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Pacer Works , brings Pacer: Pedometer + Weight Mgmt with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Pacer: Pedometer + Weight Mgmt apps has been update to version p1.2.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Also links to the my fitness pal app which is very convenient..
  • Useful options to adjust sensor sensitivity and for weight management..
  • This is the best pedometer app I've tried..
  • It is very accurate and helps to keep track of exercise..
  • Thanks to Developers..

Overall Satisfactionc70
This is the best pedometer app I've tried.
That is why I uninstalled another pedometer app that sucks.
I would recommend this app to friends and family.
Best I've seen so far.
Better than Buying a Wearable.
Fun & Engagingc71
Keeps working all the time for me.
Very great app love it because it tracks everything.
Really helps me keep focused on my health goals.
Find it useful to track calories burnt to compare to my wifes.
Useful options to adjust sensor sensitivity and for weight management.
Repeat Valuec100
It's making me want to increase my activity level each day.
It helps me keep track of my steps and activity levels.
Ease of Usec78
It it simple and accurate and looks nice.
Nice simple app which seems to count pretty accurately.
Easy Read.
Nice and convenient app.
Has a few bugs to work on.
Updates & Supportc31
Runs in the background without making any odds to battery consumption.
Though phone battery usage is a bit more than anticipated.

Works great on the LG G2. found in 4 reviews
Best I've seen so far. found in 1 reviews
Really helps me keep focused on my health goals. found in 2 reviews
Haven't encountered any bugs has really helped me keep track of my exercise. found in 3 reviews
I just wished it told how many miles I walked. found in 8 reviews
multiple charts to track progress or lack of--on a daily bases. found in 35 reviews
After using it for a few days and changed settings that was mentioned. found in 2 reviews
Works without internet connection too. found in 2 reviews
Love it makes me want to walk more it really works. found in 28 reviews
One of the most accurate pedometer apps I've found. found in 7 reviews
it keeps me motivated to walk more than they do. found in 6 reviews
Perfect for everyone who want to loose some weight. found in 3 reviews
But doesn't register anything in the plant where I work. found in 2 reviews
This doesn't record all the steps that my S Health records. found in 7 reviews
Only showing 25-30% of the total steps walked. found in 2 reviews
Doesn't work when screen is off and often crashes. found in 3 reviews
Also no way to backup data when reinstalling the app. found in 2 reviews
Great app but battery hungry. found in 3 reviews
Good app but drains battery quickly. found in 2 reviews
A widget would be AWESOME. found in 2 reviews
It does not accurately record all of your steps. found in 4 reviews
Nice interface but isn't a step counter supposed to count steps accurately. found in 10 reviews
glitches sometimes and doesn't calculate the calories properly. found in 2 reviews
but sadly not counting steps correctly on Alcatel C1 4015D. found in 9 reviews
latest version is a total battery drainer. found in 6 reviews
Step count is highly inaccurate. found in 4 reviews
needs fine tuning with more Sensitivity settings than just five. found in 1 reviews
But it needs a reset button. found in 2 reviews
Then it just stopped counting my steps. found in 8 reviews
It just crashed and I think I have lost all my data. found in 2 reviews
still unable to sync with My Fitness Pal. found in 2 reviews
Drained my battery really fast. found in 3 reviews
Doesn't record steps while in my bag. found in 4 reviews
this app is highly inaccurate. found in 4 reviews
I can't seem to get an accurate reading. found in 4 reviews
Wont sync with my fitness pal either. found in 15 reviews
Stops counting until you rate it. found in 8 reviews
After the first day it stopped counting my steps. found in 8 reviews
only register steps during a set workout. found in 4 reviews
but it still wouldn't count my steps. found in 18 reviews
Does not accurately record your steps at all. found in 4 reviews
Doesn't accurately track how many steps you take a day. found in 5 reviews
Doesn't work well on Note 4. found in 6 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Pacer: Pedometer + Weight Mgmt for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Pacer: Pedometer + Weight Mgmt app version p1.2.1 has been updated on 2014-01-21. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 3.0 and up
More Info: Find more info about Pacer: Pedometer + Weight Mgmt in Pacer Works`s Official Website :

Get Active, lose weight, lower your blood pressure, live longer, feel better. Download Pacer for free, and enjoy the easiest-to-use, most beautifully designed health and fitness application for Android. Pacer comes complete with the following: ...

I had a previous bracelet step tracker which kept running out of power This one counts only the steps you take when it is in my hand Because my phone is always charged it always works There are more assets which I haven t investigated I know that my kitchen walking will not be counted needing two hands at the sink etc so at the end of the day I mentally add 50 per cent to the screen count I have set a reasonable target for my level I mostly get it I go to bed very happy                 Judith Maunder
I ve only used it for two days but I ve already fallen in love with this app I m using the premium feature which has granted me access to the programs The program that I ve been drawn to is the Walking to Jogging program It slowly increases jog time while decreasing the walk time through times intervals In the past this sort of program has exponentially improved my physical health and mental health and I m delighted to find that this app incorporates such a great feature                     Milverton Saint
I used it for almost a year At first it was simple it tracked my runs and walks with minimal adds I had a log for a year Then it progressively added unwanted features and adds asking me to join garbage while clutting the exercise tracking features I do use I don t have the time or desire to dream about my workout while sifting through garbage I do it So I am uninstalling this I track my workouts myself and dont suffer the percieved mental trap of loss aversion     David Bynum
Got this to use as pedometer a week ago Used my old fitness app as well for week and they kept same count so I know it is pretty accurate I like to track just steps a lot and this has easy to read format so I shall keep it Works just as I like Have to remember to take phone with me Used to have an easy pedometer to wear but can no longer find good one so this will be what I use                     judi freed
Auto charge from my visa card today even when i removed the app from my phone couple months ago I DO need the refund And please anyone be careful I do not mention much more about the quality of the training program here But i will if you want to In summary you need to improve your app and then pp willing to pay for using Not being this way     Jamie Pham-Tran
Overall I like the app It give me a generally accurate count of steps What needs fixing is the pause button It is in a very inconvenient place where it is easy to hit with finger tips and then you lose a lot of accuracy They used to have a nifty plus button where you could add steps I like that because if I didn t wear my phone for a workout at the gym on the treadmill or if I missed steps because of this pause button then I could add in a rough estimate and keep it relatively accurate I believe they removed the plus button because the community has a lot of crazies that fake their steps and then stalk people from what I have seen in posts That s pretty disturbing but I don t use that part of the app at all I am set to private What they really need to do is allow a disable pause for people like me Or at least move it away from the edges because when you grab your phone your fingers can tough the edge of the screen The way I hold mine when I look at it I always tough the edges             Mizra Z
This app totally cheats you out of steps If you sit down for awhile then get up u0026 start walking again it won t start counting until you ve taken a good 40 50 steps Stop u0026 go walking such as doing housework confuses it too u0026 it will only count a fraction of the steps you actually take It may not seem like much but it adds up And when you re trying to hit 10 000 every step counts         Kerry Foltz
Originally the app tended to stop working after a few days until it was fired up again This hasn t happened with the more recent versions It s a really fine app keeping track of your step rate distance walked calories expended etc and notifying you of your total every day                     Mike Foley
Hey I m trying to cancel my subscription to your app since I m not using it and it ll be a waste of money to continue to pay when I m not using the app anymore However when I go on the app and go to Manage Subscription in the settings menu it just shows that I have a premium account and that s all No options or any info on how to cancel my subscription I d appreciate it if someone could tell me how I could possibly cancel my subscription Thanks     Prashneel Reddy
I find this app encouraging and motivating I walk almost 5 miles daily but it s really encouraging to know how many steps I take beyond my daily walk I m not entirely sure it s accurate as far as distance though The difference between my odometer reading and the app is significant typically half a mile less than what I m actually walking                     Christy Lindsay
The app is well made however the lack of options as widgets is noticeable when compared to other apps It would be nice to have 1x1 etc widget options to make the app visibility more enjoyable and customisable for limited screen space 4 stars for the app due to premium prompts minus 1 star for widget options u003d 3 stars             Avtar S
Its not really that accurate I ve actually compared readings with a fitness band pedometer and I could really see the difference Plus it sometimes counts steps while I m in a car so I ve to pause steps everytime i step in a car and then resume whenever i leave a car which is a major inconvenience     AbdulAziz Shaikh
This simple ap has all that I need Not only does it interface with my Motorola and Samsung phone step counter so I dont have the app running in the background but has a good activity tracker with GPS map I really didn t like the lack of privacy after UnderArmor bought MapMyFitness so I appreciated not being a marketing opportunity with the Pedometer ap privacy policy Update The latest update is clean and functions well which is more than can be said for major update in many apps                     Brian Farris
Nice app tracker was slight bummed i didn t burn as many calories as i thought i was burning during my jog walk The steps gps were pretty accurate It offers some nice workouts as well Would be a lot nicer if they simply offered the programs cybercoach for free though They have quite a fair number of downloads to try pulling off granting premium features for free while still finding other ways to bring in a similar or fair profit through advertisement email marketing and sponsorships                 Daniel Bailer
Been using since January 2019 Had no issues up until July 2019 Of late the App is not updating realtime progress in the Group Challenges and Solo Challenges Initially it used to update immediately but now it doesn t update the progress in the Challenges for a whole day Keeps saying Network Error even though I have a solid internet connection Wrote to customer care a couple of times on different occasions Didn t get a satisfactory revert and the issue still remains Waiting for a quick fix             Yunnikkiddo YK
Registers steps accurately Challengies are motivating Last update sucks It doesn t allow me to register my steps or distance to challenges Only one star because it is impossible to give negative stars And there is no way to contact to the developer team through the app     Katariina Leikas
I have been using this product for 2 days I already LOVE it It gives so much info for free it s really motivating I love that I can keep track of my steps without the app being pulled up Definitely great for someone like me who doesnt have a fitness gadget like a Fitbit or apple watch 10 10 would recommend                     Skylar Mosley
Like this application but also would like to see if in the coming future there would be any options to add how much food was consumed in a day like some apps have healthifyMe Gave four stars as expecting similar options to this application too Why not add something for body building too                 Sumit Sagaonkar
Excellent health app Counts the number of steps without any extra gadgets and hassle Gives you a platform to meet similar minded people who are health conscious This way you get motivated to do some physical activity every single day                     Danish Mansoor
Good app for when you want to know how many steps you took whilst at work and around the house I usually check it after my knees and legs are hurting to know what the heck caused my pain It s usually that I was walking about 6000 steps                     Katherine T HughesCheney
Not happy with this new update Pace calculation is removed from new update of PACER app Now in place of Pace app is showing Speed data Not happy with this new update Also many placements have been changed and not very user friendly now PACER app is now having technical issues too While shifting my mobile handset my past 2 years data misplaced by PACER app     Anil Goyal
First walking app I purchased I don t have a device to pair with it I really just want to know how many steps and the milage I wish it would not track the steps when it is paused I think the mileage stops increasing when the app is paused I also wish it could save trips Pretty good I would say                 Michael Mari
Nice when it works But sometimes it won t work at all It will keep track of my steps for several days in a row and then stop and it s hard to get started again I wanted to see how far I walked today and it was 0 Aggravating         Ken Gantt
You can have everything you need for your training walking running biking hiking It might take some time to get used with all the features but the moment you understand how is working you ll like it                     Marinel Ionescu
Maybe the best app I ve cone come across so far Better than Google Fit absolutely I m still using the free version an considering a subscription But it s quite good so far I ve only had it for a few days                 jackieaustin04
Love this app it really has helped me reach my targets I m 49 and back to feeling fit again I have also lost 3kg in 3weeks with a diet change and the help from this app so will continue to use it thank you for this app a absolutely love it                     Eric van der Merwe
I ve found pacer easy to set up and link to my fitness pal It s helpful in keeping track of steps and my weight Since I started using it in June I ve dropped twelve pounds and still going                 Joseph Montgomery
I walk with my phone on me and it tracks my steps my distance and how many calories I ve burned The only draw back is that I have to keep my phone on my person even when I workout in order for it to calculate my movements So I can t watch shows while I am sweating profusely                 Rebecca Bush
I like that it has options but my needs are simple and don t really want the continual offers of a trainer I d give it a 5 if I could just use the options I want without reminders                 Luis F. Acosta
I gave this version of the app a five star rating because although most of it s better features are locked unless you go premium the free features suits me just fine I only use the app to track my steps anyways                     Leialoha De La Cruz
Not overly sure of the accuracy however for a free app that has some nice features I do a lot of walking so it s awesome to see how many miles give or take a few steps I m walking a day                 Judi Arvay
Keeps track of things I ve done so I can write them down if I forget to or I can reference on a previous day for information I like being able to go about my day u0026 track my steps                     mschelle hinds
New update leaves much to be desired The track workout no longer counts your steps and is behind a pay wall as well the gps is funky and doesnt correctly track the distance ran     Matthew Ridings
As a pedometer only this app is great Anything beyond that is all in premium so I can t rate it Too much in the premium side for me             Leeja Einglett
Yesterday 4th July 2019 I walked 6 thousands and few hundred steps And nonsense APP is showing just 338 steps I will write to google to refund my money The similar problem still continue on 16th Sept 2019 Seems These company looks like cheaters and fraud And Google also helping them to Rob to users     Rajender Maru
Can t find GPS signal since Sep 6 Sometimes misses or doubles my steps Pacer has become quite pointless ETA I have already emailed support the issue has not been resolved     Susanna Winter
I find it s pretty accurate counting steps compared to when I count them I also like the map it makes of my walk basically so I can find my car again                     Elayne Greaves
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