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Description - Farm Heroes Saga , the publisher behind many Android apps (Papa Pear Saga ,Candy Crush Kakao ,King Challenge ,Pet Rescue Saga ,Candy Crush Saga ,Bubble Witch Saga), brings Farm Heroes Saga with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. Farm Heroes Saga apps has been update to version 2.2.3 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • Super fun game to play that tests your skills..
  • Relaxing brain exercise..
  • Could improve on the music and sound effects..
  • Many challenging levels to keep your mind working..
  • YES I've gone back and collected all my little guys..

Overall Satisfactionc83
I love this game it is definitely one of my favorite games.
This was one of my favorite games until the update.
Really wonderful amazing game I so much like it.
Starting to love this game.
Wonderful game to play and be prepared to get addicted.
Lovely game with many levels testing your skills.
I love farm heroes best game ever xxx #cantwaitforfollowupgamw.
I just love dis game itzz awsome playingbwid it lovee itt.
I hate dis game since i upgrade.
Fun & Engagingc90
Puzzle game very addictive love the giggle sounds.
Awesome game enjoy playing and scoring high points.
I enjoy the challenge and have fun playing this game.
Pls fix the bug ASAP so i can continue playing this game.
Farm heroes is a very fun and challenging game.
Super fun game to play that tests your skills.
It's super fun when it works right which unfortunately isn't often.
Better than candy crush Very fun game play it every day.
Loads of fun and entertainment for the whole family.
The graphics are amazing and it is an easy fun little game.
Love this game play everyday love love love it.
This is very great game play everyday.
Play it every day so glad its now available on my phone too.
Better than candy crush Very fun game play it every day.
Family Friendlyc86
Its a far mic and enjoyable game for kids.
This a nice game for kids to me i think.
Loads of fun and entertainment for the whole family.
Amazingly fun game and great for the whole family.
Value for Moneyc57
Cheaper wen Im Not paying with real money.
They can be purchased with real money.
fully fun and functional even without spending a dime.
Money grabber cant complete without spending more than 100 pounds.
Replay Valuec84
Farm heroes is a very fun and challenging game.
I love the new levels that help you win extra boosts.
Mine said it installed update today but no new levels.
I enjoy the challenges and moving to higher levels.
The points do not change on the higher levels.
Great game though its challenging at times.
Fun great brain teaser & time passer.
Hours of entertainment day after day.
Most interesting and fun filled mind boggling game.
Social Aspectsc42
Appreciate being able to create an account not connected to Facebook.
I connected to Facebook and all of my gold bars were gone.
Great game and good to play with friends.
A great game to play with friends &family.;
Unless of course you play with friends.
Production Valuesc87
Could improve on the music and sound effects.
The animation and sound effects are so cute.
Very cute graphics and beautiful levels.
cute graphics and very relaxing music.
Cute animation.
Ease of Usec94
simple fun to be had by all.
challenging & simple fun.
Seems easy at first.
Easy at first.
Just another great game keep them coming thanx the.
Would give more stars but the dam game keeps crashing.
My game keep closing down after last update.
Since last update i cant accept lifes from facebook please fix.
I've never had ANY problems with this game.
Had no problems with this game until today.
Updates & Supportc49
Many more lives on phone version than facebook version.
Play the facebook version as well.

great stress reducer and cropsies are so cute. found in 19 reviews
Farm heroes is a very fun and challenging game. found in 136 reviews
I like playing because it is a stress release. found in 9 reviews
I really enjoy playing this game & find this game very challenging at times. found in 360 reviews
that with the right level of increasing difficulty ultimately keeps me on my toes. found in 8 reviews
But the game is fun and a great time waster. found in 66 reviews
I like playing this because it is very colorful and fun. found in 8 reviews
I love the cute little faces of the fruits and veggies. found in 10 reviews
it the best time killer n entertainment. found in 61 reviews
Really wonderful amazing game I so much like it. found in 69 reviews
I've been hooked on this game for so long. found in 10 reviews
This is so cute nd very interesting game i reallllly luved it. found in 84 reviews
This game is lot's of fun. found in 11 reviews
Its a lot of fun very addicting and a great time passer. found in 33 reviews
This is the best game in the world. found in 10 reviews
What a really enjoyable game with many hours of fun. found in 25 reviews
Great way to pass the time and challenge your ability to apply strategy. found in 315 reviews
Im having a blast playing all the King games. found in 12 reviews
Brilliant very additive on level 555 and keep losing magic beans. found in 17 reviews
Better than candy crush Very fun game play it every day. found in 85 reviews
It will not let me connect to facebook anymore. found in 27 reviews
Suddenly won't connect to facebook through phone 2 days. found in 392 reviews
Okay bout to delete it bc it's not fun anymore. found in 15 reviews
Can't use lives that friends send me very annoying. found in 94 reviews
I have problems with connecting to face book. found in 25 reviews
Closes when I try to send or accept lives on Facebook. found in 97 reviews
but a good way to waste a few hours. found in 27 reviews
I Cant connect to Facebook so my friends think i quit. found in 26 reviews
Was ok but now keeps crashing so cant play. found in 55 reviews
This game crashes a lot on my Samsung Galaxy SIII. found in 28 reviews
great game but lives and road blocks are irritating. found in 132 reviews
Why can't I receive extra lives from friends. found in 79 reviews
Unable to play stops loading please fix problem. found in 24 reviews
Unable to collect free lives in my mailbox. found in 39 reviews
Keeps closing in middle of game please do something. found in 21 reviews
Before Every time I completed a level the game closes. found in 32 reviews
Since the update won't let me connect to fb. found in 100 reviews
Loses one star because there is no way to earn gold bars. found in 148 reviews
Can't ever connect to face book even got a new phone same problem. found in 15 reviews
Everytime I open the game it freezes and then closes. found in 30 reviews
Shuts down in the middle of play doesn't stay connected to Facebook. found in 44 reviews
I would love it if I could get through road blocks. found in 132 reviews
No pay my game gold bars fpr installing and playing. found in 312 reviews
Love the game but I keep getting kicked out to my home screen. found in 46 reviews
can't ask friends for passes to next level. found in 47 reviews
Now it has started kicking you out everytime trying play game. found in 44 reviews
Cant play the game since last 2 updates. found in 55 reviews
after sending them all-the request to send them remains. found in 97 reviews
Would give more stars but the dam game keeps crashing. found in 141 reviews
It doesn't let you use anything your friends send you. found in 94 reviews
Will not connect to FB and is making me start over. found in 100 reviews
I can't get free lives from friends. found in 39 reviews
I can no longer receive Extra Lives from my FB friends. found in 79 reviews
The game closes any time I try to play and takes my lives. found in 42 reviews
This app shuts down and you lose a life each time. found in 59 reviews
Every since the new update game keeps shutting down. found in 141 reviews
after I click play it takes a life and closes the game. found in 53 reviews
Everytime I try to play force close out and take my lives. found in 55 reviews
Uninstalled since last update the game keeps closing please fix this. found in 61 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download Farm Heroes Saga for free from Google Play. The application is supporting English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. The new Farm Heroes Saga app version 2.2.3 has been updated on 2014-02-20. The Apple Store includes a very useful feature that will check if your device and iOS version are both compatible with the app. Most iPhone and iPad are compatible. Here is the app`s compatibility information: 2.2 and up
More Info: Find more info about Farm Heroes Saga in`s Official Website :

From the makers of the hit game Candy Crush Saga, comes Farm Heroes Saga Switch and match the collectable cropsies in this fantastic adventure. Join forces with the Farm Heroes to stop Rancid the Raccoon ...

I love this game but when the special offers screen appears the touchscreen of my phone doesn t respond anymore to anything and I have to force restart the game to play the next level Every time I didn t have this problems up until today so I guess it is just a bug but sooo annoying Please fix Thanks                 Iulia Duca
Fun easy and challenging Love the funny graphics how they stick their tongues out lol just wish some levels wouldn t be so hard to pass have more moves or some things wouldn t be a money racket Other than that great game recommended I really like a lot of Kings games                 Dee Foose
Why does it say the island rush event is on but the game says coming soon I would like to actually be able to play the event before it ends Also how many times do i have to say i don t want the app to have access to my Facebook friends list before it stops asking     that's me
Love this game but it drives me mad that it freezes and I can t play for days There is currently a pop up blocking my screen and I can t get rid of it I like the bonus games as it gives you that little extra to play             Kelly Arnold
It s a fun game but the in game popups are ridiculous I counted 8 before I could even select a level Makes it almost unplayable Please ease up on all the side quests and impossible competitions             Laura Hayes
This game is really cute I love the cropsies u0026 the tractor bonus If only the profile image could be changed more easily other than that it s a great game                 Tricia McVey
This game has been one of the best until the last update When you hit the back button to leave a game and start over it doesn t work anymore You have to hit the settings bar and start over Dont like it             Toni Kramer
Although a nice game for the first several levels then they start hitting you up for money absolutely ridiculous unless you pay to play over and over no progress I just tested my theories and I am sure of it         Jude Bierau
I so love this game Its fun exciting challenging and educational But I really do think it needs to be worked on Why should I have to spend money to access some things on it Plus when I played it to a particular level it just stopped working I tried everything possible to no avoid I had to uninstall and download it again That s not impressive             Oluwabusayomi ODUKOYA
Good game one has to be a very tough nut with lesser moves at some levels Enjoyed the gaming levels and the boosters as well                 Rajesh Lalwani
Been playing awhile I m at level 2471 and I keep getting unlock new companions options which is a waste since I have no more to unlock It s a shame since I could use more rewards At this level you either pay for extras or you re doomed How am I supposed to get more to keep going when they seem to have played further than they planned I like the game but tend to play more when there are promotions going If not it s just too frustrating             Heather u0026 Scott Barkell
Really fun game Kills a lot of time with over 2000 levels From time to time you ll run into a level that seems impossible but with help from the bonuses and patience bonus packs are available for 2 3 dollars victory is possible I m about to reach level 1000 and haven t spent a dime My favorite game                     Benjamin Lester
My favourite King game but episodes take too long to be added Need more levels of this and not another Candy Crush Also I miss Treasure Mill mini game                     Sonya-Gaye Johns
I used to enjoy this a lot more before they started putting tons of their own pop ups for mini games and rewards working the game Sometimes I have to close 6 7 game pop ups before I can tap to play the next level It s far more than the ads you have to close I mean ads I get but GOLLY stop with your own pop ups already I m about ready to uninstall this because of it It s absolutely maddening         Rebecca Block
Highly addicting Love it Flash forward to the latest August 2019 update Had to change my 5 star review down to a 1 It d be a 0 if I could The latest update has made it impossible to pass current level 1502 After changing the grass to brown using the hayseed it chages right back to grass This makes it impossible to collect the white sheep PLEASE FIX THIS GLITCH Update 9 23 Exact same grass hay problem level 1531 Not fun anymore     Harmonee Dreams
There have to have been some serious improvements since the last time that I installed Not only does the game actually RUN for me now but the gameplay has me hooked I remember disliking the game last time that I installed Can definitely say that is NOT the case now Good game Maybe a little more gold worked into the winnings would be cool Instead of having to actually pay if you re a good enough player than it comes as an incentive to keep going                     Kirsten King
This app is very entertaining and challenging I have been playing at least 4 years and it has kept my attention                     Essie McNeill
It s sometimes fun and the graphics are wonderful however I ve never played a game where on so many levels it s always no possible moves It is very frustrating when playing a game that is supposed to be fun I just go off to another game When you get down to 2 lives left you may as well do something else because the game works that unless you don t pay you can t win The side games for free hour s of lives are a complete money pit You have to pay to get there Nothing s free here             Debbie Mountain
From 5 stars to 2 stars This game was so awesome and I actually spent money playing it but awesome with out spending money also NOW excessive aggressive advertising NON STOP I now play 80 less what a shame they got money greedy if you want the real reviews not the fake company paid for reviews sort to critical reviews You will see the actual problems from real players         Laura Maguire
I like Farm Heroes Please don t Change anything about it The only problem I have with it is Friends send me Lives and it disappears before i can use them                     All Furries must die
It s unfair to win gold and then be required to buy it still feel the same Also those faces with all the black in them too many games with them they are challenging at first then just plain aggravating I can t make app purchases and you set up the games where you lose The game is fun 50 of the time bye now still feel the same about the gold should be able to get some if the gold free after winning it Lately game has served me 75 of the time                 A Google user
Wish they would stop pushing the side games quests It ll tell me to go to my garden when it s not even time to                 Bronwyn Hugi
A bit addictive and the lives don t run dkwn so you can end up playing for ages Easy to get the hang of and pretty good fun                 Claire Hallafm
Back button on the app is not working used to happen earlier then got ok now again the same problem even tried reinstalling                     nikitha sreenivasan
not worth it game stops you from progressing at lvl 73 game wont let you match the 3 to start lvl fix glitch or i deleting this game in 2 days review will stay if unfixed Revised if you get a higher score then what others get the game wont recognize it and gives you a lower ranking even though your score is high Just had a game where i scored 168k and the guy above me on 10 ranker only had a score of 155k So how is it possible if my score is higher for me to be under him in the ranking BS     A Google user
Just because I got a new number and new phone I shouldn t have had to start my game over from the beginning when I ve been playing for a very long time now and I was in level eight hundredths close to 9 I love the game but I m very upset about starting all over         Clarissa Cubby
nice to play on mobile phone to get extra help would have probably given up if I played on computer at the high levels with no extra help I enjoy the game but my friends have quit because the levels got to difficult I have now reached a level where there is a technical issue not a game play issue and it has yet to be resolved so after a couple years of play this may be the end sooo mixed reviews for sure                 Linda Mullin
Love this game and like any game there are hard levels but you guys need to ease up on the hardness of your levels You have young people playing your game and that s awesome but YOU ALSO HAVE ELDERLY PEOPLE that play your game as well and it s not fair to them that they have to play the harder levels to proceed in your game                     Jackie Daugherty
Overall my experience has been good u0026 it has become better with the arrival of seeds to overcome the tainted cropsies Generous supply of boosters is also very helpful but unused boosters should become permanent for the following level I keep getting trophies but no rewards for the trophies I keep accummulating stars but never reach the reward coz it goes back to halfway point Overall an excellent game Yes 5 stars                     Ess Zee
Highly recommend game very interesting and challenging very addictive games needs a lot of concentration and focus                     Khazamula Shadrack
Hi this is a great game like the idea you keep winning not loading all the time                     Carol Jay
A lot of quirks with this app and it s very frustrating Never get extra 5 moves or life renewals that I win and notifications for quests that haven ended days ago pop up on my screen ever time I open the game and don t stop Honestly havent played a game with so many annoying bugs Wish these things would just get fixed already as I like the game         Stephanie Borrelli
The game is good and it challenges you I gave it a 1 star because thecapp crashes way too much     Trina McNair
Sorry no good rating Constantly struggle with updated events Uninstall and install no solution     Stephanie Van Heerden
There is too much going on when going to the next level after beating the previous one A few of us timed it out and in some cases it takes longer to get to the next level then to beat it Showing everything that is going on in the game isn t necessary Especially when you don t give the option to click past Other King games I ve played goes straight to the next level As of now I m talking about Honey pots events closing of the level you just beat         Andi Stripling
I like the base game but all the obnoxious extras are too much the honey pots piggy banks magic stars horse evolutions etc Before and after every level you re asked if you want to watch an ad and I just wish you could set your preference for the whole game so you don t have to keep clicking no I hate the random pop ups and confusing detours I wish the game would go back to being about the levels because it was great             Mercy Shepard
Farm Heroes Saga Casual Farm Heroes Heroes SagaFarm Heroes Saga Casual Farm Heroes Heroes SagaFarm Heroes Saga Casual Farm Heroes Heroes SagaFarm Heroes Saga Casual Farm Heroes Heroes Saga

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