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Lenovo e2e , the publisher behind many Android apps (SHAREit ,SECUREit), brings SHAREit with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. SHAREit apps has been update to version 2.4.34 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Best app for transferring large size files..
  • Very speed the app fast and move files..
  • User friendly interface makes it more usefull and interactive..
  • Superb we can share pic music videos even apps..
  • A fast way to transfer files without having to use bluetooth..

Overall Satisfactionc93
The bestest file transfer app in the Google play.
Why does a simple media transfer app need so many permissions.
The share it was more easy more better than Bluetooth share.
Nice app for Android and iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone.
I just use share it for amazing speed.
Gud apk way much better than flash transfer.
No fast and better than flash data cable etc.
really this is a best software for sharing any file.
Simple to use and amazingly fast in terms of transfer rate.
I like it best in the world.
Fun & Engagingc91
Best app for sharing among other device with awesome speed.
Awesome app for sharing apps and videos in a fraction of a second.
Great Free Application To Share Everything Between IOS and Android.
Its very useful and fast u can rely on it easily.
Great way to transfer everything between phones such as when upgrading.
Its very much helpful than any other wifi sharing app.
Very helpfull app.
Great apps very useful thanks.
It's a very very essential app for android phone.
Ease of Usec86
Easy to transfer files to android and also to the computer.
Great app so simple fast & awesome.
So easy to move my phone apps to my Ultra book.
Fun nd easy to use nd fast transferer.
It make easy to transfer data from one phone to other.
Reliable easy & faster to transfer any kind of file.
A useful app with a easy user interface.
File transfer is never been so easy and so fast.
Updates & Supportc46

Really transfer files between devices very fastly. found in 9 reviews
The bestest file transfer app in the Google play. found in 191 reviews
Really it good to use and time saver. found in 15 reviews
Its too good for transfering files and faster then any app. found in 57 reviews
very fast and reliable way of sharing files. found in 5 reviews
Good aap for sharing any file within a sec. found in 7 reviews
It's really fast nd conects quickly. found in 4 reviews
Wowww super app mind blowing app. found in 14 reviews
Working awesome 1 gb file send in few minutes. found in 15 reviews
Its really mind blowing and very useful. found in 29 reviews
Its an osm app I have ever seen to transfer app. found in 6 reviews
Verygood apps very fast transfer file apps game. found in 69 reviews
5 stars for a new version. found in 2 reviews
makes file sharing between any devices simple n blazing fast. found in 7 reviews
Good for sharing content and it is fast and reliable. found in 4 reviews
I like it best in the world. found in 4 reviews
Faster than bluetooth n any other file sharing applications. found in 67 reviews
Mast app loved it. found in 7 reviews
Great aap for easy n fast sharing of music. found in 9 reviews
Nice & very fast for shareing any thing. found in 7 reviews
I cannot select sd card option as storage location for received files. found in 3 reviews
Can't receive any file in my android 2. found in 62 reviews
Unable to choose external SD card while receiving. found in 19 reviews
Location cannot chnge from sd card to phone memory. found in 137 reviews
This is not able to send files to windows phone. found in 8 reviews
Also needs the ability to change the destination folder. found in 33 reviews
Just You Guys Need to Fix SD card Storage issue. found in 9 reviews
Speed is awesome but connection problem. found in 3 reviews
Cant send or receive any file on my android. found in 9 reviews
It's good but team should fixed storage issue on android 4. found in 5 reviews
That's far better in concerned for connect to pc. found in 46 reviews
I was unable to send or recieve some applications like evernote. found in 10 reviews
my phone cant receive a file. found in 4 reviews
Cannot change the storage location to sd card in my grand 2. found in 52 reviews
I dont have the option that save to memory card. found in 14 reviews
when I share anything it doesn't store in external storage. found in 10 reviews
Option to change storage location is miSsing in the new version. found in 70 reviews
Storage location option is missing in settings menu. found in 7 reviews
Phone restarts every time after the app is used and closed. found in 5 reviews
For nexus 7 2012 it's not working. found in 14 reviews
Cant receive with external memory. found in 11 reviews
It doesn't allow external storage. found in 10 reviews
When I tried to open it is opening user agreement. found in 11 reviews
I can't send or receive files when there is no wifi. found in 25 reviews
Unable to receive any file if storage location is changed to sdcard. found in 49 reviews
External sd card not supported. found in 19 reviews
Don't store in external sd card. found in 19 reviews
Unable to send files on iphone5s. found in 10 reviews
Its storage location doesn't changes to SD card. found in 137 reviews
Cannot receive files if default storage is sd card. found in 12 reviews
I can't receive anything on my Nexus 7. found in 14 reviews
unable to save to memory card on android 4. found in 14 reviews

The SHAREit is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new SHAREit app version 2.4.34 has been updated on 2014-01-13. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about SHAREit check developer Lenovo e2e`s website :

An inter-phone transmission tool that has zero network traffic; Works even without internet connection and 60x faster than Bluetooth;Supports all file formats.

This app used to be the most user friendly file sharing mobile app NOT ANYMORE It offered many ways to pair but to no avail Must say I can follow instructions pretty well and this app really made me feel super dumb Also ads and pop ups were annoying Listen I d install ShareIt to do but one thing share files wirelessly Added features were unnecessary They make the app a lot more complicated and confusing It s so inconvenient     Mat Harper
Used to be great But now its just a bunch of irrelevant stuff that have nothing to do with file transfer Had to uninstall because shareit more or less became a social media app with annoying notifications rather than what it was meant to be Would be great if you brought back the simpler version or maybe create a lit version of the app tha has the file transfer part only         Adithya Raman
I actually like it but somehow after I updated it the app goes haywayer I can t connect with other of my friends and it heats up my phone and crashes suddenly and I have a lot of space in my memory card and in my phone and sometimes the videos recommended in it are a bit disturbing I hope that this app could turn out better soon         killing_ nightmare87
Shareit used to be easy and simple I open the app the options to share or recieve would pop up and the process would be fast and easy flowing But now when I open the application I first see an ad And then I am presented with a variety of games that I am not interested in I just want to share and receive man please bring back the simple access I cannot find the option to share nor recieve anymore It is as if shareit has gotten to consumed in this new idea that they lost their originality     Jared-daniel Josephs
This app started as the easy way to share files and then get updated over time But instead of getting better it get worst There are features that is unneeded unnecessary and useless I get it that they made it as all you need app but please do realise that people download it to share receive file not to watch videos or browse social media If they want to continue with this then I suggest they make a shareit lite version where in the purpose will be to simply share and has cleaner ui         Emerson Cabiao
They introduced soo many ads just to earn money Thanks for your respose i increased one star rating for your response I used this app earlier also 2 years back and that time this was the best app that not only transfers your file but also gives satisfaction to your soal as it was easy to use and speed is high but nowadays ads are so annoying and too much i will send you detailed screenshots Thanks for your response again         Ultimate Prashant
It got worst than ever It makes you updae everytime even though you might not be able too Makes you turn on everything on your phone like location bluetooth There is another problem and thats the connect to pc botton which it does not exist I ve looke the hole app its not there and when you hit it on the recieve page it says go hit it on the menu bar             ali moghaddam
This is taking to much connection for transferring files Also not track on another device on which files to e transfer Bluetooth WiFi GPS evenafter also QR code but no any transfer of file Regardless zapya and other apps are still good than this one Previous version is better than this one     A Google user
What the hell happened to this app I really don t want to be giving 1 star I really don t But now I can t even see the send and receive options without an active internet connection Why is that It wasn t like this before Edit the developer responded and said they were gonna fix it They fixed it 5 stars                     Pouya
The ugly interface trying to be like social media was tolerable But I lost it when it failed to perform its main purpose of transferring I don t know if it will improve but I hope it freaking will This is getting worse every update Freaking hell this app used to be so good     Halesia 24
I really enjoy using this app only one thing is bothering me Please STOP these update news i mean every time there is update we have to download it and until you don t you can t use the shareit I mean if there is no net for that time you can t use shareit Please give us the choice to download the ver or not Thanx                     n.s.s.s sa
Please do it like it was best before now but by updating it has been waste of space nobody like it It was superb before 3 year ago But now we are disagree by this It has been internet connection and browsing app rather it must be only File transfer world no 1 But it seems as if it s owner want to Lost it coz it has been a damage waste of time space                     Harish Kursiwaal
The app is good but it s spamming my mobile with notification though they have been turned off in a language that I can t even understand Funny thing is the language preference has been set to English I feel like uninstalling it due to continuous spamming                 Durlabh Soni
This used to be useful but the recent updates make the app worthless The devs put TOO MUCH ADS on the app making it more annoying to users We only want to do one thing To easily share files and apps to others But it seems you have to be annoyed by TOO MUCH ADS ads in order to do that     Catie Rey
Suddenly can t transfer files after updating my phone to Android 10 Other apps like Xender does not have this issue Also this app has so many unnecessary features People just want to send and receive files fast That s it No other features needed     Aivan Sison
The app was good in sharing files application and others the problem i just noticed it drain your battery life even i didnt even using this app Normally my 100 phone can stay up to 8 9 hours without using my phone But after i installed it my phone can only stay from 4 5 hours Can someone fix this         Tj Acanto
The new shateit is not working anymore As It used to from aug 2019 on I cant make it work despite really trying Impossible to upload pics to my PC It seems more interested in displaying adds all over the place I can t connect it anymore to the PC but many bothersome adds pop up     Pier
What i really hate was is it must to turn on bluetooth and wlan then only give Fasster plus after had to do so then only i could proceed to send item coz i remember b4 update app it was more faster the only thing to setup or require is to confirm the id name receiver and all done             Thy Rill
Been using this app for a long time But this auto passwords with hotspot creation is a problem and it no longer wants to create hotspot in pc mode And if it does my pc cant discover it Works fine with older model phones for example mobicel 4u with android 6 Please try to fix this     quinton van der merwe
after many confusing updates I used to hate this app recently why would i turn on wifi data location bluetooth and many other things for sending only 1 application many ads and omg it s getting worse     Shoukoufe pm
When I open the app without data connection I cannot find the buttons send and receive If I can t send or receive anything then what s the need in this app Do I have to switch my network on if I wanna exchange something via Share it And also is there any way to stop those annoying videos     Sardorbek Tojiddinov
Absolutely got lost in huge amount in advertisement Cannot easily find received pictures surrounded by ads on every corner So many clicks and concentration to bypass ads Are these ads necessary As far as I can use other methods wifi direct I will not touch shareit         Jozko Borza
Previously this app is very much useful for file sharing But now a days it was the worst not pairing after few tries it will pair but useless no data will share One more thing we are getting iritating with the ads which are showing vulger videos     Dinesh Reddy
Wish the developers would leave the interface alone Before recent update was much easier to select from any album through the Gallery If image is not in your Camera Album it is an arduous task to wade through minuscule size thumbnails This brings the stars down         Michael Smith
Unable to send or receive app after the latest update Real me 2pro phone Not sure whether it was working before update as had used it earlier and was working fine but today it is crashing after clicking on send or receive Did uninstall and install again same issue Please help in resolving         Chintan Doshi
After the recent update phone is not connecting to PC What rubbish Spoiled a perfectly working app Tried with Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S6 Both phones not able to connect to PC uninstalled and reinstalled app on both phones and on PC still no use Phone discovers when searching for PC but doesn t connect     Bhanu Prakash
Online system is very bad Video notifications are very annoying ShareIt should be a data transfer application It shouldn t contain games videos or any other thing Adds of games and videos notifications are very annoying Try to improve it     Zeeshan Ahmad
Many bugs appear after every update The old verion is very good but now this version is very distributing and disappointing We have to allow many things either if we send or receive There is a issue of On Off hotspot and bluetooth If u want me to give u 5 stars Then fix it     Gurmanjot Singh
It has a lot of unwanted advertisements that are not appropriate to anyone The app forces you to subscribe to things you dont need or want Very poor application Worse most of them are Chinese I recommend anyone to look for an alternative before downloading this Doesn t deserve a star     Bakari Nzaka
Please reduce the adds and remove the extra useless fetures we don t want them The features are making the app slow and avoid it from doing what it is supposed to do that is sharing files If you guys are adding extra features then add an option so that the people who doesn t need them can opt out from those features     satyam jha
From Good to BAD too many ads random videos and files it became a social Platform instead of being a transfering app too bad many people use this app because it is the only why to transfer files that are commonly used by many         TheKingofDuelist Yugi
The previous versions of this app was good But after some upgrades this app has become one of the worst app The sending speed is too much slow it takes too much time to send even just 7 mb For this I would no longer use this apk     Entertainment Menia
My earlier review is 5 star for this app but now im giving 1 star The reason is just because of stupid adds and their stupid titles My most of friends are already un installed this app and they are switched to google files and mi drops because of these irritating adds All These adds contains some irritaing video with no cantent All are disturbing from these video adds Plz remove this kind of adds     Suvi Suvin
Why isn t there an option to pay for disabling ads like any other app in the known universe I just want to use the app for its intended purpose sharing files I don t need a display full of ads and articles and pop ups Really disappointing     Ahmed Khalil
Over the years it has gotten so spamming that it irritates the hell out of me Don t download this Try send anywhere It s just so much better and most importantly it doesn t annoy you with god awful notifications     Nipun Bhalla
Shareit now a days is irritating with unwanted video suggestions I had installed it for file sharing but more than sharing files app is giving more strss on unwanted things like video recommendations social media and ads etc I am uninstalling the app     Viru Naik
File transfers has become a hassle So many options to pass on wlan on gps on etc etc Doesnt make any sense Why complicate something so simple Not at all happy that s y 2 stars Ease down the file transfer         Prima DSouza
Does not work well on xiaomi mi mi a2 lite devices When transfering a file it usually stops immediately and asks to be repeated please fix it Really need this app to transfer or back up the data     Masyhud Zainuddin
Latest updates is irritating and sucks Too many ad content u0026 inappropriate videos Kindly revoke news feeds advertisements and videos Pls provide older version on Play Store I have alredy uninstalled Share It Waiting for the older version     Nishanth Kumarg
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