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Zillow.com, the publisher behind many Android app (Zillow Rentals - Houses & Apts ,Zillow Real Estate ,Mortgage Calculator and Rates), brings Zillow Real Estate with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Zillow Real Estate app has been update to version Varieswithdevice with several major changes and improvements. App release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Great app very useful when selling or buying a house..
  • Been looking for a place in a different state and it's very helpful..
  • I love the map feature..
  • Totally changes the way we're able to house hunt..
  • I love it it shows great homes and good deals..
Overall Satisfactionclick me83
Love zillow always has the mos options when looking for houses.
I used to love zillow but they have become very intrusive.
Best home search app hands down as far as providing the most comprehensive.
Thanks Zillow for compiling such useful info in one place.
Thanks Zillow for ruin my house hunt.
Would like more filters like # of floors and types of flooring.
but would appreciate more filter options.
Very useful app for real estate search and value assessment.
This app is much better than trulia and other real estate apps.
Lots of info and best RE app I've used.
Fun & Engagingclick me75
Would like more filters like # of floors and types of flooring.
but would appreciate more filter options.
Zillow is awesome and the only way to find a home.
Better filters.
Awesome site for house shopping.
Fun and informative when curious about house prices in a neighborhood.
As a Mortgage Professional I use Zillow all the time.
Usefulnessclick me71
Very good app with up to date information on many properties.
Zillow NEEDS to provide UP TO DATE information on listings.
Very user friendly with a wide variety of useful information.
Offers most of what I need: accurate and up to date listings.
It's very helpful in finding homes in any area and price range.
You can see almost everything you need to know without being there.
Very helpful tool with neat easy to use features.
It shows everything that I question when looking for a place.
Family Friendlyclick me43
Give me the option to search single family or multi family.
Some people list apartments as single family homes.
Production Valuesclick me91
Very easy interface with great information.
It has good filters and an easy interface.
Ease of Useclick me84
This is a popular and interactive application that makes house hunting easy.
Thanks Zillow for ruin my house hunt.
Pretty easy to navigate through the homes currently on the market.
Very easy interface with great information.
It is very easy and convenient to use.
Other then that it's an awesome and easy to use app.
Easy yo use.
Reliabilityclick me59
Ads not Intrusiveclick me48
Security & Privacyclick me35
Updates & Supportclick me17



If you are Android owner,you now can download Zillow Real Estate for from Google Play Store. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Zillow Real Estate app version Varieswithdevice has been updated on 2014-11-22. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: full Internet access ,
More Info: Find more info about Zillow Real Estate in Zillow.com`s Official Website : http://www.zillow.com/android








Makes home hunting exciting and really gives you all the info you really need. found in 13 reviews
I highly recommend this app to anyone that is looking for property. found in 49 reviews
Map search is especially helpful. found in 16 reviews
Certainly the best real estate site I am aware of. found in 9 reviews
The best real estate application for the casual user. found in 18 reviews
More homes listed than on other realestate apps. found in 20 reviews
Great time saver and waster. found in 24 reviews
Other home finder sites trick u into paying more than expected. found in 53 reviews
Finally a home finding app that has it all. found in 18 reviews
Very handy for quickly finding real estate prices and values. found in 13 reviews
Love zillow always has the mos options when looking for houses. found in 196 reviews
Very useful app for real estate search and value assessment. found in 34 reviews
Very easy to navigate and very detailed information regarding potential homes. found in 21 reviews
Can browse and admire beautiful homes from all over the country. found in 26 reviews
the zillow rep has given me lots of valuable information. found in 15 reviews
Best home search app hands down as far as providing the most comprehensive. found in 149 reviews
Very powerful and accurate tool to use for real estate investor. found in 12 reviews
Excellent website prospective buyers and sellers to find out current market conditions. found in 39 reviews
Loads faster than Trulia while scrolling with more information at your fingertips. found in 9 reviews
More options and settings than any other real estate apps. found in 308 reviews
Great app but have found that sometimes missing listings. found in 7 reviews
Several times Zillow has listed inaccurate information. found in 20 reviews
Method to remove outdated listings needs to improve. found in 12 reviews
Doesn't update fast enough while driving through neighborhoods. found in 6 reviews
Crashes all the time and many pictures don't load right. found in 12 reviews
Filters don't work correctly and it keeps showing only the same listings. found in 9 reviews
Zillow NEEDS to provide UP TO DATE information on listings. found in 14 reviews
But needs more filter and a smarter search tool. found in 42 reviews
The app is good except the share button doesn't work any more. found in 7 reviews
Needs to update more frequently. found in 14 reviews
Doesent show all listings around my area. found in 14 reviews
Would have received 5 stars but needs more filter options. found in 18 reviews
Until I had multiple homes with incorrect information on the app. found in 8 reviews
Some listings are outdated but better than most apps like this. found in 20 reviews
it STILL quits loading photos after a few houses. found in 4 reviews
Picture function is broken 'could not connect to zillow. found in 179 reviews
Wish you could search land size by acreage instead of square feet. found in 8 reviews
Very outdated information about houses currently on the market. found in 23 reviews
Filters don't seem to filter to well. found in 9 reviews
Very useful during open houses to look up quick info. found in 41 reviews
The filter kept reverting back to for rent on Mytouch 4g. found in 170 reviews
Lot sizes are horribly inaccurate but that's zillow in general. found in 56 reviews
Zillow's listings are outdated or slow to update. found in 20 reviews
Advertisers will stop when they realize app sucks. found in 31 reviews
Now get a "could not connect to zillow to get homes " error. found in 31 reviews
but would appreciate more filter options. found in 42 reviews
Crashes nexus 7 tablet. found in 38 reviews
Can't set search criteria and saved searches are duplicated. found in 61 reviews
but latest update makes you see satellite view by default. found in 27 reviews
Unwanted notifications about " search results " long after the app is closed. found in 40 reviews
to show our saved homes would be great. found in 25 reviews
Lots of crashes and outdated information. found in 23 reviews
The "notify when near a favorite home " feature is idiotic. found in 67 reviews
So many of the homes have inaccurate information. found in 20 reviews
It says you can't connect to zillow to get homes but I've got full service. found in 179 reviews

Date Ver./ Last Updated:
2010-03-18 /
full Internet access ,

Android App Zillow Real Estate Varieswithdevice

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