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JP Brothers, Inc. , the publisher behind many Android apps (PICTAIL - June Bug ,PICTAIL - Mojito ,PICTAIL - Cykik ,Silent Camera W ,PICTAIL - PinkLady - Apps on ,Candy Camera for PhotoShop), brings Candy Camera for PhotoShop with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Candy Camera for PhotoShop apps has been update to version 1.19 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • I just hope this won't have a complex editing tools someday..
  • Better than cam wow..
  • Could you make this so we can make videos with filters..
  • Genuinely it's one of the best photo editor available in the market..
  • I like the filters and all of the editing features..

Overall Satisfactionc88
This is one of the best camera apps with amazingggggg filters.
This is by far THE best photo editing app I have ever used.
I love the filters on this app their all amazing.
I love the effects Love the filter Love everything.
I love the effects but it doesnt work well.
it is the best cam app for capturing selfies.
I love this it is amazing to take pictures and everything.
Best picture quality very good my favourity.
Blurry end product because picture quality is lowered.
Amazing filters definitely reccomending it to all my friends.
Fun & Engagingc95
An awesome camera app with lots of effect to express our feelings.
Awesome filters and you can edit your pics.
awesome filters but force closes when I tap on gallery.
So much fun to play around with & makes your photos look great.
Hope u guys add more filter.
Social Aspectsc100
is the immediate availability to upload to social media.
For any social media sites.
Production Valuesc80
I love the effects Love the filter Love everything.
I love the effects but it doesnt work well.
There is more effects and stickers than camera360.
Stunning pics.
App makes my battery low.

My friends keep asking me what camera application that I use. found in 13 reviews
Best photo editor app I have EVER downloaded and its all free. found in 324 reviews
Superrr ich liebe candy camera wowwww es istt unglaublichhh mannn ^-^. found in 8 reviews
This is by far THE best photo editing app I have ever used. found in 418 reviews
I liked the intensity in thr pictures and the variety of effects :. found in 7 reviews
the amount of cute stickers and options are amazing. found in 28 reviews
whch can be done easily by hlp of ds app. found in 6 reviews
I love putting stickers and decorating pictures for instagram. found in 14 reviews
Great app for fun selfie pics super awesome and cool effects. found in 33 reviews
Does several filters & good selection of editing options. found in 38 reviews
it's now my immediate go- to app for photos. found in 11 reviews
One of the best camera apps available for Android :D. found in 70 reviews
Just want to add text and not just clip art. found in 7 reviews
it is the best cam app for capturing selfies. found in 73 reviews
It has the cutest stickers and I love the real time filters. found in 6 reviews
Really a Cool Camera for photoshot. found in 23 reviews
I guess this is the best app for taking selfies and Instagram. found in 33 reviews
best photo filters /light effects I've ever used on any app. found in 11 reviews
Best photo edit app I've ever used. found in 15 reviews
This is the best camera filter /camera app I've ever used. found in 18 reviews
but omce I take a picture it force quits itself. found in 3 reviews
Soo good app but it does not save photos. found in 22 reviews
The stickers taking much time to load /view in each tab. found in 34 reviews
kindly fix it as soon as possible. found in 7 reviews
plzz fix these problem. found in 8 reviews
It tends to lag a lot and my pictures don't get saved. found in 4 reviews
I'll give 5 stars if you fix this xoxo. found in 5 reviews
Only portrait mode is available even if auto rotate is enabled. found in 26 reviews
But too bad I cant save the photos. found in 21 reviews
How do I go to settings so the photos don't save automatically. found in 5 reviews
Please solve s duos crash when I click a picture. found in 7 reviews
Everytime I take a picture using this app it shuts down and opens again. found in 41 reviews
Hope you can fix it btw this app it's fun to use. found in 7 reviews
Nice app but needs little bit improvements. found in 3 reviews
but make it stop closing and I'll rate 5 stars. found in 4 reviews
it freezes sometimes and does not save the pic. found in 22 reviews
I love your app but there are something missing. found in 4 reviews
it says 'oops candy camera has stopped working' please fix. found in 10 reviews
Resolution could be better needs an UNDO BUTTON a. found in 13 reviews
Waste of time photo quality is vary poor like 100kb. found in 20 reviews
The front camera doesn't work at all for me. found in 122 reviews
after clicking your pic it doesn't get saved in SD card. found in 25 reviews
Every time I take a pic it closes out and doesn't save. found in 21 reviews
But it's horribble for my Galaxy Ace 3. found in 17 reviews
Everytime I take a photo it closes and the photo is not saved. found in 41 reviews
Plss fix more i cant save photo to my galerry. found in 21 reviews
Everytime i take a picture it exits out the app please fix. found in 41 reviews
its cool just cant take any pictures so whats the point. found in 37 reviews
Whenever I take pictures it force closes and the pictures doesn't save. found in 40 reviews
This App sucks it won't let you do what you what. found in 12 reviews
My home screen also appears whenever I open the app. found in 36 reviews
Needs internet connection. found in 13 reviews
it said I needed to invite my friends. found in 26 reviews
The app works fine up until you try to take a picture. found in 44 reviews
it becoming slow and i can't save the picture. found in 22 reviews
Its almost good until you try to save photos pls. found in 22 reviews
And take years to load stickers and pictures. found in 34 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Candy Camera for PhotoShop for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Candy Camera for PhotoShop app version 1.19 has been updated on 2014-02-13. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.3.3 and up
More Info: Find more info about Candy Camera for PhotoShop in JP Brothers, Inc.`s Official Website :

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1 When I bring up the navigation bar to enter the photo page hide the navigation bar then the bottom button of the interface is blocked 2 When I record a video time jumps such as jumping from 1 to 3 3 I find when I took a photo if I clicked on the Share pop up Messenger option it was not complete Please repair it as soon as possible         Wang Liping
I wanted to like this app cool features and filters I m upset at myself for deleting one of my favorite pictures of my daughter I thought this app was like others while you deleted in the app it won t erase from your Gallery well it did read carefully and make sure you back them up won t be using this app anymore     alicheli domingz
The picture quality has deteriorated I am using one plus 6 It was better earlier I can show you two pictures recent click with candy camera and old one Old one is much better         Sahil
pretty good app for the most part the only negatives are trying to get out of the editor when finished and also as far as saving the photo there s no button no option it just suddenly pops up And the features for editing I give a 2 sorry             CW S
Your updates may enhance certain features but at the expense of others Alacasia filter is gone Periwinkle is gone why They were the best filters to capture a greenscreen making keying a lot easier Also your 2 1 ratio disappeared in the middle of a project That really sucks Can you please fix this         M Fleshman
All is good in previous version means that i am fully satisfy with previous version you can say that about previous version i give 5 stars but now in this new version the problem that can i face that is when i open the candy camera app then after just 3 or 4 second the app is automatically closed means that a dialoge box is shown and in the dialoge box i see this statment the candy camera keeps stoping and then app is closed soo plzz solve my problem     Haji Umar
old version was much better there were many features to edit give HD look to your pics etc and was very easy to use new version completely suckss you click and it flips automatically and then gets saved to your gallery I didn t like new update     Zaid Malik
Very nice and effective app but i am going to give it 4 stars rather than 5 because this app has 95 photo filters which are nothing more than waste any how only few photo filters are liable to be used thank you                 zahid hameed khan niazi
App keeps crashing Please have a look and fix that asap Loved it s features but the recent builds are quite a pain Crashes filters issue Hoping for the early fixation             Mahalakshmi Purushotham
Colour of photo changes if i take a pic the colour of my clothes will actually be blue but the pic will change the colour to yellow i dont wat is the problem can u please resolve it     Shakeer Ot
Absolutely love this app great filters and great fun stickers I ve been using this app since I was 14 I m 19 now and I have this on every device                     Amira A
this app usedto be GREAT Now it the keeps closing u0026 the blemish feature is off point thought it was my fone at 1st but my friends are having the same problem Original version was great     D!CKESCOBAR1
Love this app But it seems the quality has changed Resolutions low when saved             Malia Lei C
great app i love it but the latesy update has made it keep crashing cant even use it crashes as soon as i open it please fix it asap             Tayla Renee Justice
The best ever camera selfie I used I can use default filter or edit by myself but the video record quality is not good enough                     asep mtr
Bad experience this version is not at all good before I was really loving it now totally it s very bad requesting you guys to change this all settings make it like first     Habeeba Harmain
Was awesome to use and i ve been using it for years Now it wont open I restarted my phone made sure all permissions are on Still nothing         Ocean Vibes
I have been using this app for YEARS and you just took off almost all of my favourite filters Incredibly dissapointed Bye         ELRIC ASH
unable to use full screen resolution on front camera and quality of back camera images are blurry low on focus and poor quality HELP         Abhishek Anand
I m 100000 satisfied old version but this new version is not good In video mode full screen is not working         Shoaib Sajjad
3 star just because new version does not allow to make video in 16 9 ratio other than that app is brilliant             I am Fawad
it takes very long to take the picture and during that time if you move your hand the picture comes out blurry         Sandisha Bijaylall
the app is crashing after the recent update please look into that never had such problem with candycam before         Pradyumna Sourya
The app is crashing not starting from yesterday Resolve this issue                     mehran khan
it is a good app but now fix it s issue i can t opn ths always shows open app again it is not workng                 Nayab Abid
can you please stop changing interface and filters you got rid of filters i really liked uninstalling     Eyes of Fire
Its good camera i love it but under eyes show black circels please fix it                     Lali Tha
Why doesn t the app even open after newest update It just immediately crashes             A Google user
The camera is good but it moves very slowly and also does video recording very slowly         Karampal Yadav
Old Version was soo good New Version don t have awesome filters     Shahmeer Khan
excellent camera but zooming isn t available I think should be                 Muqadder Khan
Unable to use after the new update on my OP 7 PRO it s crashing again n again     Abdullah Shaikh
Facing exposure problem in my new redmi note 7 pro phone Please optimize it if you can thanks in advance if you do it for me                     A Google user
since your update the other day it crashes when I open it I really love this app please fix it     kara kittilson
New version is worst Bad filters Photo looks pale The older version was much better         shweta chauhan
it was great until they update it and now it is just keep stopping and don t working at all     Osama Fun Club
this version is too worst i hate but previous version is too good i love old version please bring back old version     Sayanth P
It always keeps stopping old version was very good             spoorthi bhandare
takes long time to save the image preview is different from the final version and the final is blurry         YEON MI
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