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Adobe Systems , the publisher behind many Android apps (Adobe® Photoshop® Touch ,Tour de Mobile Flex ,Adobe AIR ,LiveCycle Mobile ES2 ,Adobe Shadow ,Adobe CreatePDF), brings Adobe with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Adobe apps has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I need a black theme for the reader..
  • its a great app for viewing PDF files just like on laptop..
  • I realy like the signature feature of this app..
  • Great user friendly app Cool i m vry impressed..
  • I find Adobe Reader a useful app for reading PDF files..

Overall Satisfactionc70
Best PDF reader app can be used in many ways.
Adobe reader is complete PDF file reader for android mobile nice app.
this is the worst pdf reader for android I have tried.
Thanks to Adobe for listening to the users on the permission issue.
Had no problem before update to adobe reader.
its hard to remember where you're up to when.
Would like it to remember the last page I opened.
Needs bookmarks to be taken seriously.
The best software I give them ten out of ten.
Well i think this is so much better than office suite.
Fun & Engagingc90
An awesome reader having the best rendering support for graphics.
Awesome reader.
Awesome software and a good one too.
Its really awesome software.
Nice application Very useful to read saved pages Best.
Then I have to re -open to continue editing :.
Easy to use and helpful to read research papers while travelling.
This is very useful software i like it very much.
Need to every android device & very helpful apps.
Essential apps for all multimedia phones.
Ease of Usec47
Fast and simple pdf reader - thus.
Simple PDF reader.
I love it bcause it makes easy my work about pdf.
It makes easy my medical studies.
Security & Privacyc44
password protected pdf are supported.
Works well with the preview option in emails even password protected files.
gmail permission is for sharing pdfs.
Updates & Supportc41
Its amazing for any android version works smoothly on jellybean.
But I badly miss 'Read Out Loud' feature in android version.
but why android version lags so much behind.
Thank you for having awesome customer service.
Quick support and customer service.
Customer service is terrible.
when I updated to the latest version.
to help conserve battery usage.

Nice app for students all examinations helps in studying. found in 43 reviews
Yo Yo Honey Singh. found in 4 reviews
Always dependable it seems. found in 5 reviews
It is simply the best pdf reader in the market. found in 9 reviews
Cool cool app like arobe systems. found in 3 reviews
Always a very great choice and always reliable. found in 11 reviews
Best PDF reader app can be used in many ways. found in 1035 reviews
Fabulous fantastic superb mind blowing. found in 8 reviews
mostly reading and marking up rather long technical and educational books. found in 8 reviews
Thank you Adobe for bringing back the clear recent documents button. found in 7 reviews
I wish you could unlock password protected pdf's with this version. found in 39 reviews
get Out of Memory error when trying to open password protected PDFs. found in 54 reviews
the lack of an option to rotate the document is very frustrating. found in 46 reviews
Clean simple interface and renders large PDFs pretty quickly. found in 52 reviews
Please upgrade so protected pdf files can be accessed. found in 65 reviews
It delays to open pdf files even very less size files. found in 153 reviews
Needs bookmarks else may as well use default PDF viewer. found in 28 reviews
Disappointing that it doesn't let you open password protected files. found in 40 reviews
Missing highlight feature while reading in text reflow mode. found in 322 reviews
and the fact that you can't highlight text or make comments. found in 45 reviews
Also SD card installation support would be beneficial. found in 214 reviews
Also this app crashes occasionally on large pdf files. found in 32 reviews
I just need to install lots of different PDF viewers. found in 74 reviews
unable to open password protected files even when i know the password. found in 64 reviews
Just needs the ability to rotate the picture or drawing. found in 52 reviews
Acrobat Reader was unable to open a PDF file and showed "System Error". found in 63 reviews
Can't open password protected etextbooks for school. found in 40 reviews
Worthless does not open password protected pdf as stated. found in 64 reviews
Needs to move to SD card. found in 212 reviews
Can't read books on my device unless in the text reflow mode. found in 322 reviews
Updated to latest version and still can't open password protected pdf. found in 65 reviews
Says i need to install adobe and flash player I HAVE BOTH. found in 74 reviews
Every time I try to open a PDF file the app crashes. found in 63 reviews
OMG - you removed the reflow text option - why. found in 81 reviews
Update claims to have goto page option but doesn't. found in 160 reviews
PDF documents doesn't load properly anymore and everything's really slow. found in 213 reviews
After 5-17 update I am unable to open PDF from any browser. found in 153 reviews
Only major drawback can't move to sd card otherwise flawless. found in 187 reviews
Can't delete files when you're done with them. found in 56 reviews
It sucks that adobe flash can't work on android tablets. found in 132 reviews
Using for large book impossible to go to correct page number. found in 59 reviews
Does not allow me to open anything that requires adobe flash player. found in 107 reviews
Cannot move to SD Card and a lot of updates. found in 214 reviews
Keeps hanging & freezes when I choose reflow text mode. found in 80 reviews
Gives an error that its not a valid pdf document. found in 87 reviews
Please utilize the nexus 7 chip and make it smoother. found in 115 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Adobe for from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version Varieswithdevice has been released on 2014-01-14.
Bottom Line: For more information about Adobe check developer Adobe Systems `s website :

Adobe Reader offers same high quality PDF viewing as on desktop. Highlights:

Adequate but traps the pdf files so they re hidden from the system unless you upgrade Sure you can open up a bank statement in the native Adobe app but what good is that if you can t attach it to a reply to the accountant or whatever without a subscription or a cloud service Stupid feature restrictions cut off basic functionality instead of offering something extra worth paying for Won t go back     Martyn Hanmore
ver 19 0 Not CREATOR does Not Scan Create Ver 18 2 0 182935 Adobe acrobat DOES SCAN so Is a pdf Creator Get Google Play to offer alternate versions please So as not to require two seperate applications to achieve reading CREATING u0026 editing Thanx Adobe great apps otherwise             Brass
Very difficult to locate items I have downloaded on my Android phone They do not show up in the default list which appears when I open the app I have to search for them In previous versions I was able to easily relocate items to various folders haven t yet found a way to do this         Susan Hunt
Only problem I m having I believe it s my Google Pixel 3xl when I try reopening the document it states the app is unavailable So I have to go back to the actual app instead of the drop screen downloaded icon to review them again                     Maricela-Marie Varela
This is the best pdf reader on the market I ve used it since 1999 when I was in college taking Business and Commerce I use it now for every business need I have or simply for reading files on and off the internet It s been free for many years and continues to be A huge THANK YOU to ADOBE ACROBAT READER                     Catherine Culp
thank you so much for giving me such a great facility After installing this app I do my all works regarding pdfs very easily This app is very helpful for me and save my time also                     khushi chaudhari
Very good for storage for my information that s important for my own personal finance and the company of my current account manager and the manager of a business administration that has made it clear that I am a customer who has been in the process for several reasons to make sure I can get my data at any time                     Brandon Jamison
Nothing is really free Everything costs money even the ability to rotate pages If it doesn t cost you ll get a screen offering to upgrade to the paid version     David Rund
Automatically signed me out of my Adobe account for some reason after I had already signed in The accounts are completely unnecessary anyway and I shouldn t have had to create one in the first place         Michael Murrin
I luv using Adobe Acrobat Reader I just wish the Pdf transfer was included so I wouldn t have to go to a different app free app to transfer my docs in pdf form then download to Adobe                 Alex Hansen
A pain in the backside to use Constant Adobe account sign im prompts with no Go to hell and never show me this again option Slow Clunky Slow No ability to load multiple docs and yes it IS 2019 Did I mention slow         AJ Kirk
I don t want to create an account and login just to read a PDF file Also I don t like swipe left for next page Swipe down seems more natural             Mark Miller
I love that I can sign and return pdf documents right here on my smartphone from anywhere in the world no more printing signing and scanning required                     Koos Zietsman
Everytime I m trying to open any pdf having a size of more than 15mb this software is getting crashed It s getting extremely inconvenient nowadays to still use this software     Pritam Kundu
The app does the best in facilitating my readings store my documents It does great but I can t connect it with the content on the PC using the same app             jean paul TUMUSIFU
Won t open PDFs on my Huawei p20pro hi sorry EDIT it was working then it got the new update and suddenly it would try open the pdf s then the screen would just go black and my whole fone would hang i would have to reboot the fone so i uninstalled your app was really frustrating so i have downloaded an alternative pdf app     Stephen Twine
By far the best PDF reader available HANDS DOWN I use all Adobe products and wouldn t want it any other way                     David Bordner
Excellent I rate this app a 5 star because it has been excellent for me to use I have not had any problems with using it I would recommend this app to anyone                     Heather K
I love this app Easy to find pdf file across whole phone storage or cloud I think they must work on scanner but it s working quite well Also simple to use End there is no anoing ads Hope to see much more similar quality apps Developers thank                     Andrej Potocnjak
A great way to read and markup all my PDF files especially using Adobe Document Cloud to make my highlights notes etc available across devices I find this an indispensible tool as a Grad Student and it works great with my detachable Chromebook and power stylus                     Eli Fennell
Bestever app I have ever used in any platform like blackberry or Mac or windows or android No ads or pop ups Thankyou Adobe for your bestever services                     davuluri sri satya sai pradeep
What I like is that I can read online and offline without any hassle and that when u leave the page u can easily find it again it easy and hassle free which make me happy and life easier                 raghmah hartley
Very nice app for all ages who want to use it any parpos Thanks to developor for making it free on Google play But I request to team please start all option open in Bangladesh                     S.K. Naim Sarower Sajib
Honestly it s such am amazing app I m not always on my computer but if I need to quickly review a downloaded file or document it s such a great tool for that                     Sabby JB
I could not live without my Adobe Acrobat Reader My work depends on the research and storing of information that a normal word document can t do                     Craig Fenton
For sure very useful nowadays I use this resource a lot to read scanned documents                     Alexandre Coelho
I like how well this app works with Adobe Scan It allows me to be mobile in my business operations                     Bryan Stumpf
Can t live without my PDFs So glad I have access to files while I m on the run                     Judy LaFontaine
wonderful I give it four stars because it lacks some features that I need for example being able to manipulate bookmarks through adding new ones and rearrange old ones                 Mohammad Taha
Great app for viewing and saving PDF docs on my phone Best app for that so far I ve tried other apps for viewing PDF files but they were limited It lets me save the files in my cloud folders                     Mary Molly
This is a really amazing app but I suggest that you make the typing and writing feature have a bigger variety of colours                     Injy El Shinawy
Good and easy to use Search facility is great but sometimes struggles on huge documents 500Mb                 Jo
Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Viewer is an excellent app it s always worked well for me I m very satisfied with this product                     Brian Lupkoski
I love this app I can go in and print my PDF files right from the application oh that saves a lot of work                     Debra Glinsey
can t create or do anything without constantly being asked to sign up at every turn useless     Vargas Crapshoot
An excellent app for viewing and interacting with various kinds of PDF files                     Andre Castro
Somewhat annoying to have a full screen pop up prompting you to log into an app that is used mostly offline Opens every time I open a document             Steve Fossey
A positive experience with the download and production of a document Easy to use and operate                     Mike James

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