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Noodlecake Studios Inc , the publisher behind many Android apps (Penguin Airborne ,Pumped: BMX ,Matchblocks Free ,League of Evil ,Tiki Match ,Shaman Doctor), brings The Blockheads with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. The Blockheads apps has been update to version with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Beat game ever even though im not into third person games..
  • I have this in my moms phone..
  • Side scrolling minecraft mixed with old skool gem miner..
  • Block-head is super fun to play and cute characters..
  • This is the best free game ever anyone wana play with me..


but it's too hard to find gems and treasure chests. found in 5 reviews
I recommend this game for people who like mincraft :. found in 8 reviews
More or less likely any other block games costs money. found in 26 reviews
Interesting game very very new. found in 5 reviews
OMG this game is like minecraft loved it. found in 6 reviews
awesomest game ever = blockheads. found in 7 reviews
My son loves it and he say awsome. found in 8 reviews
It's awesome and us the best game Eva :-. found in 11 reviews
Very very nice game better than minecraft. found in 18 reviews
I play this game on my ipod and iphone its so fun. found in 9 reviews
A great time waster and very fun. found in 14 reviews
Cool game awsomest game ever. found in 5 reviews
I definitely recommend this game for all ages. found in 8 reviews
It is good for kids. found in 4 reviews
This is simply the best game on Google play. found in 2 reviews
A tremendously fun sandbox game where you can craft. found in 22 reviews
Thae game is asome because you can find tresher. found in 7 reviews
In live this game it is awesome. found in 4 reviews
I love this game on my iPad shout out to nad. found in 5 reviews
Please reply for me to know that u care about this. found in 16 reviews
It gets boring at times since there isn't much to do. found in 28 reviews
The game crashes every time I try to load worlds. found in 85 reviews
Why my blockhead cannot play anymore. found in 17 reviews
Nice game but update sucks. found in 11 reviews
Will rate 5 stars if fixed. found in 6 reviews
This game deleted all my world by itself fix it pls. found in 11 reviews
PLEASE PLEASE fix and I will rate 10 stars if I can. found in 30 reviews
As soon as I open the game with an Internet connection on. found in 38 reviews
the game freezes constantly and becomes non responsive. found in 35 reviews
Overall great game please add local multiplayer. found in 37 reviews
Everytime I play and want to look at a certain place. found in 38 reviews
Every time I try to join a server it doesn't work. found in 46 reviews
This is like minecraft except it needs more mobs and stuff. found in 12 reviews
It shut down and crashed and deleted my game data. found in 10 reviews
I cant join multiplayer until this has been fixed. found in 39 reviews
but I don't want to install google play services :/. found in 28 reviews
Fix it plz because im a boy in I right 5 stars. found in 12 reviews
After I exit it will not let me play please fix that. found in 12 reviews
Hard to control boats and cant join games and more problems. found in 39 reviews
The game won't load past the "the blocmhead" screen. found in 39 reviews
Every time I try to join it just closes the game. found in 119 reviews
I just entered the Multiplayer world and my game keeps CRASHING. found in 67 reviews
And the worse part is that the free crystals are gone. found in 36 reviews
It always freezes everytime I play it from 2 minutes-20 minutes. found in 38 reviews
I loved this game until 4 months of playing worth was all lost. found in 79 reviews
Ever since the update the game crashes repeatedly without warning. found in 85 reviews
I keep getting the connection error when trying to join a server. found in 46 reviews
Game keeps crashing everytime I try to create a character. found in 72 reviews
This is my favorite game please fix it. found in 37 reviews
What's with the single player bad game don't instalinstall. found in 117 reviews
the online servers won't work. found in 41 reviews
Constant crashing on galaxy note 3 and galaxy tab 3 7". found in 45 reviews
the 1st time I played it it freezed up and stopped working. found in 49 reviews

The The Blockheads is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new The Blockheads app version has been updated on 2014-11-25. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about The Blockheads in Noodlecake Studios Inc`s Official Website :

Night is falling and your blockhead is freezing. You haven`t yet made shelter and your campfire has gone out. All you have is a spade, some wood and a few sticks. You have only minutes ...

I used to love this game I would play it all the time and I got to the point where I had to actually slow down due to me playing so much I wanted to see if it was still as fun as it used to be So I redownloaded it and then was greeted with a white screen I waited for 10 minutes or so before deciding to uninstall and retry Still didn t work Just a blank white screen As much as I used to love this game it s getting one star until I can actually PLAY the game Fix the game please     Mason Hill
Nice game and while it can be played with a mouse it is unplayable on Android TV for the inability to use a mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out at all making it very unpleasant to play with on like let your eyes and nerves break trying to scroll across this huge landscape oh you lost your way and see only black Go again from the start             Nikos Giannakas
I don t really know why you guys didn t leave it alone The classic was fun and playing multilayer was fun But when the world credit runs out who s going to pay for it I understand that you fixed the time crystal chest but why did you go and nearly kill off multiplayer I liked it better when it was just the classic texture me and my friends Still two stars for adding stuff and allowing people to go back to classic It s just still tainted         Sophia Pattenden
Great game I have been playing for years and have enjoyed every moment but it s only a 3 star review because of a glitch I was in my world I had a lucky one too I go to turn on modern textures and then the game crashed I go to open it and it s just a white screen I re download it and the same white screen occurs This is bad But I still recommend this because it might be isolated to me 3 5 Edit it works now I don t know what I did But it works 5 5                     Wombattler
I love the primitive building in this game it adds so much realistic feel to it because it takes time for everything sleeping crafting also I like that you actually lose energy from doing tasks As well as the fact that you can collapse from exhaustion again making it seem so real Also being able to go back to the older visions graphics was an amazing touch not only that but the fact that you can bring another friend through the portal I love this game and have so much I can say Thank you                     Youtube Freak
When I was younger I played this game and a few years later I thought of it and wanted to play it again I saw it had new updates so i was really happy to see what new things I could do But when ever i tried opening the game it would just stay at a white screen Ive tried uninstalling then reinstalling but it didnt work Now im sad i cant play this game anymore     Vickiey
Edit Over a month of the game being messed up for everyone still not one response not even to let us know you re aware of the issues After seeing noodlecake is still active on social media can only assume you ve abandoned what used to be an awesome game What a shame Adios blockheads it s been a fun few years     Amanda Somebody
I loved this game so much but now ever since the update it barely can load it shows a white screen for like 2 minutes then says blockheads for another minute then loads I then begin to play the game but then an add pops up glitches then blockheads isn t responding It s happened too many times I m sad to say that I m uninstalling this app         Kirrara Kat Kaiya
new update broke the game I loved playing this especially with my daughter but after updating it with the latest update the game will not load I continue to get a white screen as many others have experienced as well and sometimes it even freezes my phone when the app gets fixed and is playable again then I ll reconsider my low rating for an otherwise fun and enjoyable game     Laura Marie
I downloaded it started it up and was able to play just fine until I got a message on messenger the chat head popped up I opened the message and after that the inventory bar disappeared I closed the app and reopened it and was greeted with nothing except a blank white screen I ve restarted my phone and redownload the game twice now and am still faced with a white screen sucks cause I remember having a lot of fun when I had it on an iPhone a few years back                     Raven Luna
Ok so In 7th grade I got debilitatingly addicted to this game Every day of my Christmas break of 2013 I played this game My tablet would die completely within a couple hours due to the ungodly amount of screen time I would patiently wait beside my outlet for my tablet to reach 2 so I could resume my game even for just 10 more minutes My thoughts were in block format Seriously Everywhere I looked I saw new materials to continue building my fictional world Download at your own risk                     June Bettendorf
I use to love playing this game but now when I go onto the app it appears as a blank screen and then says blockheads not responding I have tried the game on different devices but does the same Other from that I found it as a wonderful game to play with fun and entertaining things to do it would be very appreciated if you could look into the issue many thanks             Creats_a_blossom 01
I used to love this game I had to uninstall it for a while and i redownloaded recently I dont know which update did it but now i only get a white screen whenever i click on the app and nothing i can do to change it When i used to play the game it was really fun and practically addictive but now i have no way to play it     Mad_Hatter
So when I load the game it says The blockheads has stopped working but then it loads so that s weird but then I try to create a world and like it freezes right when it s about to finish creating a world and it doesn t continue                 CarmieZX
I have a Samsung A50 and for some reason my phone will NOT play this game properly The item UI is off screen both vertically and horizontally and it also takes a ridiculous amount of time to load in the game itself I ve been a loyal player since 2014 and it sucks hardcore that I cannot play anymore     Laila Rose
It s weird because I downloaded it but when I launched it it would be a blank white screen So I restarted my device and tried again still didnt work So uninstalled it Re downloaded it and still the same problem     Eli Boughman
I decided to download this again so i could play online again because my kindle is running a previous version thank god it does tho and its offline so i wanted to be online but when i try running the one on my phone it just shows the white screen like everyone else is having and it also crashes too needlecake do you just not want to update this game but worry about your other games and social media         RandomWolf89
i love the game and all but i keep on having this problem where my worlds keep on deleting themselves and i know that the world i was playing on i had alot of good stuff on so during my frustration off losing all my things i uninstalled i might reinstalle if u can get me my world back or something like that             Caileb Hunter
well i was trying to load a world but when i get in the world a message on the side for directions i guess goes on my screen and freezes the game wich is so unfair so i would really really really like it fixed really badly because i have played this game on other electronics and sometimes it happens on them too         stephen cruz
Since the update it opens to a white screen and will not load Please fix I absolutely love this game and hate not being able to play I ve seen others are having same problem I will try to keep installed until bugs are fixed Then will change to 5 stars             Tanya Weaver
This game is S T U P I D you used to be able to play with friends for free but now you have to pay 2 bucks a week just to make an online world Otherwise they could change a lot of things Deserves 1 star     Lukas Aschbacher
This was a pretty cool app back then Now there are ads and when I try to get free dimonds by watching an ad the video doesnt show but plays somehow hear the audio then it crashes the game Please fix this             KinkuDEHDoggu 2.0
Fun game but you only get about 5 mins of game play before it just shuts off then watch another ad to restart the game Every 5 mins crash ad crash ad Cant get free gems either try to play the ad for it and game crashes Was having fun but this game most certainly needs alot of basic work         Trey Patrick
It doesn t work on my phone I have an LG Stylo 4 it s very capable of running this game I don t understand why it won t work I open the app it stays on white screen then my phone tells me blockheads isn t responding I ve tried every trick I could uninstalled then reinstalled the app restarted my phone everything nothing works so I m hoping the devs can take a look into whatever s going on     Caleb Williams
I really don t know how to fell at times I really love this game others times I cant stand it Reason being the game always and I mean always crashes every 1 min or so I try to move past it and it s not my device that is the problem it happeneds on every knowing device I have I am just tired of it crashing I m tired of it cutting off when im talking to someone I am really tired of having to always have to log back in just to crash its an amazng game but when r u guys going to fix the problem         Iris
The wont start I feel like I should say that first because you wouldnt read that long but yeah I just get a white screen when I open the app Otherwhise the game is good Ive played it before But I hope you response back                     JJ le one
I decided to download this because I have great memories playing this when I was younger trying to play online is not an option because no matter what you do it always loses connection             Ethan Wilkes
Super fun game Not had any issues with it except from recently not being able to open up the app I don t want to uninstall since all progress will be lost I m not sure what to do But when it worked it was an amazing app Thanks                 _Sadies World_
This is an amazing game But i do have an issue i cannot watch the ads to get gems please fix this for me cause i want to get my second blockhead                 pigpig goh
So I used to have this game a while back My brother and I just redownload it Mine is missing the join local server and also host multiplayer both of these my brother have Neither one if us paid for anything Please help my dilemma             Kris.P Hollow
I had this app a few years ago and it was a great game However the app doesnt load for me Its just a white screen AND it crashes my phone Please fix it then ill give you 5 stars     Black Girl
I like the game After the latest update I was unable to watch ads to get enough Time Crystals to get new blockheads and upgrade my portal It also has a long wait time my screen goes completely white for less than a minute It has already crashed on me twice             Sylvaen Roid Paras
I use to love this game so deciced to download it again on my note 10 but when i went to play a Almost froze up my phone and b When i got in the whole game was rotated degrees so i couldnt play it unless it was sideways please fix         ZRampage Gaming
I cant play and i used to love this game when i was young but now there is this stupid white screen that pops up every time i open the app i tried uninstaling it and reinstaling it and tried force stoping it but nothing work Plz fix the game     Vinetiks YT
I used to like this game a lot however now when I try to open it it freezes my phone Tried to reinstall 3 times now and it is officially broken         Bradley Taylor
It was a pretty good game when i was able to play it Recently i tried opening the game and what do i see A white screen wished this was fixed now i can t play the game at all             JRtheCREEPER300 The Gamer
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