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RobTop Games , the publisher behind many Android games (Boomlings ,Geometry Dash ,Boomlings MatchUp ,Memory Mastermind ,Geometry Dash Meltdown ,Geometry Dash Lite), brings Geometry Dash Lite with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Geometry Dash Lite games has been update to version 1.50 with several major changes and improvements. Games release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Fun good for kids and much harder than flappy bird..
  • One of the best time waster games I've ever seen..
  • Super fun and addicting highly recommend this game..
  • This is a really fun and addicting game to play..
  • Best game ever cool icons you will love it..


Oh mer gerd awesome and mind blowing game. found in 11 reviews
Really fun and challenging especially when jumping instead of sliding. found in 209 reviews
It is the best game in the universe. found in 4 reviews
I love dis game so much i alnost finished all da levelslevels. found in 22 reviews
For wasting time and having fun awesome game. found in 6 reviews
I love this game because its super fun and adicting. found in 18 reviews
I love this game its got so many levels for a demo. found in 6 reviews
I really like the techno music and the galctic theme. found in 12 reviews
Amazing game love the soundtrack even though I raged a few times. found in 27 reviews
This is a great game guys good job making the game. found in 25 reviews
awesome gameplay keep updating more maps. found in 7 reviews
It is a awesome game very addictive it is a-maz-ing. found in 155 reviews
It is supper fun and has entertaining challenges. found in 6 reviews
Fast pace game that makes you not blink for mintes. found in 13 reviews
boss game right here they should make new levels farster though. found in 15 reviews
Love this game it keeps me occupied for a while :. found in 16 reviews
Other than that amazing game keeps me entertained for hours. found in 43 reviews
Geometry dash is awesome because it is addicting at any time. found in 39 reviews
Its a very interesting game and I LOVE it <.; found in 15 reviews
Love the colors and levels and music. found in 10 reviews
I thought it was to hard I almost broke my phone. found in 6 reviews
Does get frustrating at times but great time killer. found in 27 reviews
Much more challenging than impossible game and really fun. found in 410 reviews
Pretty fun except the jumping seems little delayed. found in 7 reviews
Ads are annoying though sometimes. found in 8 reviews
Don't like the ads so annoying but fantastic game would totally recommended it. found in 5 reviews
It gets a bit too hard but still challenging. found in 15 reviews
Fun i wish the full version was free though. found in 59 reviews
It's okay just fix the lag then I will rate 5 stars. found in 23 reviews
Still remains better than the Impossible Game. found in 48 reviews
I left one star out because some levels are impossible to beat. found in 7 reviews
I really hate the annoying ads. found in 4 reviews
It needs more characters and colors and more more levels. found in 11 reviews
Good game just hate when ads pop up mid game. found in 5 reviews
Great game reminds me of the Impossible game but less frustrating. found in 10 reviews
You really need to fix the jumping bugs. found in 31 reviews
Fun but always hang and too much ads. found in 8 reviews
There is just one problem it lags alot. found in 14 reviews
But they should put check points in the levels. found in 21 reviews
This game deserves to be destroyed. found in 5 reviews
This Game sucks It's Not worth You downloading it. found in 23 reviews
The ads made the game impossible to play. found in 5 reviews
This Is the worst game ever you can't get past 2%. found in 18 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Geometry Dash Lite for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.50 has been released on 2014-01-29. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rythm-based action platformer"Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an impossible game while also making it more accessible to newcomers."- 148Apps"Geometry Dash is a ...

this game is the best game i had played in a while it has amazing sound dracks and fun levels to go with it if you were thinking about buyig geometry dash then you should play this game first this game is like a demo to the original game and allows you to get the basics of the game before you actually buy the game my only complaint about the game is that the levels they give us are not that hard and its not the same as the original game                     alfredo rodriguez
I freaking love this game and all other versions one problem though it will lag every now and then but no one can really stop that ads can be only a small problem unlike games like Magic Tiles 3 which spams you with ads and scams you into 4 a week Geometry Dash is an old fun sometimes irritating original game Overall 5 out of 5 stars                     flopy dip
What A Game Even though this us the Lite verison this game gives players a good view to play it I haven t bought played the full verison YET but once i do once everyone does this game will have to update some new features The music is motivation for the players yes it can not be but if you really like this game then you will love the music the tension the dramatic moments enjoyable parts of the game Robtop make a Geometry Dash 2 with spicier levels more music and Suprises                     ABC ABC
Very Fun game This game deserves 5 stars from me Everthing about Geometry Dash is amazing It s so good Plus theres pretty much no ads I recommend that you get this game today The only bad thing is the raging It can be hard sometimes but it starts off easy so don t worry It s addictive so it will keep you occupied for a little while Have fun                 Gaming Pro tyb
This game is really fun and hard It is taking me more than a week to complete one level There was only one problem It is obviously the ads Another wrong thing is that sometimes an ad pops up right in the middle of me trying to complete a level and it makes me lose It is really fustrating because when I unpause I lag and lose Posotive Note Clutterfunk is one of the most HARDEST levels I ve ever played in this entire game Thats all thanks for the awsome challenging game             A Google user
I loved the fast paced game play and completely different levels I played it for about 5 months before trying other geometry dash games and have recently started it again So far I haven t had to play through any bugs or glitches and overall it is fun game the only reason why it is four stars is I wish there was a way to receive coins or something and purchase skins from the shop other than that I very much enjoy this game                 Tyler Holtz
I love this game and to the people who are saying Ugh Too many ads well it s a game you can play without WiFi or Mobile data and you turn it off and ding No ads Thx so much for making this game                     EmilyzGachaLife
The concept is pretty good on paper but it relies on multiple retries and kinda memorizing levels as transitions happen very quickly in later stages so it is a nice way to create an addictive gameplay loop However it can get frustrating soon And of course if you play without internet you can play without watching a single ad so it s worth downloading After all what else are mobile games for if not passing time when there s no internet available                 Rohit Chaoji
You can t quite get the full experience without buying the full game I really like this game before I uninstalled However when I reinstalled there were 10x as many ads as I remember and it kept glitching me backwards causing the beat to go off I use the beat as a reference when to tap So I recommend buying the full game         Furious Raptor
This is a great game I love the music in every level and I love how most of the moves you make encorporate with the beat melody of the song I will say this might be a little hard for people that are easily frustrated I used to be like that all the time but the music is what helps me stay focused AMAZING JOB to the developers Couldn t have asked for a cooler game                     Grace Damron
I loved this game It was entertaining and fun with satisfying levels I liked the hard levels because they gave me a challenge My favourite level was Electroman Adventures because it was fun and tricky and i liked the soundtrack If you have not tried this game i reccomend it to ALL people Thx for reading                     Bernadette M
So I ll definitely recommend this game to all of you It makes you really rage at first cause you can t pass the level But it really helps you be more patient and self conscious Also is a great time killer Everyone at my school plays this                     Alexander Valentyna
The levels are ok there are even some really cool ones but 2 things One it s very unresponsive I tap nothing happens I hold it jumps like twice and stops note there are no cracks or damages on my phone Two I m playing in the middle of a level and the game just pauses on it s own to show me the tiniest of ads and it messes me up everytime There are almost no video ads but I would much rather prefer those than the ones that literally pause your game while you re playing             Sans Fans
I think this game is the best to waste my whole day on but wait four stars why simply because I only play it when there is no game in the world that can make me have fun and it actually happens a lot which makes this game so good and I think the full game would be a lot better so sAnKeS this word isn t snakes                 Ammar Absi
Omg So much fun Its very addicting so watch out The levels are fun were sometimes you can spend hour and not get past your record then your like Oh hey I forgot about that level And you beat it on the first try Definite recommend                     Ava Zdravkoski
Simple but hard It would be awesome if in some levels the effects and background are less noisy Some levels are addictive because they have little to no background effects and animations Besides when the background is dark it reduces the player s engagement                     CodinStyle
I like it and I reccomend it we use this game at school in music class it s the only fun thing we can do in music class I give it 5 stars because I wish their were checkpoints every now and then yes I know about practice mode but that will never happen because you guys aren t gonna update this game anymore cuz u haven t updated it since December 21st 2017                 don't take me seriously
This game in general is pretty fun but there are just 2 problems that prevent me from giving it a 5 star one is that sometimes it freezes and your rythm breaks and you die two that sometimes it doesn t register the clocks but eventually you get a hang of it then it feels like it always registers Other than that it s a pretty fun game Also for people that get alot of ads just turn off your wifi then it s no ads                 Hussain Hadi
I really like Geometry Dash But there s this one thing My jumps are delaying I know it s not RobTop s fault but that just makes it hard to play I m pretty sure it s just my device b c my older bro s device jumps on time I rlly just wanted to say something on here LOL But it s true my device delays XD                 DAB ON IT REEE
This game is soooo addictive To all these people who say the game doesnt work ITS NOT THE GAME THAT DOESN T WORK IS YOUR FREAKING DEVICE THAT DOESNT WORK GO GET A NEW DEVICE AND QUIT BLAMING THE GAME Im having fun with the game but its too hard Overall good game to play when you dont wanna spend 2 on the full version                     RavenPuffinSlythinDor
it was very addictive and fun but it wouldn t save my progress i dont know why this happened since it always saved everything when i downloaded it on my tablet but after that i made an acc and i thought it would save my progress but surprise surprise it didn t so i go into acc on settings and it doesn t even have a delete acc button would give it a one star but the only reason I m giving this game a two star is because i had fun playing it         Billy Laltlenlian
I belive Geometry Dash helps you imagine more creative stuff this is one reason why i choose 5 star It is a game of adventure and life The reason why I choose 5 star is because when you are outside with an electronic device and you have no WiFi you can play this game So I recommend you to download it Wish you the best of luck                     Hannah Sonubi
This game is so fun it s definitely a stress reliever and I m tired of people being so negative cause as juru jak Said they can t complete the easiest levels and also they LAG THEN GET A BETTER PHONE and the only problem with this is that it only took me 6 hours to download it might be my phone or maybe the mb gb for the game etc is alot to download but if that didn t happen it would be a OVER 9000 STARS                 xdnicky DrGo
Okay I have the full version on pc and I ve played 160 hours and my expiriens is very positive and building your own level is really fun and I ve played a lot of really good and well made levels and playing the harder ones are really fun and challenging I d recommend this to any one whether it s a casual gamer or a pro looking for a hard and challenging game to sink hundreds of hours in to fun game id recommended to anyone sorry for bad spelling English is a second language and I m 12                     Matteo Bazzi
great game but the reason i m downrating it is because when i was playing this my vision suddenly went bad if you have eyes that aren t very strong i don t recommend this even though i have played a lot of games that require you to move your eyes alot Piano Tiles made it to 99 9 is how much i played those types of games         John Moo
I love this game very addicting and I like the fact that robtop actually knows that their game is hard and decided that they should put ads every 10 or 15 games instead of every 3 games like some other games I know                 CloaKedWarrior _YT
The actual game is fine appart from the fact I cannot leave the app without losing all progress The only way I found of saving is to make an account then collect 10 stars all good and well before you realise that you never have enough time to reach this poing before having to quit to do something else in the real world This never used to happen but now happens both for me and for my younger sister who is playing on her tablet         Jade Barton
This is one of my favorite games that is free and doesn t have to have wifi like I said I love I mean love this game and I love playing it when traveling a long time it can be challenging sometimes and it can be easy if you play it a lot if you like challenges then this is the game to play but sometimes it can be soooooooo hard to beat a level but you get the hang of it real easily                     A Google user
Its awesome but sometime I click and it doesn t jump Then I die I love the music though I wish you could hit a button and you can listen to the whole song because I the only way you can listen to the music is if you play it and not die and sometimes that is hard i just want hear the whole song                 Janine Allan
Well this app is good I used to own it But when you get the legit game and pay for it with your two bucks this version just becomes a trash pile Seriously what is the point of getting this app when you already got the paid regular Geometry Dash I still reccomend this version to people who can t afford the main game because the gameplay of the lite is still quite O K             Derpimations - Cool animations and skits
the art and the game is very impressive so is the music but the only problem i have with the game is that when your signal isnt the best the game starts to slow down like crazy when im in the middle of a level and a get a bad spot of signal it slows down so much and i thought this was a fast paced game if i lose because i didnt jump or something shame on my but if i die when it slows thats beyond me             Tommy Colin

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