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Azar Co., Ltd. , brings Azar - Random Video Chat with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Azar - Random Video Chat apps has been update to version 1.21.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Thanks for azar app lunching today free video chart &calling; massenger..
  • I like it it's all new social networking site..
  • Because it shares video calling to unknown persons..
  • nice audio quality..
  • funny people all over..

Overall Satisfactionc66
video quality is great and the sound is clear.
Plus video quality is too poor.
Way two many dudes not enough females need more females js.
Great just wish u met more women.
Lol at the horny users who request for more women.
It's amazing application also very danger in terms of security.
best appss n best wishes.
You have to improve voice quality anyway good work.
Better than badoo.
Fun & Engagingc67
Way two many dudes not enough females need more females js.
Great just wish u met more women.
Lol at the horny users who request for more women.
Great app I've meet a lot of awesome people on here.
It is good to wasting time.
It's really awesome application.
Its the best thing to do when your bored.
Social Aspectsc85
Pretty good app good way to meet new people just need more females.
Everytime I go to swipe to meet new people it closes the app.
Pretty Dam good in terms of meeting random people around the world.
It is a most wonderful social app forever.
I like it it's all new social networking site.
I like talk with friends only fair.
Security & Privacyc32
My azar account is blocked for permanent how can do unblock.
Updates & Supportc32

u help me to make a friend I injoy this software. found in 3 reviews
Nice to video chat with new frnd face to face. found in 4 reviews
Itz very cool app we vil get new frnds easily. found in 11 reviews
Pretty good app good way to meet new people just need more females. found in 146 reviews
best appss n best wishes. found in 3 reviews
Perfect app to make a new friend from around the would. found in 148 reviews
Yeah its nice app And one of the finest app i ever seen. found in 3 reviews
It gives me the opportunity to meet new friends and new people. found in 166 reviews
Its an amaizing app i am really enjoying. found in 3 reviews
I have met interesting people from all over. found in 4 reviews
The best way to reach good friends. found in 4 reviews
Azar is good but not best. found in 2 reviews
I got banned for no reason some girl was mad so i started. found in 15 reviews
Osam app to connect new people and also for selling new item. found in 21 reviews
there are weird people but you just swipe the screen not hard. found in 3 reviews
Fix that plz i got spamed. found in 1 reviews
good app but most of the features ristrcted without pay. found in 5 reviews
Its really cool but you need to modify it e. found in 3 reviews
Overall its good experience and new way to connect people. found in 3 reviews
please add option to fix this. found in 10 reviews
just keep spinning and it dosent connect to anyone. found in 13 reviews
So I'm asking you to please delete my account. found in 4 reviews
The call quality is too bad especially when you add friends. found in 32 reviews
Females need to log in as male so there is a balance. found in 5 reviews
and I can't chat with people of the US. found in 11 reviews
Cant select a particular location. found in 3 reviews
I wish there weren't so many rude people on it. found in 7 reviews
In App male cant search female and vise versa. found in 3 reviews
Its ok just cant hear sometimes. found in 5 reviews
i signup with a different account but i cant sign in. found in 5 reviews
Im able to sign up with facebook. found in 11 reviews
please dont install it. found in 9 reviews
try to fix it. found in 10 reviews
Sucks selected female only and still got dudes app sucks. found in 18 reviews
its bad no option serarch people add friends or calling. found in 32 reviews
Plus video quality is too poor. found in 16 reviews
Needs the option to search by age and gender. found in 17 reviews
don't tell us you need money for server etc. found in 8 reviews
Sucks u cant pick what gender u want to talk to. found in 96 reviews
No auto gender selection and the vudeo quality is rubbish. found in 12 reviews
It was great but got banned for no reason please unban me. found in 15 reviews
But it continue in searching and found no one for chat. found in 16 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Azar - Random Video Chat for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.21.1 has been released on 2014-02-4. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Azar - Random Video Chat in Azar Co., Ltd.`s Official Website :

Far too many people don t even show their face and too many school kids There is some people who use this as they should and its really enjoyable to see but majority just leave the camera pointing at the roof or they cover the lense         Jacob Kitchen
Disappointed the ad promised that I could meet trillions of girls I was dismayed to discover the app is limited to people from the planet Earth which only has a population of 9 billion not all of whom even use the app and half of them aren t female Hopefully a future update will allow you to chat with beings across the galaxy bringing the total up to what is advertised     Joel H
I was using the App from last 3 months but since last week I see a black screen while matching I have tried everything to resolve it but things remain the same What is the issue         Akshay Garg
the app itself is very good also one of the cleaner webcam apps i ve seen which is great just two things that concern me 1 on the list is that it exploits our city which is exploitation of our privacy its one thing to tell what state or country we are in but city is a compromise of our privacy and safety so for that i may consider leaving and reporting the app 2 it would be nice if we didnt lose the person we are talking to every time we sink down the app window             Angie Burlesque
This app is very good for one who is alone and getting bored But i have one issue that if i switch to female gender only the i have to pay 9 gems per call In that case mostly what happens is tha person to whom call gets connected she disconnects in 1 or 2 sec in this my alots of gems are wasted please fix this issue because if the person from front disconnects the call that is not my fault then why i should charge for that                 Arsh Dhillon Official
Swiping is really hard especially on curved screens Try it on a galaxy s8 I need to swipe from edge to edge full width for it to work which is very difficult to do on a curved screen Unlike other apps where I can start my swipe from the middle and I dont have to end my swipe on the left most last pixel edge of the screen     Mark Larren Mendoza
Gems are so damn expensive and you charge for the calls where there is no interaction as well OR when the other person hangs up without even seeing your face OR even when the call disconnects due a network issue Meaning the calls which are less than 5 or 10 seconds Most of ny gems have been wasted due yo this reason you should have a criteria where in you charge 9 gems per call if the call is more than 30 secs or 1 minute     Sunny Chandra
I had signed out after I subscribed VIP and when I logged in again by the same google account I couldn t use any VIP services and it keeps saying I m already VIP with another account What the heck is going on It s the freaking same account Also this app requires too much money for the services Please don t make me waste money         DongHyun Lee
This is useless app i tried buying jems 2 times both times my amount got debited and jems has not been added I get no reply mail asking me to find options in help center in app and there is no place where we can upload the screenshot proof of payment My money is stuck now     R Govardhan
Don t install the app Becarefull because I think it s a Pakistani app they can withdraw your money from your bank Because we are all depends on OTP but rest of India no need OTP to easy transfer and they are asking add account details not direct payment one more thing they can capture ladies photos and marphing and misuse I have a little idea about it long back we chat azar etc some apps are band in India if use it you will be arrested by the Indian police may be just it s my idea     SITA RAMA LAKSHMI THAMMA
i Like this app it connects with many people But i have made payment of 299 for 500 Gems they deducted the money But not received any gems i ve complained through e mail and there is No service to contact any customer care directly Kindly fix this problem if you do i d like to continue with this app thank you         _Psyche_ _Master_
This is the best App among all the friends discovering Apps like Tender Who etc One thing which I have noticed is Mostly calls from the same locality are thrown again and again you know variety is the spice of life and keeping this famous saying in view calls from all over the world should be included Anyways Good Job Azar Team best wishes                     Muddasar Hanif
After 3 free calls now they have reduced it to 1 free call in an hour totally ridiculous what is fun of adding friend then i m addicted to this app and have spent around lakhs of rupees when u select india as country they automatically takes u to algeria also they theirselves cut the call after 5 secs in order to make revenue     Inhsj Hd
I have bought the gems multiple times but more transactions I make more guys and fake accounts are coming back to back I am doubting the genuinity of the app I thought it is a mistake but it is happening more and more I am just loosing my money This was my last recharge         Vikas Chamoli
I think everything about dating and meeting and having fun chat with girls or boys is fine But There Motive seems to loot the money is simple As I used to buy 2 3 times gems almost every alternative days and they are always gone in few minutes as I could notice all the times so Azar too proven themselves as a fraud and money looter app too Be aware guys             akki tandon
Too much disappointed by the increase in the gender filter it was 9 gems per one swipe and it was too much Now it became 13 gems why is that and you keep getting fake accounts and people i paid too much in this app but now i am disappointed with the increase i think you should make a monthly subscription insteas of the gems per swipe so it will be more fair than wasting our gems on fake and wrong accounts and people             Hassan Fadel
What kind of people you are There was 3 free calls per hour and now its just 1 And now the new call is 140 gems before that was 100 gems The prices for simple call is too higher     Rahul Meena
always a great experience and very professionally made I like the fact that you can always swipe anytime or sit and chill and talk and make a new friend for as long as you want This is the best thing I ve seen yet on NE electronic device or game interface GREAT JOB         Khalid Niazi
15 is a lot of money More than i have ever seen a app ask for For basic things like chnaging your location If im paying that much i should be able to do everything inculding being able to chose a certain gender and any other things they offer with the vip but no it all costs extra Either lower the VIP monthly price or inculde everything Im canceling after this month     Soumaya Sammie
No doubt app is good as compare to other apps but if you guys are charging a user to connect with specified location users then why are you deducting the diamonds when some other location the different one which I selected manually user comes on the other side I guess in this manner I am wasting my diamonds Should I stop using it             Gaurang Chandra
After purchasing the gems and filter the gender then prfiles Or automatically skipping and some same gender people are coming and after skipped the profile once same person is coming again by this way gems are completing Experience is very bad         preme chander Reddy
Dont trust this app your money will be deducted from your account when buying gems but ypu dont get gems You dont get a chance to talk to anyone or no option for complaining also I feel It is designed to loot your money but really not useful to anyone Please be careful     Mukthesh E
I m changing from 4 to 1 as u only put me through to one girl she only said hello and I had 20 gems now I m left with 7 and didn t even get to chat as I accidentally pressed the home button 1 star from me as only after losing gems and only after u tell me it costs me gems every time i wanna connect with a girl I am going to uninstall unless u do something     starr butler
not bad app but something i dont like is people make report and suddenly we re get banned from azar but actually we didn t do anything and maybe we just mistake hold the phone and the camera turn down but nothing and people make a report and azar gems is to expensive and also why new update are 13 gems per gender filter i can t accept that so recommended dont install         Bynold Eynold
always a great experience and very professionally made I like the fact that you can always swipe anytime or sit and chill and talk and make a new friend for as long as you want This is the best thing I ve seen yet on NE electronic device or game interface GREAT JOB                     Raymond Green
Update as of July 19 good thing google is fast to respond to my complaint and refunded me the whole amount the developer of this app is one of the most unprofessional and uncalled for I ve been emailing them about my concerns and guess what all I got are automatic responses from a computer What a Shame If I were think again before downloading and paying this app     Jason Vacunawa
My more money wasted due to transaction some time having issue my money is getting debited but gems are not getting add till now more than 4k money got i thought it will return but never came i want my refund asap     Nikhil Sawant
Money deducted from account but no gems are been added and no response even from help center     Siddham Singh thakur
This application should take age categorization into consideration and make it as an option rather than exploring all different ages from 16 to 60 together I think there should be an option where I can choose which age i am looking for rather than being a random selection         Fayyad Mahameed
This app is useless Steals your money by giving fake profiles and genders The call does not withstand 10 sec I think all females profiles are Workers of this app company and they won t accept friend request they simply disconnect after 10 sec For giving friend request they will ask you 300 rupees For each and every thing they ask money Google play store should not allow this kind of fake scam cheating apps as they deceive people easily Government should take severe actions to ban this     super man
I put the location in my country only but it keep going to other locations they increase the gems to add a friend or to skip between people Getting worse and worse         Aziz Alnassar
I m VIP but cant get russian or many other countrys allso I m using this years phone but when I go on america or VIP locations my speaker to talk cuts of please fix this and I would upgrade to 5 stars as its generally amazing I got banned for no reason a while age I sent azar a message within 24 hours it was removed as I was not indecently exposed I was playing piano so great thumbs up on that one they not a scam they just a web designers who know what there doing good work and God bless you all                 Sean Hindson
App is useless it keeps on asking for money and secondly when we are connected to a buddy it doesn t allow to exit change immediately as app freezes Never to be recommended and will uninstall it soon     Jennil Shah
I think the concept is great but I had at least 3 men show me their private areas and over 6 begged me for sex I think you should have a feature where a robot or something could watch over the chat to mAke sure things like this dont happen thankyou                 A Crusty Mood Indeed
This app is good because i purchased 300 gems for talking with female matchig but azer again and again showed male matches after that i reported about fake gender but they did not return my gems wrong male matches So i adviced for all Don t waste your Money and Time for this app If my msg helpful for you then reply me Thanks my all Friends     sunil kumar
That s really nice but need to improve some options specifically video call should be open for friends thanks                 Bilal Ishaq

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