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Crowdstar Inc , the publisher behind many Android apps (Do You Know Me? ,Phuzzle Free ,Design Home ,Phuzzle Plus ,Covet Fashion - The Game ,Fotogram), brings Covet Fashion - The Game with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Covet Fashion - The Game apps has been update to version 2.9.15 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • play with friends..
  • The is the best and most imteresting app for fashion lovers..
  • This is the best Fashion/ Dress up game ive ever run into..
  • Good way to pass the time and look at the new fashion trend..
  • There Should Be Mini games and more tickets when voting..

Overall Satisfactionc67
Cool game just wish more ways to earn tickets or moire for voting.
Would be better if there were more ways to earn cash.
Love the game it just runs slow sometimes.
Love the game but getting very frustrated with it.
Best fashion game ever made for IOS and android.
I usually play this game more than my other games.
I really wanted to play this game but it won't open.
The is the best and most imteresting app for fashion lovers.
There should be more events and less expensive clothes.
it is amazing game that my daughter likes to play.
I'm starting to love it again.
Fun & Engagingc67
Cool game just wish more ways to earn tickets or moire for voting.
Would be better if there were more ways to earn cash.
buying pieces of clothing the game becomes very addictive.
Totally addicted to this game and love it.
I got addicted to this game and now it won't even open.
Five stars for an awesome game.
Awesome Game but Rip Off and SCAM.
Super fun with a good crowd of players that are supportive.
There should be more events and less expensive clothes.
Really good grafics but gets boring fast.
I usually play this game more than my other games.
I really wanted to play this game but it won't open.
It's very up to date with real world.
Value for Moneyc49
It helps me crave my shopping addiction without having to spend real money.
but have to spend real money to get anywhere.
It is hard to earn cash without spending real money.
but at least this game can be played without using real money.
Replay Valuec65
Really good grafics but gets boring fast.
I have spent some money on this game please fix the bugs.
events not loading and connection issues even when I'm using wifi.
Getting sick of the loading issues.
The app used to crash all the time.
Updates & Supportc43
and customer service is great.
The models have shrunk in the new android version.
An android version.
enjoyment if theyd update the Android version.

OMG I LOVE THIS GAME. found in 2 reviews
It's my favorite mobile game by far. found in 2 reviews
Much better than when I played paper dolls with my daughters. found in 8 reviews
Super fun with a good crowd of players that are supportive. found in 46 reviews
Its like a grown up verison of dress up. found in 6 reviews
Best fashion game ever made for IOS and android. found in 189 reviews
This game us really fun and realistic. found in 4 reviews
Gives me ideas when it comes to my everyday life. found in 4 reviews
This is great it is like retail therapy at your fingertips. found in 5 reviews
so i cant even play the game anymore that's pretty bogus. found in 10 reviews
I havent been able to open the game in about 4 days. found in 28 reviews
The game crashes daily on my phone which is frustrating. found in 39 reviews
Really enjoy the game except for the force closing. found in 11 reviews
The game freezes up so often I cant play much either. found in 15 reviews
but it's too hard to make money to buy new clothing. found in 165 reviews
There needs to be another way to earn money ao people can keep playing. found in 486 reviews
Please fix all the loading issues within the closet. found in 13 reviews
so I tried to connect to Facebook and it freezes. found in 34 reviews
Also my game keeps crashing but other than that its wonderful. found in 27 reviews
events not loading and connection issues even when I'm using wifi. found in 15 reviews
But somehow today all of a sudden the game won't open. found in 27 reviews
I just wish they would give you more opportunities to earn more cash. found in 11 reviews
I like it but why is it so hard to get cash. found in 61 reviews
Needs more ways to earn cash and diamonds without purchase. found in 498 reviews
I wish there were more ways to earn money or diamonds. found in 486 reviews
Almost to the point of considering uninstalling the game please help. found in 16 reviews
Keep getting error connecting to game server restart game. found in 35 reviews
Really good grafics but gets boring fast. found in 15 reviews
Always saying that it has a problem connecting to game servers. found in 35 reviews
Issues with some jet set events never getting a rating. found in 80 reviews
Weird don't understand to much. found in 36 reviews
The amount that this game crashes is unacceptable. found in 39 reviews
It constantly crashes and getting hair and makeup will take forever. found in 130 reviews
Loved this game but FORCED to Uninstall :. found in 44 reviews
but have to spend real money to get anywhere. found in 103 reviews
which means you cant enter events to get money. found in 71 reviews
can't enter events cause can't get tickets. found in 103 reviews
The game needs an updated version for Android users please please please. found in 33 reviews
I really wanted to play this game but it won't open. found in 69 reviews
app crashes a lot and needs way more cash. found in 49 reviews
Unrealistic closet values to get new hair and makeup. found in 118 reviews
NEEDS MORE EVENTS CREATED. found in 41 reviews
Really like this game but n it keeps crashing. found in 46 reviews
Everytime I pick a hair style the whole app closes. found in 60 reviews

The Covet Fashion - The Game is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.9.15 has been released on 2014-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Covet Fashion - The Game in Crowdstar Inc`s Official Website :

Play the new styling game that s taking the fashion world by storm Get ready to get obsessed Covet Fashion is a truly unique new styling game that gives you access to a massive, ever ...

Love the game but the app crashes every time i try to watch videos to get more diamonds cash or if i try to make purchases I have not been able to find a way around it It s kind of frustrating Hoping they resolve it on update Also i find that you only score high if you make your looks just like everyone else s Thats not my nature i like to make classy yet unique looks but it seems you only get rewarded for thinking like everyone else A bit boring IMO             Meagan Castelli
I really love this game I m not even a fashionista in real life but still love it I see people who give low reviews for saying you have to spend money but this is not even true Each day there is a daily fashion entry where no particular type of clothes are a requirement and it pays 500 So when you start out you use the starter money they give you and also do the daily earn 500 a day and wisely buy garments Even if your scores are low at first the 500 daily pay allows you to play                     S. Harris
i enjoy playing the game but i have 2 complaints first the modern mode I prefer the look of the models except it wont let me choose the look that i want to give them second the rewards for entering are NOTHING makes it really hard when you have to buy pieces for each challenge and the money you make isnt even a third of what you re spending             Kimberly McCoy
It has a few quirks but most games do however the programers seem to be always making it better I give it 4 stars there is always room for improvement and i have had a few problems with a couple of things that i shall report and i expect they will be fixed as usual Try it and enjoy such things as cosplay fashon shows and various other ways to show your creative side by putting outfits together It can be addictive but really enjoyable at the same time Try it you ll like it                 Mitzi Bishop
I love the actual game and what you do but there are a few things that are bad or need to be improved like how you need money tickets and diamonds but it cost more to play a game than what you get in return You can vote for tickets or buy them with diamonds that s fine And you only get so many diamonds in 24 hours which is only 50 or 100 something like that but things that cost diamonds are 300 or 4000 diamonds so it takes way to long to stack them up without paying real money for them             Mommy Oh
I think it s a great game You can buy outfits and play challenges Which have a story I always read it than I try to dress my lady to match the requirements and or the story and picture Then when the time is up you get to vote on who has the best outfit Oh and you have Fashion Houses it s like a club And these Fashion Houses have rallies you can win prizes and diamonds I ve recommended it and will again Another great thing is that all the things are buyable in the real world                     Ruthann Collins
I love this game They have some great challenges fun stories and interesting prizes I like the recent add of props and challenges that allow you to win prop packs and accessories that usually you d have to buy You can join fashion groups with others and help each other out encourage and congratulate each other                     charlotte tritton
Significantly more extensive items than Design Home so hard to have enough to play without spending real money I know the game has to earn money somehow so that s a small flaw But I m most disappointed in the modern models Why would the makeup be different on the larger models Bigger girls can t apply makeup properly What s that about         Saharra Trujillo
Bugs that prevent my voting on my android phone options just dont load have not been addressed for over a year Now there is also a bug where half the possible usable items for an event are not showing for me making many events literally impossible to enter This game 80 unusable for me at this time Very frustrsting Please address these bugs to change my rating         Ocean Sunshine
Video ads for diamonds do not work Certain types of ads kicks you out the game and you you do not receive the diamonds Very time and data consuming when you keep having to log back in after these ads Messages to support are completely ignored Very dissapointed as you need diamonds to play I refuse to purchase any more diamonds while this problem continues to be ignored     Myra Dutkiewicz
DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME I had an issue with the game glitching My models would show invisible with certain items on so the fix was ro uninstall and reinstall I did that and now im having trouble getting my account back I linked ny email account but cant get in Reached out to support on the 19th One person just asked if i linked my account i stated i did they never replied Basically against my better judgement i paid for content i cant use i need my acct or money back             Ambitious Starr
I love this game it s playable without spending real cash but that means you can t enter many challenges Levelling up is based on closet value so if you can t afford more clothes you re stuck How anyone gets to level 75 I don t know they must be either really wealthy or paid to play Selling clothes back wouldn t be workable under the closet value level system Stars earned may be a better way to level up and closer levels pitted against each other for fairness e g 1 3 4 6 etc                 Gail Sweeney
I really like it A bit expensive for fun but if your willing to pay a few bucks it can be lots of fun The app developers are always coming up with something new and really seem to listen to the players ideas of what they would like to see in the game It may not happen immediately but they do seem to make it happen I think they are doing a great job                 jenny b
I have been playing this game for a while now and up until recently have thought it was great For some reason I am now having major issues When trying to use certain makeup faces outfits and hair my model vanishes off my screen and the game locks up I also can t like or comment on any of my teammates outfits I am not a happy camper     Kristin Ann Schreib
Updated on 9 5 19 App worked for 2 weeks and then stopped loading 3 days ago same problem gets stuck on loading garments No help from tech support Game developer doesn t bother addressing this Repeated problems with the game loading for the last two months Now it hasn t loaded for the past week Several emails sent to Covet Help tech support with no response Have spent real during gameplay Am now contacting Google Play for a refund Don t waste your time or money on Covet Fashion     A Google user
Quality game It s not quite paid to win but there s a lot of opportunity to pay for bonuses You can do alright by yourself but you have to be patient and pay attention to what outfits are winning and then figure out why The clothes are great and they changed the models for a more diverse select It s still very white dominant but they re trying so I have hope for more diversity The winners and losers are picked by the players so it s a very engaging game There are NO ADS unless you want                 Stephanie Zao
I really like this game It s fun and interactive I just wish you had more to start with I can play maybe one or 2 looks a day and that s it because I run out of gems and it takes days to earn more It would be nice if there was an easier faster way to earn more cash gems at the beginning                 Alicia Corbat
The following make up looks glitch Siren Level 14 Baby Doll Level 13 Dramatic Pink Level 12 Eighties Revival Level 9 Vogue Level 4 Neon Glow Level 4 I do not know if this glitch is also present in higher levels It used to make the model disappear but after this update trying to use them forces you to restart the game     Language Resources
You need money to play this game and do well There s no winning without it You win fake money in the challenges but almost all the clothes require diamonds which you have to buy All the easy style challenges are mystical or historical so it s more cosplay than actually design stuff The watch ads for diamonds option never works just kicks you out of the game and forces you to go back in And I m sick of so many challenges requiring United Nude shoes they re stupid ugly     Crissy Brown
I love this game and would give it 5 but for the last 2 days I haven t been able to get into the game It s just not loading I use wifi and all my other games open ok Is anyone else having this problem If the problem is fixed I will change my rating to 5 Update Game working perfect now Thank you                     Jenny McMinn
The game is mostly glitches and very little function The makers are always coming up with things for us to buy but every add on update causes glitches galore Currently the game takes over 5 minutes to load and it locks up whenever I try to change sections challenges house inbox etc This is not enjoyable     Yvonne Fruth
All I want is to play the game and buy pretend clothing I ve spent ridiculous amounts of real money on I m one of THOSE people However this is week three of stuck on loading garments My support button does nothing and the support team does even less So why bother posting here you ask Venting my frustrations mainly I ve missed who knows how many challenges hair accessories prop pack opportunities It sounds silly I know this but I ve played for several years and I m just tired     Stacy Hutto
Game is fun but this company has a tendency to take your money and not deliver Their Customer Service Dept either takes months to contact you if at all when it comes to resolving money issues The game itself is a great idea but makes you leery about spending too much to play it     deborah lipscomb
Played this game for a year now and its not fun anymore You only get high rankings if your on level 50 Or paying 15 out of your own wallet for one style Its downloadable if u just want to pass time but not to a game to play for competition You ll lose every time         Tiehairra Johnson
It s fun and enjoyable But the biggest issue I have is all of the Items being so expensive I can hardly enjoy it as much as I want too becuase I have to pay so much and end up broke after 2 challenges if this was resolved I would rate five but for now only 4 I also wish there were male fashion challenges instead of all women                 Shane Arnett
Please fix voting The algorithm you have is only working for some How can 1 petson get 10 TLs per season when others cant even get 1 every 10 seasons And do not allow exact clones anymore Fix people randomly tapping in voting Most do that These issues are ruining my covet experience Im bored         Lauren Mahabir
Awesome game concept and design Great variety of clothes shoes and accessories from the latest designers Experienced a few minor glitches though and it s difficult to progress and win without making at least some purchases                 CR Mattern
I love this game I love playing it It s my world away from reality But lately it keeps making me restart it Everytime I try and go into a challenge it says somethings happened please restart It s getting Very annoying and makes me not want to play anymore         Linsey Sandeen
I ve been playing this game since the beginning Except for the rather expensive head pieces that are in here it s a fantastic game with real life clothes and some really amazing fantasy clothes as well Very relaxing too                     Stephanie Siewert
I love the the game I don t like the fact that that if you don t have money Its very hard to continue playing You should definitely give more money or diamonds as you finish each challenge Like on Design Home             Brookek Kratchoff
I think this is such a amazing idea very creative too However I have had issues with it in the past due too glitches and things like that Although overall its a decont game and it is one I love playing constantly X                 Sophie Jones
Been an avid player for almost two years now I m a level 23 almost 24 and 8 hair accessories and haven t spent a dime This game is appropriate for younger players while still entertaining for adults LOVE this game                     Morgan Huskey
Lately when I play this game it takes forever to load and the videos I watch to get diamonds take so long to credit I ve considered deleting it I thought I needed to update it but it s the current version             Jessica Wells
I really enjoy this game But after the official update it won t let you choose your body type in the challenges and that s unfortunate Also items sometimes won t load unless you clear cache first             Ashley Hoffman
It is an enjoyable game however it should reward more cash and diamonds for submitting a look That way you could create more looks and select more expensive and impressive items each time you play             Jenea Clay
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