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EA Swiss Sarl , the publisher behind many Android apps (Bejeweled Blitz ,SCRABBLE ,Real Racing 3 ,MONOPOLY Bingo ,MONOPOLY Hotels ,Battlelog), brings Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 apps has been update to version 1.9.271092 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • And add another mini game called zombotany thank u..
  • The whole time travel theme is nice..
  • Amazing game definitly recommended keep it up..
  • This is the rightful successor to the pervious stupendous time killer..
  • lovinv the Xbox 360 Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare..

Overall Satisfactionc88
Amazing game definitly recommended keep it up.
This application is one of the best games I have ever played.
Thank you EA for ruining the sequel of one of the best game ever.
along with pvz 1 has become one of my favorite games ever.
This game is the best strategy game I've ever played.
Please let us update and unlock the 5th world thanks for the game.
It's so annoying and a pity for the game is good.
The most special and the most wonderful game.
I just love PVZ it makes me think and relax.
Dis game is beautiful and graceful.
Fun & Engagingc92
Awesome game I love the cherry bomb BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.
But futer it is an awesome game.
Addictive game with loads of levels and challenges.
Thanks for adding the frostbite and Valenbrainz it's a very fun game.
Super addictive and a very fun game to past the time.
Spent hours of fun on this game.
Its so awesome and has so many levels I never get bored.
Really cool game me and my friend play it all the time addictive.
It is a great app I play it every day in my tablet.
This game is amazing I play it every day.
what to say about it i loved it everything is awesome.
Gameplay and everything is awesome.
Value for Moneyc57
so please make the plants unlockable without spending real money.
I can't buy some upgrades in the game with real money.
And i have no other way than to spend real money.
Finally completed it without spending any coins.
and you can finish it without spending money.
Too difficult to play without spending money.
Replay Valuec89
Need more levels because i have completed all of them.
I wish some new levels for vasebraker would arrive soon.
It is very challenging and this game makes me pressure hahahaha.
Spent hours of fun on this game.
The best creative and strategic game ever played.
Social Aspectsc89
and also a multiplayer mode.
Multiplayer Mode.
Production Valuesc94
Cool game with awesome graphics and best part with Dr.
Awesome graphics and all around well done :-D.
Amazing graphics and just very creative and amazing game.
sound and supper amazing graphics i love this game.
my son really wanted to play the game please fix this.
Thank you for letting this game free to download.
Isn't this game free.
Security & Privacyc57
Doesn't load after connected to Facebook.
Updates & Supportc95
Im waiting for new update on frostbite or another to unlock.
Already finished the game cant wait for new updates.
Wherevrr i ws browsin only the chinese version was available.
I have played its 1st version which was speechless.
Even this game consume so much battery life.
and consumes too much battery.
Why does this game requires my phone to drain much battery.
The best battery drainer apps.
Battery drainer.

I'm pleasantly surprised to find a very enjoyable game. found in 10 reviews
Awesome game I love the cherry bomb BOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. found in 592 reviews
I absolutely love ths game it is awesome. found in 6 reviews
This game is the best strategy game I've ever played. found in 55 reviews
Very intresting and very hard. found in 8 reviews
Mind blowing extraordinary wonderful amazing unbelievable. found in 24 reviews
Awesome is the perfect description of this outstanding game #PvZ. found in 5 reviews
Better than part 1 more adventure and new plants cool. found in 8 reviews
A very entertaining game with surprises everyday. found in 18 reviews
Wow is beautiful games of i play ever i loved it. found in 34 reviews
Great job for improving player gaming experience. found in 6 reviews
Imjust waiting for the next update i already finish all the level its easy. found in 23 reviews
I realy like this game most popular game in the world. found in 4 reviews
The best creative and strategic game ever played. found in 13 reviews
Oh my gosh this game always success to make me stay awake. found in 8 reviews
Yo yo plants keep on going. found in 8 reviews
It's very good game that plants are fighting with durtness. found in 206 reviews
Very addictive an creative game :-. found in 5 reviews
no need for other games cuz I got this adventurous game. found in 6 reviews
A wonderful casual game for android mobiles and tablets. found in 12 reviews
the game closes itself and goes back to the main page. found in 9 reviews
I had to uninstall it then reinstall it again. found in 122 reviews
After the new update I can't connect to Facebook Fix it please. found in 15 reviews
Keeps crashing when i try and open game please fix problem asap. found in 51 reviews
Cant play the level 25 in far future. found in 276 reviews
but i cant start anymore because i cant enter my age. found in 65 reviews
please help latest update i cant open the game. found in 122 reviews
when i enter my age it wont allow me to proceed. found in 193 reviews
I cannot proceed because it won't let me input my age. found in 317 reviews
It takes lot of time to download after that it show downloading error. found in 19 reviews
The game crashes when on the loading screen. found in 69 reviews
Cannot login to facebook for it will crash. found in 15 reviews
even now after latest update game wont open. found in 28 reviews
I can't open the game anymore after i unlock sime gates. found in 122 reviews
"Game could not be downloaded due to error 905 " PLEASE FIX. found in 37 reviews
never gets boring although it runs slow sometimes. found in 18 reviews
it has been two weeks I cannot play anymore. found in 38 reviews
After the recent update I can't play the game anymore it always stop. found in 59 reviews
I cant enter my age please fix this problem. found in 193 reviews
I really wanna play this game so please fix this. found in 360 reviews
I updated then stuck trying to reinstall but boom error occurs. found in 61 reviews
After the latest update the game wont work anymore. found in 63 reviews
upon entering the button dont accept im using galaxy note 2. found in 56 reviews
I cant enter my age to begin the game. found in 65 reviews
cant open the game on my phone samsung galaxy grand2. found in 122 reviews
Don't download this game it takes very long time for download. found in 109 reviews
I don't want to uninstall it because i have purchased and unlocked stages. found in 122 reviews
my son really wanted to play the game please fix this. found in 51 reviews
My green power ups dissapear everytime i move to another level. found in 104 reviews
As said by many others the game keeps crashing. found in 54 reviews
And i have no other way than to spend real money. found in 84 reviews
ive been trying to input my age but nothing happens. found in 317 reviews
But my achievements and google play level is still the same. found in 63 reviews
" Download failed because resources could not be found". found in 87 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 app version 1.9.271092 has been updated on 2014-02-5. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 check developer EA Swiss Sarl`s website :

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Amazing game amazing gameplay I just finished the game today 8 years after I first started because my progress reset and I switched devices etc The only issue I had was the ending I was more hyped up for it than I should have been If possible add a level where you can play in the Modern Day but with a conveyor belt bring to you all possible plants from all worlds and all types of zombies too Also add back the hard levels they d be great brain twisters Overall great game                 Harishan Ganeshan
I love this game but I am facing issues with this app on my oneplus7 mobile Whenever I pause the game and turn off the mobile screen and I come back to resume the game the app opens in a small window and doesn t open in full screen I have to kill the app and open it fresh This is very frequent and annoying Please try to fix it soon                 Richa Shukla
Plants vs zombies is easily my favorite mobile game I like to play the arena and the gauntlet system is very good There was a lot of game in the adventure mode and collecting plants was very fun The ability to get limited time plants from quests and arena was great The only bad thing for me was the ending Overall this game is great and I would suggest it to nearly anyone                 Joshua Cammans
Terribly pay to win I use to love Plants vs Zombies but its become a huge cash grab 22 of the plants are locked behind a 4 99 GBP price tag with no way to earn them not even by watching ads On top of this the plants have to be upgraded Absolute joke     Bigman Singh
Yes the game has been fixed I thought I would never be able to play it anymore I ve been playing PvZ 2 for a couple of years around 4 years and has been a while since the game started to crash at startup and I could not fix it but now it s OK I hope                 Alex Alves
Love this game but it s kinda hard to upgrade your plants That would be great if they added a new feature like getting to choose between several plant seed packets so you have a better chance to upgrade what you like and what you need             0g1f
Why have you removed the harder levels of Ancient Egypt and other places This has made the game boring There is no thrill in it in this new update Earlier you deserved a 5 star rating but now do not I kindly request you to bring back those harder levels Please         RINKU Saha
I only put 4 stars because of the new update where i can t open pvz2 It is stuck on fetching cdn but overall the game is great Although its a pay to win game too many premium plants that needs real money I hope you would add plants that don t need purchasing Thank you and goodluch GM                 Jason Lee Macadangdang
PVZ 2 is the best game all time I am playing pvz 1 Years of time and the part 2 now I Really Liked This Game But i got 1 issue in the controls when i tech a plant for planting there was not selecting when i select it it s not tech                     Noman Sheikh Noman Sheikh
Just started to play again and none of my purchases have been restored even though it asked me if I wanted to restore them Very frustrating I ve used the same email since I first started playing         Kate E
ok ok game is good but cant unlock all plants im the game all the levels are over and still most of the plants are locked bcoz unlocking need money so disgusting its a game not any store to buy stuff make it a game pls plant vs zombies1 was great becoz its like a game and we can all unlock all plants while playing and not by money     Surabhi S
Very nice game I had unlocked all levels in another account But it s now worthless 10 world keys are given It shouldnt be And CHILI BEAN IS NOT KILLING ANY ZOMBIE AND NOT EVEN STUNNING THE ONES BEHIND PLEASE FIX THIS And a very entertaining and logical game Please fix the bug for me                     Prasanna Rocky
Buy Buy buy Sure no buy Buy buy buy Struggling Why don t you buy A potentially enjoyable and challenging game ruined by grind and micro transactions It s the apotheosis of EA approach         Virgilio Tagliaferri
This game was wonderful but please update and show how much does a bag or a pile of diamomds Im going to buy because when I purchased some diamonds It ate all my 200 worth of load but theres not even a diamond appear in my game please fix it guys to gave you 5 stars             Frank Lloyd Carino
My is not signing with Google play and I cannot load my older I d Which is very bad I have completed many levels in my older id and I don t want to restart it again please get my old is back in the game because it is one of my favorite game please do anything to get my id back     Dr Meenakshi
this game is amazing makes think alot this is very unique but it is forgetting the plants and the levels in pvz1 and the Chinese plants and levels and rock peashooter                 A Google user
Very good game but extremely difficult to proceed without in app purchases Very difficult to acquire coins It would be nice if the reward for level completion was 250 and not 50 and each unused mower should reward 50 just like PvZ 1 And also the number of cards to level up a plant is just too much Either reduce it or increase the pinata rewards Also look into ads                     Orobosa Isokpunwu
In the latest update I lost all my diamond u0026 pinata mint and my money u0026 gauntlet decreased drastically When I try to earn diamonds by watching ads it didn t work My diamonds is still zero Please fix this     dyo rema
There is a big cheat in the arena At first streak they will let you win The next streaks they won t give you zombies and suns and plant food so you end up losing the game Sadly if you want to climb to the top of the game you have to spend diamonds And if you run out of diamonds they ll let you buy Unfortunately I m not addicted so much to this game So uninstalling I hate you cheaters You guys from developers are bloodsuckers     Malditta Maldittah
I really enjoy this game but having completed all adventure mode i have been patiently waiting for an update that would unlock more adventure levels please provide new levels so i can keep playing thanks                 Alyssa Mason
This would be 5 star but it s not fair how shoveling up a plant counts as losing it please make an update where a zombie has to eat the plant for it to count                 Danny the inkling for SMG4
Loved this game up until now and have been a devout preacher but since I ve changed my phone to an Xperia 1 recently and it s not possible to play as any options on the right hand side arent accessible The Xperia 1 has a very long screen 6 5 inches and the screen ratio is 21 9 and PvZ2 does not support this I would love to keep playing and keep my progress so any assistance would be much appreciated     Adam Balmer
It s a nice game but now I can t play it I don t know why I sent an email regarding my problem But still I really like this games This is the only online games in my phone                     JaySan sa Saudi
Really great game but i hope that premium plants aren t paid just give the significant seed packets to buy those plants                 du ane
I used to love this game so i downloaded it however as i start to play i dont even finish the tutorial and it crashes and closes itself     Its time for action
This game has bug first i cant use the power ups next my money and diamond increase but that is not a good thing because it turn back to zero when i closed my phone then everything is gone what a stupid bug that is that is the only problem i can think pls pls pls fix this             RAPTOR - XXX1
Excellent game and story line but sometimes the difficulty becomes so high that it really becomes impossible to play the game also according to my opinion the cost of the advanced plants should be reduced so that atleast we can buy some of them Overall the game is very good and nice and a bit addictive                     Simanti Chakraborty
PvZ 1 is better This game eats off my battery and memory Even when the game is off it continues to run in background eating battery It gives adds and after that it is not playable I have to unlog and relog This is 2nd time I m installing Previously I thought my battery n memory were less so problem but with 4000mah again it is same If it continues like this I will uninstall shortly Finally I have uninstalled it forever     A Google user
Great game Very addictive I dropped 2 stars because this game is one of the worst examples of free to play The first menu is menu advertising purchases You re then heavily bombarded with micro transactions On top of all of this you still have to watch adverts between levels Do EA know no greed             Chris Ramsey
Two star I love the game but I can touch properly I think the problem is in my phone but I try other apps I touch properly and it not log I Uninstall this app thats why I only give 2 stars         jayvie pascua
Marvelous game But the only problem is that you have to buy premium plants to play with them Except that it is a very excellent game                     Rifakat-ul-quadir Nasif
Game is good and has many challenges As a long time PvZ fan its a nice refreshment The only problem is that the game feels pay to win Especially in the more late stages and in battlez pvp Sometimes certain people are extremely stacked with levels and sometimes the level requires purchasing power ups in order to win This game is good but take it with a grain of salt             Cool king888
Have completed the first version of the game really relaxing and enjoyable However this second version is quite frustrating and stressful The initial rezson for me to play this game is to release tension from daily life Good at first but once played over time the difficulty for me is far difficult compared to first version I became more tension and stessful Hopefully I wouldn t thinking of suicide because of this         Alif Akhmizan
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