app purchases.
Replay Valuec80
Then if you do that repeatedly it gets boring.
Very challenging though which puts me off a little.
Very challenging at times and a good time waster :.
Add more levels and less the price of the upgrades tnx.
plss more levels The cars are so awesome.
Social Aspectsc53
Awesome graphics good multi player every thing is awesome.
multi player the app crashes each and everytime.
Multiplayer mode over Internet and local Wi-Fi are addictive.
Game freezes in multiplayer mode.
I love this game ewpecially when I play with friends.
Multi play with friends would be a great add.
Production Valuesc93
Excellent game play that ever had for car racing.
You cant test the game play with crap cars.
amazing graphics and car collections looks like real.
The graphics and gameplay are just overwhelming.
Smooth game play on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.
Love to play this game so awesome effects and sound effects.
Specially its visual effects and d dubai part is really amazing.
amazing and jaw dropping experience ever on mobile.
Ease of Usec64
This game really easy to control and easy to earn money.
A best game for best player to control a cars.
Great game please download this application I liked it.
THANKS TO GAMELOFT FOR making this game free.
Cool game Freezes when loading level a lot of dam lag.
Security & Privacyc29
Updates & Supportc27
After the update the game has reached to a next level.
After the recent update the game become more cool.
Great Game and Customer Service.
Love their customer service.
im wondering wheres the free race mode in android version.
Altought android version is not as good as the apple.
This game consumes way too much battery.
Still drains so much battery.
It's a great game but it uses so much battery power.

Best free racing game with good graphics and nice cities $$. found in 40 reviews
Awesome game love it Outstanding performance by gameloft. found in 1757 reviews
This is the awesome game what HD graphics it had. found in 28 reviews
This game is absolutely the best racing game on Android. found in 140 reviews
It is very nice game guys download it. found in 21 reviews
Awesome gaming experience comes through this game. found in 102 reviews
Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh this game is awesome good job Gameloft. found in 68 reviews
It is very interesting game and very wonderful game. found in 40 reviews
The graphics and gameplay are just overwhelming. found in 136 reviews
It's very very nice game graphics are also gud. found in 244 reviews
Best arcade racer I've played on Android. found in 27 reviews
Best game in the world after clash of clans. found in 137 reviews
thanks for Gameloft for giving such awsm game free. found in 53 reviews
Easily the best racer on mobile devices that I've played. found in 88 reviews
Nice game and the features are very realistic. found in 27 reviews
one word this is the best raceing game in the world. found in 75 reviews
This is one of the best racing games currently available on Android. found in 3204 reviews
And epic game and good graphic Of game of the year Also cool. found in 22 reviews
Awesome game stunning graphics awesome cars must download The game. found in 62 reviews
The graphics are awesome & the racing experience is awesome. found in 63 reviews
The only problem is it is extremely Pay to Win. found in 162 reviews
Game crashes constantly on my c3 Sony xperia. found in 173 reviews
new update just ruined the game. found in 18 reviews
Game keeps crashing when you first start up. found in 90 reviews
Then if you do that repeatedly it gets boring. found in 19 reviews
now everytime I race my game shuts down during the race. found in 18 reviews
Every time I open the game and press play or multiplayer. found in 19 reviews
EDIT: after update now it requires to connect to Internet to play. found in 14 reviews
Suddenly a pop up said "couldn't be downloaded due to an error ". found in 37 reviews
I can't really open the game to play it at all. found in 104 reviews
The game doesnt support porting over of data from old phones. found in 22 reviews
But i cannot play multiplayer cross platform with my friend. found in 73 reviews
the game asks me to rate it and once when I press yes. found in 12 reviews
Crash everytime i add my ghost on the game please fix. found in 59 reviews
It's closed every time i race plzz fix. found in 18 reviews
Please solve the issues it's annoying while playing. found in 19 reviews
I cant play it because of two reasons. found in 121 reviews
Crashes when ever I finish a race it's really annoying. found in 19 reviews
Unable to play with friends with iPhone on same wifi. found in 34 reviews
Latest update of Game crashes everytime after gameloft logo. found in 51 reviews
The gameloft logo appears and the game gets closed automatically. found in 51 reviews
Good graphics and gameplay do NOT make this pay to win game OK. found in 162 reviews
slow frame rate on nexus 7 2013 half baked. found in 236 reviews
Multiplayer needs very high speed internet connection. found in 51 reviews
Very bad very very bad game doesn't. found in 54 reviews
Worst game it works while stopping NEVER DOWNLOAD. found in 50 reviews
Couldn't install on usb or sd card please fix it. found in 65 reviews
Wont allow me to download requires to much space. found in 121 reviews
Doesn't even download I'm galaxy s3 can't get refund. found in 172 reviews
I cant play the game its alwaya close. found in 121 reviews
I have download this game completlybut it is not working. found in 147 reviews
Grafics are good but game lags on my huawei G700. found in 43 reviews
When open the game is load than showdown. found in 104 reviews
Why can't you download gameloft games on carrier network. found in 50 reviews
After this new update the game didn't start pls downgrade to previous version. found in 88 reviews
The game crashes automatically in my moto g2. found in 173 reviews
Great game please download this application I liked it. found in 59 reviews
The game keeps closing and going to home screen please fix. found in 75 reviews
5gb in Indian internet speed standards the game keeps crashing. found in 90 reviews

The Asphalt 8: Airborne is now available for $0.99 for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Asphalt 8: Airborne app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: Varies with device
More Info: Find more info about Asphalt 8: Airborne in Gameloft`s Official Website :

This game is rather good than other racing games that are in mobile but I have problems with this game in personal I hate how this game gives us small amount of money and all of the car ranks are out of range I can t believe a motorcycle can t even get pass by a car like what the heck What is that What are we talking about physics I just hate how the cars that are usually a lot of money but in real life or any kind of good console games out there costed a little not a bigger price of money             Ryan Yang
Been play n for over four years Reasons as described by others and more One little problem ever since they made it where you have to go online to get the daily prize it has been impossible to get a full month Usually an update makes it difficult to log in for a day to a week And I play multiple times a day Otherwise well been play n for years so I must enjoy the greater experience                 Eric A
This is the best racer game i ve ever played It is slightly an arcade kind of game so like if you get a perfect nitro it lights fire behind you It is super fun but if you have bad internet i think you should skip this game In this game its easy to earn money though everything costs a lot So be prepared to save your money for a while I enjoyed this game and i hope you do too                     Jeff Bates
I m truly disappointed what happened to this game it was so good now it s just trash when I finish all the races it doesn t let me go to the next season I have to buy the season for real money or buy new cars to excess new races And you dont have the option to have 60 frames a second and that s disappointing I have an s10 but the game still lags     khalifa Albazzi
I love this game unlocking vehicles and making a name for myself is exciting All the car brands I never heard of make me come back I recommend someone to play this game with atleast 3G and if they have time to have it download it then try something else instead of this game                     Anthony Hamby
Having switched from ipad to android I ve lost all the vehicles I ve accumulated over the past five years and imagine my surprise at gaining five hours of adverts for an hour of gaming Remove the advertising or at least cut it back because it s not fooling anyone to rush out and buy Lego or start another platform game Yawn         Al Zheimer
I keep having to reinstall this game every time I do I lose all my cars and am set back to one My level 11 game w 17 cars and 2 bike got lost for 2 weeks came back and now is gone again I spent money and never got my tokens Too frustrating and now too expensive         Cheryl Goss
This so real better than the 9th one because in the new you can buy cars with blueprints but in this one you can buy cars with money So play this right now also the songs are very perfect but one of the best of them all is UNDERDOG If you hear this song go to rock music s                     Salman Ahmed Khan
It is very fun We can drive at the top speed and knockdown other cars But if we hit our car anywhere hardly we will get wrecked There are many cars to choose from We can even play with friends Experience driving a race car at full speed                     Yatin Gadiya
Mind boggling amount of verification issues I can t count the amount of times the game has robbed me of rewards I earned because the game just failed to talk to the server properly And on top of that it has the nerve to accuse me of cheating before denying me the rewards I worked for You can basically count on this game to mess up 35 of the time     Superstupidy Animation
The game is a scam when they set up the festival mode and one of the prizes was a car so I won the car but the game did not allow me to claim it and it s very annoying after all the effort I put I got nothing     Michel Chidolue
Great game loving it Overall great graphics and engaging game with various modes and scenarios to play from Had few niggles but reinstalling the game helped to get rid of them                 Mahesh Kumar G
great multi player and career and semi realistic driving experience only gave 4 stars cause you have to grind alot edit i play on androit and with the new Orbital loop update and i couldn t play the update because my device needed to update itself before it could update the game and missed the Tirzo Millenio festival             jake allan
The greatest car racing game I ever played the graphics controls are amazingly made This not like any other car games Thia one is amazing Can get pretty addicting                     Sandali Pavithra
Ever since the update my multiplayer has refused to connect to the server Pls resolve this quiclky so i can run the multiplayer and get credits and other rewards to update things for the events and festival Thanks             Udeh Kenechukwu
this game is fun you can race with other players and you can make your own room on local WiFi but the problem is that this game needs WiFi so I can play but nice game                     Carlo C. Gonzalez
The new button controls are better than tilt control I ve chosen the fifth control option which has button for steering Great moon map just a little request Give all the maps in Quick Solo Race Mode option                     A Google user
Absolutely Asphalt 8 Airborne is the best game in the worldwide and the world s largest experience with the most expensive luxury cars Thank god finally I get my beloved Terzo Millennio thank you very much Gameloft SE                     Virulence Valor
asphalt 8 resent update has taken the controls for tablets away you no longer have auto stirring must have key board now I do not know how it is possible to play game is now almost useless do no waste your time if you are using a tablet     Thorr Henderson
The game doesn t switch to high graphics mode It s stuck on medium and my phone is Nokia 8 1 with chipset Snapdragon 710 So I am sure that my phone os compatible with high graphics     Seif Eddeen
This game is fabulous and my favorite racing game as well It has a great gameplay experience The new track and cars added are also cool The sound tracks are also exciting and help to keep one connected to the racing experience The graphics are also detailed and thus keep the feel realistic as well I totally love this game and have been playing it since 3 years                     Asphalt 8 #VulcanDreams
Best arcade racing game to this day Been playing for years and something about it has made me install it each time I upgrade my phone Music is hot nitro is burning and although the game has been out for nearly 5 years now the multiplayer base is still very much alive I never have to wait for more than a minute to get into a race In my opinion this game supercedes even the latest addition to the series Asphalt 9 This is because of the ease of use and the not too high graphical demand                     Waylon K
New update probles Since new update i have been told repetedly i have to do new up date yet it shows no new up date I am at point to end playying game Yes i enjoy the game but since i can not play the game im at the point to uninstall the game     Joseph Heath
I love the game it s so addictive with all those new super car so much fun the only exception the only problem is that the game system is so poor it keep failing im connected to internet though the game keep reporting error of connection                     MistaDavey Teromene
I really do like the game but here lately it has been freezing up and then closing I have never had that problem before I hope something can be done about this                 Daniel Martin
There used to be some small bugs here and there but it works good these days without any issues Smoother gameplay than before This new summer update is freakin awesome Thanks Gameloft Update I love this update the more i play Awesome looking effects too Update There are some frame drops here and there these days Others experience frame drops on more powerful devices also I love this game but it seems a mess I ll go on playing as always                     A Google user
while playing i lost 220 of my tokens the option to buy something using those blue tokens was touched by mistake and they were instantly gone There was no prompt to confirm whether i want to make the purchase or not I have been collecting them to purchase a car but now i am set back by 220 of those tokens This is too bad This has happened twice now And i didn t even want the things that those tokens were spent on Kindly return the tokens so i can continue to save for the car i wanted     Dark Thunder
I just Start playing and I think for sure this game is one of the best racing game I ve played for now want to say big thank you to you guys keep it up one more thing please I need a powerful football game up to this standard from you                     gift matthew
I love this game However it has been kicking me out evertime i open the application since the last update             Samuel Mitchell aka SaturnSam775
I love the graphics and controls of the game as well as the song being played good job Gameloft                     Pascal Kuupol
Consumes lots of data events won t load up that easy even when the network is good Post the update events multi player rewards nothing is working smooth an error occur 3014 very pathetic     Nishanth R
Fun ND addictive game Totally love it Abit difficult to understand at first But u gradually get a hang of it                 Sechap Abershi
The best car racing game its obviously more than that just try it out fruends sure you will be amused by the thrilling experience                     Chandrachur Ghosh
I like the game Very good graphics and game play for a phone car game Also like the different kinds of challenges and races carreer multi player RGO tests world championships and much more a wide variety of cars and upgrades They frequently bring new things and spend allot of effort in the game Good game comparable with some good pc car games like blur burnout etc                     Mark Lock
great game graphics gameplay multiplayer and the events are awesome beware lots of grinding though                     Jaden Woolworth
i love this game its the best you can play it offline and online so its great you can play with other people on multiplayer too                     bearbrickstudios

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