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KS Mobile Inc. , brings CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE with a number of new features along with the usual bug fixes. CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE apps has been update to version 1.0.4 with several major changes and improvements. Apps release that improves performance, provides several new options.
  • The best antivirus app ever for android phones..
  • I love that it takes a pic secretly..
  • reclaims valuable memory & storage space..
  • Thank you to developers..

Overall Satisfactionc95
One of the best security apps on the market download it you won't regret it.
The best antivirus app ever for android phones.
My other anti virus apps.
This app is one of the best anti viruses there are.
Very good app for Android devices such as Western Sahara.
Thank you for protecting my phone from malware and viruses.
Caught my parents trying snoop on my phone thanks to this.
Very very nice antivirus security application I like.
better than avast and even TrustGo that came with my phone.
Fun & Engagingc98
CM security is realy awesome security solution for your mobile.
Its awesome antivirus for our smart phones.
Update everyday.
Update everyday it's so annoying.
and it cleans everything that is affecting the phone.
Not sure why i have a update every day.
takes up little space and very useful and helpful.
This is SOOO helpful thanks :D.
Family Friendlyc69
& y did u have to separate locate family.
where can i find your locate family.
Ease of Usec92
Great antivirus so easy to used and makes my phone safe.
Good app and easy to used.
Simple fast makes my phone run faster and smoother.
showing activation failed.
The app lock doesn't work after update.
It fixes my phone problems immediately.
cleaned n fixed problems immediately.
Ads not Intrusivec61
Please remove those annoying ads.
Security & Privacyc95
One of the best security apps on the market download it you won't regret it.
The cm security antivirus is great for all the android phones.
take a photo of someone who entered the wrong password twice.
Finally I can protect my privacy websites only for age 18+.
Updates & Supportc91
Not bad for an older version.
For an older version.
and Battery Doctor for a fine suite for Android protection.
battery doctor and antivirus into 1 easy to use app.
I also use advanced mobile care for the battery saver option.
Is like a one stop battery saver.

I hope it will be working for my Hp. found in 3 reviews
Speeds up my phone and is quick and clean. found in 8 reviews
The BEST IN THE WORLD. found in 7 reviews
I love this appp realy superrr my mobile is so safe thanks. found in 5 reviews
better than avast and even TrustGo that came with my phone. found in 14 reviews
Simple scanning yet very efficient and reliable results. found in 5 reviews
Pure perfection with mind blowing satisfaction. found in 18 reviews
Es macht was es soll und gut. found in 15 reviews
It's better than avg Or any other antivirus application. found in 11 reviews
Work's good for my phone really good. found in 5 reviews
Das ist das beste program einfah cool cool. found in 4 reviews
Sinnvoll tut was sie soll. found in 5 reviews
It's a great security guard when it comes to protecting phones. found in 5 reviews
Thank you for keeping me safe in these troubling times. found in 10 reviews
due to its small size it is very easy to update. found in 4 reviews
Works like magic and wow is the app lock themes. found in 6 reviews
fast and efficient absolutely awesome suite of apps. found in 5 reviews
Too good so far and for me too much ads. found in 5 reviews
it's good apps help my clean ram and junk files. found in 72 reviews
All of these new permissions seem a little sketchy. found in 2 reviews
getting activation error that " Activation failed. found in 7 reviews
The app lock doesnt work on my rooted note 1 anymore. found in 4 reviews
CM security Anti virus scanner. found in 21 reviews
The definitions fail to update repeatedly even after excellent internet connection. found in 5 reviews
On the Apps lock section the recent apps cannot be locked. found in 3 reviews
Seems to work pretty well cleaning up junk and charging battery. found in 15 reviews
can't u enable find my fone without the vault. found in 5 reviews
Left Clean Master because of the annoying ads. found in 9 reviews
This made my phone free from virus 4thumbs to this app. found in 7 reviews
Detect virus problem n locking system with easy methods. found in 17 reviews
I can't tell how well it is doing virus protection. found in 39 reviews
First solve my problem then I'll give 5 stars. found in 10 reviews
The best anti virus on a phone or tablet is common sense. found in 449 reviews
I will give you 5star if your app has Message Block. found in 3 reviews
If you're not download untrusted Apps then no need to install Antivirus. found in 6 reviews
pls fix your virus definition I'll give five star. found in 14 reviews
Good app but has notification bar ads. found in 5 reviews
Plz my all photo vault are missing. found in 6 reviews
Unable to update virus definitions. found in 5 reviews
Too much ads and sometimes the phone is blocked. found in 5 reviews
Neeed to update again app sucks. found in 7 reviews
but when I try to locate my phone. found in 8 reviews
The app lock screen started running ads. found in 5 reviews
showing activation failed. found in 7 reviews
Its a fake app. found in 6 reviews
After upgrading it refuses to open the secret box files. found in 22 reviews
Need to install apps. found in 6 reviews
No option to scan memory card. found in 6 reviews
The app lock doesn't work after update. found in 6 reviews

If you are Android owner,you now can download CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE for free from Google Play. The application is designed for use in English language. It weighs in at only 10MB to download. It is highly advisable to have the latest app version installed so that you don`t miss out on the fresh new features and improvements. The current app version 1.0.4 has been released on 2014-02-19. For ensuring consistency with the device you should take into account the following app compatibility information: 2.2 and up
Bottom Line: For more information about CM (Cleanmaster) Security FREE check developer KS Mobile Inc.`s website :

Blazing fast, lightweight and ultra-secure, CM (Cleanmaster) Security is a FREE mobile security app developed by Clean Master - the world`s most trusted Android optimizer (over 100,000,000 downloads worldwide and 4.7 top ratings on Google ...

This app is the worst it changes often changes the way i find my notifications it has got worse in the last few months It just pluged my phone up with constant windows to fix stuff that after you ran it it would say there is no problem or the big problem often is there was somthing in my clipboard that i had copied and pasted still there but wasted my time scanning my system Or it would tell me i had 7 62 G of junk you would clean it and 2 min later it would say the same thing it sucks     Steve DeShano
This is the best app and trust me when I say that I have tried them all It has it all First it is a virus protection It is also a notification manager that is not always easy to find in other security apps This was very important to me because I get a lot of notifications and this stacks them by app This is a nice feature and I love it It also has a lock app It also has where you can lock message previews such as text or Snapchat                     Sydney Bristow
I bought the premium but it is so bad keeps disconnecting and really slow dont buy and make my mistake EDIT thanks for replying here but I have sent an feedback through the app but got no reply basically i have to disconnect and connect again each few minutes cuz it stops working i tried choosing different locations but the problem remains     LittleRoCK181
Besides how much better it makes my phone preform which is completely night and day other free features are AMAZING If anyone tries to open an app on my phone and doesn t know what they r supposed to do it takes a pic of them Then not only does it save it on this app but also in my gallery plus emails it to me Now that helps inform me a lot                     Amanda
Ok so recently whenever I connect to wifi it will give me a notification that says SafeConnect VPN I don t have a problem with this in fact I appreciate that it s protecting my device However what I don t appreciate is that I have to MANUALLY disconnect from that specific wifi in order to connect to another one Sometimes it will take a couple tries or even to force stop the app It s so annoying please fix it and otherwise the app is pretty good     Loonewol F
Gave this app initially 4 but now a 3 due to lately while scanning u0026 before it gets to the end of the process cuts out u0026 it goes back to my home page u0026 takes a few goes to complete a scan Dont know if it s a bug in the app or what Seems to be constant updates with this app Updated again today so will see if the problem has been fixed If so will increase it back to 4             Anthony Holdford
It protects my phone every single time hour minute seconds It helped me alot before my phone was hanging and i couldn t do anything But now i am so happy that it is protecting my phone every single time hour and minutes I thank the creater of this app and even keep it up and even there is games which doesn t need to be downloaded it is a very nice app                     Monalisa Mohanty
This app is very protective and I like it but navigation through the application is hard like if you want to find the people that have broken into your phone to find them I have to take 2 mins to try and find it And this is a minor issue but the wallpapers have there own fingerprint scanners which makes doesn t make it feel clean                 Mueed Usman
Automatically scanned your device window will pop up followed by an ad at frustrating and random times even though I have gone into the settings to turn that feature off I ve been using this app for months as a test period but I m just not liking it             Christina H
Close WhatsApp then open it again it will show locked however if you navigate through active apps screen you will be able to see chats tab in WhatsApp with messages received or sent Yes you won t be able to use it or reply but you will be able to READ THE MESSAGES     Ammar Khayat
I am using this app for the past 4 years u0026 is very useful Now i am using Asus Zenfone Max Pro M 2 u0026 is running on Android 9 pie But since the previous update the AppLock is not unlocking with fingerprint option only working with password option I hoped that you will fix this issue in the recent update You have not done it Please fix this issue                 D.Murali Manohar Rao
So I had doubts like anyone but now I m always using this I boost games before playing use the vpn always clean junk files everyday and scan for viruses all in one app plus it s so easy to use and Yes It works I had a virus but now my phone works God speed I hope more people find out about this and hope this app gets more features                     Lend Clan
I was using this app since 4years it s too good app always protects my phone And today by mistake I was uninstalled this app and again I was installed but in that my private photos was deleted and I am trying to restore but in app restore setting is not there please Helps me out for getting back my photos that all photos are very important photos             Veena Sutar
I want this app deleted from my phone It keeps turning on vpn and it literally blocks everything I waste so much time trying to do anything because I m constantly closing the ads or turning something off It s ridiculous i can t even deactivate this mess on my own phone that i paid for and pay monthly for     Candi Peek
I like this app but I keep having to uninstall and reinstall every few months because it gets a virus or something my phone always runs better after doing it                     Charlie Inator
It works great and helps keep my phone working in peak performance The only thing is the ads But that s ok It s worth it                     Louis Darby
I feel that my phone activity is safe and protected and runs everything smoothly and fast with security master I also like how I am in full control of everything this app does on my device                     Tyler Hogan
This is a horrible app It does not detect viruses nor anything it claims to do at least not well This is essentially ad ware Please do not install this app     Karma
This application is not useful cannot scanned completely If we on security master in c2 device automatically eliminate the virus treat but if we re scan the said virus not yet removed on your device i cannot understand Don t install this app     Nilo Emoria
App lock won t disable on my phone I tried it out and I thought it was annoying so I went to the settings to disable it for most my apps and it still does it for those apps Deleting this ad filled garbage now     DeadRedBeard
Looking for security protections against leaking confidential informations from you mobile phone and other digital devices try security master It is actually helpful and i will encourage everybody to download this wonderful app Thanks to the developers                     DR.A KANYI
This app would get my five stars but recently the VPN is not working I went as far as to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if it s a glitch it started working the night and next day when I tried testing it out on safe browsing it disconnected I am also a VIP member so I need answers because I rely on this for some of my apps             Rhonda Jeremiah
It worked great at first Its been one year since i first installed this app But now it stops suddenly and even on updating it the open option is not accessible It is not even opening How will i access my private If i uninstall it my data will be lost forever         Nav Preet
The app works great in clearing up space closing background apps and virus scanning my only issue is since the update last week whenever I connect to Wi Fi the VPN won t or cannot connect automatically But when I connect to the VPN servers manually I am unable to access the internet I am a VIP member as well if that has any bearing Any suggestions or tips would be greatly appreciated             Shane Afualo
I ve installed this app for my Samsung tablet that s hijacked by intrusive ads from an unreachable source with full page ads on India Cricket scores news YouTube India Amazon shopping etc continuously self launching midst my activities blocking all use even camera access Only return button cuts it off Having tried other apps to block it sacrificed several apps to the delete pile with nothing working This is a last resort Short story recovered 1G memory Ads still launching Ugh                 Libertad Matos
It is a resource hog so better performance is necessary It is also intrusive It has to show its report The app introduces more junk notifications than others combined With apps such as these my phone is better unprotected         Atsanon Wadsanthat
Deserves a review I went on this link to get free terraria and then the next thing i new my phone has a virus but not only did this app help but it made my phone faster really good app                     Mustafa Zevkli
Can t control what it does and when most recently it keeps turning the VPN feature on I disconnect when at home or work because it interferes with one of my apps significantly and others somewhat but then it keeps turning itself back on I want to conrol when it s on and when it s off but it won t let me             Maria P
I don t appreciate the political ads popping up suggesting which party I vote for I may be looking for a new security app Soon Okay that is gone Now since last update the SAFECONNECT VPN does not work most of the time Sometimes if I restart my phone and the auto connect never works             Terri Bellman Ward
Yes very good Use it for my new phone Now im using it on my 2 phone again But I would prefer if you have take the Notification cleaner because 1 it is in the middle of the app and a new usefull tool should be there 2 The notification cleaner should be below battery saver because is a bit useless I cant see my notification it just tell me that i had a notification but i cant open the notification So pls remove it than replace a new usefull tool And dont change other tools location                     Michael Lee
the app is amazing omg literally is it necessary to pop up an ad every time something needs to be so called cleaned or so called scanned or so called optimized really too much of ads the app works great I repeat the app is amazing and i understand that ads are your source of income but how sad it is I like this app so much even recommend it to some extent but still i am giving only one star u can imagine how pissed i am with this     TryinToBe Alcyone
I wish it would stay active is there any way to make it work all the time with out having to go to it bc I can literally turn my phone off and when I turn it back on everything is open for anyone to get to                     Jasper Cruise
I keep this app only for the message security option Even though it has been downloaded by so many users I haven t seen this app even detecting any virus till now For the antivirus purpose i Trust Kaspersky becuase it s the only app which detected the trojan in the camscanner app of my mobile     Rennie Nelson
Working good so far but with all the ads that pop up it kindda makes you want to pay up top dollar                 Get used to Juan
Really Good A Brilliant App It s a virus cleaner and a great security system for your smartphone So I recommend this app to all of you                 Ahsan Shah
Love App Locks feature and has so much to offer Only negative is if you use the majority of features it really drains battery vs giving the Power Boost from always cleaning junk files They make it convenient that each item is independent u0026 can be toggled off on Did not help with virus issue that caused bf adware u0026 this was Googled articles top recommendation                 T Teems
Fixes viruses that can harm your device and protects your phone from future viruses and it has applock to protect your privacy to prevent people from accessing your phone and it also include the anti theft alarm It guards and protects your private info After this clean I feel very safe in my phone Overall THE BEST and it is FREE                     Nicolas Cuevas
VPN does not come on You have to restart your phone for it to start working and after sometime it switches off All these started after the update How can I go back to the old version     Smug Republik
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