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Mobile Software Design, LLC , the publisher behind many Android apps (PocketGolfPro - Fix Your Slice ,PocketGolfPro - Sampler Pack ,Old Timer Radio Player ,PocketGolfPro - Hit It Farther ,FreeCaddie Golf GPS ,Ad-FreeCaddie), brings FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS apps has been update to version 3.2.2 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The map feature is brilliant and makes getting a yardage..
  • Use with juicedefender to save battery..
  • Battery usage is awesome..
  • Absolutely perfect GPS navigation providing consistent yardages for each and..

Overall Satisfactionc93
This is great best golf app by far.
Best app I ever purchased.
I love the interaction of this app with the website.
Amazing value.
Fun & Engagingc68
Excellent application use it all the time now upgraded from free version.
This application has improved my game and is fun to use.
Simply an awesome app.
Its tells me everything I would want to know while playing golf.
Ease of Usec77
Super easy to use.
Found this app to be very accurate and easy to use.
Updates & Supportc86
Great customer service to back it all up.
Excellent application use it all the time now upgraded from free version.
Well worth the money for the pro version.
Developer responds to emails and u can map your own courses.
Amazing customer service.
and only uses about 30 % of battery power.

settled on this one. found in 2 reviews
This is just a good as the high priced apps. found in 1 reviews
Worthwhile buy for any golfer. found in 2 reviews
Best value in the Android store for golf apps. found in 28 reviews
Great customer service to back it all up. found in 14 reviews
Developer responds to emails and u can map your own courses. found in 2 reviews
Show your friends and send it them. found in 1 reviews
Fantastic app have used it on several courses and it's been as good or. found in 2 reviews
Best golf app on the market. found in 1 reviews
I love the interaction of this app with the website. found in 2 reviews
Best app I ever purchased. found in 2 reviews
This application has improved my game and is fun to use. found in 3 reviews
This is great best golf app by far. found in 45 reviews
adds a new dimension to the game. found in 2 reviews
Its tells me everything I would want to know while playing golf. found in 2 reviews
This application is far superior and much more economical. found in 2 reviews
Simple but effective design. found in 2 reviews
Update does not work properly on HTC sensation. found in 2 reviews
The software is great but the map database is pretty bad. found in 2 reviews
Doesnt advance to next hole like its supposed to. found in 3 reviews
Stableford scoring would be the icing on this gem. found in 2 reviews
Got the question marks on distances and now nothing. found in 2 reviews
Scoring needs work. found in 2 reviews
please add Android Wear support to keep current. found in 1 reviews
Works great but for some reason if music is playing gps will not update. found in 2 reviews
Played Broken Tee yesterday and first 5 holes were wrong. found in 2 reviews
maps are not available if no service or wifi not available. found in 2 reviews
Distances are good images are a bit slow to load. found in 2 reviews
Changes for the worse. found in 2 reviews
But for some reason visual terrain on map does not show up. found in 2 reviews
but when I try to add more courses. found in 2 reviews
Would love if worked right Inconsistent link problem with GPS. found in 2 reviews
Nice app but kills my Droid battery. found in 2 reviews
Suck battery big time. found in 2 reviews
Missing very popular course in my area of WI. found in 2 reviews
Now crashes when attempting to load courses. found in 4 reviews
What's with the alternating question marks. found in 2 reviews
Also will not auto advance. found in 3 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS for 4,73 € from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.2.2 has been released on 2014-01-14. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about FreeCaddie Pro Golf GPS in Mobile Software Design, LLC `s Official Website :

Distances to the front/center/back of greens, bunkers, hazards and more New course editor Measure your shots. Track stats as you play or keep score for your group. Properly rotated maps with the green at the top ...

always locks up my phone after a few holes have to reboot slow to get gps distances sometimes and end up having the wrong distance unless you wait for it to catch up uninstalling it for good this time will find an alternative it used to work fine the entire round not sure what they changed that broke it because it used to be a good golf gps app     Da Wo
Wow Lots of reports of the app completely locking up Samsung phones and no response I can t even hard reset my phone when this happens s8 user here Just have to wait for the app or battery to die Used to be my go to but now can t use it all this way         Shawn Kearney
I purchased the pro app 7 or some odd years ago and now I have a Samsung note 9 that freezes up and turns the screen black and makes the phone worthless for the day I see some other reviews with the same issue what can I do to get this app to work properly                     John Fritchman
Worked great until Android 9 0 Now it completely locks up my phone to where I have to perform a reset to get it to work at all     Billy Rahaim
I really like this app when it works it does work well but it starts to freeze crash and sends my Samsung s8 into some crazy black screen mode that means I cant do anything on my phone Once it does get my phone back some sort of normal it doesn t work I have to restart my phone and restart the app Can anyone assist if this gets fixed it s a 5 star all day long             Craig Barron
Used to love this app but it crashes my pixel 2 xl after about 7 holes Locks everything and the screen goes black Have to force a restart Thought it might be an anomally at first but it happens every round     Jim Peterson
Works great when it wants to Constantly causes phone to freeze Have to do a hard reboot if you leave the app running and the screen times out Have to close app to keep it from freezing Screen always on option doesn t work My dad has it on an earlier Galaxy and it works flawless I m running on an S9         Adam Appelhof
When it is working it s a great app but on newer Samsung models started for me on S8 currently have S10 it causes the phone to freeze up and makes it unusable It is very disappointing to not be able to use this app for longer than a hole or two at a time         jacob beaty
I ve paid and have used this app for several years but recently this app has caused problems with my newer Samsung S10 phone The phone will slow to a crawl sometimes freeze and it becomes very difficult to restart the phone Please fix this app as it is s great app otherwise         Vic Dreyer Jr
just like everyone else I love the app when it works since my s8 and now s10 5g it freezes up the android system I then have to find a way to restart my phone without anything responding I ve used the app a long time and love it when it did work please fix thank you         Rich Wong
Updated unusable It freezes constantly Do not buy yardage is ok but there is a lag score card freezes the phone it is almost unusable     Mike Peluso
I ve had freecaddie pro for over 10 years and never had any issues with previous Samsung Galaxy phones Now that I have the S10 it just obliterates my phone it hangs up and I can t restart my phone It takes me a long time to get it back to where I can use it     DELFIN ARIEL DELA CRUZ
App is essentially unusable on newer Samsung phones Starts loads courses and will work for a few holes Then you can t unlock your phone Have to force restart the phone before anything else Please fix I ve used this app forever     Andrew Cao
I really liked the app so I bought it awhile ago Now that I m using it on S9 it freezes my phone every time I use it after the first few minutes I think it has something to do with the last update it worked fine before         Minou Pak
Great app but some of the apps courses are incomplete front nine download but no back nine That s bad for an app that charged a fee             Saab P
GPS distances are not correct New version of this app is Not as good as old version     Guy Mitchell
This app no longer works since I upgraded to a galaxy 7 Causes phone to freeze requiring restart     David Woods
Was working fine after the yardages were fixed a couple of months ago Just upgraded from a S6 to a S9 phone Now it locks my phone up for 45 minutes can t even answer an incoming call Not sure we why its freezing my phone but I bought a backup app after the last mishap The backup app will work for now but I hope this one gets fixed Otherwise was a great app     A Google user
It worked well until I upgraded to Samsung Note 8 after 6 holes it locks up my phone I can t access anything until it shuts down Even holding the power button won t let me restart the phone It is usually takes until I wake up the next morning before I can use it     Mark Frerich
This used to be a fantastic app however it crashes on my Samsung S8 any time I try to use it now Could this issue be fixed     Graeme Winning
The ability to type in a location other than current gps location does not work any more         R M
just like others I have been using this app for years and now it freezes my Samsung S9 please fix     Craig Valentine
Like a lot of users I used to love this app but in the last 3 4 months I ve been experiencing a lot issues mainly phone crashing and battery drain And still no response from Support Very disappointing         A Google user
overall great app i bought app over two years ago and still waiting for club suggestion to be part of app i use swing golf because that has been an option for a while now still waiting on this app to catch up with this feature             Daniel Tunnell
worked fine with my last phone freezing up my Note 9 so can t use too bad I loved the app     Dennis Reid
App used to be great but needs a fix Constantly bogging down and freezing my phone Brand new phone too         Ryan Monty
Scorecard share button crashes app Re downloaded and now says check internet connection when logging in     Alice Lunn
This app freeze the phone up completely I have the paid version and it is useless Samsung S9     Andre Klopper
App is pointless as does not pick up GPS signal Was good now awful so much for paying for the proper version Feel robbed     kirk dodds
Keeps crashing on Samsung Galaxy S9         Ernie Zibert
Awesome app now glad to see they fixed it                     Gary Kuanoni
I haven t Samsung S7 in this application locks the phone up to where you can t use it     Butch vance
Fantastic app love it                     Todd Rogus
Does not play well with Samsung Phones Don t waste your time     Doug Nelson
Paid app gives you nothing     mike thompson
Guys are going to fix the lock up issues are you gone I dont care but you haven t answered anyone since last update that i can see         Louis Rosenberg
locks up my s9     Jim Klitzing
The best golf GPS app available The new upgrade 4 0 07 needs a little work I liked the old score keeping method better with the squares where you could just touch the score vs the spinning wheel Also I like the 9 hole score to be shown between hole 9 and 18 I guess I liked the old scorecard better Otherwise I like the upgrade Keep up the good work Update They fixed the scorecard and scoring method This App is perfect All of a sudden you can t create new courses utilizing google maps Looks like Google is charging to use API At least my previously created courses still work BTW I have no problem on Samsung S8             Lynn Wagoner
It would appear to have died A great shame It was excellent before Not sure if it s because I m on a new phone or some app upgrade Please fix it 4014 works fine on Android 6 0 4016 doesn t on Android 7 Update Got a message from publisher asking for review So checked Google Play to discover it s been fixed Woohoo At last Except it hasn t They ve simply scrolled back to 4104 Could they not have done that ages ago Still 4104 worked perfectly before so fingers crossed We ll see     Google User
Love it on my note 4 Please please please add gear s support as other golf gps is horrible                 Gear s support
Works well Any chance of integration with gear 2 smartwatch              Great app
What sets this app apart is big white numbers on a black background I can read them easily in full sun which i cant do with other apps I recently upgraded to pro and the text for hazardsbunkersetc is gray and small please consider making the text white and maybe a bit bigger Great app though I use it for every round and its never let me down                 Best GPS golf app
Ive been using the free version for a year and decided to upgrade Im really enjoying the added features in the pro version Is it possible to access old scorecards after theyve been cleared                 Worth every penny
Great app Its really accurate with in a meter Easy to use Only problem I have is there are a few courses missing Australia Please update app Thanks overall              Nice
New lg stylo Location not found but maps is working App always worked with old lg phone Have checked all settings     Not working
Exact or within a yard of a Garmin my partner uses Love it                 Always works
Ive been a free caddie user since the beginning and Ive had the pro version for as long as its been around and its still great but my biggest gripe has been getting new courses Why can you not after all these years type in the course name to look for The find based on your location sucks It barely works And yes I have all My location settings correct to allow it to work You built this great app and cant put something as simple as a real search in Its a shame        Why no course search
Gives accurate yardage to the front middle and back of green from wherever you are standing on the course A high contrast schematic of each hole would be very useful but not available at this time Perhaps the developers would think about including this on one of the new additions              Great straightforward app
Very accurate and so easy to read Auto hole advance doesnt always work but I understand why Love the ability to create and edit my own course layouts Much better deal than the so called dedicated gps units with preinstalled courses Well done                 Fabulous
Its great easy to use and excellent coverage in the UK Just a pity it does not support stapleford scoring Great app all very well done                 Had it for years and still loving it
Ive been using this for a few years now and find it easy and a great aid to use on the course My only gripe or should I say Idea that I have to make it better admittedly just for me would be if you could enter your handicap manually on the scorecard and then manually enter the Stroke index of each hole This then working out your Stapleford points as you go from hole to hole Other than that great app that could be a touch better              Great app
Love the graphics the accuracy and ease of use I have tried countless others and none come close The only one slight on it is my course Howley Hall in Leeds has changed quite dramatically over the past five years with the addition of countless new bunkers hazards etc so could do with a remap if possible Aside from this the app is still streets above any other out there Ps used to use my bushnell all the time now its going on ebay                 Best golf gps yet
Cheap fast best golf app on the market and has every course I need                 Great app
I bought this for the Pebbles integration but it sucks I concur with comments by other Pebble users on the need for time display scoring and statistic integrations and then and shot measurement Swing by Swing is doing a better job with Pebbles with their free version This App last updated in Mar 2014 Promise of an update by mid June 2015 did not materialize I am eagerly looking forward to better user support Only got 1star because that is lowest possible     Pebble implementation inadequate
The rangefinder is great As good as I have seen However I cant give this 5 stars until the scorecard and the stats are integrated I dont like having to enter my score twice The scorecard needs to be able to use the phone contacts as players and needs to be able to automatically email to all players Also a round needs to be able to be ended by the user The pebble integration is nice but lacks basic ability to tick a shot counter It would be nice to not have to turn my phone on at all           Good rangefinder Poor scoring
Only use basic screen for green distances myself but thats all I want on my home course Definitely helps club selection and never not found a course Ive wanted                 Great simple app
Using the app for the first time today gave me mixed reactions I like the large numbers and how fast it updates after waking my phone I dislike the high battery usage compared to the other 2 golf apps I use I also dont like the fact that I get no yardages to bunkers only to the green For a golf app to be complete you need yardage to bunkers doglegs water and such something this app doesnt provide Ill probably go back to my old app for those reasons alone 3 stars though for the good part           Good and Bad
Any plans on supporting the current or new Galaxy Gear                 Excellent app
Ive tried several golf apps but freecaddie pro is best on course Only complaint is with the pro version that I paid 10 for a few years back I cannot find most courses to download I have to go to the original freecaddie app and download course then restart pro and the course is available to download in find more courses in pro Annoying           The Best but
Great app I have tested this app against other GPS apps and hand held GPS units only to have a slight difference in yardageIm very happy with it                 Free caddie pro
I like this app alot and the added bonus of using it on my Pebble But on occasion it does fail to sync with my watch which can be annoying that I have to keep taking out the phone to check yardage But apart from that I would recommend this to all golfers              Cheap golfing gps
Since I got the g2 phone I have had half the courses I used to have on the s3 Need to fix this issue              Great app
The rule of thumb is line up the shot and trust it This app enhances that theory              Always spot on
Includes a lot of my local courses and works pretty well even in places of low cell reception It would be nice to add preferred lines on each hole Maybe a better shortcut to the scoring statistics for each hole and a handicap calculator All in all a great value and very useful tool for the course              Great App
Works like the other golf distance apps But the auto advance hole seldom if ever works I have tried on several different devices too If that was fixed review would be better Hasnt been updated in over a year     Auto advance hole does not work
Very smooth easy to set up Works great Have used for 5 years now Update I have used Skycaddie skydroid Golflogix many others This one by far is my favorite Very reliable very good measurements Have used side by side with a SkyCaddie unit always within 2 yards of it                 Easy fun
Have been told that they wont do an Android Wear implementation so reduced to 2 stars        Used to give it 5 stars
The key features I demanded in a caddy program were that it be readable in daylight on my ancient phone and no need for a data connection on the course Basic Freecaddie filled the bill The basic display is just distance to the front center and back of green in big white numbers on a black background All you really need most of the time Pony up for the Pro to get more detailed info on the course What you get depends on how the course has been marked Marking is by volunteers using overhead imagery from Google Maps or Bing If you dont like how its been done you can remap it yourself                 Easy to use minimal resources
Accurate with easily readable distances even in bright sunlight Not too many fancy features to clutter it up                 Works great
The best cellphone golf app Gives the same yardage as expensive handheld GPS units and golf GPS watches                 Papadave
Battery has no problem I even listen to music throughout the round Avg About 18 use over a 4 hour roundbig clear graphics                 I use it every day on Note3
I will go back to 5 stars back when this suppports Android Wear particularly the Moto 360           Scorecard
Is this app still supported There is no where to sign in on the website If not still supported I want a refund        Use sign in
This app is okay I would love to see Android Wear support added           Not bad would love to see Android Wear support
Worked great butgot new phone same phone just broke last one and lately some holes are out by 40 or 50 yards Very disappointed as it was great up till then          
Wow brilliant value for money All local courses in my area are uploaded and brilliant Knocked quite a few shots off my scoring So user friendly and simple to use Battery power consumption is good aswell on s3 it hardly uses any battery awesome app                 Freecaddie pro
I have always liked this app and went back to this after trying Golfshot and Hole 19 forAndroid wear connectivity both did not get close to a full round of golf I love FreeCaddies simplicity and the fact that I still have a working phone at the end of the roundAll I am interested in are the distances to the green which this does perfectly All the other stuff on the other apps slow down the golfIts a shame that the lock screen widget does not work with Lollipop anymore not Folia Medias fault Looking forward to Android wear implementation Please keep it simple Just the distances to the geen hole number and the forward backward arrows please on the watch Oh and the black background             
Works like a charm Battery usage is awesome Keep the screen off when not in use and only uses about 30 of battery power I think all cell phones are limited in their GPS accuracy so to that this app is as good as any I use it every round and love it                 Great app
Request Need a minor update in the Pebble integration A visible clock sometime you need to tell time on a watch ud83dude09              Ok

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