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HUMAX Co., Ltd. , the publisher behind many Android apps (HUMAX Media Player for Phone ,HUMAX Skylight ,Humax Art Wall ,HUMAX Remote for Phone ,HUMAX Wi-Fi ,HUMAX Live TV for Phone), brings HUMAX Live TV for Phone with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. HUMAX Live TV for Phone apps has been update to version HMALGP-1.0.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.


The HUMAX Live TV for Phone is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android owners. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new HUMAX Live TV for Phone app version HMALGP-1.0.3 has been updated on 2014-01-9. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 4.0 and up
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HUMAX Live TV lets you watch live TV on your smartphone or tablet just as you would as if you were watching TV at home (up to 2 devices simultaneously).When you have to go out ...

I ve downloaded the app on the Samsung Galaxy S9 it say the app has been build for older android Update isn t available I the downloaded to the older Xiaomi S5 where it get installed no problem When I tried to log in the app says connection lost try again After a few rounds on WiFi or phone data no luck Contacting developers on main page did work the email returned wirh error unknown address     George W.
What they don t mention is you can either have the option to watch live tv and your SD recordings at home or the ability to set recordings outside the home You can t do both You can only log in on WIFI it won t recognise your login details if you re on mobile data If you go for the option of setting recordings outside the home choosing HD TV from the drop down list in the TV guide gives a blank list Choose TV and scroll down to the bottom of the list to find the HD channels         A Google user
EPG and remote recording will only work away from home IF the box is not registered for wifi eg settings my profile registered devices must not have anything registered this inconvenience if you wish to watch things at home on your phone Humax have been no help at all in finding this Very disappointing for a product that has been on sale for several years             Philip Johnston
Really disappointing Don t bother As an ex Sky user moving to Freeview I thought this app would provide the ability to record programmes when I m not at home Like I had with Sky But it doesn t link to the Humax recorder at all unless I m in the house with my phone logged into the same WiFi What s the point of that I can t see the point of this app at all and will be uninstalling it Really disappointing I emailed the developers to see if I was using it wrongly but they haven t replied     Alex Lloyd
just downloaded the app and got this message while attempting to run it This app was built for an older version of Android and may not work properly Try checking for updates or contact the developer     Mohammed Taha
Quite hard to connect device took me several attempts to do it The problem I found was the network server was switched to off once I switched it on everything connected on my Samsung tablet                 David Pendleton
the app connects fairly easily and plays live tv but trying to record a programme from the app merely results in the programme appearing in the scheduled list where it remains for days or weeks after the programme has finished without anything being recorded         Mark Barnes
Doesn t stream live TV to phone at all fails TV Guide navigation is terrible only allowed portrait on phone and time slots too narrow so everything is truncated so can t easily see what the slot actually is at a glance also change the day and it begins at current time but won t allow scrolling earlier which is still in the future from real time I feel like this app is a missed opportunity Who s building this for you you need to be more demanding tried the tablet version worse     Alan Ogilvie
Having ditched Freesat which at least had a decent app which COULD program recordings remotely I am disappointed at how poor this is The settings are NOT real settings nothing you can tweak and there is no help at all as far as I can see However the upside is the app is so simple it does not need help just IMPROVEMENT The worst thing is the EPG which for most programmes has between 4 and 10 characters showing then irritating dots obscuring the remainder You keep having to tap click on         Derek Green
It s OK but could be so much better I find it a struggle to find the programs I want to record but having a Search box in the TV guide menu would resolve that It s good that you can view live TV on the app but you can only see the channel names and no programme info so have to know what you want to watch before hand It is a bit glitchy update now the connection to the humax router is to patchy it won t connect despite the box being on and connected to router now rating one star fixed     Matthew Hunter
This is a good concept with for me a serious flaw I cannot view live TV from my FVP 4000T on my mobile It says Connecting but never succeeds I can view SD recordings from it I can see my scheduled recordings and I can see the TV guide Also tapping the Settings Help button always results in the message Unfortunately Live TV has stopped As I can t view live TV on the app and I can t view most of my recordings because they are in HD the app sadly is of little use If all the functionality worked it would be very handy The ability to view HD recordings would be a plus even if only at SD quality         Stuart Simpson
Mixed thoughts This app is good in principle and I had no problem connecting it to my Humax box However as others have mentioned if the box is in standby it will not record anything that is set through the app The whole point of the app for me was to be able to set recordings while away from home but funnily enough my box is in standby as I am not at home The option to power on the box does not work I haven t tried watching anything away from home as yet as I have no need for that             Rochelle Scargill
Can t connect to the humax box and if it does eventually it works for 10sec and its gone again telling me to power on my device Which of course is on Waste of time     Tim Zahn
Just about manages to display the recording schedule No longer manages to display an EPG so can t do anything useful with the app Even when it did manage to display an EPG recordings remotely scheduled rarely succeeded in making it onto the target machine The tablet version was even worse     Nigel Perry
Useless Does not work when outand about only when at home on the home wifi when at home the remote control does a better job     Alan Williams-Key
OK when it works but that s not very often Most of the time it tells you the device is in standby and offers the option to turn the device on but it s greyed out so useless Am returning FVP 5000T because app functionality was the main reason I bought it     Patrick Noble
Baffling and pointless Spectacularly primitive compared to Virgin s Tivo app It obviously works in a different way as the app doesn t even show the TV schedule if the Humax is in standby mode It is impossible to set recordings from the app or to search for programmes     Chris Dellard
tv guide does not fully load up Recording does not give series option Will not play live tv         Kevin Buckley
Does not connect phone to PVR so utterly pointless After another try 4 weeks later and registering online then back to the app it works Limited use as Humax and mobile tablet need to be on the same WiFi Unlike say Virgin which can be accessed anywhere with WiFi e g hotel train etc             A Google user
Thoroughly useless When away from home I cannot view the programme guide cannot turn on the box cannot view recordings and when attempting to check scheduled recordings the app crashes Clearing cache and data doesn t help     Colin Wilkes
Poor It only works on my home network It says you can record remotely via 3G This does not work Come on Humax you can do better I ved emailed developers but no reply after more than a week I ll contact Curry s and see if they can put some pressure on Humax to update the app     Rob Hinson
Waste of space The device and app are linked yet you can t turn the device on while it s in standby dispute it being an option So therefore useless unless you leave it on constantly this app is redundant     Paul Steward
Pointless Only works when you re on the same network as the Humax box so no way of using away from home which is one of the advertised features     A Google user
The app seems to only work with alpha numeric passwords despite the fact that it let s you set a password with symbols and the website let s you login fine with them             Phil C
Can see the guide but when attempting to watch live i get Unknown error every single time Same network phone restarted no joy Shame     Prentice Family Shared Account
It s useful but if I have to leave the app in middle of a recording it doesn t start where I left off and it s difficult to get it back to that point                 Peter Hugill
EPG worked once following recent update but now totally empty again Useless and shame on Humax for being unable to deliver fix this incredibly basic function properly     graeme culloch
It all works but the tv guide is blank shows no programmes The ability to use the phone to set recordings is why i bought the recorder     Phil Daniels
This app never works I have to keep reinstalling the Oct 2017 version to get it to work even then it is intermittent Very disappointed and poor     A Google user
Last version worked Now this version crashes out if checking scheduled items No recordings showing even when multiple items showing on PVR         Keith Williams
Tv guide blank can t schedule recordings remotely Waste of time Sky can do it Why can t Humax     Geoff Allbright
There is no search function its useless I used to have Youview and thought this would be similar     Richard Hewitt-Jones
cant get the TV guide to work at all but can view orwatch live TV and recorded programs would be good if I could record a started program             A Google user
live tv cannot watch live TV unknown error message it used to work                 tony fahey
Can t see tv guide the page is blank Useless     A Google user
Works brilliantly with my Samsung TV Can t ask for more                     Beverley Lazenby
Fails to connect my phone to the PVR at all so is rather pointless duly uninstalled     A Google user
Absolutely useless app tells me my device is in standby mode while I m actually using it     Glenn Hanson
Finally connected only to find the guide was blank     Shaky
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