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Comuto SA , brings BlaBlaCar with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. BlaBlaCar apps has been update to version 3.0.9 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.

Overall Satisfactionc70
Best Car pooling App.
Amazing service.
Met amazing people.
I loved this program.
Very recommendable.
Fun & Engagingc85
Simple and awesome.
Awesome service.
Good for UK and improving all the time.
One of the most useful app for travelers.
Everything working perfectly so far.
Social Aspectsc100
Such a great idea to save money and meet new people.
Great budget way to travel and meet new people.
Production Valuesc54
Super interface.
Ease of Usec75
Works well easy to use and very handy.
Simple and awesome.
great job on the design and easy usage.
Quite intuitive and easy to use.
Super easy to use and great to save money.
its easy and cool.
Security & Privacyc47
Updates & Supportc37
In general it is OK however I prefer the standard version.

Saves money and you can meet a lots of interesting people. found in 3 reviews
Works well easy to use and very handy. found in 3 reviews
Great app to bring people together for car sharing. found in 8 reviews
choose a ride and just click to call the driver. found in 4 reviews
One of the most useful app for travelers. found in 4 reviews
Nice to see an app. found in 1 reviews
Great money saving app. found in 3 reviews
Login using facebook is problematic. found in 4 reviews
Please include the ability to copy text. found in 3 reviews
I use the login via Facebook. found in 4 reviews
why don't you have Google login. found in 1 reviews
but then returns back to login screen again. found in 13 reviews
Why am I unable to change the currency to polish z. found in 4 reviews
Still cannot find the language setting after the update. found in 9 reviews
Just says " unknown error retry later". found in 4 reviews
Still can't change the currency from within the app. found in 3 reviews
Would be good to add currency selection. found in 4 reviews
Good but limited in
Isn't there any other way to sign up. found in 8 reviews
Language settings to fix. found in 5 reviews
I don't have an active FB account. found in 5 reviews
In last update the search filters is not working. found in 1 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download BlaBlaCar for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new BlaBlaCar app version 3.0.9 has been updated on 2014-11-26. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about BlaBlaCar check developer Comuto SA`s website :

Free car sharing app that allows you to post on, and search, the biggest European car sharing community, even when you re out and about. BlaBlaCar connects drivers with empty seats to passengers, so that ...

The app works fine but I could have been better for example i received emails with a ride that In the email is one price cheaper and when I click to see on the app it is another price more expensive with a few euros and also the part where I need to chose a pickup point is useless I just need the city and to see all the rides that go from here and after I can make contact about the pickup point it bothers me that you can t proceed to see the rides witouth choosing a pickup point                     vinczi andrei
Initially when I installed and used this app in 2015 it was great Now it is really bad For each minute option we have to move to another page Its become difficult to post back ride on same day It says to change date We can t display am or pm which shows about morning or evening The whole layout is not user friendly Poor layout Improve it plz     Balvinder Singh
Blablacar is an amazing tool for travellers but it has some weird features I can t get used to The main drawback for me is inability to freely choose the language and currency as it is attached to the region you chose I am from Belarus but as Belarus isn t officially supported by blablacar I have to choose Ukraine or Russia or anything else That s confusing             Kiryl Chilko
All is perfectly organized Except for one thing that got me in trouble many times Sometimes when I book a carpool the driver doesnt get a notification unless they go into the app their words And sometimes they cant because they re already on the road and think there s no booking since theres no external notification It would be great if the driver gets notified on their screen when there s a booking or a message This would be reeeally helpful                     Petraious x
Please add that old feature now in search we have to add exact date to find ride in the old feature ride was seen for next upcoming dates Now i have to enter manually date to date it s too time consuming and irritated     Gaurav Arora
Intuitive and great concept But the app needs serious rework It has a confusing layout and is not very stable Even if you update something like your car details it keeps on popping up in your notification as pending App is not half as good as their website             sandeep nath
Can you please give editing option for rating comment section when we are writing comments it s getting saved and we are not getting updated or edited Like if someone giving good rating comments but typing goes wrong by mistake and want to update he will not get the option to update that comment So please add edit or update option in Rating comment section                 Yogesh Arora
Wonderful app Does a great job of connecting spare capacity for those in need A Win Win for all                     Sandy Sharma
There should be also a option that show how much seat car owner booked for his own family member as passenger misunderstood for example if i offer a ride and shown 3 seats to be booked then 1 seat to be shown as booked to his family member             jubin budhiraja
BlaBlaCar turned out to be a saviour in Romania connecting me to otherwise difficult to reach places The driver reviews were helpful indicators and pre set alerts useful to find appropriate rides Maybe if the credit card system could be added and the chat system could be faster it would be perfect Real time navigation would also be useful I know it s work in progress so leaving a 5 star review because of how useful it s been for me personally                     Smita Bhattacharya
Very helpful Pls add more and more safety features to avoid and future mishappening The ride should be linked with real tracking and any delay or change should be verified with co travellers and rider to ensure high end safety                     Parnesh Sharma
Good platform to do a long distance car pool Customer service is prompt and very helpful Some people try to use the platform for commercial purpose members should stay out by verifying the driver car ride details etc                     Aritra Chatterjee
The algorithm showing avaible options is not perfect and often misleading The whole idea is great but the subscription system is very annoying Was way better early on Don t like the way where they going but still like the idea behind We need more options We need other companies in this business             Pio Kow
Not good cannot browse rides Most searches come up with nothing Why are you restricting the search to a specific date Why can t I put in a date range or browse upcoming rides to or from a location or just browse all rides in an area or country Not operating in Austria why Any results show up mostly bus services if I wanted a bus I d go to a bus site Blablacar used to be good now it s just terrible Make your mind up are you a carpooling app or a bus company You re doing neither of these things very well And stop making me go to a totally different site just to change languages If I m in Germany I still may want to change language to English Come on get with the program folks these are basic expectations     L M
Awesome app It s a wonderful mode of mutual traveling with cost saving                     gaurav agarwal
Really excellent app saves me fuel costs and reduces my boredom along the way The only way it could be improved would be better integration with Google maps I find it hard to take an address along my route and get directions for it from Google but maybe I m not doing it right                     Jim Dowling
The perfect way to safe money and get to know people Trains in Germany are waaaay to expensive and mostly late D                     Matthias Struwe
How the hell can you not change the language nor currency I happen to be travelling and it asks me automatically IN POLISH to use my device location I think yes thats good because it will come in handy when finding rides But that was apparently wrong and you have to uninstall the whole thing to change the language Really not cool     Nintya Vanhove
One of the best car pooling app It s helps to share travel cost with others and save time and sharing knowledge with each others I m happy to be a part of Bla Bla                     Mayank Singh Shekhawat
The app has some bugs it could be much better For example sometimes the trip is full but still you can book it And some other bugs that takes long to write I use this app because I dont have any other choice But as an English speaker I d like to be able to change the app language But when I do this the currency is changed from Euro to Pond             maryam bahrami
The app targets near real time service very demanding by its nature Integrated multi channel communication is very useful The app is easy to navigate non intrusive Big plus for no ads My idea for multi leg travel when as a driver I indicate few more possible pick up places and do not intend to automatically accept requests for travel between them legs are often too short to return minimum value the easy solution will be to have a ticker saying Auto accept only full journey                 Tomasz Tom Kowalewski
The app is catastrophic The language is the biggest problem I am using it in Czech Republic If you want to go somewhere and use local language you can find 100s of rides but if you want English then 0 result Means first you need to learn local and use the app Overall the concept of the app is good     Toxirjon Sirojiddinov
The app is literally a concentrate of bugs and traps Example of bug you have published a trip from A to B arriving in B at say 18 50 You want to add a new trip from B to A starting at 19 00 Well it would look possible bu the app gives all sorts of errors and in the end it won t work Example of traps the price for a trip is customer dependent and often comes with further abonnements of unknown nature Dump this app     Di Gi
Very helpful app for those who are looking for alternative options for long journey                     SARATH SASI
confusing app the rides don t even have statuses like confirmed not confirmed declined etc i never know if my ride has been confirmed or not i always have to guess it s always so confusing and inter city transportarion should be taken more seriously I know there probably is but it s not IN YOUR FACE VISIBLE IT NEEDS TO BE VISIBLE IMMEDIATELY it s incredibly bad the only reason I m using this app is because i have to there s no alternative     Milan S
the app as the whole product gets more annoying with every change for instance they removed the option to configure the maximum detour so you have to write it in the description Of course you re still getting all those requests because the app tells people that a match is found then they introduced the subscription model with the consequence that 80 of bookings are now done for a friend to save subscription fees so you get a booking from someone who s not the person who s travelling for a ride you didn t actually offer bravo         Moritz Werner
Great app Needs to be more popular in UK still Hardly any journeys to discover Developers Addition Idea I would recommend to have an addition to the app that allows you to browse find journeys that are scheduled active on a viewed map i e nearby or a near town That way to see the journey visually on a map to join in on rather than inputting destinations yourself manually to discover if there is one                     Dom
excellent app to select travel companion and in many places works excellent for people starting journey from odd places but are in route                     Shakti Goel
The app is very good but it s really important for the users to understand that there aren t any customer support or anything so one should be careful to avoid loss for example transferring money even before boarding rides and inconveniences example some car owners taking in more people even though their profile says max 2 in back seat etc                     Paul A
Very slow appp most of the time it shows error while doing any thing on app Its good for those who take ride not for the car owners as it provide very less money so search for ride     Anshul Thakur
Very useful app The notifications are not regular or everytime pop up                     nagraj vayyavuru
This is one of the worst apps to navigate in that exist Everything is slow the UI is constantly covered by the keyboard the menues are confusing notifications unconstant and late Maybe they should look for a new app developper         Amadis Brugnoni
Security is an issue in bla bla even if a verified driver at bla bla no option to verify him                 Shekhar RAHEJA
This app finally got me on my nerves first of all why do we now have to pay an extra monthly weekly fee to use the app in addition to the fee that is charged with every ride Also it is absolutely unconceivable that you can t set a different currency AND language to that of the country you choose i e if you are travelling in Romania are you supposed to know Romanian This wouldn t be an issue if regardless of the country you choose you found the same rides but you don t     Jorge Guerra
This is a good ride sharing platform and they have made few improvements However there are legal challenges that the pooling community can face due to Indian legal system coming down hard on misuse and ensuring safety of their citizens FAQ does provide some clarification but they have to step up the game in India and get a proper foothold There is a huge pooling community in India who has built contacts and private groups some of whom i have met while pooling More details but word limit                 Paulson Kannath
One of the best car pooling apps Helps you share your travel cost with others and mitigates the pollution on the road because of increasing number of vehicles I must say that it is a very commendable idea from the developers of the app I would have given 5 stars but the chat system is too slow and sometimes annoying I hope you guys work on this and improve the app further                 Ankit Watson

BlaBlaCar Travel & Local Running Costs Registered UsersBlaBlaCar Travel & Local Running Costs Registered UsersBlaBlaCar Travel & Local Running Costs Registered UsersBlaBlaCar Travel & Local Running Costs Registered Users

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