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Contapps Ltd. , brings Contapps with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Contapps apps has been update to version 3.21.9 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • This app is the best contact management out there..
  • A big compliment to such responsive customer service..
  • not mind blowing tho..
  • So nice and user friendly download it imdtly..
  • Great Functionality with the Black Theme..

Overall Satisfactionc78
Undoubtedly the best contacts app out there.
Best contact manager I've ever used on an Android phone.
Defeats the whole purpose of a contact manager.
Is there Google voice integration.
Do not use app for messaging if you use Google Voice.
makes more speed dial contacts.
It's a lot better than the default Contacts app.
which is way better than the standard contact manager that comes with Android.
Amazing support.
Amazing replacement for the default contacts app that looks great.
Fun & Engagingc69
Perfect friendly user awesome contacts I recommend this app.
Awesome contact management and great interface.
More customization options pls.
Awesome integration puts great functionality at your fingertips.
awesome integration with other services.
I love the dailer and convenience of having everything in one place.
puts everything in one place making it so much easier to work with.
Repeat Valuec43
Social Aspectsc70
Undoubtedly the best integrated contacts manager with social media reference capabilities.
Painfully slow at loading social media feeds from my contacts.
Easily connects to many social networking sites directly from specific contacts.
Might be great if you use the social networking stuff.
Production Valuesc48
Ease of Usec78
Fast easy to use and sync with Facebook.
I love this app it's fast easy to use.
I cant open the app without freezing my phone.
Updates & Supportc63
A big compliment to such responsive customer service.
5 stars Just because of immediate customer service.
to battery usage.

Just needs better MMS support then it will be perfect. found in 14 reviews
Lags white viewing contacts and needs improvements in call logs interface. found in 232 reviews
Like it except: No google+ and widgets only speed dial. found in 32 reviews
would be great if had more info on incoming calls displayed. found in 40 reviews
That's not cool that u cant send pics to non-contacts. found in 18 reviews
I cannot add a new contact using this app. found in 83 reviews
Would be better if it showed facebook contacts as well. found in 124 reviews
but problem arises when intended to add new contacts. found in 83 reviews
App wont auto Retrieve Attachments in SMS/ MMS messages. found in 27 reviews
If group messages worked correctly it'd be a 5. found in 83 reviews
Can't send pictures or contact to people not in your address book. found in 14 reviews
it just needs google voice messaging extention or support. found in 33 reviews
Great app but recently had problems sending text messages. found in 107 reviews
Google Voice SMS doesn't appear to be supported. found in 31 reviews
please expand dual Sim support for mobiles other than Samsung. found in 262 reviews
Also can't send MMS to multiple people at the same time. found in 27 reviews
Doesnt support dual sim phones for placing calls or sending text. found in 271 reviews
Would like to see some Google voice integration then 5 stars. found in 31 reviews
Now all of a sudden Doesn't connect to Facebook. found in 67 reviews
no support for dual sim and improve the merge duplicate feature. found in 271 reviews
Apparently this doesn't work for group messages on T-Mobile. found in 83 reviews
UI is bad and free sms verification not complete. found in 76 reviews
Crashing while trying to send sms. found in 55 reviews
Keeps freezing when I try to connect facebook contacts. found in 124 reviews
Cant delete or merge duplicate contact copy. found in 69 reviews
Not able to read all SMS and contacts photo sync bogus. found in 170 reviews
I cannot list phone contacts alone and delete them. found in 111 reviews
This app forces you to make it as default SMS application. found in 116 reviews
Very nice UI but group text not working. found in 51 reviews
Was nice until it started intercepting my text messages. found in 107 reviews
This is also my reason uninstall Contacts plus few times ago. found in 54 reviews
I'm not able to add new contacts to my contacts library. found in 83 reviews
App does not provide dual sim support for messaging at least. found in 262 reviews
I dont have keypad and cant send free messages. found in 78 reviews
Randomly deleted a load of contacts from my Google contact database. found in 78 reviews
Was a great app but without Facebook sync it's now useless. found in 106 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Contapps for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 3.21.9 has been released on 2014-01-16. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about Contapps in Contapps Ltd. `s Official Website :

Boost your phonebook / addressbook: Fresh contacts theme Social network feeds from Facebook, twitter, etc Foursquare integration: see your Foursquare friends` checkins & more See contacts` address on a map Quick buttons to call, sms, email & chat What

A recent update seems to have generated approx 20 extra entries all identified as Skype for a random selection of my contacts As far as I can tell these are all contacts who I don t have Skype details for Bizarre behaviour by an app that I ve used and liked for several years If this isn t sorted I ll most likely ditch the app     Peter Batty
Unable to install on Galaxy Tab S6 Used this app premium version for years but now I cannot install on my Galaxy Tab S6 I had it installed on my Tab S2 and it worked flawlessly Tried the Contact Pro and not even remotely close to the original version Support was useless and all they said was they will submit this for future updates No attempts made to resolve the issue at all Negative star if I could     Ed RA
Loved this app for a long time u0026 suddenly I m getting glitches left u0026 right What s also sad is that I put it on my mom s much deserved new smartphone u0026 this starting happening She only has limited time before she is completely blind from macular degeneration disease wet kind and I wanted her to enjoy life while she can she has 3 stents due to CAD despite healthy lifestyle with as least stress possible during the time she has She just retired last yr as a chemist after a 56yr career too     Jenna Katy
Had to remove myself from the beta as all my favorite features were gone there no grid no swiping across sms call contact screens And no dark theme With apps more and more including dark themes this app thinks of removing them is a good idea I was an early paying supporter of this app and it looks like they re moving to a subscription model I m hoping they really think twice before making the beta public             Vito Evola
Good app i was beta tester but shifted to regular version recent beta updates changed Ui and setting options no option for hiding SMS tab dialer opening option app start theam and many options available in current regular version please do not make beta version regular unless all options in regular version             Yogesh K.
Yearly Subscription 100euro Are you out of your mind There are no themes everything changed to the worst Nothing is working properly If you want to succeed in something you have to listen to the people who support you Oukitel k9     michael150583
There s nothing special about this app I used to use Drupe Dialer before this one and at least that made your life simple This dialer literally has no edge over the default dialer The worst 30 I ve ever spent         Purnesh Tripathi
It used to be my favorite but it s gotten really buggy lately Group texts are extremely laggy and i can t download pictures from texts I emailed months ago about the issues The reply was it s a bug So no i am not going to email you guys again about it         Stevie Dunton
The recent update was a mess and I had to uninstall and reinstall to fix it But it seems to have sorted itself out after that The subscription modle is repugnant                 Clinton Hammond
Unknown number do not identify all other features are good but the main purpose of this app is to identify unknown caller and it is not achieved     Archana GURAV
Current update has random numbers which I never call replace frequently called number             Tung Quang Mai
Uninstalled beta version and paid version was installed successfully No more prompts                 Sean W
This is apple full of adds like chipper cash send apple it makes me difficult to dial any number I want to call Can you please remove it             Taganya Timothy
when i choose dark background color theme then i select add contacts i cannot see the text             Joyo Sugih
It is a very useful app providing both calling and messaging by separate tabs I am using paid version of this app Earlier they had option to back up data to our mail Recently they have removed this backup option Now they have come with another app contacts plus professional which we need to again subscribe by paying additional amount I don t understand why they are trying to cheat the customers like this Due to this I am changing my rating from 4 star to 1 star     Sudersanan Ponathil
I love this app I have been using it for three years now it s awesome                     L Gilliland
I used to love this app I have the paid version I paid around 14 dollars a year ago but now they have a new business model monthly payment and they removed the backup and multiple synchronization from the paid version and moved the functionalities to a premium monthly paid subscription model Used to be a 5 stars but due to the changes now is 1 star     Alexandre Yamamoto
contacts most important thing you have your SMS your contact and your call log all on one screen it organizes everything really well it works yes it works with photos the advertisement does not change the whole screen ads are unobtrusive yes I enjoy the app I spend lots of time in the app especially that I do not have to change screens to go to my SMS                 james crotty
AVOID I was looking forward to trying out this app however in order to enable caller id spam blocking you must consent to uploading ALL of your contacts calls and your text messages otherwise it s no more useful than a dialer Needless to say I didn t consent to the excessive data intrusion or sign up an account just browsed the app to ensure blocking wasn t able to be used without data upload it s not FYI If you read their legal user agreement you settle through arbitrator not court     QUADE PRESCOTT
this app was wonderful until it wasn t anymore it was the very best app for contacts messaging and launching phone calls but it no longer integrates with Google and that makes it virtually worthless Support cleared things up Working great just like it used to Feature request add Google messages for Web if possible That feature would bump my rating to 5 star                 Mike Goslin
Why is sending a jpg or an mms such a nightmare with your app I ve been having issues with mms and small sized jpg sent via text since day one of using your app 4 years almost Come on guys I m just about ready to call it quits It hangs there with the clock icon for days and then sends randomly I ve done every single thing you ve suggested in your help files Sigh             A. Z.
Overnight lost all my contact info and all of my recent phone call history The only info displayed was that I could not make sms calls from my tablet Up until now I have been using this app for years without any problems all of my contact information still exist on my PC I uninstalled the app and reinstalled it and no change no data Very disappointed other contact apps I have on my tablet still displays the contact information that Contacts Plus lost     Allan Gottlieb
I ve used this app as my main phone and text app for years the caller ID spam and block features are amazing Unfortunately I have had to uninstall it from my latest phone Xiaomi mi 9 It caused the phone to require a screen unlock before a call can be answered The phone is running Android 9 pie and xiaomi miui 10 software                     Adam Pike
was really good even a few months ago but the fact you ve removed back up and syncing means ive now lost a years worth of contacts one of which i needed for a property move so you ve screwed me over trying everything for it to update and recongise contacts that ive backed up had them saved to my gmail account too but forget giving us logical features that work     James Gaskell
Its a great app and I love that its sms and conracts in one as well as i can choose the background from my gallery Only thing is it would be nice if there was a one time payment just to get rid of the ads Keep the others payment optuins but add a one time of 5 to get rid of ads                 Angel Eden
When I call someone then it automatically ends it during ringing in some seconds doing an incomplete call the same issue rises when someone calls me moreover there is no option to send feedback email problems in this app How to solve these issues     singh singh
Great contact app tried several others but keep coming back to this app Build a contact app into this I still have to download another contact app together with this Improve the birthday notification Also make the contact picture fill the call screen to replace the white space Good app in all                 Daniel Adeboye
Good app Just not everything works In my Google account I have one group however on this app it splits that one group into two groups I ve tried deleting the app and reinstalling it however it still separates this one group into two groups with different group names Some people are in one group and some people are in the other group Support department never gets back with answers They ask you to send info that you already sent Update 5 emails to support and still no answer     Devin Oxendine
The default dialer has an unnecessary sms tab to the left when I m using another app for the same please give an option to opt out of the tab You could have used the favorites instead of it as the contact fields are large             Samuel John
At some point the devs got greedy and removed all the good features from the app even for users who had a pro account Now this is just a data collection app which smuggles all your contacts and your call details to their data pool Strictly not recommended Update The app wouldn t let you delete your data on their servers unless you are from Europe     Praveesh A
very meager UI selection on free version no theme selecting 1 of 4 colors for bkgd menu is NOT a theme FAR TOO INTRUSIVE privacy demands for SIMPLE features std on android contacts sms It s like charging extra for a transistor radio aged u0026 obsolete tech scamming to get users permissions where their personal interactions msgs contacts calls info is pulled to their server ready to sell or expose via breach         Bernie Baillargeon
I couldn t even get past the opening page It wouldn t let me even get started and I know it s not because of my computer because my other apps are working fine so that s out of the promblem So not being rude but before advetising apps for all devises make sure it works for all devises     Faye Bliffen
dont install new option for professionals it totally messes up your existing contacts It is run by FullContact and installs a separate app many of my existing contacts were lost     Dirk Gastmans
fine for contacts but the sms part cannot handle dual sim correctly and sends from the wrong SIM my contacts got really confused when receiving from a new number because of that         guillaume ginguene
I have never used the Contacts appointment before I would like to try this appointment                     William Webber Jr.
Update 04 19 I had reinstalled the app and is working as good as it was before the update somehow some of the settings were changed during the update but by reinstalling it I was able to set the app as it was before Thanks                 Yolanda B Molina
Lovely app but it keeps making duplicate contacts without their pictures or any information just duplicates the name for a new contact Literally have 5 contacts for my mother and 2 for my boss have to delete them each time they randomly duplicate                 Leyheart
its ok but kinda sluggish n sometimes when clicking the search contacts under the dial pad its not working well need to 2x or 3x to click before it respond n when adding contacts it does not shows up i need to reboot my phone before its shows to up to the contacts             Glenn Garcia
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