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Crunchyroll Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (Crunchyroll Manga ,Crunchyroll News ,Naruto Shippuden - Watch Now! ,Crunchyroll - Anime and Drama ,Bleach - Watch Legally Now! ,Blue Exorcist - Watch Now!), brings Crunchyroll Manga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Crunchyroll Manga apps has been update to version 1.4.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • even better then the PC version..
  • Selection of manga aside..
  • Great customer service..

Overall Satisfactionc37
More manga like bleach and naruto and one piece.
im totally looking forward to more titles becoming available.
It needs more titles like Shonen jump One Piece.
thanks crunchyroll.
Fun & Engagingc47
More manga like bleach and naruto and one piece.
im totally looking forward to more titles becoming available.
It needs more titles like Shonen jump One Piece.
Awesome and beautiful app.
Fucking Awesome.
I am never bored since I got this app.
New Update Fixed Everything.
Security & Privacyc15
Updates & Supportc60
Great customer service.
Customer service has become horrible.
New Update Fixed Everything.

I love the panel by panel reading offered with this app. found in 2 reviews
premium users will be able to. found in 8 reviews
The images look so much better in this app than on the website. found in 1 reviews
It's refreshing to see stories that aren't well known. found in 1 reviews
Awesome and beautiful app. found in 1 reviews
mas é um bom app. found in 1 reviews
but they don't have naruto manga. found in 9 reviews
persistent network connection error even with fine internet connection. found in 12 reviews
No search function to find my favorite manga. found in 2 reviews
The selection of manga is also very poor. found in 18 reviews
I was seriously looking forward to reading one piece. found in 22 reviews
I don't need a premium account for C-roll's anime app. found in 15 reviews
I would love to see more manga options. found in 27 reviews
But manga crashes all the time and fails to load images. found in 6 reviews
Other than that I would like to see more manga please. found in 27 reviews
I wish you could read the Manga from the beginning. found in 12 reviews
I however am having major stability issues on the Nexus 7. found in 8 reviews
All manga here needs to be free w/o membership. found in 6 reviews
Tells me to log in but can't cuz no account. found in 11 reviews
Please do put aome more mangas and I'll give five stars. found in 34 reviews
being plagued by constant network errors gets it a 3. found in 4 reviews
Problems loading images and network issues abound. found in 3 reviews
This app blows with the connection errors and errors loading pages. found in 7 reviews
So could you please make a free manga just one please. found in 13 reviews
if u really wanna read the manga. found in 12 reviews
In spite of a capable internet connection it won't connect. found in 12 reviews
Needs more manga seriously it has like 30 titles. found in 27 reviews
Subscription to read manga. found in 153 reviews
I can only read the first chapter lame. found in 20 reviews
One piece and naruto isn't In This useless app. found in 22 reviews
and they dont have much manga to read either. found in 10 reviews
I refuse to pay to read. found in 190 reviews
but the crunchy roll app with the anime is awesome. found in 13 reviews
This app had but one manga I wanted to read. found in 14 reviews
Bad app doesn't have a good selection of manga. found in 18 reviews

The Crunchyroll Manga is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Crunchyroll Manga app version 1.4.3 has been updated on 2014-11-22. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about Crunchyroll Manga check developer Crunchyroll Inc.`s website :

Theoretically it s a good app for reading some manga on your phone The interface is simple and clear Unfortunately it doesn t work Like at all The favorites page has been completely broken for years Pages will start repeating with no warning and the only fix is to leave the issue you re reading and then reenter There is no download offline option so if you lose connection you can t keep reading And it locks out your phone s screenshot function which shouldn t be allowed     Harrison Salzman
The favorites tab is not working properly This is an issue that s been present for a long time now You d think it would have been fixed by now but nope Last update was in 2018 yet the ratings and comments section imply that none of the issues has been fixed Hopefully someone in Ellation or Crunchyroll will take matters to this issue before 2020     Axel Bello
Its very buggy like the favorites dont work properly I have never gotten notifications from new chapters which Ive gotten used to by now but probably should add sometimes chapters bug out and the pages duplicate then you have to reopen the chapter Overall I think this app has been kind of neglected by Crunchyroll but after like 4 years of using it I dont really think much will change I mean it hasnt really changed in any real meaningfull way over all these years Its meh overall         Farbschmidt
Oh my god this is so useless It won t even favorite any of the manga If i click on the favorite button it says error adding favorite I have to search every manga manually and check if there is an updated chapter because it won t notify me unless i add it to favorites which i can t I only gave 2 stars instead of 1 is because the viewer is decent enough to read no lags or any glitches there         _chaos_ fre4k
Edit the workaround for the current problem seems to be to log out then log back in all my favourites are back at least until I exit the app Used to love this app but it deleted my favourites and wont let me add any Before it occasionally showed the same page twice while reading but a simple reload fixed that so it wasn t that much of an issue Seriously disappointed in the development of this app as the update that broke it didn t seem to add anything of value     Alexander Porth
User interface and features are good but there are a number of bugs that really detract from the experience My first device I used this on is the only one I can use the favorites tab on for example If I try to use the favorites tab on my new phone or my tablet I get an error every time             Aaron Birkner
It would be pretty great if the bookmarks favorites etc worked It also has no history feature so you can continue where you left off It also has a bad bug that it repeats an earlier page instead of the proper one Then you have to scroll back several pages to force a reload just needs a personal programmer to fix this             Scott Hammonds
Update This is pretty much a dead app While the content gets updated the app itself hasn t seen an update in months This app is a mixed bag On the one hand it s user friendly and easy to read on On the other hand it sadly has several bugs and issues that plague it The bookmark and favorite features have still not been fixed and pages repeat randomly just to name a couple of issues If these are fixed then I ll up my rating As it stands right now I can t recommend this app     A Google user
This app has a number of issues that haven t been addressed for some time For one the favorites and bookmarks don t work No matter what I try Pages reappear throughout a single chapter Chapters are missing from select series ex Grand Blue Dreaming jumps from Chap 1 to 38 The selection in contrast to the anime app is miniscule On a more positive note the Spirit Circle manga was great The app just could use some quality of life changes and a more varied library         Phin68
Even as a paying member of CR you re still missing out on loads of content One manga I follow starts at Chapter 1 then skips to 59 Where s the missing chapters Most of the ones I like have this problem Also the selection very limited when you take into account all the anime CR offers It kinda seems like this was a side project which was cool at the time but then they lost interest in it     KC
This app is the sorriest excuse for a manga reader I ve seen It has good series but the functionality is abysmal You can t sort by last updated the new tag doesn t clear if you ve read the most recent certain chapters in series won t ever load and favorites hasn t worked for years even after uninstalling and wiping app data Crunchyroll please put some effort in These aren t hard features         Rajiv Puvvada
When crunchyroll first was announced I was excited to have a legal way to read lots of online manga while supporting the authors but was since disappointed by the scarce updates unauthorized sources updated weeks if not months faster and an unstable app which constantly crashes deleted your bookmarks and reading progress     Eduardo Cavalcante
it has manga which is a plus bookmarks and favourites don t work properly Some manga has chapter 1 then jumps to chapter 111 or so I would love to be able to actually favourite and bookmark my reading on this app but so far it doesn t work Bookmarking will work for about 5 minutes and then it deletes itself from your bookmark list Favourites constantly tells you there was an error and then doesn t favourite the manga needs some bug fixing         Beef Donair
Ive been having this problem since I first had the app were bookmarked chapters dont save and i cant favorite anything And also some of the mangas have the first chapter then skip to the 100th chapter No major problems reading anything but if im going to keep the membership then i would rather have these problems fixed         Amy James
A hot broken mess of an app that looks like Crunchyroll has chosen to give up on rather than fix or swap out with something that works you might be able to login but bookmarks favorites or any other useful features a manga app should have are either not working or nonexistent     Jaguardasaul
It s disappointing that I can t enjoy any comics from this app but I guess I also dodged a bullet on spending money on this worthless thing and the people that made it that have no drive to fix their bugs I m uninstalling and I won t be using it again What a waste of data     Shian Dixon
would truly love to rate higher however favorites section doesn t work most manga selections do not have comple series lots of chapters missing and no updates fix or address this issue you should really have a phone line so issues can be addressed faster than the outdated method of email     David Hannum
it s nice for reading the available mangs however there s been several issues such as favorites and bookmarks not working for some time despite any attemped fix as well as misloading chapters and recently I wad logged out and couldn t log in due to crunchyroll being down All in all it s an acceptable reading experience and has an interesting enough selection but next time it s down I may abandon it             thatguynoneknow
This app has never been the best but functional at the very least Ever since a couple days ago new chapters aren t loading The app has become unusable at this point     Ari E.
I got it and the favourite s and bookmarks wasn t working Not to mention that it didn t have any of my fav manga and even when I tried to read a new one it wouldn t load Do not get this app     Tim T
Can t save favorites anymore Half of the time chapters refuse to load Unusable Update the entire library refuses to load now Nothing is available to view so why am I wasting my money with you Crunchyroll     Daniel McMurtry
having an issue where to access or add anything to favorite or bookmarks I need to log out then back in everytime I open the app really annoying to have to do apart from that it s all good though             John K
Application is great for reading manga however there are two major issues One is where the app will not give notifications for new chapters and the other is where the favourites list will show as empty after the first opening of the app                 Mike Smith
Issue with the Manga loading Not internet as I have tried on 3 different internet connections Unloaded and reloaded the application When will this be solved Been since tuesday     Andrew Forsyth
the basics don t function properly whatever functions are included don t work well often even if you re paying for it like my favourites and bookmarks are usually missing even try to log out and log back in doesn t fix the issue now sometimes it does I don t know how to access them on the desktop version of the site either so i took a screenshot of the favorites list when it was available the good thing is that you know where you left off in the manga that s an important function that wor         Aron Philip
The overall app is great yet when I try to create an account on either the app or the online crunchyroll it says incorrect login information yet I have never made an account before and I made aure that I re entered my password correcly havving tried it multiple times                 Blazing Phoenix
App is barely functional You can t bookmark mangas so you can t get notifications from new chapters Chapters also refuse to load occasionally in the app but load fine in browser     Levi Henderson
There are a lot of good manga but for most of them like devil s line which got me thinking that oh this good me my next favorite anime boy 2 57 are not there you guys completely passed so Many numbers and just went to chapter 1 you chapter 58 like what happened to the rest of the manga it s a awesome manga I love it after the first chapter it pulls you in so much and than you going to do this like come one man I came here to read the manga not read a chapter and skip over the rest plz fix plz                 Jewel Griffith
Crunchyroll licences some great digital Manga on here The problem is I m always getting issues with my favourites list now as it keeps telling me there s nothing in my list but when I try to add something I get an Error adding to favourites message I ve tried clearing both the data and the cache and that temporarily fixed the issues until the following day where I had the same issues only clearing cache and data had no effect             Nightmare Hollow
needs work was hoping it would have easier access to favorites without glitches doesnt seem like something I m paying for to be honest still new however will update if I find it to be easier to maneuver             Elesha Hazel
Please Crunchy fix your app I used to love it so much and I still want to use it but right now it s simply not practical As a premium user accustomed to quick access to his favorites I simply can t agree with how the app is right now It s been over two months since the problems with the favorites started and nothing has been done about it Give some love to your manga         Felipe Ramirez
Extremely buggy I can never favorite series and now log in due to an errors Pages are often out of order Crunchyroll bought the right to alot of series but makes you use their awful service     kevin dodson
I like the app but every time I log in my bookmarks and favorites are missing I usually can log out and log back in and they show up However that isn t working at all today I would like to see a fix for this problem asap please It s very frustrating to have to deal with this issue everytime I just want to enjoy my manga             Kurai Neko
It never saves my favourites or my bookmarks so i always have to go and search for where I left off last time Not a huge selection of things to read but enough of my favourites so I m happy enough The reading experience itself is quite good I just wish all the features worked properly on my phone             Stephanie Leahy
If I could I would give this app 5 stars The Favourite bug doesnt get fixed by logging out and logging back in So few titles to read from Doesnt even keep my bookmarks anymore so I lose where i left off oj different manga s For the fact that so many people are premium users you would think they would fix the issues in this app It has high potential to be a great source of manga     Javier Flores
good but bad the owners dont respond to any complaints support issues or problems The manga are good when there is something worth reading not many big name manga on here if I try to search for something it wont be on there 90 of the time the worst part is that I pay for an account and I cant even add a manga to my favourites if I want to read a manga I m on I have to search for it and screw you if you cant remember the name I tried contacting them about this issue but received nothing                 FerrisWheelROAR
i use to love this app for manga but it wont even let me log in any more saying my credentials failed even though when i went to log in on my computer with the same info it would not let me log in Also on the desktop version there are three different sections for one of my mangs but the app only shows one its very upsetting that i cant use this app     Danielle Hanson
Would be a 5 if some of the functionality worked like it used to Favorites dont save which makes it hard to remember all the titles you re reading if you don t have a place to locate them This used to not be a problem and Im discouraged that its been atleast a year and a half with no resolution     Roger Lewis
I agree with the others They broke this app around the time they started pushing VRV and have since done little to nothing to improve the existing Crunchyroll applications Manga included I ve sent emails and customer support is nice and let s me know they re aware of the problems but I ve seen no action to fix said problems for months now         Justin Davis
This app is completely trash I don t really rate this but this needed to be done The favorites option hasn t worked in some months book markers aren t there Some times whole pages don t load in And now whole chapters just straight up aren t released on the app I used it because it was easier than going to scan websites and it s a way to support my favorite series but this is a bit ridiculous Foe a company with this man users and financial backing there is no excuse     Jordan Kramer

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