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Playtika , the publisher behind many Android apps (World Series of Poker – WSOP ,Caesars Slots ,OLD - LL), brings World Series of Poker – WSOP with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. World Series of Poker – WSOP apps has been update to version 2.1.1 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Playing texas holdem is a great way to pass the time..
  • Great learning tool..
  • I'm a 20 yr Black Jack man..
  • Thank you for creating an app that's user friendly..
  • Kill time and make friends while Honing your poker skills..


Very nice game play here as well. found in 16 reviews
I love playing poker and world series of poker is the best. found in 355 reviews
This by far through best poker game on the net. found in 4 reviews
I think it's great I love it what a great way to pass the time. found in 107 reviews
Better than zynga that's all you need to know. found in 24 reviews
Great gameplay only poker app i use. found in 17 reviews
Very cool game to play you can even play with your friends. found in 9 reviews
Great poker game lots of fun just straight up poker. found in 17 reviews
Realistic feel of game pace and fast paced. found in 47 reviews
Very good live action app with PLO Holdem and Tournaments. found in 6 reviews
This game is a good time killer & a great practice tool. found in 33 reviews
and it helps me to sharpen my tournament skills. found in 6 reviews
Great poker action and different games to play. found in 14 reviews
Amazing application see you in the WSOP main event. found in 8 reviews
Love it super fun wouldn't play another poker game ever. found in 21 reviews
Awesome game and enjoy all the options. found in 231 reviews
This app is fun and entertaining. found in 9 reviews
Haven't spent a dime and have well over a million chips. found in 9 reviews
It's a great app I play it everyday when I can. found in 16 reviews
Awesome game but crashes all the time. found in 4 reviews
Everything you should expect with fake money poker. found in 21 reviews
Every time I try to chat my game freezes. found in 21 reviews
no luck fix if not I will un install 4 good. found in 10 reviews
Time awaiting bonuses and missing chips. found in 9 reviews
But i cant invite ANY of my friends. found in 5 reviews
i cant play any because there isnt any to choose from. found in 21 reviews
Suck outs happen smart strategy and aggressiveness are key. found in 18 reviews
& duely penalize the lagger vs Internet connection issues. found in 18 reviews
They just wanna sell fake chips & make $. found in 22 reviews
I also hate that there are no multi table tournaments. found in 6 reviews
Would be nice if you could private chat. found in 4 reviews
Freezes alot cant play a full tournment. found in 5 reviews
Start to get really frustrated with this game. found in 3 reviews
I have never needed to purchase chips. found in 20 reviews
Plus when I buy chips it doesn't give them to me. found in 202 reviews
Constantly being kicked out of tournaments half way through. found in 17 reviews
all I get is " download failed " then an Ooops screen. found in 23 reviews
Needs better way to find friends without having to log into Facebook. found in 25 reviews
There are no problem with my internet connection. found in 24 reviews
Don't buy chips because they will cheat you. found in 202 reviews
No info for customer service. found in 32 reviews
Connection issues constantly throw me out of games or it freezes. found in 27 reviews
Game keeps freezing and I lose chips and tournaments. found in 24 reviews
stay away from this game sucks that bites the big one. found in 54 reviews
Newest update constantly tries to post to facebook. found in 25 reviews
Nothing but bad beats to the point of hilarious. found in 79 reviews
Refuse to pay for chips as it'll continue to happen. found in 49 reviews
This by far the worst poker app i have used. found in 50 reviews
Keeps saying download failed and won't let me play. found in 23 reviews
Crashes too much needs sorting especially when ya paying for chips. found in 49 reviews
but still lose to the lower hand. found in 23 reviews
Keeps on loading and after that is says "cant connect to the game. found in 36 reviews
Tends to lag out and then timer forces you to fold. found in 28 reviews
If they use for real money same it's total b$$$$$t. found in 28 reviews
When the slot machine was added I was disappointed. found in 44 reviews

The World Series of Poker – WSOP is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 2.1.1 has been released on 2014-02-6. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about World Series of Poker – WSOP check developer Playtika`s website :

I ve played many a hold em game Real and online I like tournaments best This is just weird though because when I enter tournaments here sometimes I m picked as the winner before I win I can just feel it it s almost to easy And other times someone else is pegged as the winner and I m given bad hand after bad hand as the blinds go up That s not luck it s just a very poor app It s sad as well because I actually respect WSOP I m not a disgruntled player Just disappointed     Top Secret
Cool fun and great relaxing mechanism I just want to find the real money I have to go back on my experience with the app I m still looking for a real money site and think that I found one It s really just a lottery poker app with no real benefits If we were able to see the real stat sheet I bet that we would see that more than a quarter of the hands won are 3 of a kind another quarter or more would be straight and then flush Really no room for bluffing or being competitive Ijs             KING KIRK
Re rating from 2 stars down to 1 wow yet another bad experience Paid for the xtreem extension that is offered after daily blitz By the time pay finger with and ads close you have time for 2 picks I m sitting there watching time tick away on my purchase and Tyrone from CS is basically like bummer you didn t get what you paid for Well Tyrone I hope you keep hearing those Tyrone biggums jokes for another 20 years     Foyt Fire
the only thing that bugs me and the rest of the players is it takes far to long to load up and then when you do get a good hand you re conextion crashes now i no sods law happens but you can boost your signal so help me with this problem as i would not take the chance of getting a grate hand and that s is why I don t play for cash even though I would love to lllllbugs all the time even when you have the best hand it cuts off all the time     John Lamont
Very well designed excellent graphics minimal bandwidth with few glitches Quite addictive so be warned Although often prompted to buy chips one can play for free using the many thousands of free chips given out every few hours Better than most games and well worth installing Just a pity folk do not realistically gamble real life betting is totally different                     Martin L Smith
I have been playing for over 3 years and when I have issues with the game the response is short with no resolve the free daily bonuses are sporadic and not daily I normally hit a winning streak about once every two months I have found another poker game with more opportunities for fun and excitement Almost one year later and I have never won the gold wedge and also the amount of friend chips I get were cut by 80 Wow             A Google user
While this game comes off as a well built and polished game The game you will see statistically will only afford a couple players all of the winning hands It makes it for frustration because when you have to play with nothing but skill cuz ya get not having a winning hand in 40 hands is a bit ridiculous This is when you have accumulated large bankrolls not by monetary but by playing You ll see how 1 sided it is when they start bating you with decent hands not a ths actual winning ones             Vern
Don t waste your time App is nothing like real poker Everything is structured to try to get you to spend money in the app Complete fake hands that pit two players against each other so you ll burn through your chips in an effort to get you to buy more Hands and bonuses are not random Everything is calculated to try and get you to give them your money EDIT you re so full of s it s so obvious stop lying Let me guess playtika owns this magical shuffling company     dan warner
The game play is really good but you better plan on spending money on chips They give you alot of chips throughout the day but you don t win unless you buy chips I was buying chips and winning a fair amount of times Stopped paying for chips and couldn t buy a hand Of course they ll say it s not the case but I m telling you it is Went back to buying for a week and couldn t lose again I stopped for a week and couldn t win It can t be a coincidence No way         John Fasso
This game used to be fun It has turned more into a money grab as the years progressed You had a chance at winning over 100 million chips with the Daily Blitz Now they have reduced the amount to 44 million and you have to pay 5 99 to win up to 700 million The piggy bank was 5 99 to break it is now 9 99 for fewer chips Remember what they say The House Always Wins And in this case it is 100 true As other reviewers have pointed out the pop ups to buy chips are insane no fewer than 3     Dennis Crawford
This is a really fun app Exciting with all the added extras such as spin and win to help top up your virtual bankroll The app is free and has all your stats along with rewards for good poker play Downsides are seemingly an increasing number of ads which are easy to click on by accident also it s no coincidence in my assessment that the bigger cash games you play your starting hands become noticeably worse all those A 10s you had at the low cash games suddenly become 2 3 OS                 Andrew Fourthdimension
The World Series of Poker is everything that s wrong with mobile games I downloaded this because I wanted to improve my poker game for when I play with friends in real life Not because I want to spend my life savings on fake money which is what the app creators want to happen As soon as you open the app you get bombarded with pop up after pop up which try to trick into buying chips for the low low price of 4 99 Etc It s shameless offensive and I pity the users who fall for the trap     Max Firth
Every time you go to the home screen there are at least two three popups trying to get you to buy chips This even happens after you have spent money buying chips in the past Nothing but a cash grab very annoying EDIT It would be fine if this occured when you first log in for the day After leaving a table each u0026 every time the cash grab popups happen over and over At no time did I state I enjoyed this app I stated the popups were very annoying Saying I enjoyed this app is disingenious     New York Sports Teams US Army Retired
Really aggressive popups trying to get money all the time but the play is fast and fun Also not sure its completely fair Seems like i see a lot more flushes straights and full houses than i would at a real table 2 straight flushes in one night should be almost unheard of             Adrian Breitenbach
Its a flashy game but it is extremely annoying and beggish when i log in the flurry of overpriced offers makes me feel like i am in a gipsy bar Its extremely annoying to have to click through 5 6 offers before i can play Maybe they think if they shove it down your throat you might actually pay Some of the game modes are interesting but it is nothing too wow Another poker game really this one is just extremely pretentious         Bicu Alexandru
After 110 000 hands ive finally realised how rigged this game is It wasnt always this way but these last few years wsop has made it so obvious that something isnt right about the card play Its like clock work win a large amount of chips to inevitably lose them in series of high stakes games where you get hands that are to good to fold but theres always someone to catch that one out card to win the pot after playing real money games in casinos or at home youll see the difference in the odds         Mike Howard
If you bet all the time regardless of your hand you will get the cards you need Expect to see the heavy bettor get full house after full house Check the stats of your opponents more the 50 000 games and he will get everything card he needs will you get screwed Gotta keep the players happy     Ed Elzy
Sorry but I believe this app is designed for people to have to buy chips far too often The only slot machine hardly ever hits the poker recall is a joke and another waste of time and or money Personally I find it to be just another rip off of an app so save your time and money by Not playing     James Sullivan
the best poker site ever I have been to many that suck we have the best time playing with my husband I would like to see you put more of a variety on turbo chat words since when you are playing the game there is no time to type in the message board Would also appreciate some avatars to choose from of the older female players A change seeing the same faces Thanks                     Joanne Heisey
It is a good app but like many others it is frustrating with all the pop ups when you e ter the lobby Ads like the slot feature at the top right corner are positioned so that in the middle of playing cards you unintentionally press that Ads in the middle of the screen would be better as it would be less likely to unintentionally press them Apps hangs and gets stuck loading sometimes I know the revenue with a free app is how it works but force feeding me ads only frustrates me             Jamie KayIsGood
My review got erased Nice dev nice Game is pure scambox Most players at table are bots who are winning games with loosing hands You have 3 aces and getting beat by opponent with pair of 9 Omaha Got flush with 2 cards in hand Lost 5 milions all chips due to 2 pair bot People are constantly attacked by ads to force them to buy chips so bots can steal them Its circle of scam Yesterday i wrote this Today was charged in game for some pack Thats new way of fraud Reported to google     X Belormoroth
Worst game ever For some reason it says wrong password when I try to register an account Edit I m only giving this a 4 star is the fact that you can t register for an account because it just tells you wrong password If you can please fix this bug I would give this game a 5 star New players would appreciate it too if you fixed this                 Insanely
Nice game in the begining Decent graphics Too many pop ups and after you play some hands and get a decent bankroll you can not win a hand even if it fell on you Seems like the game changes against you Never seen poker like that at all     Charles Lane
Easy to use and clean fun that occupied me for hours And has made me a better poker player and I can even interact with my friends from fb once I invite them and meet new friends already there                     Tory Honeycutt
Worst game experience ever Just get cheated many times I have played for 3 months now As I m a free player I got up to 26 million and then lost every hand even though I had 3 of a kind and a straight etc Bottom line you ll lose to anyone that pays Don t waste you re free time with this cheating app     Dave M
The tournament system they have is wayyyyy to aggressive in raising the blinds Sucks any fun right out of it Edit no you re misunderstanding me I m not talking about player actions I mean the small blind big blind going up automatically after 5ish hands on most tournament modes         D. M.
Absolutely rigged game Four of a kind straight flush Never a card lower than a 9 This game is setup so you loose and have to make purchases Uninstalling after i post this rant     A Google user
It is great It was great untill it calls for wifi connection over and over again It IS and always is connected Games are stalled and good hands are lost I uninstalled the game and reinstalled and have same issue Not happy Does anyone know a game that works properly         Marcus Toth
It s great Thank you I m enjoying it very much I m trying to get all my friends to play i love it i love this game it s a great game i believe I m becoming a better card player but poker is a meeting of the minds It s GRRRReat Poker 0n line doesn t get any better It s challenging fun and entertaining                     A Google user
Nice graphics No one chats No one is all too friendly So many ads for chips Funny money chips for real And like every other poker site u have the All In every hand dumb players cuz it ain t real money Otherwise it s one of the better poker sites                 Minei Kiefer
Love WSOP but the pop advertisment for the other games is completely annoying let me collect my stuff i dont want to be force feed promotions otherwise it would be 5 stars the pop ups are so bad its like going online in 1997 i get you need to advertise but popups are not the way         Arc Angel
Intrusive self promotion Used to love this one but the ads are just too much Also if you bust it takes forever to get a meaningful amount of chips so you can play again There are other better poker apps     Devin Barnes
too many popups just let me play already I would like a 10 second delay from when the app opens on my phone until ad popups are allowed to display This will allow users to collect chips and daily blitz without accidentally clicking an ad                 Kent Harris
Now you get timed out with full service only when you have good hands tho WORSE SITE EVER The site is rigged Bunch of computers that cheat They give you free chips to get you hooked then LITERALLY CHEAT you out of them hoping they can get you to spend money Just play with the free chips DON T WASTE MONEY BUYING ANYTHING IN THIS SITE     Clowin'em
expensive all in takes whats in your bank roll you may not recieve all your mission perks game it self is good But its costly with small amount of free chips at the cost of chips most people cant afford to play Not enough perks seems onesided not random enough                 Larry Brown
Constant unwanted notifications from this app Edit since I can t reply to dev s comment I m referring specifically to the notifications from the app when it s not open not the pop ups in the game I m well aware that ads are part of any free app         Justin Morales
Its fire Same guys got the POKER HEATapp too Only thing that is a downer about the game is you might be having a serious game with some pros and when a seat opens you get some gook level 4 dodo that starts playing bingo Other than that its legit                     Mike Mathias
A lot of things going on screen It may be too distracting at some point I ll give it a chance though The games are fast u0026 furious Good fun                     R.H. Campos

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