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Google Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Google Earth ,Google Offers ,YouTube ,Google Maps ,Panoramio Uploader ,Google Moderator), brings Gmail with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Gmail apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • how about a spell check..
  • This also adds the ability to delete from the notification bar..
  • In many senses it's even better than the web interface..
  • the mobile online version has a more classy feel..

Overall Satisfactionc53
Great app Gmail is still the best email client in the market.
Annoying and don't belong in my email client.
This mail client is perfectly integrated with drive.
I am moving to another mail client until Google fixes this.
Best Email Service Provided By An Outstanding Company With Great Customer Service.
Your Email service shouldn't FORCE YOU to use The DRIVE.
Thanks Google this update is awesome and programs sooo faster.
Needs pinch to zoom and it'll be perfect.
Works better than yahoo or any other mail service.
Fun & Engagingc64
Love this app Gmail is awesome.
The view of gmail is awesome.
Get everything Google for your droid or tab.
I love everything Google.
Social Aspectsc12
Production Valuesc32
In many senses it's even better than the web interface.
Almost all the functionality of the web interface.
Ease of Usec28
I did a factory reset after trying everything else.
Security & Privacyc39
Bug: links are not clickable in non google mail account.
Is really nice that one can have more than one account.
Updates & Supportc17
I had to switch back to previous version and that is working fine.
the android version.

or preview of image files attached as in pc version. found in 16 reviews
As of course we have come to expect from Google. found in 13 reviews
Excellent email app to match Google's free email service. found in 17 reviews
We should have the option of signing out. found in 8 reviews
I hope they re add the notification sound setting back on. found in 14 reviews
But it is not possible to empty the trash. found in 67 reviews
Cant find new messages in conversations when they arrive. found in 224 reviews
but I also wish there was an option to empty the trash folder. found in 67 reviews
I dont get notification on receiving new mails. found in 655 reviews
Latest update killed auto sync and doesn't sync. found in 423 reviews
The conversation view is an inept recipe for disaster. found in 272 reviews
5 stars if there is move to sd card option. found in 108 reviews
Have to delete trash inbox through broswer. found in 100 reviews
Please provide option to attach documents while replying emails. found in 64 reviews
Trash folder shows no connection when connected to good wifi. found in 110 reviews
Please make simple and easy for download attachments. found in 104 reviews
but there's no way to empty the entire folder at once. found in 126 reviews
I can't attach files other than pictures and I can't zoom in. found in 144 reviews
why is there no option to attach files from folders. found in 371 reviews
New emails don't show up even after refreshing. found in 102 reviews
It doesn't notify me of new messages anymore. found in 85 reviews
No longer able to empty trash and spam on my tablet. found in 234 reviews
Google please add the option to turn off conversation view within the application. found in 446 reviews
This gmail app is miserable at formatting html. found in 1306 reviews
it is impossible to delete multiple messages from the home screen. found in 242 reviews
No way to delete multiple emails that I've found so far. found in 243 reviews
I cannot read some new messages within a thread. found in 224 reviews
Conversation view makes this app unusable for business. found in 272 reviews
Why is there no option to attach files while composing and sending mails. found in 371 reviews
The new long-press to select multiple conversations is a step backwards. found in 471 reviews
list unread emails but won't load past Sept since new update. found in 321 reviews
Auto sync has stopped working after the last update. found in 423 reviews
New update sucks it won't even let me open my emails. found in 187 reviews
Now you can't delete emails unless you open it first. found in 315 reviews
The new gmail app won't let me delete any of the trash. found in 188 reviews
The unknown issue with Google play service forever prompts. found in 286 reviews
the app no longer pushes notifications for new emails. found in 783 reviews
I stopped using gmail accounts because of this. found in 265 reviews
I had to delete ALL email accounts and uninstall software. found in 278 reviews
No way to check multiple emails and delete them. found in 291 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Gmail for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Gmail app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-01-10. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: view network state , full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about Gmail in Google Inc. `s Official Website :

The dedicated Gmail application integrated with Contacts and Android applications. Email pushed automatically to your phone Search all your messages Access synched messages when off line View messages by conversation Multiple Gmail accounts Stars, labels, and ...

I had gmail for more then 10 years I never had an issue until now I haven t received one email since 9 18 I ve been refreshing deleting downloading going onto chrome and other devices to try and access my email I love checking my emails multiple times a day So I m very upset that I cant access my emails and I dont want to make a new one They need to fix this issue asap     gabrielle pintado
For the past month or so I have had major problems replying to and composing emails The app pulls up the reply or new email screen just long enough to recognize it then completely crashes and returns toy phone s home screen After a few failed attempts I get a message that the app isn t working and I m given the option to close the app or leave feedback The app is up to date and I have cleared the cache reinstalled etc         Jesse Larson
Crashes when writing drafts has been repeating for months through all latest updates Super frustrating and makes me miss the Inbox app which didn t have this annoying issue I m tired of spending 4x more time writing a simple email And I had to give up on adding attachments on my phone The app just isn t stable enough to handle it so I finished on my Chromebook Guess it s time to search for a third party email app to handle simple tasks Again Get it together Google             Erik Kruse
I love all the improvements Id really love to see a better way to search through emails the search just doesn t work well on the app never really has I know it s a lot to ask but if it worked as well as Gmail in chrome that would be amazing Anytime I have to search for a email I always have to do it on the computer Also it would be nice to either use have the option to use the signature from gmail or be able to setup a signature in this app with the same features as Gmail                 Dustin Shepard
I feel like Google is painting itself into a corner with solutions services and offerings that only play nice with one another if you have fully adopted Google as a platform Even then there really isnt an elegant way to manage and monitor multiple gmail accounts It s really simple I ve got 8 active mail addresses that I have to monitor on any given day Further I want to limit not expand the number of individual desktop web pages or mobile device applications I have to use on any given day as it s less productive to have 50 pages applications up and running at any given moment         Marc
The mobile Gmail app on tablets is the absolute worst app ever I use it on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 1 The layout is awkward and can t really be changed if you don t want a preview so sad It doesn t work with add ons I have it set to Sync and it does it whenever it feels like it Google should be ashamed for putting this out No company would release this kind of product if people had to pay for it     k3nn3thinatl
Every now and again my emails stop sending and start to Queue I ve then got to use the web browser to send and check my emails This is a pain and not a reception recipient address or file size problem I can receive some I just can t send any This is the 3rd time this has happened No explanation no option to update app just a message 5 days later saying the email was unable to be sent that draft email is then deleted Unable to be retrieved what is going on         Tilly Gilbert
It s a good app but it s missing some stuff that it should have already You should be able to create a new Label Folder straight from the app without the need of a PC Also a mark all button is nice to delete a lot of emails at once and an outgoing sound when sending an email would be great along with sound notifications when recieving an email These are things that all email apps have already and for a long time already Please do these to make it even better             Fabio Mauti
I don t understand what kind of program app in 2019 doesn t have a progress bar percentage on uploads My emails with picture attachments have been hanging in Uploading status in the Outbox folder for several minutes at this point and I am connected to very fast Wi Fi There s nothing to help me determine if the emails are actually in the process of being sent Just terrible     Josiah Yeung
The push notifications could have been a made a lot better When an email arrives I need to be able to Mark as Read or Delete right from the notification pull down Yahoo implemented it years ago not sure why Google can t I hate it every day when I can t mark as read from push notification itself and have to actually open a mundane email to do that even those emails I sent to myself and fully aware of its content before opening         Kashyap Damodar
Gmail is great but for the last few months the app has been unable to send me a notification of my emails unless I open the app first which removes the point of a notification in the first place I do work which requires a lot of emailing and have had to link my Gmail to a different emailing app in order to know when I get an email and from who I have looked into the Gmail app settings and it tells me everything should be working normally This is also the only app on my phone which does this         Lukas Budziak
Generally really prefer using this client over others but I ve gotten a few bugs that just make it unusable for me Haven t gotten any notifications for any new mail and can t delete mail without it reappearing in the inbox after opening a message and going back to the inbox view If these things can be resolved I ll be happy with by favorite client again Until then I have to go to Outlook         Nadia S.C.
This app Is not good I ll be concise no ability to select all is absurd lack of dark theme is unforgivable for an email client and emails genuinely show up late often with no notification These should be very easy fixes Errors like these are genuinely embarrassing given how important this service is for Google Seriously if anyone sees this these reflect the most common review complaints     David Shif
Everytime I delete any mail it returns back automatically into my main inbox I tried everything I deleted it from my inbox and immediately deleted it from my wastebin Still it returned back to my inbox It happened everytime I have to delete it several times to clean and maintain my inbox This is to much irritating I tried with different network with high speed connectivity I tried different mobile sets still problem exists Please fix this problem     Tanay Ghosh
Will change how many stars I have given Gmail once problem is resolved No matter what I do in my settings I have not received a notification in weeks I still can access new emails but need to reload them in the app each time I am curious if I have received a new email Sometimes these are urgent emails that I do not receive until I look manually Disappointed that this has not been resolved yet     Alex Brechbill
Garbage Bring inbox back Tired of the ads disgustingly disguised as emails in my social and promotions labels It would also be nice if it actually recognized emails as social and promotions on a consistent basis I get emails from the same places that appear in whatever folder they feel like If your intent was to get people to use email less you ve done a fantastic job     Keith Kozma
I wish I could give zero stars to list a few tgings I despise about this app It contains ads but no way to get rid of them There is no way to view all mail from all my acoounts It keeps hiding important emails and newsletters in the promotions section There is no way to mark an email as read from the notifications it sends You can only delete or archive And it s app badges only show up for one of my accounts This app is litterally the worst email app I have ever tried on andriod     Unique Name
Horrible UI update Can t read a single email properly Now the design is all over the place It s a pain to my eyes Horrible application The worst design and it s not user friendly interface Rubbish above average A disaster to extreme A pain Bad app Stupid move A failure Soon charging us for usable functions and usability Get my old interface Google mail     R Abiculesei
new version crashes when sending never experienced that in all the previous versions it appears that the messages are still sent hopefully this will soon be corrected This has been excellent for a few years but for some reason since July it closes whenever I send an email Reading and reorganizing emails remains excellent I use both the app and the web version             Blackie Rinaldi
Usually a great email app Recent changes have messed up an otherwise good app Even basic features of an email app like select all items have been removed These are major flaws that reduce the usability a lot Hopefully the issues are fixed in upcoming builds Also hope that dark theme is enabled for Android Pie and older devices at the earliest         UUB
Personally I preferred the app before the last update What happened to swipe to trash It is easy to use and help can be found w Google if needed I like how simple it is to send an email to someone unlike my outlook app I do not like Ads mixed in with my emails Especially since the word Ad is so tiny becomes to easy to accidentally select an Ad to view And w o swipe to trash more trouble to remove delete Maybe should rate it a 3 star since Ads mixed in with my emails                 JoJo Sewist
The gmail just circles and circles but never opens what s with that I contacted friends who said the same thing via messaging ATu0026T used to be the premier service but not any more and many many friends relatives and coworkers have and are saying the same thing You ve really gone down hill drastically Unfortunately your service is the only one that works in this area as the others don t so we are stuck having to use your poor service not that you give a dang     Elaina Allen
I like generally like Gmail but the app does not sync my emails when I receive them They only have a 15min option and even then I don t get notifications about incoming emails I checked my settings to make sure I wasn t missing anything I m going back to Samsung s Email because despite enjoying Gmail s layout they are more reliable with notifying incoming emails         Sally Poon
Updated look and feel is okay but a little bright It feels like you re working on a dark mode option but i don t see it in a coming soon banner or anything Dark mode including on the widget would be nice I have the widget taking up most of my home screen so there Edit 9 11 19 The widget is dark now Thank you Added one more star since you can always be better                 ahaning
I am still facing this problem There is a big bug in notification I am not receiving push notifications of new email I have to open the app and refresh for new emails I am totally uncomfortable with it because I missed many of my important emails Kindly solve the issue This is very unprofessional for such a big company     Najam Khattak
Spam is not deleted before I get it I receive nearly 100 spam per day I have learned that gmail is the worse for getting spam Need to change Spam deletion time frames to delete upon arrival Need a block button so you don t have to open an email to block Harassing email needs to be blocked Any assistance would be gratefully appreciated thank you     John Mason
Hello Gmail folks I decided to try gmailify rather than adding an entire account to shift through on the app It worked great until I found myself unable to change my sender email in an email I was trying to resend because it failed with my gmail address Any plans to you know recover this functionality soon Thanks for your work your stuff is usually 100 magnificent                 Julio B
I have been using Gmail mobile for my personal account from years It had always been reliable However after the most recent update the application doesn t send u any notification for new inboxes making it impossible to relay on and forcing me to switch to basic Samsung mail to have control over my gmail account the problem is persistent from nearly a month now     Giorgio Mazzitelli
Gmail Sync on Google account never works receive message that sync is experiencing difficulties u0026 can t get to update new emails This can be so for over 5 days at a time I have followed your steps for Android fix u0026 then also completely uninstalled the app but still sync is not consistent on my phone Gmail as a product fails to deliver Stop useless updates and just fix the basic issue of being able to obtain emails in a timely manner since I am missing deadlines     MC Biviano
Gmail is my favorite email to use on my iPhone It s the only one that lets me make folders for specific things Why don t you make the use available across the entire spectrum It s the best way for me to save important things to there own folders Outlook has that option Why doesn t Google Gmail It s why my emails are being changed to Outlook If you created it for Apple why not Android Why can t contacts be saved in a contact folder not Google hiding them Privacy issue Google             Myst C
Absolutely confusing to use multiple emails accounts The app won t even take the liberty to tell you where to email is sent to so you have no way of figuring out which account it belongs to You click to to and from information and it only shows from Completely useless app for multiple emails I recommend outlook for your gmail needs Google have idipt developers working for them     Robert Matsumura
It s a very good app and it allows me to organize my email very easily I just thought by now Gmail would of added the option for users to Mark As Read their emails in the notifications section besides the Archive and Reply options That would make sorting low priority emails so much easier right from the notifications                 J VON J Archie
Emails sent to folders come back Although you can add other domain email addresses like hot ail those emails only come in if I manually ask for menu option all inboxes Numbers shown in icon that are supoosed to indicate new emails are always incorrect count and stay there for an indescriminate amount of time even if I open the emails If I could figure out another app fir multiple email accounts I would use it     SUSAN DAVIS
Since the latest update to my phone s operating system to Android 9 on 9 17 19 I m no longer able to read the content of any of my emails nor can I compose any can t write in the body I can see attachments and subject but the body shows blank when selecting an email to read and when composing or replying not able to write in the body             Wolfgang De Oliveira
Gmail updates are horrible I cant tell where my INBOX is my folders that I created are visible on the computer but not on the phone When I select to move a message my folders dont come up It s just horrible I don t even know if the emails are new or old Programmers need to see on their phones     N Chau
Android 10 on pixel 2 Gmail app does not display hyperlinks in received emails Can see select links if using desktop PC and app like Thunderbird come on Google this is pretty basic functionality that s missing Initially I thought folks were forgetting the links in emails they sent I used Nexus Pixel so I didn t have to load 3rd party apps and could stick with stock     Crustater Rocks
i hate this app it doesn t search my whole inbox but alternatives don t work well with secure sign in making working remotely a big f ing hassle who the helll has time to sit in front of a computer nowadays guess I m stuck with it i know it doesn t search my whole inbox because i can do the same search side by side with a pc with results maybe it doesn t search archived what is the purpose of archive but to get it out of inbox so it s not cluttered if U know an alt Gmail rebeccaeponym     P. B.

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