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AVAST Software , the publisher behind many Android apps (avast! Mobile Security ,Anti-Theft (rooted) ,Avast Passwords ,Avast Family Space Companion ,Avast Family Shield - parental control ,Avast Secure Browser: Fast VPN + Ad Block), brings avast! SecureLine VPN with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. avast! SecureLine VPN apps has been update to version 1.0.6995 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
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Overall Satisfactionc60
Thanks avast :-.
I love all things avast.
Thanks to developers.
Best equipment about.
Fun & Engagingc61
awesome plz make it free.
Use the pc version every day.
Security & Privacyc51
What more could u ask for in mobile security.
A Really Great Security App.
content sensitive passwords.
Updates & Supportc17
7 day trial version.

Great for travelling. found in 1 reviews
Very nice software. found in 2 reviews
Works super fast compared to hotspot shield or psiphon. found in 6 reviews
Different location not working. found in 1 reviews
Bad boy and girl stoper. found in 1 reviews
The app gets hung up trying to connect to a server. found in 4 reviews
but there is a second connection that it is still trying to connect. found in 2 reviews
Can't get new version installed. found in 1 reviews
Great Idea But Need Work. found in 1 reviews
now I only receive error message for "configuration download failure ". found in 14 reviews
but now it fails to connect. found in 4 reviews
This app is relatively cheap for an annual subscription. found in 3 reviews
The speed problem may be caused by an increase in users. found in 2 reviews
but disconnects constantly. found in 1 reviews
It isn't bad but cud be improved. found in 1 reviews
The application is always trying to connect and never actually protect. found in 2 reviews
which causes app crashes and renders mobile data connection impossible. found in 4 reviews
Seems to works but annoying. found in 1 reviews
Not sure why but it takes forever to connect. found in 8 reviews
but Droid app needs work. found in 1 reviews
due to errors when using train wifi connections. found in 6 reviews
Can't use gift card to pay. found in 1 reviews
I don't want it on the mobile network. found in 6 reviews
Requires Google Play Services to run. found in 6 reviews
It says there's a configuration download failure. found in 14 reviews
please try again in a few minutes. found in 7 reviews
While driving across San Francisco with numerous open wi -fi connections. found in 5 reviews
Your pop up advertising when connecting to wifi is highly infuriating. found in 5 reviews
but this app took forever to connect every time I used it. found in 8 reviews
Always takes forever to connect to servers. found in 8 reviews
force close try to connect to the open Wi-Fi. found in 7 reviews
No contact from customer service for 2 months. found in 7 reviews
The application fails to initialize almost 100 percent of the time. found in 5 reviews
Using Samsung Galaxy S4 with Avast anti virus installed. found in 11 reviews
it is constanly dropping the connection and having to re -connect. found in 6 reviews
While driving across San Francisco with numerous open wi- fi connections. found in 6 reviews
always error occurs when i try to install it on my phone. found in 7 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download avast! SecureLine VPN for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new avast! SecureLine VPN app version 1.0.6995 has been updated on 2014-01-15. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 4.0 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about avast! SecureLine VPN check developer AVAST Software`s website : http://www.avast.com/

Secure your mobile communications on public/open WiFi. Virtual Private Network (VPN) by the makers of the world s most-trusted antivirus. Protect your privacy online from targeted hacks and general data theftFEATURES Encrypt your connection ...

works fine for me edit still works a glitch or so later I still like the service As if security is possible I find it to be a habit of hopping around places for kicks n giggles Not over twice daily Best Wishes                     Decoy 263
I have taken Avast Ultimate Multi through which I got VPN activated But when I am using VPN I am not able to browse even Google search And If I stop it then my Internet is working fine I need refund of my amount     Mahidhar Guggilam
So far so good I feel like this security package is on the money litterally In this day u0026 age you just can never tell AAA                     Tom Klim
Good but not great speeds are pretty slow pretty unacceptable actually Not sure why they re so inconsistent Simple to use at least Just wish it had better speeds             Sergey
I was charged for 1 year subscription without informing me first 2300 php is not even fair price for this kind of app You guys overpriced it You forced subscribed the user for 1 YEAR after 7 days of free trial Subscription must be done monthly not yearly you idiots and crocodiles I demand for a 100 percent refund I never enjoyed using this app even in trial period I only used it for 30 mins then un In stalled it after I found out that its just a another useless app     Ako SiAko
technical support doesnt reply to resolve issues I need to connect my VPN now that i stay in DOHA QATAR After I went to china 3 weeks ago I wasnt able to connect my VPN Tried to clear my cache install and uninstall the app for several time but still doesnt work I connected my 2 phones and 1 laptop But the only thing that is working is my laptop since i did not bring it to china I need to contact any of your technical support team     spotlife by Diane
Have been using this for several years Always dependable and easy to use on all my devices                     Gene Crawford
Avast is simple easy to use Proactive security on all my devices Good value for money                     Rina Pelotin
Excellent app have used it all over the world and have had no tech problems so far                     Russ
I m sorry to give such a low score on an avast product as I ve never had any issues and been a paying customer for years The VPN won t connect successfully to any public WiFi which is the main reason I installed it on my phone Notification on top says We re doing our best to protect you and the app constantly tries to connect without ever doing so or failing with an error Same results on Optimal location as well as any manually chosen server App and OS on their latest available version             Fotis Manos
I am a fan of Avast products normally However I started a 7 day free trial for VPN service and it charged my card instantly 77 It even states 7 day free trial on the cancel subscription I have contacted Avast support and still no response I will update this review depending on how this is dealt with Needless to say it instantly made me not want the product even if it meets my expectations         John Godda
How comes a purchased vpn can t work on anything It goes off any time and never recovers back What is wrong And no response from you guys is thing a fake Google work on this     Ssenkasi Charles
Using data speed gets cut in half using VPN And its using optimal location             Hey
Really like this vpn on desktop and my iPad but 9 times out of 10 it refuses to connect on my Android phone         Monica Meredith
Yet again Avast is doing a great job with protecting my privacy As a heavy internet user will highly recommend to friends and family It s been many years now since Avast started playing major role protecting my devices Keep up the great job and thank you                     Kamil Bazela
Incredibly slow bandwidth while using the app My speed goes from 50 Mbits S down and 8 5 Mbits S up to 2 Kbits S down max with as low as 8 Kbit s and about 1 Kbit s up No internet pages or apps that need an internet connection will work because the bandwidth is so slow and the requests time out Changing to the Gotham City or the other streaming optimized servers don t change the results either     Jediman45
Pretty good VPN Been using it for a while and have had no major issues While the price is a bit one the steep side it comes packaged if you bought the PC version so you don t have to pay twice                 Inkswitch
Excellent application works just fine on my Pixel 2 XL as well as my old Samsung Note 4 Documentation and product support are sub par however This VPN SecureLine app is better than the Avast Mobile Security app Avast could significantly improve their offerings by publishing user documentation most lacking is a Mobile Security User Manual IMO                     Dennis Jefferson
Internet speed on Wifi goes as low as 0 6 kbit sec Won t let me do any downloads of anything Browsing speed and ability to use any of my apps is pretty much impossible Wish i researched more before spending 80 on this for multi devices     Dan Robinson
Works very well but would like an option to cast while using VPN Does Avast offer that option                     Skylark falling
Pay for subscription and you would think it would auto connect to a verified network that I put for my iPad but I m sick to death of having to reconnect it all the time Seriously thinking of cancelling and going else where Please get this glitch fixed asap Avast         Mark Pearson
Will no longer connect regardless of the location the VPN is trying to route through Will not connect on WiFi nor on mobile data Waste of money and a borderline scam Refund if you still can Avast fix this or pull your app from the store 0 5 does not work     Shelby Judd
Works great Only glitch is when you try and disconnect from the pull down menu of running apps and it will disconnect for a couple seconds then reconnect You have to open the VPN app and then disconnect from there for it to stay closed                     Trent
I have two issues in that the auto connect feature is supposed to disengage for private trusted Networks there is no prompt where someone could enter the name of a private Network for the auto connect feature to whitelist Also it consumes a large ammount of battery             Lawrence Cottone
having the same problem that everyone else is and from what I ve read if you try the free trial it will automatically deduct the way inflated price of 77 from your account and tech support forget it Don t download this     Lindsey Hughes
Once you go to open the app it wants you to buy another app and will not let you open the app Apparently the tecs don t know anything about this since I spent 20 minutes on the phone with no success Very disappointed     Douglas Meyer
With Avast you can never tell the actual price nor what you are trying to buy There are always add ons at checkout Deceptive by design     Judy Rash
Very good It will be better if I could use it in Netflix and Crunchyroll                     Juan C Melgarejo Castro
Disgraceful VPN is not constant I have to enter my activation code before I get connected constantly during the day 2 emails sent to Avast about the problem with no reply This app is not worth the bother     Richard Allan James
It s fabulous Keeping me safe online UI is well designed and it s fast But only one feature is missing i e exclude app from VPN There need to be a feature to exclude app from the VPN network Hope to see this feature in future updates                     Ritesh Yadav
The app works great but keep getting bothered with a pop up every time I open the app to leave a review             Lauren Kelly
Avast is the best antivirus I have ever used Its the only one I trust I have been using it for 17 years and I love it                     A Google user
average VPN need more polishing it get stuck some times on mobile data and you have to connect wifi to resolve it and not to mention it doesn t have killswitch no protocol options slow uploaded speed             Study Tab
Can t auto connect unless Location is turned on     Tim
Excellent app that works across multiple devices Bought it once and it works on all my personal devices just great Two personal PCs u0026 mobile                     Paul Pelkey
Good VPN Ive used a few vpns over the years and i rate this as one of the best Hardly any impact on performance or system stability either for phone or PC 100 Recommended                     darren cafferty
VPN never works on mobile connection I ve tried to go into settings to activate always on VPN but it fails to work     Anthony Rivera
I wanted take advantage of the free trial VPN rather than take a years subscription to find out it doesn t work Thank you     Rose
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